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Any trace of the German gene should be eradicated

Islam isn't as bad as Christianity I'll give you that

Islam kills christianity so it is useful as a tool

Muslims should kill christians more often

It should have been since christianity sought to destroy it

As it always is lol

Lmao white fascist aren't respectable in anyway

I'd respect a fucking Turk before them

Purebloods are so sensitive lmao

It is true, unmixed people are inbreds

Nothing but a clout chaser like most white fascists then lmao

Those who are unmixed are genetically inferior due to the halt of progression in their DNA

So this type of bickering is expected

How's it feel to have a long dead identity or homeland lmao, the world will be mixed and ascend beyond the clouds soon

A white mutt isn't really a mix, its like putting different types of sugar brands together

To really be mixed it must be entirely different

You used colored first lmao

Mixed races have on average bigger dicks

Only thing smaller than white is asian

Lmao the white race is doomed

Never said I wasn't

You think that's how the world will become mixed?

Those of unmixed genes shot be should as they would make horrible slaves

He's inferior since he holds being pure so high so a quick bullet would solve it like any other pest

Who cares it isnt hard

All I see is clout chasing lmao

Someone cares too much about what people on the internet think lol

Feeling is mutual

Ha Nazis were failures

Worst fascist tbh

Anyone is better

Hispanic and Latino is different

Only one person is cringe here

One main source of cringe I should say

Gold tier cringe

I respect the Klan more than this

And they are hicks

Lmao you're just a edgy memelord

Fucking 4chan nerd

Any white fascist is more respectable at this point

No wonder you were so easily dominated by Jews lmao

Most white ones are no offense lol

Its like watching a retarded kid walking down the street

Southern accent = subhuman

Most Nazis are weebs

Insane redneck autist lmao

All the honey boo boo mom look a likes are all flocking to you

Hitler would want you dead lmao

You're subhuman even to him

A nice way of saying raging autist

Like a middle school attention whore?

I've bullied retards like this

Even if it did happen whites would lose lol

Lmao what is that

How do I become green

My ideology is complex but I can explain it

My ideology is a mix of a religious sect that came off of Rastafari and when believe in the scientific superiority of mix raced people and we hold women as equal to men

Well I think NatSoc is retarded too

Mixed animals and people are better suited for the Earth's climate and have a better immune system against numerous diseases from being mixed

A single change was wipe a pureblood nation completely

Not immune but better protected

Through exposer the body can better fight diseases but a single vaccine won't make you immune

Mixing of races can further develop humanity entirely

A pure blooded german for example is useless

Whites are weak on their own as they are purebloods

Why isn't everywhere white then?

Why is white seen as uncool by the masses

Which is why mixed people exist

And they are better because of the mixture

What makes whites great then

673 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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