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It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.


jeffrey epstein is a joo


Pelosi, schumer, epstein, zuckerberg

must i go on

soros, goldberg

We gotta deport 3rd world immigrants

Ill be lenient , all first generation immigrants have to go

the ones who just got here gotta go

the thing is, bullets are cheaper than deportation

I think we need death camps

Its the only way to save the country

I dont even want to do it but its the only way

or get replaced

And become state slaves

well we already are state slaves

also defund israel and let them get enriched by arab ((vibrancy)))

I aint no shill

Im canadian lol

also im not advocating genocide

i think you need to google the definition of genocide

No, im gonna go john wick on the police and 3rd world niggers

I aint a fed youre paranoid


๐Ÿ—’ ๐Ÿ“

im sending your discord names to the clintons right now

@Nomad everytime i see a police officer i misgender them all the time and very sarcastically

they prefer to ticket you if you have open alcohol

on a public street

to fund the 3rd world niggers

Northern Ontario

I promised myself if justice isn't served i will serve it myself

im not worried, grid goes down in winter and everybody dies, especially the 3rd worlers

and all it takes is one man

I can live off grid too, ive been camping for a long time with a huge stash of food

I will become john wick i already know it

ill crack eventually

it gets down to -60 here sometimes

and theyre importing 3rd worlds by the thousands

let me find you an article

'Continued vibrancy of rural areas'

haha well theyre just flown in straight to our communities

cool story bro

im creating a community in the bush

log cabin commune

only blue eyes blond hair people

I have plans, tired of the political system, its time for it to go

also one more thing, stop paying your taxes

well at least you know what genocide is now


Im a 20 something about to go john wick

with a master plan

The electrical grid is the bloodline of civilization

someones gotta do it

im prepared to die

too bad

-60, grid goes down

People here are allowed to live in their little heat boxes

I agree the levee is about to break and im gonna throw some gasoline on that fire

Ill know when the time is right

A movie didn't radicalize me

although im not going to just kill 50 people in a mosque, thats just stupid

and ineffective

We are 5 meals away from civilizational collapse

Good they will be spared

i give the US another 11 years

then just hide in a hole @jaysans

when SHTF

i cant wait

im so ready

The future will belong to those who can take it

I dont plan to die

most people are unarmed here

except hunters, trappers, and police



you dont need that nonsense in the north

exactly what i am

there are ~1 person every square mile where my camp is

and im that 1 person

I dont depend on universal healthcare like everybody in town

theyre gonna be so fucked and they dont have a clue

I wish i was that young

I listen to every video matt puts out and live streams


don't worry, im like a virus, im dormant

until the time is right

and hiding behind plausible deniability

all i do now is prep and watch youtube vidz you?


sitting ducks

what is that


justice will not be served

Bill clinton will get away with it doesnt matter

the only type of justice they would get would come from a vigilante

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