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inside the capitol building

when I went to DC

fuck I nutted

wholesome german couple


heading out with the gang

s(he) s(hit) (her)self

karen took the kids


karen took the big dick energy porn


my tag is the same as lewdbot's

visiting the middle east is the bomb

nah, they have some shit going on with palestine

and the giza strip

or whatever

I mean I've had spicy raw salmon on sushi before but not smoked

if hitler did not purge polish like constantinople he really would have earned fame from dragging germany out of turmoil and britain may have even respected them more

turning isis into waswas

cough youtube

it's my horse dummy

youtube deleted thousands of nazi videos

as if deleting the videos will stop some third party revolution

I found an image I made while I was digging through my old backpack

I'm atheist but ok

I'm not depressed either

because that's a floating old man that created the universe in our atmosphere talking to people before they enter a fictional scene to make people convert religion into thinking it is paradise?

because our cells imagine it

there is no real explanation how the universe came to be

we could be a fucking atom sustaining life

so is the big bang

no one can prove god's existence either

if some woman was 8 months pregnant without knowing and she said she gave birth after not being pregnant in one night, think about how it would sound in our current society

and there is a real life existence of infinity, it's the endless shrimp deal <:Ok:575368943020015644>

humans are expanding cells, and as of every other theory, it is almost a fact that god can easily be fake

we make abstract thoughts every day

because a human said: "BIG BEARD MAN IN SKY MAKE EVERYTHING"

it's like reverse santa: we literally need to see it to believe

there's no logistical and fully supportive proof god is real

as of now, there is even more proof disconcerning the fact

it's also easy hell is just a way for people to convert in a case of a 'better afterlife'

I like the idea of being reincarnated though

though the though is also unrealistic and I am also not a buddhist

I just stopped believing in god after my life got all fucked because people are like "u need jesus <:Wojak:552578579234291763> "

and it was so

advantage taking to convert me or try to?

I'm not a satanist either

I'm just clean of all religions

like the sun revolving around earth

but again, literature was not widespread

now I need to brain

sleep my brain*

internet made me say brain lol

does anyone have the video of the one guy that shot up the theater with a bodycam lol

I wanna see it

I don't know when it was

I saw it in some vid posted here with a compilation of crazy shit while there was audio about gamers rise lol

there was no shooting though, it cut out right before

it looked like a stage

and there were seats

I'm not sure, like I said I saw it in a compilation of violent shit while the audio was some song of "gamers rise"

replace the Ls with Gs

I am 99.9 years old

(I liek furtnite)
. \/

I am a americanist

. /

my chinchilla

not after the first pic you posted

stop talking you weeb wannabe


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