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CarletonJ 2017-12-23 01:47:51

The Israel Lobby and the US Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer


Deleted User 2018-01-02 23:39:12

This is a good read to understand how aliens can detrimentally alter your nation's geostrategic interests.

Deleted User 2018-01-03 00:59:51

Yep that's where you must start. great book.

StrawberryArmada 2018-01-13 23:05:28

If you wanna know about aliens influencing your nation

StrawberryArmada 2018-01-13 23:05:35

Watch the X-Files

Sam Southern - TN 2018-01-13 23:06:28

Great freaking show

SamanthaM 2018-02-06 03:57:59

Fantastic work on the history of Israeli intelligence. In chapter 3, the author talks about reprisals against Germans after the Second World War.


VinceChaos 2019-02-19 19:21:02

Lol ok Cohen


VinceChaos 2019-02-19 19:22:09

Bought this today


William_1994 - WA 2019-02-21 01:41:01

Mearsheimer is masterful. You should also, if you can, read his *Tragedy of Great Power Politics*.

NITRODUBS 2019-02-21 01:41:42

Ohhh I wanna read that Israel lobby book

VinceChaos 2019-02-21 03:29:40

it caused a lot of trouble when it came out circa 2014

VinceChaos 2019-02-21 03:29:47

looking forward to it

VinceChaos 2019-02-28 02:15:33

https://youtu.be/Xbpfb_PmCdA Nuance Bro is WOKE

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