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2019-09-14 14:04:54 UTC

mfw African, Australian, and Asian politics is under "other"

2019-09-14 14:05:56 UTC

we will see if there's enough need to split it further

Australia is pretty meh to be honest.

2019-09-14 14:06:17 UTC

last time every person wanted a new channel for everything

You don't really get a whole lot of discussions. Maybe things have changed.

2019-09-14 14:06:39 UTC

aus was less used than the others last time, but we might have need to split it off

2019-09-14 14:07:00 UTC

i dnt think we have all that many Asians and Africans in here that would use those channels

Did Canada get used much? Didn't it get created last, (last time you guys did this)

2019-09-14 14:07:49 UTC

>other politics

2019-09-14 14:07:51 UTC

it got used a fair bit, i think they got bullied out of the other channels XD

2019-09-14 14:07:52 UTC


2019-09-14 14:08:03 UTC

as it should be ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well... I played no part in that bullying.

2019-09-14 14:08:38 UTC

strayans get what they deserve

2019-09-14 14:08:39 UTC


Australia is basically a nanny state, they don't mind the slow walk to authoritarian government if it means safety

2019-09-14 14:15:29 UTC

I told my aunt that Queensland becoming a nanny state, she got quite defensive. this was for hearing that your not aloud to honk your cars horn to say good buy type thing.

2019-09-14 14:24:41 UTC

Law in Victoria recently forcing practicing electronic and electrical engineers to register to be able to practice. Just because some doggy civil engineers have been shit.

2019-09-14 14:27:36 UTC

I don't have a radio nor a tv so i'm quite out of the loop.

I stopped bothering to be honest. I just don't see a point. They (majority of the population - who are forced to vote) don't really care if aus becomes a complete nanny state.

2019-09-14 14:35:19 UTC

Keep the links, talk and posting to the politics of the channel please. Do not post off topic, that is what we have the Xenoi channels for. Thank you!

2019-09-14 14:35:23 UTC

2019-09-14 14:36:23 UTC

A fair few people I know are quite annoyed by the nannyifacation of the state, however there isn't really much they can do about it as long as the political parties are in consensus about it.

Oh it is fucking frustrating. But they don't mind less freedom, they don't mind centralized government control, nor if the states cracks down on things that aren't considered "un-polite".

They are doing the good thing and that's really as far as the discussions tend to go in my view.

2019-09-14 14:40:50 UTC

They're babies in adult bodies

There isn't this entrepreneurship perspective that is seen in the US, most people want government intervention to sort out problems.

2019-09-14 14:41:07 UTC

I think it's less that the don't mind less freedom, and more that there are other issues that are more important to them. Which if you believe those values are more important can be quite annoying.

Not a bad way to summarize it. I don't like the framework, but that's more akin to their thoughts

2019-09-14 14:41:53 UTC

It's totallay fine to have less freedom as long as it doesn't offend my sensitivities mkay

2019-09-14 14:42:15 UTC

my house mate, she was utterly confused about the idea of a small government. "Having more members get to conclusion faster" was her response.

2019-09-14 14:42:21 UTC

modern politics is very bad at prioritising more than one thing at a time

2019-09-14 14:44:04 UTC

@DEPChimp yea, some people are idiots, never going to get away from that.

2019-09-14 14:45:29 UTC

@DEPChimp Just explain it to her like this: "If the nanny state decides it's more efficient to take your kids away from you, would you be in favor of that?" And if she answers "no" then just ask her why she thinks efficiency is a good reason to take any of people's freedoms away.

2019-09-14 14:46:20 UTC

She'd have to bend over backwards twice to splain that

2019-09-14 14:47:01 UTC

o boy, she thinks its a good idea that parents need a licence to have kids, coos what if the parents are pedos.

2019-09-14 14:47:16 UTC

having more members doesn't even lead to faster conclusions, the immediacy of dictatorships is one of it's few advantages

2019-09-14 14:48:28 UTC

the larger the government, usually, the less rapidly it's able to adapt to change

2019-09-14 14:48:45 UTC

In some cases virtually or literally impossible

2019-09-14 14:50:35 UTC

aye, like small companies can make run loops around large corporations. with there ability to be flexible in decisions and actions.

2019-09-14 14:51:13 UTC

You just gave me an idea for why Google is so authoritarian

2019-09-14 14:52:40 UTC

@leavethisbotnet Today at 10:38 AM
"What really highlighted this for me was the Catalonia situation. If they had a militia, they'd be independent by now."

What of Catalonia secession warrants force? What're their respective interests in pursuing such?

2019-09-14 14:54:30 UTC

@Jeremy I am not familiar with the Catalonia situation, could you please explain what's going on?

2019-09-14 14:55:06 UTC

Was it the break off from Spain?

2019-09-14 14:55:14 UTC

Catalonia is richer

2019-09-14 14:55:22 UTC

which was one reason

2019-09-14 14:55:44 UTC

You also had some foreign interventionism going on.

2019-09-14 14:56:06 UTC

I searched it and this came up:
people also ask:
Q: Is Catalonia a country
A: **SPAIN**

2019-09-14 14:56:39 UTC

The point was, whether or not they can be independent, depends on whether or not they have the means to enforce that independence.

2019-09-14 14:56:47 UTC


2019-09-14 14:57:18 UTC

Whether it is within their best interests is another question, however.

2019-09-14 14:57:44 UTC

well, that's really up to them to decide

2019-09-14 14:57:58 UTC

If you're interested in Catalonia in particular then go ahead, otherwise this belongs in eu_politics

2019-09-14 14:58:36 UTC

since the discussion is about relation between EU and member states

2019-09-14 15:54:38 UTC

The place the houthis striked is so far from Yemen though

2019-09-14 16:14:10 UTC

what the fuck is houthis

2019-09-14 16:15:38 UTC

are they a division of Yemen's military or are they are terror group funded by a government like Qatar

2019-09-14 16:59:30 UTC

Theyโ€™re an ethnic group that was part of the coalition that overthrew Yemenโ€™s last American backed strongman. Now theyโ€™re being opposed in Yemen by Saudi backed forces and some of the other gulf states.

2019-09-14 17:14:42 UTC

right also why do the Saudi's think overthrowing the government in Yemen is even a slightly good idea, did no one learn anything from iraq

2019-09-14 17:28:14 UTC

Because Iran is funding their puppets there

2019-09-14 17:28:27 UTC

@Anubis What is this channel for?

2019-09-14 17:28:42 UTC

I don't see where did politics went to?

2019-09-14 17:28:53 UTC

@yordanyordanov read the title bar

2019-09-14 17:28:56 UTC

or the pin

2019-09-14 17:29:11 UTC

It used to be in the xenoi section, now i come cack ocan't see it anymore?

2019-09-14 17:29:39 UTC

ill you guys put politics back in the xenoi and where did the debates go?

2019-09-14 17:30:08 UTC

Yemen was in a state of disarray for a long time. It's just that under Obama, Iran got cocky and started pushing harder in Yemen.

2019-09-14 17:30:32 UTC

@Anubis I mean if I want to have a *theoretical* kind of discussion like anarchism vs fascism is there any place I can have it here?

2019-09-14 17:30:54 UTC

But then Donald got into office and is best buddy with Saudis and they started pushing back.

2019-09-14 17:31:08 UTC

Will this be the correct channel or should I just go to the long walls for everything?

2019-09-14 17:31:08 UTC

Here, <#613769462633463808>, <#613767975614283832>

2019-09-14 17:31:13 UTC

doesnt really matter

2019-09-14 17:31:24 UTC


2019-09-14 17:31:31 UTC

this is the "other" pol channel so its fine to do here

2019-09-14 17:31:48 UTC

Oh yeah i think my article i posted was kinda lost in the convo
But saudi is reportedly cutting HALF their oil production

2019-09-14 17:31:51 UTC

Big if true

2019-09-14 17:32:02 UTC

It's just that now politics become so regionalized there is no place for those really interesting fundamental discussions on political theory we used to have here.

2019-09-14 17:32:10 UTC


2019-09-14 17:32:27 UTC

Should be a theory channel

2019-09-14 17:32:30 UTC

What's the purpose of that?

2019-09-14 17:32:37 UTC

(cutting oil)

2019-09-14 17:32:38 UTC

@Drywa11 Yes, there should be.

2019-09-14 17:32:58 UTC

This is the theory channel

2019-09-14 17:33:03 UTC

Politics isn't just the regional differences between countries.

2019-09-14 17:33:03 UTC

and the everything else channel

2019-09-14 17:33:20 UTC

"all other politics"

2019-09-14 17:33:20 UTC

This is why we have courses on political theory.

2019-09-14 17:33:34 UTC

It adds whole new dimension to political discussions.

2019-09-14 17:34:28 UTC

Who's getting Oil from saudis? US is net exporter, so China, Japan etc.?

2019-09-14 17:34:34 UTC

If every other channel starts with a region/country then one would assume the โ€œotherโ€ channel would be about the areas not covered.

2019-09-14 17:35:07 UTC

If you think about it hard enough, your brain will set fire to your body. We dont want that

2019-09-14 17:35:13 UTC

Europe probably

2019-09-14 17:35:54 UTC

Europe gets a lot from Russia and Norway

2019-09-14 17:36:03 UTC

I believe politics is a little bit like mathematics-there are two major branches of math-applied and *theoretical* mathematics, so here should be the same.

2019-09-14 17:36:32 UTC

It's OK to have channels for every region of the world but sometimes theory is important, too.

2019-09-14 17:36:59 UTC

Then stop sperging and use this channel. What's the problem here?

2019-09-14 17:37:02 UTC

Like what if I wanted to post stuff about roasting SJWs? Which region should it fall under?

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