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2016-12-13 04:02:03 UTC

and frequently

2016-12-13 04:14:18 UTC

okay. no problem.

2016-12-13 04:15:17 UTC


2016-12-13 07:49:25 UTC

I'm not anti anything. I'm just pro-white.

2016-12-13 07:49:46 UTC

If Jews pursue Jewish interests, god bless them - it's their right.

2016-12-13 07:49:50 UTC

I just want the same for whites.

2016-12-13 08:07:28 UTC

Heh, guess that triggered her off the hangout

2016-12-13 08:07:35 UTC

the JQ phobia is real

2016-12-13 08:21:31 UTC

Hi GabFam, so is this where the party's at? πŸ˜‰

2016-12-13 08:22:42 UTC

Hey Britt πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:22:57 UTC


2016-12-13 08:23:03 UTC

We usually have the voice hangouts later in the day (by European time)

2016-12-13 08:23:23 UTC

this is so cool

2016-12-13 08:24:02 UTC

we have an official hangout marked for tomorrow evening, have the topics ready and everything

2016-12-13 08:24:28 UTC

i'm also in the #WhereIsAssange discord

2016-12-13 08:25:55 UTC

Welcome Pret as well πŸ˜ƒ I don't know what to think about Assange tbh

2016-12-13 08:26:35 UTC

the situation is definitely a situation

2016-12-13 08:26:50 UTC

hard to tell what is going on

2016-12-13 08:27:25 UTC

Wikileaks livestreamed a looping video from 2 years ago this morning

2016-12-13 08:27:54 UTC

for roughly 3 hours

2016-12-13 08:28:02 UTC

on FB

2016-12-13 08:28:03 UTC

Slav! Hi, how've you been?

2016-12-13 08:29:48 UTC

This is awesome. I've got to get CurryPanda to join.

2016-12-13 08:31:13 UTC

Pretty good πŸ˜ƒ Finished most of the work I had to do before the holidays. So mostly enjoying the winter. My favorite time of the year. What have you been up to?

2016-12-13 08:31:31 UTC

And sure, anyone is welcome to join. Although I expect not everyone will want to stay hehe.

2016-12-13 08:31:36 UTC

Hey guys

2016-12-13 08:31:45 UTC

Hey there, welcome πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:32:07 UTC

This will be pretty nifty until Gab gets a chat feature

2016-12-13 08:32:19 UTC

the thing is that spammers are going to occur

2016-12-13 08:32:34 UTC

in #WIA it is a big problem

2016-12-13 08:32:48 UTC

yep, but we have moderators, we can kick them out

2016-12-13 08:32:55 UTC

if it becomes a nuisance, we can close access for a time

2016-12-13 08:33:47 UTC

this is an amazing platform

2016-12-13 08:34:12 UTC

We're hoping to make this a constant hub for #AltRight discussion. Regardless of Gab. So that if Gab ever gets shut down or starts moderating us, we have a backup

2016-12-13 08:34:38 UTC

whats happening in here?

2016-12-13 08:34:50 UTC

isn't gab #free?

2016-12-13 08:34:53 UTC

Lol, why don't you think people won't want to stay, Slav?

2016-12-13 08:35:58 UTC

It is, but you never know. Twitter was once that as well.

2016-12-13 08:36:13 UTC

I've been great. Still researching PizzaGate with a small group of Anons. I'm taking a vacation soon, though. Also, I decided today that I'm officially going to the Inauguration. Can't wait. πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:36:47 UTC

so much anxiety around that

2016-12-13 08:36:53 UTC

Awesome. Hope you have fun! Take a pic with the Don if you can hehe.

2016-12-13 08:37:15 UTC

I am really scared for trump

2016-12-13 08:38:05 UTC

As for people not staying potentially, it's because as growing as we are, I think a good part of the right still won't like hearing what we have to say. We already had one person leaving because we were "anti-semitic" by her account.

2016-12-13 08:38:17 UTC

Nah, don't worry Pret - I don't think he is in danger.

2016-12-13 08:38:32 UTC

Oh, I'm going to try! I want to meet Melania and Ivanka as well.

2016-12-13 08:38:47 UTC

But that's probably not going to happen, lol.

2016-12-13 08:39:12 UTC

where is it taking place?

2016-12-13 08:39:37 UTC

Are you asking where the Inauguration is taking place?

2016-12-13 08:40:04 UTC

I am in Orlando, FL and i know Trump has to come here in the next few days

2016-12-13 08:40:25 UTC
2016-12-13 08:40:37 UTC

The Inauguration takes place at the U.S. Capitol.

2016-12-13 08:40:42 UTC


2016-12-13 08:40:58 UTC


2016-12-13 08:41:20 UTC

But I'm also going to the "Deploraball", which is a big party for Trump supporters on the 19th, the day before the Inauguration.

2016-12-13 08:41:34 UTC

Apparently, there were only 500 tickets, so they're already sold out.

2016-12-13 08:41:46 UTC

the thing cernovich is promoting?

2016-12-13 08:41:50 UTC


2016-12-13 08:41:55 UTC

A lot of big names will be there.

2016-12-13 08:42:05 UTC


2016-12-13 08:42:42 UTC

@Brittany Pettibone is becoming a big name

2016-12-13 08:43:34 UTC

A couple big names are Mike Cernovich, Joe Biggs, Baked Alaska, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, Roger Stone, Infowars, Sam Hyde, Gavin Mcinnes and a bunch more.

2016-12-13 08:43:48 UTC


2016-12-13 08:43:57 UTC

Yes, it should be fun. πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:44:15 UTC

yeah that is quite a lineup

2016-12-13 08:44:27 UTC


2016-12-13 08:44:34 UTC


2016-12-13 08:45:06 UTC

Slav, you going on vacation for Christmas? Going to stay with your family maybe?

2016-12-13 08:45:49 UTC

Yep. Can't wait. As fun as it is to stay on my own - during the holidays, far nicer to be with friends&family.

2016-12-13 08:46:37 UTC

Is your family gathering as well? I imagine it would be a full house based on how many siblings alone you have hehe.

2016-12-13 08:50:11 UTC

Yes, nearly everyone will be home -- there's eight kids in my fam -- so it'll be a full house for sure. Plus, some of my siblings' boyfriends/girlfriends are coming, and I also have a French friend who's coming to stay with us. πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:50:19 UTC

What's the best time to log onto this chat?

2016-12-13 08:51:00 UTC

Is TheSlavPill on this chat as well?

2016-12-13 08:51:09 UTC

If not, he has to join.

2016-12-13 08:51:21 UTC

Not sure how good it is for you, since you're in SF. But we generally talk a lot during the evening hours of Central European Time. So in like 8+ hours

2016-12-13 08:51:50 UTC

I'm trying to get him in, but the cheapskate wants to wait for Christmas before buying headphones and all the gear πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:51:59 UTC

We've got to get Baldwin, MadPirate, Fountainhead and LiterallyAdolphHilter on here as well.

2016-12-13 08:52:14 UTC


2016-12-13 08:52:36 UTC

I'll bug all of them until they join. πŸ˜‰

2016-12-13 08:52:39 UTC

Absolutely. I didn't really talk with any of them directly (apart from texting with Baldwin), so would be fun to hear some of the more outspoken parts of Gab.

2016-12-13 08:52:41 UTC

Hehe thanks.

2016-12-13 08:52:50 UTC

#GabFam is the best you guys

2016-12-13 08:53:04 UTC

Agreed. Gab is so much better than Twitter.

2016-12-13 08:53:16 UTC

There's so many amazing people on Gab.

2016-12-13 08:54:06 UTC

hopefully we can change the world

2016-12-13 08:54:19 UTC

Yep. Btw, about the Wednesday Official Hangout here:

2016-12-13 08:54:20 UTC

#GabberHangout update!

- Wednesday, the 14th and Sunday, the 18th (http://doodle.com/poll/b43933pkutzh2vs3)
- We'll start at 10pm Berlin / 4pm EST / 3pm CST
- Link: https://discord.gg/jvj8jxY
- Topics: Ethno-nationalism, Culture Wars, #AltLite vs #AltRight, Religion, the JQ.

2016-12-13 08:54:38 UTC

We already are, what with us meming DJT into the White House and all. πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:54:53 UTC


2016-12-13 08:55:08 UTC

Great. I can log on Wednesday I think.

2016-12-13 08:55:10 UTC

i can't believe i get to be a part of this

2016-12-13 08:56:21 UTC

It's wonderful. The Trump movement is truly unifying--it's brought together so many people that otherwise never would've met. Happy to be a part of it as well.

2016-12-13 08:56:30 UTC

Gab is also wonderful in that respect.

2016-12-13 08:57:04 UTC

Ooooo, one of the topics for Wednesday is Culture Wars? I'm there. πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 08:57:48 UTC

Hehe awesome. There are more topics, I just didn't include them all there.

2016-12-13 08:58:32 UTC

Good to see more Americans joining in though. So far we only had Austin and Everitt. Oh and a drunk Texan one night.

2016-12-13 08:58:34 UTC

that's neat

2016-12-13 08:59:03 UTC

That's just a regular Texan

2016-12-13 08:59:54 UTC

Awesome. Hey, can actually verbally speak to one another through this chat?

2016-12-13 09:00:05 UTC


2016-12-13 09:00:06 UTC

Yep. Just a sec, I'll show you.

2016-12-13 09:00:11 UTC

Thank you. How cool.

2016-12-13 09:00:23 UTC

Click on the "General" under voice channels

2016-12-13 09:01:46 UTC

push to talk is recommended

2016-12-13 09:01:59 UTC

Or use headphones

2016-12-13 09:11:51 UTC

moj brat,
any special rules or procedures on here, I saw this link on Gab XD

2016-12-13 09:12:13 UTC

Haha dobrodosao brate

2016-12-13 09:12:22 UTC

No rules, just chat here by text - or join the voice chat

2016-12-13 09:13:16 UTC

No special rules, you can chat whenever you want to, but the official "big" hangouts are on Wednesdays and Sundays

2016-12-13 09:13:25 UTC

ah okay

2016-12-13 09:13:29 UTC

- Wednesday, the 14th and Sunday, the 18th (http://doodle.com/poll/b43933pkutzh2vs3)
- We'll start at 10pm Berlin / 4pm EST / 3pm CST
- Topics: Ethno-nationalism, Culture Wars, #AltLite vs #AltRight, Religion, the JQ.

2016-12-13 09:46:44 UTC

hi fam

2016-12-13 09:46:52 UTC

hey man

2016-12-13 09:46:54 UTC


2016-12-13 09:47:09 UTC

if you feel like voice chatting, you can join the General Voice Channel

2016-12-13 09:47:26 UTC

if not we have official bigger hangouts

2016-12-13 09:47:30 UTC

- Wednesday, the 14th and Sunday, the 18th (http://doodle.com/poll/b43933pkutzh2vs3)
- We'll start at 10pm Berlin / 4pm EST / 3pm CST
- Topics: Ethno-nationalism, Culture Wars, #AltLite vs #AltRight, Religion, the JQ.

2016-12-13 09:47:40 UTC

alright thanks

2016-12-13 09:47:53 UTC

where you from btw? I see you're using cyrillic

2016-12-13 09:48:08 UTC

im in finland rn but im from california originally

2016-12-13 09:48:19 UTC


2016-12-13 09:48:57 UTC

i woke up to 700+ notifs, feelsgoodman.jpg

2016-12-13 09:49:08 UTC


2016-12-13 09:53:56 UTC


2016-12-13 09:54:13 UTC

i wish i could help in other ways

2016-12-13 09:54:14 UTC

favorite part of discord is gifs +x+

2016-12-13 10:20:56 UTC

It's amuzing how many people from eastern europe are here.

2016-12-13 10:21:16 UTC

Yeah? I know like two

2016-12-13 10:21:23 UTC

Where you from mate?

2016-12-13 10:21:39 UTC

Definetally more than two

2016-12-13 10:24:02 UTC

sorry i need sleeep

2016-12-13 10:24:08 UTC

gn man

2016-12-13 10:24:34 UTC

i can't sleep though

2016-12-13 10:24:52 UTC

because there is stuff to do

2016-12-13 10:26:31 UTC

You going to bed, Pret?

2016-12-13 10:26:33 UTC

I have also noticed gab has quite positive tendencies towards Russia.

2016-12-13 10:27:18 UTC

Of course. Russia is awesome. The right is just waking up to it.

2016-12-13 10:28:13 UTC

i love that we can do this

2016-12-13 10:28:32 UTC

I have noticed they are waking up to it only when they are in need of truth, which is now.

2016-12-13 10:30:33 UTC

@Brittany Pettibone i see it as a mix of people who genuinely believe into that, those who use it as a means to stroke their egos, those who make money out of that, and those who genuinely want to harm common people out of elitism.

2016-12-13 10:33:37 UTC


2016-12-13 10:33:44 UTC

talk to y'all later

2016-12-13 12:41:03 UTC

i live like 20km from russia

2016-12-13 12:41:33 UTC

seems legit

2016-12-13 13:03:06 UTC


2016-12-13 13:07:55 UTC

Damn no one seems to be in here right now.

2016-12-13 13:14:05 UTC

Hey there welcome man

2016-12-13 13:14:20 UTC

Yeah, it's a bit slow right now - Americans are asleep and Europeans are at work

2016-12-13 13:14:36 UTC

Need more coffee!

2016-12-13 13:14:36 UTC

It will pick up in a few hours

2016-12-13 13:15:14 UTC

if you feel like voice chatting, you can join the General Voice Channel (where someone is on)
if not we have official bigger hangouts
- Wednesday, the 14th and Sunday, the 18th (http://doodle.com/poll/b43933pkutzh2vs3)
- We'll start at 10pm Berlin / 4pm EST / 3pm CST
- Topics: Ethno-nationalism, Culture Wars, #AltLite vs #AltRight, Religion, etc..

2016-12-13 13:15:41 UTC

I am semi retired so I have more time to fart around with stuff like this than most people.

2016-12-13 13:16:01 UTC

lucky you πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 13:17:02 UTC

I usually avoid voice chats. My thick Texas accent makes people think that I am uneducated. It's not true of course, but the accent has a stigma attached to it.

2016-12-13 13:17:37 UTC

Well interestingly, out of the 5 Americans I know on here, 3 are Texans and 1 is Oklahoman

2016-12-13 13:17:40 UTC

so you should be alright

2016-12-13 13:17:52 UTC


2016-12-13 13:18:02 UTC


2016-12-13 13:19:02 UTC

If you know any white Brazilians, send them my way. I am making a propaganda army to secede from the union and form an ethnostate.

2016-12-13 13:19:57 UTC

I was almost a white Barazilian. Had a job offer from the oil company down there. Petrobras I think they were called.

2016-12-13 13:20:57 UTC

Fucking Portuguese. They did not send women and the women they sent went to convents. Now we have 200 million pardos.

2016-12-13 13:21:06 UTC

It's 8:20 in New Jersey

2016-12-13 13:21:16 UTC

I don't know what a pardo is.

2016-12-13 13:21:33 UTC


2016-12-13 13:21:47 UTC


2016-12-13 13:21:55 UTC

Pardo is a mulato a little whiter but not white

2016-12-13 13:22:03 UTC

Oh ok

2016-12-13 13:22:24 UTC


2016-12-13 13:22:46 UTC

@Bowling King Who is this kid? He has my vote

2016-12-13 13:24:10 UTC


2016-12-13 13:33:33 UTC

haha, this place is really taking off

2016-12-13 13:33:54 UTC

looking forward to our "official" hangout tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ

2016-12-13 13:52:17 UTC

The only calendar that matters.
December 13th edition.

2016-12-13 13:59:59 UTC

is this the meme times

2016-12-13 14:00:36 UTC


2016-12-13 14:03:01 UTC


2016-12-13 14:03:22 UTC


2016-12-13 14:19:36 UTC

If anyone is still actively investigating pizzagate and all other connections to it, feel free to join the pizzagate discord server.

2016-12-13 14:29:32 UTC

can u link

2016-12-13 14:36:01 UTC


2016-12-13 14:36:04 UTC

sorry for sliding that's all i'll post in the general relating to pizzagate now. have a nice day/evening all, and stay safe please.

2016-12-13 14:37:07 UTC

Just don't post any illegal shit in here please

2016-12-13 14:37:58 UTC

yeah, this was at the very least borderline

2016-12-13 14:38:44 UTC

sorry, @VURMYN this is not the place for that

2016-12-13 14:58:01 UTC


2016-12-13 14:58:17 UTC

covered almost all of that 2 weeks ago on gab

2016-12-13 14:58:25 UTC

always good to have a refresher tho

2016-12-13 15:09:07 UTC

Tamera Luzzatto (mum of luzzatto children mentioned in podesta emails: ruby, emerson and maeve) friends with marc fisher, senior editor for washing post


2016-12-13 15:16:42 UTC
2016-12-13 15:29:35 UTC

um guys

2016-12-13 15:29:58 UTC

hes back to redpill

2016-12-13 15:40:52 UTC


2016-12-13 15:45:24 UTC

pizzagate makes me sick to my stomach. because I know much of it is true.

2016-12-13 15:51:38 UTC

it's a lot bigger than people have even uncovered too

2016-12-13 15:52:11 UTC

i think once the full scope of it is revealed, the planet will erupt in violence

2016-12-13 15:54:28 UTC



2016-12-13 16:05:41 UTC

this is not the pizzagate server :<

2016-12-13 16:06:27 UTC

is there an actual pizzagate discord server?

2016-12-13 16:06:53 UTC


2016-12-13 16:07:09 UTC

not really it has around 20 ppl

2016-12-13 16:08:06 UTC

too bad all these people involved at the top are literally braindead

2016-12-13 16:08:28 UTC

if they did it any differently it would pull so many red flags

2016-12-13 16:08:47 UTC

but the fact they do it in broad daylight with no guilty consciousness

2016-12-13 16:10:01 UTC

@sampletext yes it is im in it

2016-12-13 16:11:32 UTC
2016-12-13 16:12:23 UTC

Click that if you want to be on a list

2016-12-13 16:12:27 UTC

wow thanks a lot dude

2016-12-13 16:14:43 UTC


2016-12-13 16:15:19 UTC


2016-12-13 16:17:52 UTC


2016-12-13 16:23:21 UTC


2016-12-13 16:27:48 UTC


2016-12-13 16:27:58 UTC


2016-12-13 16:29:08 UTC

ouch im getting cut on your edge :<

2016-12-13 16:30:22 UTC


2016-12-13 16:30:37 UTC

The Jews predicted 9/11 cus they did it

2016-12-13 16:32:33 UTC

Holocaust was also done by the Jews

2016-12-13 16:32:52 UTC

Jews started the 4th crusade

2016-12-13 16:35:23 UTC

@Bowling King you're on a roll here

2016-12-13 17:00:06 UTC


2016-12-13 17:06:24 UTC


2016-12-13 17:21:09 UTC

18 people on, we're growing exponentially it seems

2016-12-13 17:21:30 UTC

@HeimatFreiheitTradition Did you organize the Antifa-spy shooting squads yet? We must remain vigilant

2016-12-13 17:21:37 UTC


2016-12-13 17:23:39 UTC

@Slav RWDS standing by

2016-12-13 17:31:29 UTC


2016-12-13 17:31:31 UTC
2016-12-13 17:38:03 UTC

haha, the french can keep france as far as I'm concerned

2016-12-13 17:38:20 UTC

though I wouldn't mind getting eastern prussia back from poland

2016-12-13 17:38:30 UTC

It was somthing I had laying around, makes a good background.

2016-12-13 17:38:34 UTC

have some relatives originally from there

2016-12-13 17:38:34 UTC

pffft they dont seem to give a shit

2016-12-13 17:38:48 UTC

france/sweden/germany is so fucked

2016-12-13 17:39:17 UTC

you're so blackpilled

2016-12-13 17:39:21 UTC

we'll make it through

2016-12-13 17:40:42 UTC

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

2016-12-13 17:42:35 UTC

I can't leave the hangout for one moment and @HeimatFreiheitTradition already plots his lebensraum

2016-12-13 17:43:13 UTC

Jeszcze Polska nie umarΕ‚a,
Kiedy my ΕΌyjemy
Co nam obca moc wydarΕ‚a,
SzablΔ… odbijemy.

2016-12-13 17:43:51 UTC

Still, why fight over white territories when we can expand in other directions eh?

2016-12-13 17:44:12 UTC

I sure hope to see some recolonization in my lifetime

2016-12-13 17:44:37 UTC

Africa is way too nice of a landscape to leave to the googles

2016-12-13 17:44:50 UTC

plus we'll need it for our offshore "refugee" camps

2016-12-13 17:45:22 UTC

I wish Hitler focused on that instead of wrecking the continent

2016-12-13 17:45:41 UTC

indeed. enough with the brother wars.

2016-12-13 17:45:56 UTC

I still can't believe the Brits and the others just gave up on their colonies

2016-12-13 17:45:59 UTC

fucking cucks

2016-12-13 17:46:52 UTC


2016-12-13 17:51:35 UTC

Technically, they still have the 'Commonwealth'

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