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huh, gabfam on discord is smaller than I expected


Belated my time but happy Christmas Gab

eh sortof

personally I still blame the reformation but I guess I'm just a curmudgon

wait the ranks go caesar, senator, centurion, evocati but no plebs



I'm mostly fucking around

wouldnt that be a demotion from centurion for you?



assorted faggots?

I'm surprised a lot of people havent been purged from twitter honestly

Happy Nw Year!

Its "secular" enough to not scare the globalists too much

otherwise its one of the closer nations we have to the old european understanding of the relationship between Church and State

Protestantism is collapsing in on itself except for the Evangelicals

Catholicism actually has the means for self revival given some very strong bishops we have

I really dont

the protestants broke off out of hubris and arrogance after the attempt at reconciliation after the Counter-Reformation and continued to fracture and fuck up Europe for centuries

the great schism was bad enough

you mean the autocephely?

As an Irishman, the idea that Cromwell was funded by Jews is news to me

do you have a sauce?

I hate the man, but he was not as bad as some of the genocidal puritans and he wasnt as communistic as the levellers

I never understood why Americans always went on and on about that Judeo-Christian thing

I always thought it was some kind of evangelical protestant obsession about moving all the Jews to Israel to kick off the end times or some shit

>Trying to Trigger the apocalypse

>You shall not know the day nor the hour


Christ Himself told us that

Odd the name doesnt sound Jewish

wait never mind

I thought that was a masons thing though

the entire revolution

I think they can

but cant become bishops

I know the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church are like the Orthodox in that respect

I sincerely doubt that while Catholic Poland and the Catholic half of Ukraine remains hostile

it would have to be a Russian conquest and a forcible conversion

which would backfire massively

through scandanavia?

Never going to happen, that is beyond a pipdream

thats like me hoping for a Catholic India

well in the sense that I do agree a religion that takes itself much more seriously and has a real mysticism to it would be more attractive

but thats also the reason why Traditional catholic parishes and monastaries are growing

and why the current liberal hierarchy is trying and failing to crush it

but neither is going to happen

so long as Islam is a problem

the weak fecklessmajority?

they will be caught off gaurd and we cannot predict what most of them will do

we havebeen conditioned for generations to be soft

most people are dude

are you arguing for the atomisation of spirituality?

I think you are making a category error, one that has been propagated by liberal theology for decades now

a man's relation to God is to do with the salvation of his own soul first and foremost

and the emphasis on the other, that is charity, has always been traditionally understood in gradients

family, community and kingdom

and alms to the poor


oh yeah

and all that lovely book burning the enlightenment intellectuals did for us

63 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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