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Account got deleted, re add me

Good afternoon everyone <:FeelsGood:552577807876882480>

te fut in gura

supreme commander vey

<#572458461225287690> low iq

Not that crazy to find someone who follows Animism


Good afternoon everyone

__**Welcome to Thule**__

โ–ซ**Bot Commands**

`+biblebot = help menu for biblebot
!help = help menu for most other bots

Music commands are pinned in #music
Aki commands are pinned in #bot-spam
Biblebot commands are also pinned in #bot-spam `


๐Ÿคก `Follow the Discord ToS and Guidelines`

๐Ÿคก `Post shit where it belongs (pics allowed in general)`

๐Ÿคก `No CP, Doxxing, Raiding etc that will get us taken down`

๐Ÿคก `No shilling`

๐Ÿคก `Don't evade punishments`

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป yessir

Were just playin a game




not sure which of you is the biggest troll

Hello everyone

<:FeelsGood:552577807876882480> ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

bumps the server to the top of its categories on disboard

just the cooldown

Good morning everyone


Welcome <:FeelsAmazing:552577821684531220>

@Deleted User Since when are you a NatSoc?

I could've sworn you were something else?

Generalizations like that are pointless

Follow ToS edgelord

Fresh wipe, was cluttered with bad servers

You converted from Christianity to Islam?

@๐‡๐€๐€๐ˆ'๐™ ๐Ÿด How would you describe yourself politically out of curiosity



Meh it's subjective

some would even say


<:Ancom:575369725958422529> <:Antifa:575368877194739729>

<:Wojak:552578579234291763> ok game

Politics and Philosophy

Low iq <:Wojak:552578579234291763>

@here We're looking for new staff, send me a dm if interested ๐Ÿคก

Planning, get the politics role in <#583085483136122900> if you wish to take part in the future!

Pretty mixed, most people joining lately are left wing

Completely reasonable

Wouldn't race mixing be good according to your argument @Deleted User ?

He's associating culture with race, if there were a universal race wouldn't this lessen the cultural difference?

Let me know if this doesn't make sense I'm completely exhausted

It definitely will, it's a lot more complicated than that though

Don't be edgy goys cmon

๐Ÿคก world

Degeneracy is subjective

There is no universal system of morality or what is degenerate or not

I don't get your argument

I don't think anyone said you can't

@Deleted User An example of it would be the differing views nations have regarding age of consent, what is pedophilia to one nation is legalized as the age of consent in another. I do get your point that pedophilia in general is viewed as degenerate but that is far too broad of a perspective, it goes beyond simply labelling something as right or wrong

There is no specific "objective" truth to it

Degenerates and pedos can be found anywhere



We learned from the last one


I agree with you on that

The argument that blacks or any race "can't" be racist is retarded

The entire reverse racism thing is cancer

It's a step above the "black people can't be racist" argument

A way of belittling black on white racism instead of calling it what it is

And yeah I still see people use it

twitter, youtube, some discords, anywhere plagued by social justice

nope it's not


The state of most reservations is sad

That's what you get from colonialism and imperialism ๐Ÿคก

Sometimes creeps into general discussion but one of our staff is planning a <#578400563902021653> channel channel soon

Pings for discussions etc will be in there via <#583085483136122900>

Were working out shit now <:Honkler:552578459516272673>

@TheGreatHuman Out of curiosity in what way are you talking about "magic"

@TheGreatHuman So you believe magic to be what we don't understand?

I see, that's interesting thanks for explaining it a bit further @TheGreatHuman

@TheGreatHuman You have an interesting perspective, I'll keep that in mind thanks

Mongolian NatSocs are kinda cringe but those are epic tattoos

Good morning goys <:NPC:552578544790929418>

How are you doing this FINE day

I am doing FINE on this FINE FINE day <:Virgin:552578568060796937>

Russian folk music is great

Justinian left after being purged

Iโ€™m into a lot of stuff but yeah, listen to kalinka and katyusha theyโ€™re great

Meh it's OKAY

no one deserves to see that

cute couple

oh god <:Wojak:552578579234291763>

@NSG1488 You are a Nazbol?

@Deleted User Ignore them, I'll rape you โœŠ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿคก


What do you guys think about transhumanism btw out of curiosity?

@Kahuna Do you think transhumanism is a spiral towards losing our humanity?

Regardless of if it is universal


Which server, I've pissed off a lot of fake fascists

Moomim is literally an asian muslim

His server is full of memes

Most of the genuine NatSoc servers have been run off the platform

I staffed most of them

Pretty much

only one dutch boyfriend

@Caster Don't dutch shame


@Caster Gem was around earlier think he's sleeping

You missed prime gem time


Lol gem was screaming at people in some e girl server earlier it was hilarious

you missed a good meme

just a bunch of gamers in high iq

you don't want in

suck up to a staff

@Deleted User I thought you were gay?

based neets unite <:YangGang:575370923029430292>


Tony is that you

Or is it exiled?

Which one are u

Ally of what

your low tier

it's cringe

no you want attention

you do and no one really cares

stay, leave it doesn't really matter


attention whore invasion <:Gulag:575374484685586473>

have already had 1 server and 2 accounts banned

rather not take risks

I survived the
Discord Shoahcoaster

Discord is low iq <:Wojak:552578579234291763>


Acropolis is a place of free speech. We offer game nights, debates, karaoke, and more. Our server is mostly comprised of right wing or conservative minds, but we have no shortage of varying opinions. Feel free to voice yours!


shoah the hoah

<:Soyboy:552587212215156746> hre

Hello ๐Ÿคก

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