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2019-03-12 19:11:16 UTC

the question mark versus the dots is a design difference in the discord software beteen mobile version and desktop version.

theres nothing any of us can do to effect that, only the dev team of the discord app can effect changes on the discord softwares 'format'
heres their site. https://discordapp.com/ their devteam can also easily be reached on their own subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/

2019-03-13 16:19:15 UTC

@Deleted User Thank you for answering my question I never had any intention of changing any thing. I wanted to be able let people know that if equipment is formatted differently, that may be why screen sharing inside discord app just may be making more confusion. I wanted to check some facts before I said โ€œthis is why our pictures arenโ€™t matching upโ€ I did not want to give out inaccurate info. fact checking myself! thx!

2019-03-13 16:23:03 UTC

@Deleted User canโ€™t seem to find the correct technical answer. But for myself, Im pretty sure what it os

2019-03-18 16:45:10 UTC

@Deleted User @Pamphlet Anon Is it possible to have a "room" for us YT chatters to drop our links and or theories / decodes on q posts? It is way to hard to post them in chat as they often get looked over. Most often the discussions go so fast from one subject to another that we can't stay on topic with our feed back. There have been many times that I see something in a Q post that I think might mean something & have no where to post about it. Even days after the Qdrop has been posted. I will not post in chans. So, can we please have a place for us to help bring ideas & sauce for decoding posts? THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2019-03-18 20:51:07 UTC


2019-03-18 20:51:11 UTC


2019-03-18 20:51:28 UTC


2019-03-19 00:08:24 UTC

How about a room for book suggestions

2019-03-21 21:26:55 UTC

@Qbritan(Uk) <#558400573121232916> just for you, fill her up! ๐Ÿ‘

2019-03-25 06:16:08 UTC

I ask that everyone take the time to read this post by an Anon. These words express what many of us have felt and endured. God bless everyone @here on PSB Discord that have put in tireless hours, months and years into supporting our President, the Q movement and this great United States of America. We are witnessing history being made. We all deserve to walk with our heads held up high. WWG1WGA


2019-03-25 06:47:03 UTC

@Smiley WWG1WGA ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ <:PepeTux:539084295608729625> ๐Ÿ’œ

2019-03-25 16:36:16 UTC


2019-03-25 18:57:55 UTC

@Smiley - "We Stand United"/ "Unbroken Circle" (song) /God has and Will ALWAYS Bless America!! WWG1WGA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ผ

2019-03-25 19:21:08 UTC

We need a million letters to go out to Barr on Friday telling him we want an investigation on the FBI, DOJ, Hillary and the Obama Administration. William Barr US Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001. It only takes a minute to write a letter, we need to voice our wants! If we sit back and do nothing then we are part of the problem instead of part of the solution! The government is suppose to work for the people not the other way around! We need to take a stand and a voice as we the people have had enough! Im writing my letter today who is with me?

2019-03-26 12:37:33 UTC

I realize that every major media outlet is covering the Mueller report findings right now, but this news story was too huge NOT to tell you about. The state of Washington just passed the most heinous bill of all time. It forbids residents from voting for President Trump in 2020.

Liberals have taken over the stateโ€™s government and have just proven they will do anything to take down President Trumpโ€”including passing insane legislative bills like this one. And the mainstream media has proven they donโ€™t care by not reporting this story.

Get all the details on this new anti-Trump bill and what this means for 2020.

~ American Liberty Report

2019-03-30 16:15:16 UTC

I just had an idea. Tell me what you think. I order to raise Q awareness why doesnโ€™t PBS start selling a variety of sized #WWG1WGA-Q stickers and have our patriots start sticking them on street signs, busses, taxis, places of business etc. etc. I would keep mine in my purse and put some on grocery cart handles. What do you think?

2019-04-01 10:08:00 UTC

no need to ssell it, the resources already exist

2019-04-28 22:23:38 UTC

just a friendly reminder for this channel


2019-05-06 01:04:44 UTC

Things going on in Sedona is a great rabbit whole to jump into!

2019-05-07 14:20:16 UTC

Why is there no NM room in the state-by-state? Jw.

2019-05-07 14:21:15 UTC

Lots of states not there. Again, just wondering.

2019-05-08 02:19:55 UTC

Perhaps a place to put health info or immunization info as I have some.

2019-05-08 04:26:50 UTC

@grouchybones ill let admin know youd like a nm room. Weve been doing it by request.

2019-05-08 08:16:19 UTC

@grouchybones done <#575596364541722644>

2019-05-08 13:09:45 UTC

Iโ€™m not quite sure if this belongs here; but I recently heard a great interview with Gene Ho, President Trumpโ€™s photojournalist. He as been with POTUS since the 2016 campaign trail. Maybe @Derik aka Indy News or one of the other mods might want try to contact him for a guest interview.

2019-05-08 17:30:39 UTC

I think adding a PSB sound board for hosts to use would add humor and interest to the channel. Some fun sound bites include. AG Barr; NO, why should you have them?, Obamma's, ifffiffififfiffiiff stammer, Jeff Bridge's WWG1WGA, MagaSwaga's Canned fog horn, POTUS; yes, cause you'd be in jail, HRC's Basket of Deplorables, Joe Biden, anything from him interview from the View, POTUS; please, we cant take all this winning mr president...I don't give a damn, etc.

2019-05-08 18:31:04 UTC

Ty @Deleted User and @Jayde just was scrolling thru n wondering.

2019-05-08 21:21:46 UTC

How come the States section is missing 2/3 of the states? Like North and South Carolina? Especially since RNC is going to be in Charlotte, NC next year? PS, I Live in Charlotte.

2019-05-09 23:06:15 UTC

@glryanon make sure you have opted in to see them

2019-05-09 23:06:19 UTC


2019-05-12 11:58:01 UTC

Military Buildups Military News
Navy asks Northrop Grumman to build as many as 42 avionics mission computers for AH-1Z Viper helicopter May 10, 2019
Navy to stand up development squadron for unmanned surface ships to find home for autonomous vessels May 10, 2019

2019-05-18 10:01:19 UTC

How about a room for Yellow Vest Protest? Used to see livestreaming video in the main room, nothing this week. I'd like to know that Macron hasn't broken the Yellow Vest movement, I think this is an important movement to stay on top of. Thanks, cousins!

2019-05-20 08:13:30 UTC

know of a twitter account which covers it well? ill add it as a feed into that channel.

2019-05-21 02:24:46 UTC

Might I suggest when asking the audience questions, the host(s) not by-pass the answers the audience is giving. It's not just 1 host. It's happened several times. You ask to put 3 '?' in front and yet, ?'s are totally by-passed. Altho for the most part, I like the channel, I have no desire to continue to watch for this reason alone.

2019-05-21 02:29:56 UTC

@SouthernComfort โ˜ FYI

2019-05-22 06:41:23 UTC

debate channel

2019-05-23 10:25:53 UTC

@tunacanman #catchemeup-text renamed to <#480311215302639626>


2019-05-23 10:30:00 UTC

@Lady Boz1
thanks for the input, ive passed it on to the show hosts, it can be tough at time to multitask speaking reading articles screensharing and watching the live chat, (2 person job minimum) sometimes if we dont have enough volunteers and a speaker is alone they inevitably have to look away from live chat if they are going to present anything.

if youd like to volunteer to help some of the show hosts keep up with live chat we can always use more volunteers!


2019-05-23 10:31:28 UTC

@Whisky Peddler <#579937086845485056>

2019-05-23 11:21:10 UTC

Thanks, @Deleted User , I'll keep a n eyeball on this new channel from time to time. Cheers, cousin!

2019-05-26 00:11:38 UTC

@Lady Boz1 I'm sorry if you feel you were ignored I am sure it wasn;t intentional . When a host is going over material watching chat is it's difficult . We appreciate every viewer and know this platform wouldn't exist without you.

2019-06-04 12:30:37 UTC


2019-06-04 17:39:22 UTC
2019-06-06 21:48:57 UTC

Designate a rally point in case PSB is shut down on YT.

2019-06-07 08:08:31 UTC

Just to let you know periscope works best on my iPhone even better than twitch keep up the good work

2019-06-10 21:28:16 UTC

Just to let you know periscope works best on my iPhone even better than twitch keep up the good work

2019-06-14 22:00:18 UTC

@[412 Anon] & @Thumper Could you please ask the newbies what state they from then direct them to @monkeywoman or @greenUS MCdragon so they can get invites to their state's servers?

2019-06-14 22:00:31 UTC

Thank you very much!

2019-06-14 22:01:31 UTC

Idea- can we have a page with resources to help folks after all the bad news breaks? According to FEMA after natural disasters the first 2 days are particularly hard because people are in shock. Then through about day 11, the needs change toward needing more practical information on what happened and whatโ€™s next. After that, up through about year tow people are rebuilding their new normal. Thanks!

2019-06-21 22:18:56 UTC

@No Regerts You can send them my way as well I can get them set up if they would like for me to do so re; Newbies and their state

2019-06-21 22:22:27 UTC

Thank you @tattered flag Most of the State Servers only a couple of people in them. We need @everyone to put the word out so we all can get organized!

2019-06-21 22:26:07 UTC

That is a very good idea and I will begin presenting that to every newcomer that I encounter @No Regerts Many hands make light work and since I am basically lazy I will promote the heck out off this idea

2019-06-25 21:47:18 UTC

I think a place where tools and resources could be posted . For instance, I posted a link that was very long and then remembered someone saying something about condensing a link. Someone mentioned using https://bitly.com/

2019-06-27 18:57:18 UTC

@Thumper Thought you would appreciate the photo!!


2019-06-27 19:00:52 UTC
2019-06-28 10:31:17 UTC

I have a 38+ minute commute to and from work M-F. I canโ€™t listen to Patriots' Soapbox at work and when I get home, the family takes over my time until late in the evening. What this means to me is that I have about 2 hrs. a day to listen to Patriots' Soapbox; but only a certain times during the day. Now I like that Patriots' Soapbox promotes the pledge of allegiance and prayer and I like all the cool videos you play and I like that you take time out to acknowledge the people by name on chatโ€ฆ I really do! However, for some reason โ€“ fate?โ€”almost every time I go to your channel, I get prayers, national anthem, pledge of allegiance or a cool video Iโ€™ve seen or heard 20+ times. What Iโ€™d like to hear is some news. I wonder how many other poor working stiffs like me are out there. To get the news, I listen to other channels.

2019-06-28 10:59:55 UTC

@COMM1 have you tried rewinding to radix's last show segment? I find it's one of the most informative of them

2019-06-28 22:34:06 UTC

We should have a technical channel, for those, a little technical challenged, have a tech-guy watch the channel to answer questions. @SouthernComfort @Thumper @[412 Anon] Can y'all help me get this to Pam and Radix

2019-06-28 23:15:02 UTC

@Cowboy we kinda use the <#430201855172280360> channel for that as it is.
or perhaps you mean something more then the support provided there? idk.

2019-06-28 23:19:15 UTC

@imig Yeah I was looking for tech help with multi - monitors for my computer. Was looking for someone that maybe had a monitor array, and that they mite have the information I would need. Should I try <#430201855172280360>?

2019-06-29 01:30:28 UTC

@imig I do listen to Radix archive. Radix is my fav on Patriot's Soapbox.

2019-06-30 12:25:33 UTC

God Bless President Trump

2019-07-02 15:21:49 UTC

Tanks arrive in DC as Trump confirms July Fourth celebration will feature military display


2019-07-17 02:48:58 UTC

I will ask on the research and writing discord

2019-07-18 01:17:39 UTC

Screenshot of Baby-Q


2019-07-18 01:19:23 UTC

wasted time on "witch hunt"?


2019-07-18 12:00:05 UTC



2019-07-18 12:00:37 UTC

<#430244875699748864> <#430239226081181700> <#479838613857763329> <#435884183085252618>

2019-07-24 19:43:13 UTC

@Conscience Abe. Look up Party of Regions an Skadden/Arp et al -Loon office. You'll find Konstantin Kilimnik in both. While you're at it, on Skadden Arps et al NY website, you'll find the Democrat party direction list, which includes every committee, who's one them and what this atty firm wants from those committees. Also you'll find Veselentskaya as an atty for Skadden/Arps et al. Good Hunting!

2019-07-24 19:43:56 UTC


2019-07-24 19:46:07 UTC

Skadden Arps et al has ties to HRC also.

2019-07-25 16:47:26 UTC

Disney cruise line


2019-07-28 16:39:34 UTC

How about a folder for Clintons and pedo, or other info? I have pic of Bill with prostitutes. Where to put it?

2019-07-28 17:51:33 UTC

Can we all explore the definitive acts of subversion that apply -and prosecute??

noun: sedition; plural noun: seditionsย 

Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.ย 
synonyms: Incitement (to riot/rebellion), agitation, rabble-rousing, fomentation (of discontent), troublemaking, provocation, inflaming; rebellion, revolt, insurrection, rioting, mutiny, insurgence, insurgency, subversion, civil disorder, insubordination, disobedience, resistance, defianceย 

I think this little word along with it's defined synonyms & implications has been forgotten in current events

2019-07-28 22:53:02 UTC

@Pappy Bing <#457994543913238539> would be a perfect channel for that.

2019-08-01 04:49:05 UTC

Do we have a place to post music recommendation? Be great if we can pool these artists and show support.

2019-08-22 00:45:56 UTC

Is this channel for ideas related to disord? Or?

2019-08-22 01:40:35 UTC

yea for posting of ideas on how to improve the discord server itself

2019-08-24 13:56:35 UTC

Q proof section >>>>>proofs come out almost daily ?

2019-08-24 23:12:35 UTC

@CoBoomba great idea, its done <#614952122693451797>

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