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I wonder how the hell did I get kicked out when I did not even do anything wrong.

I was once here but then I was suddenly kicked out. Was there a rule in which I need to participate often in this server?

Please tell me if this video is still blocked.

By the way, check the <#400444397499711508> and tell me if the video is blocked.

Oh wait, my computer notified me 20 minutes too late.

Ahhhh! It's the Jews!

@Dank Memer Okay, that was just absurd.

@Trini Dayana Rivera I am not even sure that is supposed to be intentionally edgy. Frickin' edgy.

@Trini Dayana Rivera Even if you don't use your voice, you still sound edgy in text. I once debated with an asshole alt-righter and even in text form, he still gave me mental anguish. My issue is not the information he presented, it is the attitude he used.

I don't know how to describe it.

Maybe "saucy" or "sassy" are good but still can't seem to be appropriate, even in text form.

I never said "voice", I said "text". Even in text form, I can detect someone's attitude.

Okay, I think I _might_ ticked her off.

@Dank Memer All right, that was frickin' gay.

I am not even sure if I misused the word "edgy".

Oh goddamn it! I didn't want to see that.

At least put it in <#400443953926897666>.

I don't even see it.

By the way, how did I level up? I don't even know how does that work.

And what is the purpose of the levels?

_**Eyes wide open**_

@A Centrist Gamer I am not sure why that is grammatically incorrect though.

@Trini Dayana Rivera This is what I mean when I said "saucy" or "sassy" even though those are not the right words to describe the tone. It has a slightly assertive tone.

What is that last word? I can't read it.

@Trini Dayana Rivera And the same with a Hispanic man ending up with a white Hispanic or a _Castiza_.

@A Centrist Gamer That makes almost no sense, to be truthful.

Do not end up with Jews. I am not willing to take that risk of ending up with making a dynasty that perpetuates white guilt and I'm not even an anti-Semite.

@Krelin Yep, just a meme, in Balzakistan.

And , no, "Balzakistan" is not a real country.

I constantly fear of getting Charlie horses because I have had 4 of them in the past year.

The muscle cramps in the legs.

The word "weeb" has become meaning less at this point.

It's not even a synonym for Japanophile.

Uhh to be fair, most anime are, including _Dragon Ball Z_, _One Piece_, and _Sailor Moon_ are aimed for children... in Japan. It's just those are inapporpriate for children in the West because of cultural differences. It is as if we are wussies.

I mean, pre teens. _Pokemon_ is for younger children than in _One Piece_.

@Trini Dayana Rivera Sorry, I meant "pre teens and early teens".

Okay, I looked up the Wiki article and _Sailor Moon_ is classified as _shojo_. (emphasis on the first vowel) I had thought that shojo means teen girls in general when it refers to the demographic target but then as I read about that term, there is a vague age target with that term as it literally means "girl" so Trini is somewhat right.

@A Centrist Gamer I didn't grow up with the show exactly even though I watched a few episodes back in the early 2000s (I was born in the mid 90s), based on a few clips from the uncut redub by Viz, well, that is TV-PG level.

@everyone Just a heads up and read this warning from Discord.

Look out for a Discord user by the name of "LordLancer white_flower" with the tag #4802 . He is going around sending friend requests to random Discord users, and those who accept his friend requests will have their accounts DDoSed and their groups exposed with the members inside it becoming a victim as well. Spread the word and send this to as many discord servers as you can. If you see this user, DO NOT accept his friend request and immediately block him.
Our team is currently working very hard to remove this user from our database, please stay safe.

-Discord team
Copy and paste this to all of the servers you are in.

I don't know what it means as I got that warning from an acquaintance in a different server that I am in.

Wait, is that a _faux pas_?

@Trini Dayana Rivera Damn it. I can't believe you made it to level 24.

What is this, the 1300s?

@A Centrist Gamer I didn't even see that you are hitting on her until a later comment. Yep, just a meme.

It's 10:00 from where I live.

Roast, Roast, Roast like the son of a loofah-head!

Anymore edgy speech from anyone? Hit me like the mental anguish I got.

An' the folks are o' the edgy world o' the Holocaust.

> Trudeau's political compass

Do not misunderstand. The > symbol has nothing before it.

What's going on now?

>Foster degrading the wamyn again

Yep, more edgyness from you-know-who.

I was only joking that time.

Besides, I have finally told a dirty joke to a Dutch exchange student and it was glorious.

Just note that if you want to know that dirty joke, you should be Dutch to understand the context.

Or people that have understood European politics.

Do you still want to know the joke?

What the hell?! A level up?

How are you all right in typing this though?

Egad. I hope that you feel better.

Is it because it ended up deceiving the audinece or because there is a hidden gay message?

And this is not even a Japanese commercial. I don't know if those are Koreans or Thais.

So how are you dead? Because this is propaganda or because the gay scene is used in a lip balm commercial?

You didn't have to explain to me on what "I'm dead" means. I know you said it idimatically. I said that because I wanted to know why.

I just hope I don't get mistaken as a girl or a transgender simply because in real life, I have a rather mildly high pitched voice and long hair even though I know I am a man.

_cricket, cricket, cricket_

Damn it. Remnants from my life of the early-2000s still remain with me.

That doesn't make any sense

Doesn't sound as "edgy".

I was joking that time. I meant it doesn't sound as cool.

I told a dirty Muslim joke to a high schooler and it was so funny that I nearly gave him mental anguish and banged himself on the table.

How besides the possible blackface?

@Trini Dayana Rivera O...kay, I don't know what to describe that tone now.

My mother had a similar problem nine years ago over an asshole supervisor as she recently told me. She has since changed jobs years later.

@Trini Dayana Rivera By the way, what does _nopal_ mean in that idiom? I had never heard that word being used as an idiom; only as the plant.

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