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And then for no reason at all....

Chinas probably going to have a Red Moon state before we even have a base at the rate things are going

Not really. Everyone who talks about optics is literally hiding something behind a nice exterior. Its not about changing their core beliefs or end goal to be more palatable. its about dressing up for the public

Just repeating some basic beliefs will give them ammunition.

"Im against gay marriage"
---- In a homophobic speech X said that he was against fundamental human rights

When you control what everyone sees, they only see what you want them to

The result is the same

Its a distinction without much of a difference

They already have the legitimacy

you arnt taking if from them

this is the status quo

Those who have the frame have the legitimacy

Maximizing yours while they still have theirs is impossible anyways

In a situation like this legitimacy is a zero sum game

in other words, you have to weaken them and take over or replace some of their power in order to gain some form of legitimacy or the ability to somewhat frame things for yourself in a meaningful way.

Before that you are pond scum

It only matters if that is actually what you are.
If its just a look (which 90% of people view optics as) then your wasting your time.

But see thats actually what you are.
You actually believe that putting on a suit has intrinsic artistic or aesthetic value outside of putting on a show.
In that case optics are relevant because you want to portray something that you want others to emulate and you adhere to

The feds and the media control the frame though so they can put on a show and people believe it. They dont play by the normal rules because they are leagues above us in power.

Sadly its not 1:1

Only if you consider Porn to be free speech @vazorium

There is a court case to be made there

Pragur makes me cringe

@vazorium your conflating a subculture and an alien culture

They are not the same

Thats not what multiculturalism is

You can have English Catholics and English protestants. they are both English by both culture and ethnicity

Your just saying that a difference in creed somehow denotes a tidal shift in culture

your wrong

It really makes you wonder doesnt it

Violent crime is heavily correlated to race in the US. Its not exclusive but I have a hard time believing that some african nations have a lower murder rate per 100000

without demographics factoring in

Are you people seriously devolving into the "but hows the food" meme

you do need order

Fuwentes does think that Catholicism is true. Thats why he advocates it

when he goes on about the outcomes for society is almost always predicated by "if you dont want to hear the faith argument"

Its literally an argument he makes for the secular people who follow him

you can either be pure or actually make a difference

he chose the latter

Your just purity spiraling

oh the old "hes gay" meme

real hot take there

Its also kind weak

he hung out with a guy who does cringe shit on the internet

I guess thats a date now

You a physiology expert now

I think your just bad at understanding sarcasm

I so wish I had a mic right now

I forgot this is the guy who was trolling hard yesterday

ok zoomer

You know inability to take a joke and understand sarcasm is a hallmark of autism right?

its not entirely womens fault that society is constantly brainwashing them


I feel a year with them would do me alot of good

not saying I would convert but I would definitely put my heart into it

Civnat arguments make me sad

@vazorium So let me get this strait.
Its wrong to use Catholicisms results as an argument because thats bad for your soul but teaming up with a completely alien religion is a ok because of the potential results ?

You said team up. Not "be in the same place at the same time" You and I both know they are not going to do that march on their own

How is that any different from the current state of affairs? They oppose gay marriage and we oppose gay marriage.

The only difference you could theoretically advocate for in that model is to drop the opposition to Islam or Judaism which is not something that is going to happen

Not in this case there is not.

Your not talking about working with Muslims like on a project. Your talking about joining sides in a political fight. Both Muslims and Christians have polar opposite political viewpoints. Just because they line up on a few points does not eliminate those.

They demand a theocracy as a form of government as lvl one of them holding political power.
And in their version of theocracy, other religions are de-facto second class citizens. Now if you want Christians to join the side of people that want them literally converted on subservient, thats a pretty hard sell

Lets also not forget the separate legal system that they follow and the fact that Islam mean "submission" which pretty much sums up their attitudes towards everyone both inside and outside of their faith

I want numbers on that.

I lived next to Michigan, I know American muslims

That part of them not wanting all the things prescribed in Islam is BS

How many muslims in the US are even 3rd generation and still muslim and how many of them want or dont want some of the above mentioned in Islamic teachings

The "radical muslims should join with American conservatives" argument is literally a leftist meme that Bill Maher uses all the time

Well the regular muslims are not going to agree with you.

The ones that dont want that are usually pozzed

Not even kidding

In Canada muslims that are not radicals or hate Christians are degenerates

This is also a reoccuring pattern in other nations

@vazorium I dont hate Islam or Muslims, but I recognize that our goals dont align and probably never will. Any alliances we make will be opportunist and short live or end badly for one side or the other

I think the middle east nations have every right to be as Islamic as they want and I dont want to interfere with that, but I dont want them here or their cultural and religious values gaining any traction

Democracy is now nothing more than Gay sex and Tatoos

@Foxen (The Centurion) I thought it was in response to some stupid shit that Trumps GF said

@Foxen (The Centurion) Trade wars dont work on China because China is too big of an economy. you can terrif smaller nations because they cant economically compete with you

China has more clients than just the US. In fact most of its economy is tied to other East Asian nations

They dont care about you as much as you think they do

@vazorium to be fair the tariffs on steel did hurt Canada more than the US. The steel mill in my home town lost jobs when they moved to the US after the tariffs

other tariffs had the opposite effect

@vazorium driving down wages is bad unless you are only caring about the GDP

Not to mention the cultural impacts and the loss of public trust

Immigration is not a net good

I win



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