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2016-12-31 00:16:55 UTC

anonymous hacked bilderberg @everyone

2016-12-31 00:17:03 UTC


2016-12-31 00:18:27 UTC


2016-12-31 01:05:31 UTC

Wow. Great job anon!

2016-12-31 01:07:47 UTC

is glorious

2016-12-31 01:10:12 UTC


2016-12-31 01:11:07 UTC

I joined Czar's group earlier. Now I'm thinking of putting linux on my laptop to learn about cybersecurity and programming. go for it

2016-12-31 01:11:33 UTC

do it

2016-12-31 02:19:48 UTC

Just going to throw this out there... Linux is probably going to be an easier transition for mac ppl as opposed to windows user. That said, you would have to be more than just an "average" user for it to make a difference.

2016-12-31 02:20:32 UTC

But if you are considering the transition... than one would almost assume that your not just an ordinary computer user. Just my 2 pennies.

2016-12-31 02:21:08 UTC

Because...unix based.

2016-12-31 02:28:59 UTC

If you want a real challenge installing OS's try hackingtosh on an AMD processor. MAybe that has changes since I did last?

2016-12-31 02:30:06 UTC

I probably should be posting this stuff in <#257263229422534677> or on Czar's new group. Sorry

2016-12-31 02:30:09 UTC

There are some Linux distros out there that make the switch from winblows practically painless

2016-12-31 02:30:39 UTC


2016-12-31 02:30:46 UTC

I agree... there are linux distros that make it super easy.

2016-12-31 02:31:17 UTC

But to understand the inner workings is something different. Talking command line stuff.

2016-12-31 02:33:26 UTC

If memory serves me correctly... Linux was mostly command line install options at the time in which I first started working with it. Things have changed dramatically since that time. Not sure if that is a good thing. But it certainly helped to expand it's user base.

2016-12-31 02:38:33 UTC

Agree. I totally replaced winblows in my home for Internet use with my kids 20 years ago. Kept a winblows partition for a few years then went completely Linux. I can't go to prison by inadvertently breaking some obscure law tinkering with linux

2016-12-31 02:38:56 UTC

10 years ago, fat finger texting

2016-12-31 03:02:06 UTC

Linux is probably the best as it relates to networking. OSX being next. Windoze is just a mess as far as I am concerned.

2016-12-31 03:03:43 UTC

Win 10 offers not many advantages over Win 7 other than a fresh GUI and compatibility with newer 3rd party software.

2016-12-31 03:04:48 UTC

Win 7 may have been the pinnacle and agruably XP.

2016-12-31 03:05:08 UTC

It is all down hill from here.

2016-12-31 03:07:25 UTC

Snow Leopard was the last good OSX OS... heading down the same path as Microsuck. Of course, this is all JMO. And there are people much smarter than me that could probably add more.

2016-12-31 03:10:17 UTC

On topic...

2016-12-31 03:10:31 UTC

Obama is a retarded little child that thinks his actions will prevent the inevitable.

2016-12-31 04:08:28 UTC

I agree on all points

2017-01-01 14:43:00 UTC

Isnt Windows 10 designed for the specific purpose of spying on you, which is essentially why they offered it for free

2017-01-01 14:44:21 UTC

i know the search feature sends searches back to Micro$oft, but I'm not sure if that's the explicit purpose of the OS. Either way, I want to get away from it, but need to keep my games and music in tact. So I would like to find a way to move WoW/Steam/music to Ubuntu for example

2017-01-01 16:02:25 UTC

steam runs natively and wow can be played under wine

2017-01-01 16:02:30 UTC

I'd go full linux if any of the DAWs that work on it was polished enough and could use VST plugins

2017-01-01 16:06:10 UTC

Otherwise, i only have linux on my laptop which i use to browse net and buy things online

2017-01-01 16:09:43 UTC

How did this place turn into #linux lol

2017-01-01 18:07:26 UTC


2017-01-01 18:38:13 UTC

thanks to police presense nothing happened

2017-01-01 18:38:25 UTC

though police are now facing accusations of "racism" and "racial profiling"

2017-01-01 18:39:06 UTC

it's the new normal - any celebration = massive police presence

2017-01-01 18:39:07 UTC

cant make this shit up

2017-01-01 18:39:25 UTC

I'd rather my woman be accused of racism than having to sit through her murder's trial


2017-01-01 18:39:29 UTC

who is doing the rapes ? arab muslims? wow i guess we should watch out for them then.. - racist!

2017-01-01 18:39:32 UTC

and of course the "muh North-Africans" line

2017-01-01 18:39:52 UTC

then again, discrimination angainst one group is already a good start

2017-01-01 18:39:58 UTC

it breaks the equality narrative

2017-01-01 18:39:59 UTC


2017-01-02 03:39:27 UTC

tl;dr : The way to win? Attack... Attack! ATTACK!!!

2017-01-02 12:48:23 UTC


2017-01-02 12:48:26 UTC

disgusting term

2017-01-02 12:48:34 UTC

doesnt roll off the tongue

2017-01-02 17:03:15 UTC

@czar Theodor Herzl wrote "jewish state" right?

2017-01-02 17:03:30 UTC

have you read it..was it worth the time?

2017-01-02 17:04:02 UTC

I got it on my to read list, but there are many other books to read.

2017-01-02 20:10:29 UTC

Hey muh trolls, this could be good https://www.wesearchr.com/bounties/snopes-creator-david-mikkelsons-full-nasty-divorce-records throw them a couple of shekels to do the work of the lord

2017-01-03 02:27:14 UTC

https://i.sli.mg/ikJLbR.png Jared Wyand going after Bill mitchell for pathalogically lying about people and to his fans

2017-01-03 05:39:50 UTC

You can put it here. '1488' isn't a thing for people who are pink-pilled or are just learning of the Alt-Right.

2017-01-03 05:40:04 UTC


2017-01-03 05:40:10 UTC

I personally am not a '1488' person, only care for my people, and ancestors.

2017-01-03 05:40:24 UTC

well you agree with 14 then

2017-01-03 05:40:24 UTC


2017-01-03 05:41:28 UTC

Maybe. But it's safer to say I don't associate with any part of that.

2017-01-03 05:41:45 UTC


2017-01-03 05:52:46 UTC

But, yeah.

2017-01-03 05:53:08 UTC

It's good to see people are waking up across Europe. If their parties won't help them, they will reach for the extremes.

2017-01-03 05:53:50 UTC


2017-01-03 05:54:11 UTC

But tbh when the media says they're far right parties - they're usually just center right

2017-01-03 05:54:13 UTC

I /hope/ it's a wake-up call for politicians to take more hardline steps to the right.

2017-01-03 05:54:19 UTC

Like UKIP is called far right but it's no where near

2017-01-03 05:54:22 UTC

It's more liberal

2017-01-03 05:54:25 UTC


2017-01-03 05:54:26 UTC

Economic wise

2017-01-03 05:54:40 UTC

I could care less for Economics XD

2017-01-03 05:54:55 UTC

What we're dealing with in this era is worth more than money can by!

2017-01-03 05:55:07 UTC

Yes same

2017-01-03 05:55:20 UTC

I'd rather be poor living with my own

2017-01-03 05:55:31 UTC

Than rich, living on my own

2017-01-03 05:55:38 UTC


2017-01-03 05:56:22 UTC

I'm a pessimist.. but the recent victories across the world get my hopes up.

2017-01-03 05:56:50 UTC

I hope we continue to push, and break the collectivist shells of the left and to release the proles.

2017-01-03 05:57:22 UTC

I suppose I am too

2017-01-03 05:57:28 UTC

But I'm more and more hopeful

2017-01-03 05:57:49 UTC

I try not to let the hope get to my head. There's still a lot of fighting to do, intellectually, and eventually physically.

2017-01-03 05:58:18 UTC

Do I think there will be a civil war here? No. Do I think if we start removing people and deporting them they would go quietly? No.

2017-01-03 06:00:33 UTC

Hopefully, we will win our fights through the world with no need for further bloodshed.

2017-01-03 06:00:38 UTC

Sweden and Germany?

2017-01-03 06:00:43 UTC

Well.. they have a fight ahead of them.

2017-01-03 12:06:01 UTC

It is about the first move...Italy is considering deportations. Hope they will make it...Once it is started more people will shout and more countries will join.

2017-01-03 22:17:15 UTC
2017-01-03 22:32:26 UTC

Not new.

2017-01-03 22:34:05 UTC

Yeah, that's Braverman. Not new. I assume he suicided himself with 3 shots to the back of the head. 😉

2017-01-03 22:38:02 UTC

Haven't heard anything about him or anything about the investigation on Seth Rich

2017-01-04 07:34:56 UTC


2017-01-04 07:35:09 UTC

i read about it but nobody said anything new yet

2017-01-05 01:16:12 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wCKPdxUNx0 interesting thoughts from Red Ice, can jewish nationalists and european nationalists work together? I hope so.

2017-01-05 01:39:48 UTC

No, we cannot

2017-01-05 01:40:06 UTC

Every Jewish nationalist who really means it would be in Israel long time ago

2017-01-05 01:40:26 UTC

I think we can encourage them to leave now

2017-01-05 01:41:56 UTC

They won't

2017-01-05 01:42:06 UTC

They are god's chosen people in America

2017-01-05 01:42:12 UTC

In Israel they can be soldiers, clerks and settlers

2017-01-05 05:22:05 UTC

If a Jew is in Israel, I can respect him

2017-01-05 05:22:06 UTC


2017-01-05 05:22:13 UTC

if he isn't....

2017-01-05 05:22:16 UTC


2017-01-05 06:39:52 UTC

hat about the double agent jewish nationalists

2017-01-05 07:49:19 UTC

again, if he is in Israel - I don't care what they do, so long as they're not given special treatment

2017-01-05 07:49:45 UTC

if they're infiltrating our societies and spewing Zionism, we have a problem

2017-01-05 07:49:58 UTC


2017-01-05 07:50:15 UTC

I'm fine with Zionist and Zionism... so long as it's in Zion..

2017-01-05 07:50:36 UTC

I feel like more people might enjoy this due to current events https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwHcDsKN_MQ

2017-01-05 07:50:51 UTC

Don't get me started.

2017-01-05 20:20:07 UTC

why is all modern politics in the west down to Abrahamic cultists stirring up shit

2017-01-05 23:35:03 UTC

fakebook getting some heat for running torture vid .......

2017-01-05 23:39:59 UTC

for running it

2017-01-05 23:40:05 UTC


2017-01-05 23:40:10 UTC

whatll they get

2017-01-05 23:46:03 UTC

i saw some leftists on twitter today saying things like "you're really enjoying this" and "you are just using this as an excuse to spew hate" from the left over the BLMKidnapping video

2017-01-05 23:48:10 UTC

Yes, White in America are in an excstasy of joy for the last 50 years because of downfall of their country

2017-01-05 23:50:16 UTC

the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades....

2017-01-05 23:50:23 UTC


2017-01-05 23:50:26 UTC


2017-01-05 23:50:40 UTC


2017-01-05 23:51:04 UTC

the lefty minds

2017-01-05 23:51:09 UTC

with the truth

2017-01-05 23:51:15 UTC

at least theyre not rejecting the video

2017-01-05 23:51:22 UTC

saying its jsut a hoax or something

2017-01-05 23:51:37 UTC

is it on cnn yet

2017-01-05 23:51:43 UTC

for longer than 30 seconds, total

2017-01-05 23:52:14 UTC

i don't watch cnn, I value my health

2017-01-05 23:54:28 UTC

lefties don't have empathy, they rage to virtue signal so they look good

2017-01-06 00:04:35 UTC

not all of em are morons

2017-01-06 00:04:41 UTC

im sure a few of em have working brains

2017-01-06 04:12:27 UTC

If nationalist Jews can be as honest as Benjamin H Friedman was in this 1961 speech, then I have no issues with them.

2017-01-06 04:13:28 UTC

Yes I'm late to this, but I'm shocked that white leftists are making excuses for the kidnapping, but when I think of how Germany has reacted to the truck of peace, I'm not surprised. But Poland is awesome!

2017-01-07 18:10:49 UTC

Placing this here.

2017-01-07 18:49:42 UTC

the only reunification that can happen is between turkroaches and satan

2017-01-07 19:22:43 UTC

really? i thought it was between turkroaches and a can of RAID, and by RAID I mean Zyklon-B

2017-01-07 21:02:06 UTC

that works too

2017-01-07 21:16:22 UTC

@HFT can I speak?

2017-01-07 21:16:28 UTC


2017-01-07 21:16:44 UTC


2017-01-07 21:16:48 UTC

ok I understand

2017-01-07 21:17:16 UTC

you should unmute your mic

2017-01-07 21:17:23 UTC

BRB have to relaod

2017-01-07 21:18:05 UTC

i won't interrupt (much)

2017-01-07 21:18:58 UTC

yes !

2017-01-07 21:19:03 UTC


2017-01-07 21:19:43 UTC

Maximilian I of Mexico

2017-01-07 21:40:19 UTC

burn them

2017-01-07 21:44:49 UTC

long plab

2017-01-07 21:44:53 UTC


2017-01-07 21:48:35 UTC

gladiator with WOMEN !!!

2017-01-07 21:51:30 UTC


2017-01-07 22:42:46 UTC

every six seconds....

2017-01-07 22:45:35 UTC


2017-01-07 22:45:41 UTC


2017-01-07 22:47:04 UTC

HFT - am I still buzzing in background?

2017-01-07 22:48:41 UTC

@HeimatFreiheitTradition is my mic still buzzing?

2017-01-07 22:49:08 UTC

nope, it's fine now 😃 @modem

2017-01-07 22:49:12 UTC


2017-01-07 22:49:21 UTC

sorry didn't see until the mention

2017-01-07 22:49:26 UTC


2017-01-07 23:23:53 UTC

i think a big part of white (and by extension European) identity and nationalism must include an ethos of no more brother wars

2017-01-07 23:24:25 UTC


2017-01-07 23:35:15 UTC


2017-01-10 03:52:28 UTC

Muh CHristianity, Muh Constitution, "Take the red pill" and wake up America. The cucking is strong on this site.

2017-01-10 03:53:20 UTC

Yea and "Drink the red pill" This is not American conservatism, this is pure racism, antisemitism, nazism, occultism and demonism …

Wake up Americans and drink the red pill, some simply worship the swastika.

2017-01-10 05:37:59 UTC

It would be best if we simply ignore these people.

2017-01-10 05:38:37 UTC

It's undeniable they are in our ranks, we cannot afford to shoot ourselves to make us look 'pure' when we are already called every name in the book.

2017-01-10 05:41:39 UTC

We are the part of the movement that is 'civilized' we wear smiles, we look and play our roles as 'normal' citizenry. (Though, honestly that whole 'march' would be funny to watch XD)

2017-01-10 05:41:56 UTC

(Do ya' think there would be any Antifa?)

2017-01-10 15:59:35 UTC

I think the idea of having a Hamas member hanging out with them is the funniest thing I read in a while.

2017-01-10 16:00:51 UTC

I do wonder if Anglin and his people really do worship the Grand Chef or is it more of a trolling ideology.

2017-01-10 16:01:55 UTC

Give and take, so go at it. As for Anglin, he may be a troll that takes himself seriously.

2017-01-10 16:03:18 UTC

It's possible. If it is a trolling strategy, I like it. If they actually mean it..well...I'm not going to disavow them, but it does become rather unsavoury.

2017-01-10 22:01:06 UTC


2017-01-10 22:01:18 UTC

If this happens it's lulz and a half

2017-01-10 22:03:29 UTC

Does this website Shoebat btw happens to be owned by that neocon zionist shill and Lebanese Evangelicuck Robert Spencer ?

2017-01-10 22:10:46 UTC

Nah his site is Jihadwatch but this is some similar type of philosemitic Conservacuck garbage

2017-01-10 22:15:06 UTC

Wtf, are you like not Pro Israel or some shit? What are you a muslim?

2017-01-10 22:15:16 UTC


2017-01-11 18:15:58 UTC

Can we please start doing this here?...

2017-01-11 18:22:18 UTC

switzerland is amazing

2017-01-11 18:23:23 UTC

@Bloodborn If Congress caught word of this.

2017-01-11 18:25:52 UTC

I would love for this to happen here.. but... it would require State and Federal Governments to surrender power that... they won't.

2017-01-11 18:27:09 UTC

Realistically, won't happen but one can wish.

2017-01-11 18:55:42 UTC

direct democracy in the USA?

2017-01-11 18:55:46 UTC

i fucken hope not

2017-01-11 18:55:49 UTC

too many retards

2017-01-11 18:56:26 UTC

I don't entirely know how Cantons are ran... but I'm fairly sure if one fucks up nobody has to bail them out.

2017-01-11 19:02:10 UTC

I want social darwinism.. If the left wants to run their state to the ground let them! But let other states deny 'refugees' from that state and allow other states decide to bail them out or not.

2017-01-11 19:07:46 UTC

That would have saved Auston, TX

2017-01-11 19:07:56 UTC


2017-01-11 19:14:31 UTC

I think America is sufficiently polarized that it can break up into differently run states

2017-01-11 19:14:42 UTC

maybe function as a confederation at most

2017-01-11 19:14:52 UTC

maybe it's best that california secedes

2017-01-11 19:15:01 UTC

maybe it is best to let BLM blacks run their own country

2017-01-11 19:15:24 UTC


2017-01-11 19:15:29 UTC

You'll need to build a border around that.

2017-01-11 19:15:48 UTC


2017-01-11 19:15:53 UTC

imagine giving them a central state

2017-01-11 19:15:55 UTC

with no access to sea

2017-01-11 19:15:59 UTC

and then just walling them off

2017-01-11 19:16:14 UTC

you can just give them cameras and access to world star hip hop

2017-01-11 19:16:23 UTC

and you're set for 24/7 entertainment

2017-01-11 19:19:02 UTC

eventually, envy would again creep in. Dat white state gots all da money. We gots nofin.

2017-01-11 19:21:40 UTC

''Break down the wall!''

2017-01-11 19:21:44 UTC

''End segregation!''

2017-01-11 19:21:55 UTC

wash, rinse, repeat

2017-01-11 19:23:30 UTC

attempted several times in US, but never worked. only pure ethno "states" would come close to the underlying goal

2017-01-11 19:24:43 UTC

next time, just castrate the fucking slaves like the arabs did!

2017-01-11 19:24:55 UTC

they don't have dindus running around in qatar asking for handouts!

2017-01-11 19:24:56 UTC


2017-01-11 19:25:01 UTC

@TheSlavPill That's evil! I like it.

2017-01-11 19:25:42 UTC

its just logical

2017-01-11 19:25:53 UTC

@slav that's because the are all on boats heading for Europe

2017-01-11 19:25:57 UTC

if you're going to have slaves, don't free them, and especially don't let them stay

2017-01-11 19:26:07 UTC

heh nah

2017-01-11 19:26:10 UTC

we haven't seen anything yet

2017-01-11 19:26:18 UTC

central africa is just barely mobilizing

2017-01-11 19:26:34 UTC

hundreds of millions of africans will flood europe in the coming decades

2017-01-11 19:26:41 UTC

unless we sink their boats

2017-01-11 19:26:46 UTC

which we probably won't do

2017-01-11 19:27:27 UTC

they wouldn't leave if it wasn't for TV, internet.

2017-01-11 19:27:41 UTC

can't be envious of what you don't know

2017-01-11 19:27:57 UTC

it all depends on how you use it

2017-01-11 19:28:24 UTC

if they don't know anything, they think they can easily get there and the smugglers can lie to them about many things, like what they'll get in europe etc, which they do

2017-01-11 19:28:35 UTC


2017-01-11 19:28:42 UTC

on the other hand if they have internet and TV, if we can get it across to them to not come, maybe they won't

2017-01-11 19:28:52 UTC

if we tell them : we won't give you shite

2017-01-11 19:29:02 UTC

but id rather just sink their boats

2017-01-11 19:29:08 UTC


2017-01-11 19:29:11 UTC

well that would be wrestling ownership from (who) owns it now

2017-01-11 19:29:23 UTC

It makes sense.. if you shoot one or two they will stop from comeing from that direction as 'evil' as that...

2017-01-11 19:29:44 UTC

Line the Med shores with gun boats.

2017-01-11 19:29:47 UTC

If anything, shooting two/three boats is more humane

2017-01-11 19:29:56 UTC


2017-01-11 19:30:06 UTC

Because if they stop comeing on those rafts it means less drownings.

2017-01-11 19:30:07 UTC

about 7k migrants drowned in the medditeranean

2017-01-11 19:30:19 UTC

if we shot down the first boat they wouldn't come

2017-01-11 19:30:22 UTC

that would be 100 dead

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