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2020-02-26 21:25:57 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #new-members]  

2020-02-26 21:31:56 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


Plenty of new emotes for you guys to use that have just been added

Feel free to go wild with them


Ladies and gent's we're super happy so far how much traction the server has already and we're insanely grateful for y'all being active, Please feel free to invite friends! Make sure they read over the rules and an admin will get them a role when they get to it, Thanks! @everyone

@Bubba Bear Huntington Love the dog pics, gonna remove them from general because you inspired a new channel, Thanks for posting your boogbud

2020-02-27 04:45:44 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #fur-missiles]  

Hes great, he's a golden doodle ๐Ÿ™‚ Golden retriever and poodle mix, amazing and well behaved pup

2020-02-27 04:47:46 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #fur-missiles]  

Aye man it just makes you different, Embrace that shit

@juliet.one.alpha (OK) please post memes in the meme channel, Thanks!

Please post pictures in their proper channels! Memes go in memes. Please read the message at the top of your text channel chat and you should see a message for what the channel is meant for.

2020-02-27 06:22:46 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #rules]  

8. When posting in a text channel read the message at the top to make sure you're not posting pictures or commenting in the wrong channel, All channels with have their designated topics listed in the note on the channel at the top of the screen.

I thought the Kel-Tec KSG-25 was badass, Don't know how well it performs but what a beauty of a firearm


oh i was responding to strangler

your idea is sick

Ladies and gents, On behalf of a request by @mcguyver123 We've opened up a fitness/nutrition channel, Please take advantage of the new channel! ๐Ÿ™‚ @everyone

Prepped for the rona virus eh?

haha just playin

you see the john hopkins interactive live map?

good guess i've i had to say lmao

"psychics" predict shit all the time

good shit m8

man you got a thick ass neck

you do neck ups?

you look like one LOOL

you look like you do swallow exercises


your flag is missing a star

count em


@everyone Ladies and gents we've added 2 new roles "gamer" and "military member" If you love games and or are active / retired military please post in <#685339637077901369> With what role's you're missing and an admin or moderator will get you your correct roles ASAP.

Role has be assigned, Welcome and thank you for your service

@Gunslinger buzz kill boot lickin bish


You vape and play fortnite bruh, You don't have the right the throw the cringe word around like that lmfao

This is the only thing I have left to say about your mountain dew shotgunning lookin ass - https://youtu.be/Su5ZN2pSeDA?t=15

Ahh someone who is socially inept and doesn't understand the concept of a joke.. got it.

Calling something cringe is a joke? My bad I didn't know, Ether way go shave your side burns

Boog banter

Have y'all not seen his picture? He screams "neckbeard memer" i don't know how you didn't see the signs

2020-03-18 23:00:53 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #fur-missiles]  


Hol'up.. were you disturbed at being called daddy? @TAH-HE-TEE

2020-03-22 18:34:54 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


2020-03-24 06:06:17 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  

Pandemic or not Iโ€™m never opening these :p



2020-03-24 06:07:50 UTC [Boojahideens of Liberty #memes]  


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