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2020-01-21 01:43:18 UTC


2020-01-21 02:27:24 UTC

He’s back?

2020-01-21 02:27:34 UTC

Surprised he’s not been nuked yet

2020-01-21 02:47:10 UTC

He made a really good point, if the people showed up weren't white maga ppl and were all black it would've been an African tribal warfare with guns

2020-01-21 02:49:19 UTC

I don't need a based black mouthpiece to advocate what is best for me and my people.

2020-01-21 02:54:07 UTC

Lol he's not black that's a bit ridiculous

2020-01-21 03:06:44 UTC

nick fuentes is a spic

2020-01-21 03:06:47 UTC

and gay

2020-01-21 03:07:35 UTC

I was mostly referring to the protests and the newcasters going up to mostly blacks or other minorities to interview them.

2020-01-21 03:08:16 UTC

Nick Fuentes is based, i dont care if hes not pure hwhite like me

2020-01-21 03:09:01 UTC

I don't know if you can win the optics debate. No matter what they will call you racist and other names.

2020-01-21 03:10:54 UTC

@McFansy Have you watched the Braving Ruin and Parse the Noise videos on optics? They have legitimate reasons why they are important.

2020-01-21 03:12:05 UTC

I'll watch them real quick and get back to you.

2020-01-21 03:12:41 UTC

@AlexandertheBased nick fuentes is gay

2020-01-21 03:12:42 UTC

not based

2020-01-21 03:12:45 UTC

dressing up as spooky ghosts or marching in goosestep is throwing any optical lens out, exposing you as a loony

2020-01-21 03:12:52 UTC

I keep flip flopping on optics to be honest.. Optics are good for the short term but honestly in the long run i think it wont matter

2020-01-21 03:12:53 UTC

you need to have some standards

2020-01-21 03:13:43 UTC

think about how everyone rational on the right makes fun of organizations like Atomwaffen or "the Base"

2020-01-21 03:13:57 UTC

they are autistic larpers who say "screw optics" and look like loonies

2020-01-21 03:14:08 UTC

@NeoFuturist Shouting "blood and soil" and "death to all J's" in neo-Nazi uniforms are even worse. Do they honestly think they'll convince more whites to join them?

2020-01-21 03:14:16 UTC

yeah exactly

2020-01-21 03:14:39 UTC

and you alienate allies. not everyone wants to act like stormfags

2020-01-21 03:14:53 UTC

I think those guys are only looking at the end game, they have laser focus what is going to happen in the next generation

2020-01-21 03:15:13 UTC

they want to bring the third reich back and have epic super nazi soldiers

2020-01-21 03:15:29 UTC

And, while I believe some of them might be feds, we shouldn't dismiss the possiblity of actual spergs existing.

2020-01-21 03:15:29 UTC

Politics as much as we may not like is about marketing and branding. You need to present your platform as appealing as you can and Swastikas' Flags, Jackboots and Roman Salutes does not accomplish that whatsoever

2020-01-21 03:15:32 UTC

look, super epic mode germans are cool

2020-01-21 03:15:44 UTC

but we're not epic mode germans

2020-01-21 03:15:46 UTC

And there is a case for getting prepared now but if we could avoid neofascism that would be preferable

2020-01-21 03:16:07 UTC

things change pretty quickly sometimes

2020-01-21 03:16:19 UTC

i think National Socialism needs to rebrand and say no to hitler. hitler was a german national socialist, not an american, not a polish, not a russian

2020-01-21 03:16:34 UTC

if you *really* want a nationalist socialism

2020-01-21 03:16:42 UTC

otherwise, i think just dont use those labels

2020-01-21 03:17:03 UTC

@Louis XIV (aka 1685Violin) False Dialectic. Most normal conservatives know that Baltimore is a shithole because of blacks. You are acting like everyone came into the world yesterday.

2020-01-21 03:17:23 UTC

Hitler is a historical figure and nothing more, stop giving them ground.. Its in the past, you shouldnt avow or disavow anything hitler did but learn from his mistakes and improve

2020-01-21 03:17:31 UTC

normal conservatives don't like ns talking points

2020-01-21 03:17:37 UTC

@NeoFuturist And truthfully, the rhetoric is very spergy within the comments section of Vincent James.

2020-01-21 03:17:46 UTC

@NeoFuturist Tucker Carlson's popularity says otherwise

2020-01-21 03:17:59 UTC

does tucker carlson scream blood and soil?

2020-01-21 03:18:06 UTC

does he march around in Hugo boss

2020-01-21 03:18:10 UTC

you don't have to scream anything buddy

2020-01-21 03:18:22 UTC

we're talking about optics

2020-01-21 03:18:27 UTC

@McFansy What are you talking about? What did BR say about Baltimore?

2020-01-21 03:18:27 UTC

Only scream blood and soil when youre going into battle...

2020-01-21 03:18:34 UTC

tucker carlson has pretty good optics

2020-01-21 03:18:48 UTC
2020-01-21 03:18:54 UTC

Braving Ruin.

2020-01-21 03:19:07 UTC

still watching

2020-01-21 03:19:10 UTC

you can't just throw normie conservatives into the far right, you have to give them an attractive medium to pass into it

2020-01-21 03:19:46 UTC

normie conservatives already are pretty far right

2020-01-21 03:19:46 UTC

Nick Fuentes is a good medium i think

2020-01-21 03:19:50 UTC

some might, but i'm guessing the majority learn through experience and attractive mediums

2020-01-21 03:19:59 UTC

Cuz hes Hispanic

2020-01-21 03:20:08 UTC

fuentes is a great medium for zoomers

2020-01-21 03:20:38 UTC

Yes, I know that most normie conservatives don't deny that blacks commit more crime than others.

2020-01-21 03:20:46 UTC

zoomers should go through nick fuentes, and once they realize he is fake and gay they can really become part of the far right

2020-01-21 03:20:57 UTC

still good for the redpills

2020-01-21 03:21:15 UTC

And what do you watch that you consider far right?

2020-01-21 03:21:59 UTC

honestly it's more podcasts now

2020-01-21 03:22:08 UTC

RedIce? Millenial Woes, BPS, Iconoclast

2020-01-21 03:22:33 UTC

not really big on podcasts or things like that

2020-01-21 03:22:43 UTC

i think an amazing way of building bridges to those sympathetic to the right wing is the arts.

2020-01-21 03:22:52 UTC

Morgoth Lives for videos is English hard right

2020-01-21 03:23:00 UTC

@NeoFuturist This is the key. Art

2020-01-21 03:23:05 UTC


2020-01-21 03:23:06 UTC

nick is useful for redpilling normies but nothing much more then that

2020-01-21 03:23:21 UTC

its a shame hes a degenerate though

2020-01-21 03:23:33 UTC

I've always been attracted to fascist and german "art", especially in the uniforms, music, and architecture

2020-01-21 03:23:43 UTC

yeah the germans had some great art

2020-01-21 03:24:02 UTC

they had an arts revolution after the degenerate modern art of the weimar republic

2020-01-21 03:24:15 UTC

I'd say that was my pipeline to questioning democracy, liberalism, and the whole lot

2020-01-21 03:24:30 UTC

but think about the books and movies people watch

2020-01-21 03:24:33 UTC

@Louis XIV (aka 1685Violin) I think the main reason why I think fighting over optics is more or less useless is because we don't control the camera or framing. The Media does, the Culture does. If we controlled those things then maybe we would get a fair shake.

2020-01-21 03:24:38 UTC

*that's what people aspire to*

2020-01-21 03:24:58 UTC

they see the marvel people, stephen king, anime shows

2020-01-21 03:25:39 UTC

whatever people are watching is something that they are attracted to and i've seen it in my personal life how interests can be a pipeline to something greater

2020-01-21 03:26:55 UTC

@McFansy Again, does it mean we should fly Third Reich imagery and shout edgy rhetoric to convince more people to join us? This is what Braving Ruin was talking about.

2020-01-21 03:27:19 UTC

That argument is further reinforced by the Parse the Noise video.

2020-01-21 03:27:33 UTC

third reich imagery is heretical in this society, no one wants to be a heretic

2020-01-21 03:27:40 UTC

I've never said anything about flying the windmill flag.

2020-01-21 03:28:00 UTC

They Branded the proud boys as nazis.

2020-01-21 03:28:03 UTC

we might be confusing aesthetics and optics, even if they are related

2020-01-21 03:28:05 UTC

I said that as an example.

2020-01-21 03:28:21 UTC

They can use their megaphone to brand anyone as a nazi.

2020-01-21 03:28:27 UTC

and most people will believe it.

2020-01-21 03:29:10 UTC

That’s the point of optics, to make it so the people won’t believe it

2020-01-21 03:29:18 UTC

We cannot play nice and they will avoid attacking us. They WILL attack us no matter what

2020-01-21 03:29:36 UTC

even if we get Based Blackguys to shout our opinions from the rooftops

2020-01-21 03:30:15 UTC

i could never see my father rallying around *andrew anglin*. i could see my father rallying around tucker carlson

2020-01-21 03:30:22 UTC

It’s Okay to Be White was a perfect example. Because it was the media having a hysterical reaction to something completely reasonable and inoffensive to the general public

2020-01-21 03:30:27 UTC

yeah no shit

2020-01-21 03:30:46 UTC

"YEaH, JeWs won't RePlaCe uS"! "BlOoD aNd SoIL!"
- Some people in the Charlottesville Rally.

2020-01-21 03:30:52 UTC

optics != respectability though. It may correlate to it but it's not 1:1

2020-01-21 03:31:31 UTC

maybe i misunderstand optics. i though optics is about how people see you and what you present to the world is part of that

2020-01-21 03:31:42 UTC

@Louis XIV (aka 1685Violin) They were marching to save a confederate statue, What could they have done to get the Media not to attack them?

2020-01-21 03:31:44 UTC

respectability is part of that isn't it?

2020-01-21 03:31:45 UTC

Point being if the media smears something as racist, when it very clearly is not then the smear backfires. Optics is all about making sure the smear does not register

2020-01-21 03:32:28 UTC

@NeoFuturist Respectability is much more important than optics. You can dress nice all you want but if no one respects you it doesn't matter

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