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2019-06-21 05:20:51 UTC

theyre everywhere nao

They even had them in kid stores

I was like bruh


2019-06-21 05:23:29 UTC

It's *the current year* shitlord, everyone and their mom's is gay nao

2019-06-21 05:23:32 UTC

get with the times

>unironically saying it’s the current year

2019-06-21 05:24:55 UTC

>thinking I'm being unironic

*travels back to Nazi germany*
*walks up to Jew*

Nah but seriously tho fag shit in kid stores is too much

2019-06-21 05:28:40 UTC

It wasn't so prevalent in previous years

2019-06-21 05:28:47 UTC

Sure is being pushed heavily now

2019-06-21 05:29:01 UTC

I wonder if there's some sort of (((agenda)))

2019-06-21 05:29:17 UTC

Gee, wonder who'd be behind something like that ya know

2019-06-21 05:29:24 UTC

Golly gee

I agree

Filthy capitalists are to blame

2019-06-21 05:33:39 UTC


Imagine thinking Jews are behind everything

2019-06-21 05:34:50 UTC

Imagine not even being slightly critical of da Joos

2019-06-21 05:36:04 UTC

Who have a wonderful track record of honesty thus far, yes

2019-06-21 05:36:28 UTC

109 expulsions were due to purely racism, yes.

I mean I am

But I’m not the person who blames them for everything

2019-06-21 05:38:12 UTC

Of course we cant blame em for everything lol

2019-06-21 05:38:18 UTC

*If only we could*

NEET socs do Ig

2019-06-21 05:39:26 UTC


2019-06-21 05:39:31 UTC

What the fuck

2019-06-21 05:39:35 UTC


2019-06-21 05:39:45 UTC

Do you even English bruh

What are you a boomer or something?

2019-06-21 05:42:06 UTC

Zoomer slang is retarded, ngl


2019-06-21 05:43:17 UTC


I am African American

It’s part of my culture

2019-06-21 05:43:42 UTC


2019-06-21 05:43:59 UTC

Its not a personal attack

Leaving my children is tradition

2019-06-21 05:44:08 UTC

I'm shitting on zoomers as a whole

I didn’t get offended


Time to listen to 6ix9ine

2019-06-21 05:44:52 UTC


Some anti gay music

2019-06-21 05:49:24 UTC

I heard they've extended pride to an entire *month* now?

2019-06-21 05:49:30 UTC

Used to be just a day, nibba

2019-06-21 05:49:33 UTC


2019-06-21 05:50:31 UTC

Just fapped again <:Wojak:552585604169334785>

I thought it was a week

2019-06-21 05:51:11 UTC

There should be no pride

2019-06-21 05:51:27 UTC

Homosexuality must be condemed by the public

2019-06-21 05:51:29 UTC

>wake up
>drink rainbow coffee with soymilk
>walk past gay orgy on the way to work
>get reprimanded for not participating in previous orgy
>drink soylent for lunch
>contemplate suicide but get interrupted by boss giving you mandatory estrogen pills

Imagine having pride in being a walking aids clinic

2019-06-21 05:51:38 UTC


2019-06-21 05:53:18 UTC

@Conical (((oats))) its being normalized atm

Progressives have synthesized with corporations now th

The second the corporations go so does anything progressive

2019-06-21 05:54:42 UTC

Corps only care because they're increasing their market share

I know

2019-06-21 05:55:04 UTC

Although what I don't understand is that they're doing this and shitting on the rest of their userbase

2019-06-21 05:55:13 UTC

To appeal to like... 2%

2019-06-21 05:55:19 UTC

What the fuck

But progressives are so desperate for representation that they will literally ally with faceless corporations to get their shit

2019-06-21 05:57:13 UTC

2019-06-21 05:57:23 UTC

Its only da beginning

There’s literally nothing there lol

they are celebrating gay pride lol

2019-06-21 06:00:10 UTC

Yes, we are aware

thank god discord doesn't celebrate it

2019-06-21 06:00:42 UTC

>r u sure about that

Wtf is in my recommended

2019-06-21 06:03:48 UTC

H-hey that's lewd

that's thicc

I watched it lmao

It wasn’t a hentai surprisingly

they use thumbnail to gain views

Nah they showed tits still lol

It was more of an echhi

Hentai is shit

Porn is shit

that's what a weeb would say

2019-06-21 06:07:41 UTC


2019-06-21 06:07:58 UTC

Yeah, its garbage ecchi shlock

2019-06-21 06:08:06 UTC

I'm not gonna keep watching

Nigga really searched it up


Research purposes

why is porn shit

It fucks with your brain

2019-06-21 06:10:47 UTC

Yessssss research <:PepeChill:552613722502332416> <:ClownFlushed:552585951101321246>

no it's because you love anime

i like anime tho

Nudes are fine tho

2019-06-21 06:12:06 UTC

I don't watch anymore because I barely have time, and I have to sift through all the schlock lol

I don’t have the urge to beat my meat to nudes

asking for nudes is dumb

Who says I ask for them

i never said that

i just said my opinion


Nudes get my test up

Love em

that's what i do

i still remember the day i protested against the gay pride

everywhere i see them

why does this guy keep posting this

2019-06-21 06:33:00 UTC

Japanese culture is bad, loli is pedophilia and anime is propaganda

2019-06-21 06:33:06 UTC

just simple facts and logic

2019-06-21 06:33:14 UTC

you can't argue facts and logic

2019-06-21 08:42:08 UTC

that new parter server is so cringe

Your gay

2019-06-21 09:11:13 UTC

you r cribg

Cringe and bluepilled

2019-06-21 09:59:46 UTC

no you crine norme idoit

2019-06-21 10:00:01 UTC

yuo lost subscribre

2019-06-21 11:25:35 UTC

@.suki im sorrryyy

hello fellow thuleans

2019-06-21 13:28:11 UTC


2019-06-21 15:35:20 UTC


2019-06-21 15:36:57 UTC


2019-06-21 15:46:49 UTC

Helo @Kyger

2019-06-21 16:01:17 UTC

We are bringing in unwashed migrants. Bear with us and have your rape whistle on hand

2019-06-21 16:07:43 UTC

@Pookins tfw migrants raped muh rape whistle

2019-06-21 16:08:08 UTC

sad 😭

2019-06-21 16:08:14 UTC


My Swedish crush blocked me


So I feel ok

My life is a joke ok

2019-06-21 16:13:20 UTC

Well your crush blocked you after all

It gives me pain

2019-06-21 16:14:24 UTC

@.suki ok savage

@.suki say that ur a weeb

2019-06-21 16:15:19 UTC

```I'm a weeb``` -Sooki, 2019

2019-06-21 16:15:45 UTC
2019-06-21 16:16:10 UTC

@Kyger go away you baka

2019-06-21 16:17:23 UTC

@.suki rude

How did Stalin die

2019-06-21 16:18:18 UTC

I think it was a Stroke

2019-06-21 16:23:01 UTC


2019-06-21 16:26:21 UTC

He didn’t die, The universe saw it more fitting to give Stalin the title of god
And thus Stalin transcended both life and death and became unbounded to reality

2019-06-21 16:27:01 UTC

2019-06-21 16:27:08 UTC


2019-06-21 16:28:27 UTC

Answer me!

Trust God and die

2019-06-21 16:32:59 UTC

@Deleted User if it is time to die, then I die now.

2019-06-21 16:34:07 UTC

That guy absolutely can escape

2019-06-21 16:34:09 UTC

His legs are untied

2019-06-21 16:34:12 UTC

But "what thoughts comfort you before your inevitable demise"?

2019-06-21 16:34:16 UTC

He can just stand up

2019-06-21 16:34:40 UTC

>needing to be comforted before death

2019-06-21 16:34:40 UTC

He could even just roll off the tracks if he wants

2019-06-21 16:34:55 UTC

That's a luxury, really

2019-06-21 16:34:58 UTC

">" 😑

2019-06-21 16:35:13 UTC

Plenty of people die everyday without a chance to even say goodbye or have final thoughts

2019-06-21 16:35:47 UTC

Don't use this symbol at the beginning of a sentence. It looks silly

2019-06-21 16:36:09 UTC

@Deleted User ur not me mom

2019-06-21 16:36:12 UTC

>doesn’t want me to use this

2019-06-21 16:36:37 UTC

You're so malicious

2019-06-21 16:37:15 UTC

Punishment is coming

2019-06-21 16:37:31 UTC


2019-06-21 16:37:52 UTC

2019-06-21 17:19:11 UTC

I can’t find any good Ira music

2019-06-21 17:19:35 UTC

nvm this one is ok

2019-06-21 17:59:42 UTC
2019-06-21 18:22:18 UTC

2019-06-21 18:22:50 UTC


2019-06-21 18:22:57 UTC


but it's nice

2019-06-21 18:39:03 UTC

2019-06-21 18:39:07 UTC


2019-06-21 19:50:17 UTC

Hi fuck jews

2019-06-21 19:51:32 UTC

That wasn't very semitic of you my friend

2019-06-21 20:26:13 UTC

technically they're paying you for harvesting crops for them

2019-06-21 20:26:31 UTC

I just saw the villager meme so

2019-06-21 20:31:27 UTC

2019-06-21 20:31:33 UTC

I am here

2019-06-21 20:31:36 UTC

2019-06-21 20:32:09 UTC

2019-06-21 20:32:16 UTC
2019-06-21 20:32:29 UTC

I saw better stuff in person tho

2019-06-21 20:32:32 UTC

I know

2019-06-21 20:32:40 UTC

You know me?

2019-06-21 20:32:59 UTC

We were watching you

2019-06-21 20:33:06 UTC

Ah nice

2019-06-21 20:33:14 UTC

How tall i am

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