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2019-12-30 09:13:15 UTC

I need to lose weight via my eating habits. What kind of food should I eat, how much, and how often? How do I force myself to control what I eat? For info I'm a fat fuck I'm 5'11 weight 208lb and desperately want to *not* be a fat fuck. I'm not looking to build muscle atm, just lose weight

2019-12-30 10:11:26 UTC

Ideally want to drop down to 180lb by April or sooner if possible

2019-12-30 12:41:08 UTC

That is possible. So apparently there are three ways to lose weight.

1) The easiest way is to visit a dietologist. They will know what kind of diet you need. However, they might tell you that you don't need a diet, or they will make you a diet that does not guarantee you the results you desire.

2) Reduce the amount of calories you take every day. Think of what you ate last week. Write them down, and search in google how many calories each of the food you ate have. Add them up and see how many calories your body consumed. Now here's what you need to do:
a) Make an eating schedule. You should eat in the morning, in the noon, in the afternoon and in the evening. Do NOT eat a lot in the morning or in the afternoon, and do not eat anything in-between.
b) Replace food that contains a lot of calories with food that have low calories but are also filling. The best examples are fruits and vegetables. They are filling and don't have many calories. What you're trying to do, is to eat normally, without fasting a lot, but to also consume less calories.
c) Control yourself. Self-control is something extremely important for both your life in general and your eating schedule. At first, you're going to fast a little bit. Especially if you eat more than 4 times a day. But then, you will get used to it. It's all in your mind. If you can't control yourself, then disappear any food that might get you in temptations, like sweets, or try different methods to avoid having any temptations. For the next 3, months btw, you shouldn't eat any sweet. Like only under very certain occasions, and you mustn't eat many of them.
_ _

2019-12-30 12:41:11 UTC

3) Start working out. It doesn't matter if you want to build a good body and strong muscles. Burning calories is a very important if you want to lose 28lb in three months. Go running, or go to the gym. The best way to burn calories is swimming, though. You burn 1,000 calories in an hour of exercising in the pool. After you've exercised, eat something with protein, for your muscles to tighten up. The stronger muscles you have, the more thin you will start looking.
This way, you will have a calories deficit. A calories deficit is the ideal way to lose weight. By burning more calories than you have consumed the entire day, you have a deficit, and in a month, you will have made significant progress.

But for now, I think you should focus on reducing the calories you consume daily, and then start exercising and trying to have a calories deficit.

2019-12-30 12:41:23 UTC
2019-12-30 12:48:46 UTC

Also, in the morning, don't eat much. If you eat pancakes, forget them. Take a slice of bread or two, put some marmalade or honey on them (put no butter) and eat it. You can drink a tea or coffee as well, if you want, but beverages do have calories as well.
For Lunch, eat whatever your parents have readied for you and your family. Don't eat any bread, and don't eat until you're full - eat until you are satisfied.
For Afternoon, eat fruits of vegetables. Nothing more, nothing less.
For dinner, eat whatever your parents have readied for you, but as you should do for lunch, no bread, no eating until you're full. And remember (that's very important) that you should eat dinner before 9-8pm. Do mind that you burn calories during sleep. So sleep more.

2019-12-30 19:26:43 UTC

Eat more fiber

2019-12-30 19:26:51 UTC

Like protein bars and all that

2019-12-30 19:27:09 UTC

You'll be eating less because you feel more full

2019-12-30 19:29:13 UTC

How do i become the perfect stoic?

2019-12-30 19:29:44 UTC

Mainly i am having trouble with getting for angry and irrational when i get worked up. Or is that simply part of being a stoic?

2019-12-30 19:30:43 UTC


2019-12-30 19:31:24 UTC
2019-12-30 19:31:34 UTC

Good vid on what you want to fix

2019-12-30 19:33:30 UTC

Thanks bro. I appreciate it.

2019-12-30 19:33:43 UTC

Np keep working on it man

2019-12-30 19:59:54 UTC

I think i understand now. In order to be logical and condition myself to be stronger i must apply more and more discomfort in the physical manner, while being able to decide how i should feel about it in an ethical, logical, and physical way.

2019-12-30 20:00:28 UTC

I’ll certainly work on this by applying determining what is a comfort to me and what is not, and then forcing myself into discomfort for the purpose of being stronger.

2019-12-30 20:11:33 UTC

@Deleted User I used to have an incredibly hard time controlling my anger, and because I was a beta it would spill over when people weren’t around... This happened at a time when my current state of humor was beginning to develop (2016), and because my sense of humor was not accepted by the mainstream I felt like an incredibly two-faced person (me offline and online were very different people). My rage accumulated so much that I beat my horse one day after he accidentally stepped on me... I wanted to kill him and I realized, psychologically speaking, I was doing something wrong. So I started being more extroverted, I started intentionally hanging out more with people who I disagreed with politically. If your job is to make people laugh and push their boundaries in a controlled way (living the “trickster” archetype I like to think) then you aren’t being hypocritical when you seemingly believe different things in front of different people. I’ve realized that self-fulfilling prophecies have power and if you approach a conversation as though that person has the potential to be your best friend ever, then it’s hard to get angry with them. The final trick to pull is this: Don’t hate people - never do that, even if it’s justified. Love everything they could be, and love the idea of everything you could be, and your current anger dissolve.

2019-12-30 20:12:19 UTC

Keep in mind that this is anecdotal - I can’t provide any 100% Universal Guaranteed Truths to a question like that.

2019-12-30 20:31:53 UTC

I will try this, my friend.

2019-12-30 21:36:03 UTC

dont masturbate

2019-12-30 21:36:14 UTC


2019-12-30 21:36:25 UTC

jew ^

2019-12-30 21:36:32 UTC

fag ^

2019-12-30 21:38:03 UTC


2019-12-30 21:45:27 UTC


2019-12-30 21:45:37 UTC

Get a GF to stop masterbating

2019-12-30 21:47:22 UTC

master bate

2019-12-30 21:47:28 UTC

imagine getting a GF and not masturbating

2019-12-30 21:47:42 UTC

Imagine not both masturbating and having a GF.

2019-12-30 21:47:57 UTC

imagine not raping

2019-12-30 21:48:06 UTC

wherever i am i must rape

2019-12-30 21:48:07 UTC

I'm not a sex addict, I'm not going to pull up to her house and be like, "oy lemme shag cunt"

2019-12-30 21:48:27 UTC

dont give her a choice
just dont stop

2019-12-30 21:48:36 UTC

shell put up with it

2019-12-30 21:48:44 UTC


2019-12-30 21:49:50 UTC


2019-12-30 21:51:03 UTC

i will be gRAPEist

2019-12-30 21:51:17 UTC

I always grape minus the g

2019-12-30 21:51:25 UTC


2019-12-30 22:11:41 UTC

@Koninos that to me seems like pretty bad advice

2019-12-30 22:11:58 UTC

calories are kind of meaningless unless you take micros into consideration

2019-12-30 22:13:00 UTC

cardiovascular workouts which burn the most calories arent as good for long term fat loss as muscle building exercises

2019-12-30 22:13:51 UTC

one of the most effective things is cutting out processed foods and start cooking for yourself, moderating what is in your foods, and cutting out simple sugars and non complex carbs

2019-12-30 22:14:58 UTC

That would make him lose weight much slower.

2019-12-30 22:15:35 UTC

My bad advice helped me very much, if you wanna know. Without a calories deficit, he ain't gonna lose 28lbs in 3 months.

2019-12-30 22:56:16 UTC

What if u just ate chicken and worked out 😳

2019-12-31 00:43:05 UTC

Just eat less and eat healthy

2019-12-31 00:43:28 UTC

Cut out soda 100%, eat more fruits/vegetables, and just only eat when hungry honestly

2019-12-31 00:43:48 UTC

Exercise helps a bit, but unless you fancy putting several hours in a day, it's mostly going to be your diet which matters

2019-12-31 01:39:39 UTC

Ny diet sucks but I'm active

2019-12-31 01:39:45 UTC

I really need to change that

2019-12-31 01:39:53 UTC

Or things are going to get bad as I get older

2019-12-31 02:04:02 UTC

I lift virtually everyday for about 30-50 minutes.

2019-12-31 02:04:20 UTC

After that I usually eat a protein-rich meal along with certain carbs.

2019-12-31 02:04:33 UTC

In combination with antioxidant-rich fruit and regular yogurt.

2019-12-31 02:05:31 UTC

I’ve gone about six months straight on it now.

2019-12-31 02:05:34 UTC

Quit smoking weed

2019-12-31 02:05:39 UTC

Biggest tip

2019-12-31 02:10:28 UTC

BuT WEeD iS heAltHy

2019-12-31 02:10:38 UTC

ThEre ArE no HeaLTH REPercussioNs

2019-12-31 02:10:45 UTC

I’m No AdDicTed.

2019-12-31 02:42:24 UTC

Physical health is downstream from mental health

2019-12-31 02:42:54 UTC

You don’t see a lot of depressed people with six-pack abs

2019-12-31 02:44:03 UTC

There are more lifelong mental illnesses like autism and adhd and for those... oof

2019-12-31 02:44:14 UTC

But for conditions like depression

2019-12-31 02:44:47 UTC

I’ve noticed in myself and in friends that purpose cures depression

2019-12-31 02:45:38 UTC

You don’t have to be a workaholic but if you have one or more jobs or goals in life that are achievable you will be happier

2019-12-31 02:46:06 UTC

I have mutiple

2019-12-31 02:46:31 UTC

Getting good grades, winning tennis matches

2019-12-31 02:46:38 UTC

you wont feel depress if you run around

2019-12-31 02:46:39 UTC

Even modding in discord’s

2019-12-31 02:46:53 UTC

because of the dolphins

2019-12-31 02:47:12 UTC

Or becoming a professional shitposter

2019-12-31 02:49:40 UTC

and btw for losing weight find out your metabolism

2019-12-31 02:50:02 UTC

And then every couple days record your calories eaten and burned

2019-12-31 02:50:26 UTC

Chronometer is a friend

2019-12-31 02:50:31 UTC

we must exceed s if we are to lead our people to endsieg

2019-12-31 02:50:42 UTC


2019-12-31 02:50:48 UTC

=solar power

2019-12-31 02:51:13 UTC

we become above solar power and can harness the forces of tradition and future

2019-12-31 02:51:20 UTC

But I am a teenager so being healthy is pretty easy for me

2019-12-31 02:51:49 UTC

Don’t be TOO much of a fucking sugar addict and move sometimes

2019-12-31 02:52:09 UTC

But I want to prepare for the time when it isn’t that easy

2019-12-31 02:52:44 UTC

if you want peace, prepare for war

2019-12-31 02:52:53 UTC

a wise man once said this

2019-12-31 02:55:14 UTC

caffeine is a decent hunger suppressant

2019-12-31 02:55:31 UTC

If makes you less tempted to snack

2019-12-31 02:56:07 UTC

There is some study somewhere that says cold showers raise testosterone

2019-12-31 02:56:12 UTC

I do it sometimes

2019-12-31 03:12:32 UTC

@Spergerger Please tell me more about this "endsieg"

2019-12-31 03:19:22 UTC

The issue of most depression stems from sedentary lifestyle and precluding yourself from societal interaction.

2019-12-31 03:46:20 UTC

And materialism

2019-12-31 03:46:36 UTC

It's nice to wear expensive clothes and all that i wont lie

2019-12-31 03:46:50 UTC

ass pics belong here @here

2019-12-31 03:46:50 UTC

But human spirit isnt a commodity

2019-12-31 03:55:33 UTC

I'd argue that those are largely symptoms of depression, not causes

2019-12-31 03:56:13 UTC

And even then, not inherently symptoms - some people try to mask their depression and manage to maintain a more active, social lifestyle despite their feelings

2019-12-31 12:44:31 UTC

is German for "ultimate victory" @ʙɪɢ βɵʂʂ 𠄩

2019-12-31 17:59:04 UTC

Practice initiative. Master it and you could do almost everything.

2019-12-31 19:02:38 UTC

@Spergerger I know that. However, what do you mean by it

2020-01-02 05:30:54 UTC


2020-01-03 02:22:30 UTC


2020-01-03 02:22:54 UTC

Big Brain Alpha Male Trumpist time

2020-01-03 02:24:12 UTC


2020-01-03 02:24:36 UTC

Not really a great one but good if you are a beginner

2020-01-03 02:24:59 UTC

Leg workouts

2020-01-03 02:25:16 UTC

why is the right obsessed with strength

2020-01-03 02:25:29 UTC

I’m not

2020-01-03 02:25:36 UTC

I am just saying

2020-01-03 02:25:59 UTC

The question is am I not: right, or obsessed with strength

2020-01-03 02:26:40 UTC

@burgermeistermeisterburger what are you politically?

2020-01-03 02:27:04 UTC

An anarchist

2020-01-03 02:27:20 UTC

I’m not obsessed with strength either

2020-01-03 02:27:48 UTC

I just think that living in a healthy body will generally make people happier

2020-01-03 02:28:06 UTC

That’s not phrased well but I think you get the idea

2020-01-03 02:28:34 UTC


2020-01-03 02:28:37 UTC

Healthy body = longer happier life

2020-01-03 02:29:08 UTC

@Chief Rocket Designer what are you politically?

2020-01-03 02:29:33 UTC

Liberatarian with Limited SocDem Charachteristcs

2020-01-03 02:30:24 UTC

Social Democrat

2020-01-03 02:30:38 UTC

Like Denmark or Sweden

2020-01-03 02:31:29 UTC


2020-01-03 02:32:57 UTC

@Chief Rocket Designer What’s wrong with building strength?

2020-01-03 02:33:06 UTC

Does the left favoring a sedentary lifestyle appeal more?

2020-01-03 02:34:34 UTC


2020-01-03 02:35:45 UTC

@Deleted User the left does not favor a sedentary lifestyle at all, and no I am just saying they usually don't give a damn where as the far right and especially fascist seem to think political power is derivived from your genetics as well as how much you can lift

2020-01-03 02:37:17 UTC

I’m sure some of those people in that region of the political spectrum are active, and while this may sound like anecdotal evidence, I have seen an overwhelming majority of those that expressed said views to be extremely lazy or unmotivated.

2020-01-03 02:38:06 UTC

Well, I’m a fascist, and I favor sustaining the integrity of the European people of their respective nations, both through physical exercise and mental well-being.

2020-01-03 02:38:29 UTC

And I focus on myself, in this case, lifting/exercising everyday.

2020-01-03 02:39:44 UTC

Though I understand your indifference to it.

2020-01-03 09:33:34 UTC

@Chief Rocket Designer because strength was a proxy for ability to defend or acquire resources.

2020-01-03 16:47:49 UTC



2020-01-03 21:04:58 UTC

Friendly reminder that rejecting your desires is the best way to become stronger

2020-01-03 21:05:13 UTC

I’m gonna do lent this year. What desire should i give up?

2020-01-03 21:06:33 UTC

Food or Video games are my current desires

2020-01-03 21:07:01 UTC

I’m already trying to get rid of other desires like porn because porn is Jewish.

2020-01-04 00:04:48 UTC

@Ater Votum Political Power is not derivived form how much you can lift dumbass

2020-01-04 00:16:14 UTC

Political Power comes from the barrel of the gun, point of the spear or the edge of the sword and political power is Sovereignty. Only the Sovereign can be, or are, free.

2020-01-04 00:28:04 UTC

your delusional

2020-01-04 00:38:20 UTC

I just can't stand it when people say "your" instead of '"you're"

2020-01-04 00:39:49 UTC

I know about it, I just don't give a damn

2020-01-04 00:42:00 UTC

All accusations of delusion are just forms of gossip and shaming in order to obscure pursuit of political power without earning it through market means.

2020-01-04 00:42:44 UTC


2020-01-04 00:43:05 UTC

I just don't want to debate a dumbass who thinks the best person for politics is who can lift the most

2020-01-04 00:48:23 UTC

No? Only Those who deem themselves fit to rule must not only master the great contemporary debates of their time but must have a deep understanding of the conflicting political hagiographies, wedge points and sacred cows.

2020-01-04 00:49:06 UTC

sacred cows?

2020-01-04 00:49:09 UTC


2020-01-05 18:04:45 UTC

I'm not fat and hungry so I don't think I'll watch.

2020-01-05 18:05:39 UTC


2020-01-05 21:28:49 UTC

That's a great channel.

2020-01-06 19:55:23 UTC

very interesting tracking system

2020-01-07 07:25:32 UTC


2020-01-07 15:00:50 UTC

bringing to light the psychological rather than health benefits of cold showers

2020-01-07 15:01:21 UTC

I don't care because I know you will follow none of it.

2020-01-07 15:15:20 UTC

nice projecting bro

2020-01-07 15:20:25 UTC


2020-01-07 15:20:28 UTC


2020-01-07 15:22:06 UTC

You're talking about overcoming things to better yourself but there's a difference between overcoming challenges that appear in your path and intentionally putting yourself in the path of challenges or hardship.

2020-01-07 15:22:19 UTC

That's what an idiot does.

2020-01-07 15:23:52 UTC

Simply a masochist.

2020-01-07 15:31:25 UTC


2020-01-07 15:36:48 UTC

votum is right though

2020-01-07 15:37:13 UTC

Overcome real hardships in your life, not made up ones

2020-01-07 15:39:09 UTC

@Pseudo-Analysist not what i said, making urself look even more like an idiot.

2020-01-07 15:39:38 UTC


2020-01-07 15:39:44 UTC

"intentionally putting yourself in the path of challenges or hardship.
That's what an idiot does."

2020-01-07 15:40:24 UTC

definitely what was said

2020-01-07 15:40:47 UTC

@T. Raven I creates habituation

2020-01-07 15:41:04 UTC

nah i just made fun of u for liking cockbox cbt

2020-01-07 15:41:17 UTC

has nothing to do with adversity

2020-01-07 15:41:36 UTC


2020-01-07 15:41:50 UTC

besides you have never faced true challenges

2020-01-07 15:41:56 UTC

lmao "cope"

2020-01-07 15:41:57 UTC


2020-01-07 15:42:04 UTC

get a job

2020-01-07 15:42:13 UTC

full time student

2020-01-07 15:42:14 UTC

wtf is wrong with intentionally putting yourself in the path of challenges?

2020-01-07 15:43:04 UTC

nothing, he just has a superiority complex cause he survived the hardship of communism or something

2020-01-07 15:44:23 UTC

it's just u lyin and u do it for sexual pleasure

2020-01-07 15:44:49 UTC

yes, I have sex with the water of my cold showers

2020-01-07 15:45:58 UTC

nobody cares that u like yr balls stomped on

2020-01-07 15:46:03 UTC

stop lying

2020-01-07 15:46:19 UTC

yes, the cold water of my showers stomp on my balls

2020-01-07 15:46:30 UTC

penetrating observation

2020-01-07 15:47:07 UTC

stop being dumb

2020-01-07 15:47:09 UTC

i win

2020-01-07 15:47:17 UTC

no u

2020-01-07 15:47:18 UTC


2020-01-07 15:48:07 UTC

cant hear u over the sound of me raping your country

2020-01-07 15:51:58 UTC

>eastern europe

2020-01-07 15:52:08 UTC


2020-01-07 15:56:08 UTC


2020-01-09 14:33:13 UTC

cold showers overrated

2020-01-09 14:33:46 UTC

votum based

2020-01-09 14:33:51 UTC

pseudo shilled

2020-01-09 16:04:32 UTC

this is all common sense, however

2020-01-09 16:05:14 UTC

i can't stand people who find it easy to sleep yet intentionally stay up all night

2020-01-09 16:05:24 UTC

they are retards

2020-01-09 16:06:25 UTC

someone who has struggled with sleep from a young age, such as i, know this

2020-01-09 16:10:26 UTC

You may ask me, "if you are so concerned about sleep, why are you on your computer are 3 in the morning? wouldn't that make it more difficult to sleep?" Yes, it does. However, at the state that I am in even if I were not to be on my computer I would still be lying in my bed until around 5 am or so, as I did last night. Instead of lying in bed for countless hours, I would instead want to spend my time doing something else, something not as boring as attempting to sleep whilst being wide awake.

2020-01-09 16:10:41 UTC

You're not supposed to dream

2020-01-09 16:10:51 UTC

Don't dream

2020-01-09 16:10:54 UTC

You're trapped

2020-01-09 17:07:18 UTC

Sleep is for the weak

2020-01-09 17:07:23 UTC

I have ascended past it

2020-01-09 17:07:29 UTC

As have all the staff

2020-01-09 17:08:12 UTC

@Maksim I see dreams as a work of God, and a light into the conscience. While we should not let dream dictate our actions they give us insight into the reasons for what we do. So in all natural elements we are meant to dream, simply because we do dream.

2020-01-09 17:08:25 UTC

If we were not meant to dream, we would not.

2020-01-09 17:09:38 UTC

@Deleted User you're right but your argument is bad. We are not meant to have gay sex but we do...

2020-01-09 17:18:32 UTC

It’s more about what we are meant to do

2020-01-09 17:19:03 UTC

For instance, since we have women and are meant to have children by biology/nature homosexuals should not exist

2020-01-09 17:19:44 UTC

If you take it from the perspective of what is natural to the human body and mind then you can explain all odd occurrences.

2020-01-09 17:37:16 UTC

@Deleted User If you aren't in control of your dreams you are trapped

2020-01-09 17:37:29 UTC

One should always be able to be conscious in their dreams

2020-01-09 17:42:02 UTC

@Maksim Are we speaking dreams in the manner of aspirations or dreams during sleep?

2020-01-09 17:43:09 UTC
2020-01-09 17:54:23 UTC

The whole point of dreams is to not be conscious, and while a lucid dream is possible, it’s only made through mental pathways.

2020-01-09 18:02:49 UTC

Dreams are dictated by emotions. This is evident if you’ve ever had sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis, being where you are frozen is bound to cause fear people, which in this fear causes dreams to be frightful.

2020-01-09 18:03:11 UTC

Lucid Dreaming is incredibly easy

2020-01-09 18:03:17 UTC

I’ve heard of people who have had several sleep paralysis moments, but never been afraid due to them being used to it.

2020-01-09 18:03:34 UTC

@Maksim While it is easy, it is not a natural dream.

2020-01-09 18:03:48 UTC

A natural dream is formed by the sub consciousness.

2020-01-09 18:04:03 UTC

While a lucid is conscious.

2020-01-09 18:04:22 UTC

That is incorrect

2020-01-09 18:05:24 UTC

While lucid dreaming, the dream will still be dictated by the sub conscious unless you go out of your way to change it

2020-01-09 18:09:31 UTC

It is impossible in the moment to say whether or not it is dictated by your sub conscious, so logically it is safe to say that you are controlling it.

2020-01-09 18:09:52 UTC

A lucid dream is conscious, so you register what happens.

2020-01-09 18:16:38 UTC

@Deleted User Still incorrect because I have compared dreams where I was not lucid and where I was

2020-01-09 18:16:45 UTC

They are near identical in behavior

2020-01-09 18:16:57 UTC

When I directly change the behaviors, it's different

2020-01-09 18:57:54 UTC

@Maksim So essentially whether lucid, sleep paralysis, or a regular dream, the Dream can still instruct us on our emotional state

2020-01-09 18:58:30 UTC

In any case Dreams tell us of our emotions and grant us access to our sub-conscious

2020-01-09 22:46:00 UTC

Playlist on improving shooting and combat skills

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