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Canada and America aushlüss now @Gservator

It would be known as the the country North America

As a citizen of Sealand

Sealand 2: Electric Boogaloo

Can someone explains <:activated:504340346398834691> to me

I know of metokur

I👀 love😍 german🇩🇪 food🍽

Everyone here should post their political compass results


I will go first

I’m just curious

Fuck me I can’t spell

@BabaBooey that’s not the right test. How could you mess that up?

@Johndavis999 the key or the password? I’ve seen both

Disco Inferno

I’d tap that

How do I make something a spoiler?

My retard brain can’t make sense of the image

Is it the number of things


I’m going to raid Epstein’s island

Who’s with me?

We will come up with one

I’m having a big think

Can you guys hear me in VC

Disgusting delete that

MG3= good guy mg42

The “non binary” person is really just a girl dressing differently and pretending to be “unique” for a lack of distinguishing character traits or useful skills

Perhaps, it applies either way

Execution leads to 100% reduction

Cut hands off of theives

@Muten do you have a mic?

Especially if they wood chipper the body

Wood chipper does

Free helicopter rides for pedos

I did I just don’t care

As per my last, I just don’t care, it is a MEME channel

In the meme channel

Discuss things in the other channels

1,867 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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