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2017-01-25 21:18:28 UTC  

I guess we're failing because we're too civilized, we care about what a larger group thinks about us and conforms because of that.

2017-01-25 21:18:33 UTC  

But what do I know.

2017-01-25 21:18:55 UTC  

My country is still the most cucked one.

2017-01-25 21:19:08 UTC  

Hasn't been to war for 200 years, people here are gullible.

2017-01-25 21:19:24 UTC  

And pretty stupid, but there's a lot of smart people here too.

2017-01-25 21:19:28 UTC  

We're too individualistic and relativistic

2017-01-25 21:19:33 UTC  

The smartest people I know are nationalist.

2017-01-25 21:19:35 UTC  

Yo @Someguy you finally made it.

2017-01-25 21:19:43 UTC  

We lost our connection to our people and tribes. It needs to be reconnected

2017-01-25 21:19:44 UTC  

Hey Mother.

2017-01-25 21:19:49 UTC  

It's not me on the avatar hahaha

2017-01-25 21:19:55 UTC  

Just a guy I like to mock.

2017-01-25 21:20:00 UTC  

Told you you'd like this place.

2017-01-25 21:20:14 UTC  

Yeah thanks for letting me in 😃

2017-01-25 21:20:22 UTC  


2017-01-25 21:20:33 UTC  

Ah, Welcome to the GabberHangout @Someguy ^^

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2017-01-25 21:21:26 UTC  

@Bloodborn and yes I agree.

2017-01-25 21:21:58 UTC  

I've lost hope for my country. We have Sweden Democrats and they're cucked.

2017-01-25 21:22:06 UTC  

And they're zionist.

2017-01-25 21:22:25 UTC  

And that's the only nationalist party we have.

2017-01-25 21:22:26 UTC  

My moderate British friend told me something about Europe's condition now...

2017-01-25 21:22:59 UTC  

There's the 'Conservatives' and the 'Liberals' but the Conservatives are the 'Center-Left' and the Liberals are 'Far-Left'...

2017-01-25 21:23:08 UTC  

There are no right-wing parties, nothing there.

2017-01-25 21:23:14 UTC  

What's left?

2017-01-25 21:23:17 UTC  

The Far-Right.

2017-01-25 21:23:31 UTC  

We need a real nationalist party to correct this mess.

2017-01-25 21:23:34 UTC  

So, people are growing more willing to jump to the far-right..

2017-01-25 21:23:51 UTC  

Working camps.

2017-01-25 21:24:14 UTC  

Fuck. Just deport them to Africa.

2017-01-25 21:24:25 UTC  

Or The Middle East.

2017-01-25 21:24:41 UTC  

Call it a 'one-way vacation'

2017-01-25 21:24:58 UTC  

Well how do we deport them exactly I think we'll need to execute them in the end to save our culture and race.

2017-01-25 21:25:14 UTC  

Their asshole countries don't want them back.

2017-01-25 21:25:25 UTC  

Hey, if they resist... well... they get what they deserve...

2017-01-25 21:25:38 UTC  

@José Churruca You're an old-fashioned Spanish Nationalist, no?

2017-01-25 21:25:39 UTC  

Yeah about fucking time.

2017-01-25 21:26:19 UTC  

There's good people among them too but the line has to be drawn somewhere and that's more important than anything.

2017-01-25 21:27:05 UTC  

Although none who has gotten their asses here illegaly are good people if they've traveled around the globe for it.

2017-01-25 21:27:15 UTC  

The most important thing you can do in Sweden right now is to stick to your own, to those whom are ideologically similar to you..

2017-01-25 21:27:26 UTC  

And for the love of god, have as many children as you can possible can get