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2017-01-25 20:38:23 UTC

The implementation of national socialist ideas (or fascist w/e) is another matter. One I can see myself subbing ti.

2017-01-25 20:38:27 UTC


2017-01-25 21:01:41 UTC


2017-01-25 21:04:11 UTC

I like Hitler, I think he was the greatest leader Europe ever had. Despite everything that happened before, during and after the war.

2017-01-25 21:04:46 UTC

I'm proud of the only one in my family who fought in the war fought for the right side!

2017-01-25 21:05:23 UTC

The good side.

2017-01-25 21:05:41 UTC

All the way to the end in Berlin.

2017-01-25 21:05:54 UTC

And he wasn't even German.

2017-01-25 21:05:57 UTC

I can't tell you who was the greatest leader Europe ever head. I'm torn between quite a bit of historical leaders. My family fought of course, against the Nazis (Proud Military Family, with a Military tradition since the Revolution).

2017-01-25 21:06:35 UTC

But, that doesn't mean you can't respect your enemy.

2017-01-25 21:06:37 UTC

Hitler was quite a fatalist

2017-01-25 21:06:56 UTC

His all or nothing thinking completely undermined and ruined the great potential his nation had

2017-01-25 21:07:20 UTC

Germany could have been a bastion for anti-communist thought that could have filled the world.

2017-01-25 21:08:16 UTC

Well if it's true that he only took back the German parts of Poland where genocide on Germans was taking place, it's a really sad story. But really I don't know what really happened.

2017-01-25 21:08:56 UTC

Germany should have pulled a Crimea XD

2017-01-25 21:08:58 UTC

Germany? You had fascist governments in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia

2017-01-25 21:09:15 UTC

German Separatists! Polish 'Atrocities' somehow the Seperatists get tanks!

2017-01-25 21:09:30 UTC

Haha how do you pull a Crimea @Bloodborn ?

2017-01-25 21:09:33 UTC

And fascist parties were growing in UK, Yugoslavia and elsewhere

2017-01-25 21:09:57 UTC


2017-01-25 21:10:42 UTC

And instead of using that vast potential to build a new European axis of power, he decided to dash for military solution, which he, along with entire OKH considered very uncertain

2017-01-25 21:11:21 UTC

And needless to say, his solution consisted of launching relentless assaults east and west

2017-01-25 21:11:25 UTC

@Someguy (You can pull a 'Crimea' by funding and supplying a separatist movement by Ethnic Germans)

2017-01-25 21:11:42 UTC

over grandiose genocidal plans and unsettled accounts

2017-01-25 21:12:19 UTC

Germany had such great potential.

2017-01-25 21:13:07 UTC

There would be no doubt in my mind that Germany would have even influenced American politics if it didn't go to war.

2017-01-25 21:14:03 UTC

@Bloodborn ah aight!

2017-01-25 21:14:37 UTC

There were many things that Nazi Germany could have done to win more support and gain more land.

2017-01-25 21:15:22 UTC

@Bloodborn Germany is still Europes largest economy, and has potential but it's being ruined by suicide politics.

2017-01-25 21:16:03 UTC

I know, it's still influential even after being demolished... but I don't think it will ever be the same again /EVEN IF/ they remove every single last non-ethnic German from the state.

2017-01-25 21:16:24 UTC

Also afaik the white majority in the US have predominantly German ancestry.

2017-01-25 21:16:37 UTC

Germanic people are pretty great 😃

2017-01-25 21:16:48 UTC

Until they cuck themselves

2017-01-25 21:17:13 UTC

Well, I'll blame it on the jew this time.

2017-01-25 21:17:17 UTC

I have Swiss-German ancestry so ❤

2017-01-25 21:17:21 UTC

The Swiss aren't cucked.

2017-01-25 21:17:41 UTC

Not yet anyway...

2017-01-25 21:18:28 UTC

I guess we're failing because we're too civilized, we care about what a larger group thinks about us and conforms because of that.

2017-01-25 21:18:33 UTC

But what do I know.

2017-01-25 21:18:55 UTC

My country is still the most cucked one.

2017-01-25 21:19:08 UTC

Hasn't been to war for 200 years, people here are gullible.

2017-01-25 21:19:24 UTC

And pretty stupid, but there's a lot of smart people here too.

2017-01-25 21:19:28 UTC

We're too individualistic and relativistic

2017-01-25 21:19:33 UTC

The smartest people I know are nationalist.

2017-01-25 21:19:35 UTC

Yo @Someguy you finally made it.

2017-01-25 21:19:43 UTC

We lost our connection to our people and tribes. It needs to be reconnected

2017-01-25 21:19:44 UTC

Hey Mother.

2017-01-25 21:19:49 UTC

It's not me on the avatar hahaha

2017-01-25 21:19:55 UTC

Just a guy I like to mock.

2017-01-25 21:20:00 UTC

Told you you'd like this place.

2017-01-25 21:20:14 UTC

Yeah thanks for letting me in 😃

2017-01-25 21:20:22 UTC


2017-01-25 21:20:33 UTC

Ah, Welcome to the GabberHangout @Someguy ^^

2017-01-25 21:20:48 UTC


2017-01-25 21:21:26 UTC

@Bloodborn and yes I agree.

2017-01-25 21:21:58 UTC

I've lost hope for my country. We have Sweden Democrats and they're cucked.

2017-01-25 21:22:06 UTC

And they're zionist.

2017-01-25 21:22:25 UTC

And that's the only nationalist party we have.

2017-01-25 21:22:26 UTC

My moderate British friend told me something about Europe's condition now...

2017-01-25 21:22:59 UTC

There's the 'Conservatives' and the 'Liberals' but the Conservatives are the 'Center-Left' and the Liberals are 'Far-Left'...

2017-01-25 21:23:08 UTC

There are no right-wing parties, nothing there.

2017-01-25 21:23:14 UTC

What's left?

2017-01-25 21:23:17 UTC

The Far-Right.

2017-01-25 21:23:31 UTC

We need a real nationalist party to correct this mess.

2017-01-25 21:23:34 UTC

So, people are growing more willing to jump to the far-right..

2017-01-25 21:23:51 UTC

Working camps.

2017-01-25 21:24:14 UTC

Fuck. Just deport them to Africa.

2017-01-25 21:24:25 UTC

Or The Middle East.

2017-01-25 21:24:41 UTC

Call it a 'one-way vacation'

2017-01-25 21:24:58 UTC

Well how do we deport them exactly I think we'll need to execute them in the end to save our culture and race.

2017-01-25 21:25:14 UTC

Their asshole countries don't want them back.

2017-01-25 21:25:25 UTC

Hey, if they resist... well... they get what they deserve...

2017-01-25 21:25:38 UTC

@José Churruca You're an old-fashioned Spanish Nationalist, no?

2017-01-25 21:25:39 UTC

Yeah about fucking time.

2017-01-25 21:26:19 UTC

There's good people among them too but the line has to be drawn somewhere and that's more important than anything.

2017-01-25 21:27:05 UTC

Although none who has gotten their asses here illegaly are good people if they've traveled around the globe for it.

2017-01-25 21:27:15 UTC

The most important thing you can do in Sweden right now is to stick to your own, to those whom are ideologically similar to you..

2017-01-25 21:27:26 UTC

And for the love of god, have as many children as you can possible can get

2017-01-25 21:27:37 UTC

I try to convince anyone who isn't.

2017-01-25 21:27:40 UTC

Teach them yourselves to value your own.

2017-01-25 21:27:49 UTC

Lol I even tell the immigrants.

2017-01-25 21:27:55 UTC

I wouldn't say old fashion, tho reactionary to a certain extent

2017-01-25 21:28:02 UTC

Many even agrees.

2017-01-25 21:28:13 UTC

Some get upset but fuck them.

2017-01-25 21:28:52 UTC

Though the altright is fucking cancerous, they've made white nationalism gay

2017-01-25 21:29:10 UTC

>they turned the frogs gay

2017-01-25 21:29:11 UTC

@Bloodborn I dunno if I can even get a girlfriend, it's HARD to find anyone remotely conservative here.

2017-01-25 21:29:27 UTC

@Someguy Well, just try.

2017-01-25 21:29:40 UTC

@Bloodborn yes I'm trying I haven't given up.

2017-01-25 21:30:05 UTC

If you want to win your fight for Sweden, you're going to have to fight hard, and fight for a long time.

2017-01-25 21:30:28 UTC

@José Churruca I've gotten this impression about alt-right that they're a bunch of 4chan trolls who all love anime hahaha

2017-01-25 21:31:02 UTC

@Bloodborn I know.

2017-01-25 21:31:19 UTC

@José Churruca So, I saw the other night a few news articles about how a bunch of Spanish left (plus a leftist politician) beat a girl down in the streets because of a Spanish Flag Armband... any comment?

2017-01-25 21:31:32 UTC

Saw that

2017-01-25 21:31:49 UTC

They claim she was a neonazi who beat up LGBBQ people

2017-01-25 21:31:54 UTC

@Bloodborn sickening.

2017-01-25 21:31:58 UTC

>implying there's anything wrong with that

2017-01-25 21:32:41 UTC

I know a fag, he's cool and all but he likes doing rimjobs on hairy assholes, arabs to top it off!

2017-01-25 21:32:44 UTC

Not kidding.

2017-01-25 21:32:44 UTC

It was a cowardly act for sure

2017-01-25 21:32:55 UTC

Did not need to know that.

2017-01-25 21:33:07 UTC

His name is Philip.

2017-01-25 21:33:19 UTC

But I call him homophilip behind his back 😄

2017-01-25 21:33:29 UTC

If I saw that, people ganging up around a girl, hitting and kicking her, I'd show them the business end of a .45

2017-01-25 21:34:20 UTC

Need to get up for work tommorrow, see you guys!

2017-01-25 21:34:26 UTC


2017-01-25 21:34:36 UTC

We have really strict gun laws tho

2017-01-25 21:35:09 UTC

Which is why I love Switzerland.. and America...

2017-01-25 21:36:03 UTC

Anyway, how's life in Spain?

2017-01-25 21:37:32 UTC

All I know about Spanish politics is this: Catalans are uppity, and you're having an issue with Africans trying to swarm into your borders

2017-01-25 21:39:34 UTC

I just haven't heard much from Iberia beyond that.

2017-01-25 22:28:12 UTC

We have problems with dindus

2017-01-25 22:28:28 UTC

Fortunately we have border walls

2017-01-25 22:32:05 UTC

And then they say Breivik was nuts

2017-01-25 22:32:53 UTC

@José Churruca Are they Catalan dindus, homegrown dindus, or Moroccan dindus?

2017-01-25 22:46:40 UTC

The latter

2017-01-25 22:46:57 UTC

See, we still own a couple cities in the North of Africa

2017-01-25 22:48:44 UTC

whats the story with that

2017-01-26 01:37:41 UTC

Honestly I don't buy the notion that Hitler did not want war (Mein Kampf is pretty definitive on his thoughts regarding that) - and that is why I take issue with him. You could argue he caused the conflict that ruined white dominance in the world. Just imagine if all those whites hadn't died? And plus, fascism wouldn't have had such a bad image to the normies.

2017-01-26 01:38:16 UTC

If he just stuck to doing w/e in Germany (even camps), I wouldn't have cared much. But his lebensraum policy towards Slavs is unacceptable to me.

2017-01-26 03:36:27 UTC

@Slav He could have even done a long-term campaign of simply trying to set his people to 'breed' and try to outbreed the Polish and try to pull a Crimea to get the Danzig he wanted... beyond that all he had to do was get the German population to have a population explosion and maintain that by sending groups out with the intent of 'colonization through immigration' and to spread National Socialism like it was a religion. These are all semi-peaceful ways he could have done it... and people on the left would probably hail him as a way socialism can 'work' .... Instead he pulled a stupid and killed off the German spirit.

2017-01-26 04:19:21 UTC

To be fair he did push breeding a lot. The idea was to have a lot of Germans to populate the cleared up space in the east. In a way he understood demographics better than most of the people of the time.

2017-01-26 04:19:51 UTC

But yes, I believe if the Axis pursued a policy of peace - fascism would likely have become the ruling ideology of the world.

2017-01-26 15:12:26 UTC

It's a worthwhile debate @Slav b/c w/o the early conquests, and you could use Rhineland as a principle example of the potential success/growth of the Aryan race

2017-01-26 15:13:16 UTC

NAP is the best option in the post-industrial world

2017-01-26 15:13:23 UTC

I think that through political means and subversive tactics much of western Europe could benefit through new interpretations of his policies

2017-01-26 15:14:18 UTC

facism is easy to fall to the trap of other dictatorships

2017-01-26 15:14:44 UTC

but if we can control the policies and pace of certain leaders (dictators) in our favor, does it matter?

2017-01-26 15:15:01 UTC

one good asshole to make it all nice and shiny and one bad leader and a few years later its a steaming pile of shit

2017-01-26 15:15:45 UTC

well we won in america, and i think we can turn shit into gold

2017-01-26 15:15:51 UTC

its only the beginning

2017-01-26 15:16:11 UTC

naw, the usa isnt gold

2017-01-26 15:16:15 UTC

it's iron

2017-01-26 15:16:21 UTC

fine, but irons strong

2017-01-26 15:16:31 UTC

we can beat it back to strong, durable steel

2017-01-26 15:16:39 UTC


2017-01-26 15:16:44 UTC

we've already gotten this far

2017-01-26 15:16:50 UTC


2017-01-26 15:17:02 UTC

i was in DC last weekend and the scums around the inauguration were heartbroken

2017-01-26 15:17:16 UTC

let em be heart broken

2017-01-26 15:17:23 UTC

we can laugh at em

2017-01-26 15:17:34 UTC

just remember to bring some arms

2017-01-26 15:17:36 UTC

just in case

2017-01-26 15:17:43 UTC

some pepper spray

2017-01-26 15:17:48 UTC

a collapsable batton

2017-01-26 15:17:50 UTC


2017-01-26 15:18:04 UTC

so we had mace and pepper spray but honestly never needed to use it

2017-01-26 15:18:21 UTC

my friend wanted to at those scummy dirty hippie pipeline protesters

2017-01-26 15:18:30 UTC

but there were a ton of people w/ cameras and i said its not worth it

2017-01-26 15:18:37 UTC

with the lefties chimping out you can never be too safe

2017-01-26 15:19:29 UTC

they are some sneaky fucking jews

2017-01-26 15:20:40 UTC

but im still new to some of the online organizing stuff which i found on reddit and really want to see how we can push this movement beyond our borders with so many elections coming up in europe

2017-01-26 15:21:08 UTC

nationalists are on the rise

2017-01-26 15:21:15 UTC

we jsut need to let em know that they arent alone

2017-01-26 15:21:25 UTC

and we can win in solidarity

2017-01-26 15:21:28 UTC

and in common sense

2017-01-26 15:21:45 UTC

mild encouragement and organization and theyll crumble

2017-01-26 15:46:31 UTC

absolutely. it was friends of mine in the UK that first made me feel not alone

2017-01-26 15:47:25 UTC

we jsut need to help our fellow right wingers

2017-01-26 15:47:38 UTC

encouragement and support

2017-01-26 15:56:51 UTC

I wish i had friends in france right now, i feel like thats the next big challenge in our global fight

2017-01-26 15:57:24 UTC

Hi I've been under a rock. What's going on in France?

2017-01-26 15:58:14 UTC

They've got the big elections coming up and there's a decent chance we could have another right gov

2017-01-26 15:58:47 UTC


2017-01-26 16:03:42 UTC

yes, another chance to takedown liberal fucktards and start building an alliance of proper right leaders

2017-01-26 16:04:20 UTC

"Mandatory miscgenation"

2017-01-26 16:04:39 UTC

Was the preferred policies of ther last leader.

2017-01-26 16:04:46 UTC

Anything is better than that.

2017-01-26 16:08:45 UTC

Le Pen's no grand leader but we need to support the National Front as a movement

2017-01-26 17:56:51 UTC

This test was entertaining to take

2017-01-26 17:56:57 UTC

but take it with a bag of salt

2017-01-26 17:57:10 UTC

I got National Socialist lol

2017-01-26 17:57:15 UTC

*Is a total capitalist*

2017-01-26 18:07:17 UTC

people should vote for le pen

2017-01-26 18:07:29 UTC

it's my understanding that fillon is establishment

2017-01-26 18:07:32 UTC

albeit right

2017-01-26 18:08:01 UTC

le pen is the only really mover and shaker

2017-01-26 18:08:09 UTC

wanting to exit the EU and what not

2017-01-26 18:08:16 UTC

it will be the final nail in the EU coffin

2017-01-26 20:49:01 UTC

Le Pen is a must

2017-01-26 20:49:22 UTC

she never really disavowed her father which is good

2017-01-26 20:50:06 UTC

mandatory marriage more likely than mandatory miscegenation

2017-01-26 20:50:16 UTC

though we already have mandatory marriage it's called taxes

2017-01-26 20:53:15 UTC

gab starter pack

2017-01-26 20:53:19 UTC

1. #maga in your bio

2017-01-26 20:53:27 UTC

2. free speech quotes

2017-01-26 20:53:48 UTC

3. ovenposting about libertarianism and ayn rand

2017-01-26 22:29:07 UTC

Well to be fair the free speech quotes are autogenerated from a list when you sign up until you change the bio

2017-01-26 22:29:29 UTC

They might as well put #MAGA in there by default though

2017-01-26 22:30:07 UTC

Or "Deplorable free speech advocate"

2017-01-26 23:02:25 UTC

every time i see a retard use #MAGA or #GabFam for no reason i die a little inside

2017-01-26 23:09:59 UTC

When I was a leftie, I thought conservatives were stupid.

2017-01-26 23:10:06 UTC

Afterwards I changed my mind.

2017-01-26 23:10:14 UTC

But with all these #MAGA creeps....ehh

2017-01-26 23:10:28 UTC

Like that Churchill quote.

2017-01-26 23:10:30 UTC

That escapes me.

2017-01-26 23:10:42 UTC

the commie one?

2017-01-26 23:11:10 UTC

Something about being leftist when we're young and inevitably turn conservative older.

2017-01-26 23:14:51 UTC

Churchill is full of plebeian quotes

2017-01-26 23:17:22 UTC

one of the moderators from r/thedonald came to gab

2017-01-26 23:17:26 UTC

i wasted no time :

2017-01-26 23:20:57 UTC

What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.

2017-01-27 00:15:56 UTC

“I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”

2017-01-27 00:16:24 UTC

- Uncle Adolf

2017-01-27 00:18:30 UTC

Evola was much better and more profound in his criticism of Americanism

2017-01-27 00:18:46 UTC

just google Evola on Americans there's several i believe

2017-01-27 00:19:18 UTC

any good books from him you can recommend?

2017-01-27 00:19:36 UTC

Every I have read is great

2017-01-27 00:19:45 UTC

They are slow to read, but good

2017-01-27 00:19:55 UTC

Depends on the subject you are intrested in

2017-01-27 00:20:14 UTC

If you care about magic, religion, etc, then pretty much every book of his on the subject

2017-01-27 00:20:38 UTC

i care about political commentary

2017-01-27 00:20:42 UTC

As for his clasics I read his Ride the Tiger and Revolt against the Modern world

2017-01-27 00:21:01 UTC

And excrepts from Heathen Empire which are available online

2017-01-27 00:21:27 UTC

All ofthis is available online as pdf i think

2017-01-27 00:21:34 UTC

ill just get the 26 volume master collection of his works

2017-01-27 00:21:44 UTC

that exists ?

2017-01-27 00:22:18 UTC

im interested whats in this

2017-01-27 00:22:48 UTC

its 318 mb

2017-01-27 00:22:53 UTC

so probably plenty

2017-01-27 00:22:53 UTC

if there is the entire heathen empire then ❤

2017-01-27 00:23:07 UTC

also his last book on taoism i haven't found anywhere

2017-01-27 00:23:12 UTC

and it's translated

2017-01-27 00:24:29 UTC

none of his major works are strictly political, even though they are heavily

2017-01-27 00:24:33 UTC

there's lot of philosophy

2017-01-27 00:33:25 UTC

there is a book called heathen imperialism

2017-01-27 00:33:33 UTC


2017-01-27 00:33:34 UTC

but it's only about 150 pages long

2017-01-27 00:33:35 UTC


2017-01-27 00:33:44 UTC

that's one of his early works

2017-01-27 00:34:06 UTC

his steady transition from hsi younger to his older days is quite apparent when you read him chronologically

2017-01-27 00:34:17 UTC

in his young days he was heathenish and magical

2017-01-27 00:34:31 UTC

and later gravitating slowly towards eastern spirtuality and mysticism

2017-01-27 00:34:34 UTC

and pessimism

2017-01-27 00:35:03 UTC

itneresting thing is that since hermetic tradition he almost never wrote on he subject again

2017-01-27 00:36:08 UTC

dunno if ill read it chronologically

2017-01-27 00:36:17 UTC

but ill try to read all of it

2017-01-27 00:37:24 UTC

I'll probably read these shorter articles from this collection

2017-01-27 00:37:48 UTC

i haven't read meditations on the peaks, his autobiography and metaphysics of sex

2017-01-27 00:37:57 UTC

all of which i would rather read from paper

2017-01-27 04:52:54 UTC

ABC News: Trump’s Executive Order Would Mean Deportation for 11 Million Illegals

2017-01-27 04:53:10 UTC

Getting rid of 11 Million People?.. Hey! @HeimatFreiheitTradition ! We're about to outdo you!

2017-01-27 07:04:45 UTC

seriously? holy shit

2017-01-27 07:04:49 UTC

if he actually does that...

2017-01-27 07:04:49 UTC


2017-01-27 14:25:56 UTC

those fuckers will be forced out as we secure out borders

2017-01-27 15:19:10 UTC


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