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2019-03-12 07:16:44 UTC

I’m violent?

2019-03-12 07:16:50 UTC

. . . Damn it.

2019-03-12 07:17:28 UTC


2019-03-12 07:17:41 UTC

Oh I c

2019-03-12 07:17:43 UTC


2019-03-12 07:17:49 UTC


2019-03-12 07:17:52 UTC

Yeah. . .

2019-03-16 22:35:10 UTC


2019-03-17 16:50:55 UTC


2019-03-17 16:51:06 UTC


2019-03-17 16:59:01 UTC


2019-03-18 20:57:19 UTC

Hmmm rustedsol... playing your cards a bit short... careful there

2019-03-21 18:15:31 UTC


2019-03-24 18:36:03 UTC
2019-03-28 01:58:49 UTC

Ouch. Looked like it hit his face lol

2019-03-29 01:42:06 UTC


2019-03-29 01:42:16 UTC

hey gamers

2019-04-02 17:14:56 UTC

save europe from article 13

2019-04-12 06:16:39 UTC

Alright, <@!471145623652007936> has been warned for '**Posted an invite**'.

2019-04-13 23:50:15 UTC

Sending devil drag queens to schools to teach young children to accept a weirdo lifestyle is gross

2019-04-13 23:50:22 UTC

And it is abuse

2019-04-13 23:50:48 UTC

And anyone who supports that should be sent to the asylum

2019-04-14 13:18:53 UTC


2019-04-15 01:52:29 UTC

omg that clothing line is grossly sick.

2019-04-15 02:54:52 UTC

Celine Dion's?

2019-04-15 02:54:56 UTC

total guess

2019-04-15 02:55:29 UTC

Niiice I was right. Did you find that from Truthstream Media?

2019-04-15 05:08:42 UTC

I love watching this stuff objectively

2019-04-15 05:09:03 UTC

"Ted X Induction" LOL

2019-04-19 09:47:41 UTC

Hypnosis seems fake

2019-04-19 23:00:29 UTC

True but it isn't @ACE ー

2019-04-23 23:25:57 UTC

Culture trends

2019-04-23 23:26:02 UTC


2019-04-28 02:45:36 UTC


2019-04-28 02:55:31 UTC


2019-04-29 22:02:38 UTC

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2019-05-17 21:16:58 UTC

Compliments of @Deleted User


2019-06-06 15:58:48 UTC

The northern sections of Virginia Beach's coastline are pretty awful, **especially** in the summer.

2019-06-06 15:59:14 UTC

The southern, rural part is still pristine as ever, though.

2019-06-22 11:43:31 UTC

Underwater Terrace, Tower and Cave by Greenland and Svalbard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmdJN6S3I7g

2019-06-22 23:46:34 UTC

>>mute @LMSK_ spamming the same links over and over

2019-06-22 23:46:34 UTC

<:vSuccess:390202497827864597> Successfully muted **LMSK_**#7880

2019-07-20 03:22:35 UTC


2019-08-01 16:58:05 UTC

Ok this is just ridiculous. He didn’t say anything wrong here. People are just too eager to use the transphobia card. 😡


2019-08-28 13:51:38 UTC

Wtf? They’re pushing for all women to become lesbians. Dang...I’m so grateful my mom isn’t around in this century. 😦


2019-09-08 04:55:09 UTC

good channel

2019-09-08 09:16:28 UTC

```\/ = female
/\ = male```

2019-09-30 21:23:59 UTC
2019-09-30 21:24:13 UTC

Some gross stuff actually

2019-09-30 21:24:34 UTC

mustve been sumink in the water 😛 😄

2019-09-30 21:26:41 UTC


2019-10-02 07:30:11 UTC


2019-10-06 23:34:06 UTC

“Don’t worry, says NBC, Lupron is just chemically castrating children,” he adds. “Most of the people who die from it are adults.” 😡


2019-10-07 17:54:49 UTC

Randy Halprin confessed to severely beating an 18-month-old toddler in 1996 and fracturing his skull and was sentenced to 30 years in prison before breaking out and brutally murdering a police officer in 2000.

And has his execution stayed because he claims he’s being discriminated against by the judge. This is bullshit!!! 😡


2019-10-08 22:14:33 UTC

An increasing amount of our males are experiencing delayed puberty, falling sperm counts and a rise in gender confusion as boys are increasingly feminized.


2019-10-08 22:36:11 UTC


2019-10-10 23:45:09 UTC

The Death of Europe, with Douglas Murray

2019-10-14 20:12:21 UTC
2019-10-22 06:33:08 UTC

Thatz seriously insane

2019-10-22 11:55:18 UTC

Wtf is this? 😮

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself, gee, I wish my breakfast cereal was just a little bit more gay. Well, never fear, Kellogg’s is here with a brand new gay breakfast cereal that the company hopes will encourage more children to “be themselves,” including by getting sex changes to become “transgenders.”


2019-10-24 00:08:26 UTC


2019-10-24 00:46:20 UTC


2019-10-24 02:21:28 UTC


2019-10-24 23:51:25 UTC

Sad but true

2019-10-25 00:18:12 UTC

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

27. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

2019-10-25 02:45:45 UTC

Arrested for having their foot on a seat on a train, another woman who tried to help also arrested for...reasons!?

2019-10-25 14:30:16 UTC

@Citizen Z They are doing Alice in Wonderland tactic to the entire world.


2019-10-26 16:57:26 UTC


2019-10-26 16:57:46 UTC


2019-10-26 16:58:27 UTC

No doubt. Some sickos thinking children can decide their future. Lol

2019-10-27 10:06:31 UTC

Another liar, hmmmmmmmmmm.......
“I am writing today to apologize publicly for harm caused to anyone because of my inserting myself into the descriptions of life in Auschwitz,” Joseph Hirt, 86, wrote in a letter sent to his local paper, LNP, this week.

“I was not a prisoner there. I did not intend to lessen or overshadow the events which truly happened there by falsely claiming to have been personally involved.”

“I was wrong. I ask forgiveness,” he added. “I determined at that moment to do everything in my power to prevent the loss of the truth about wartime life (and death) at Auschwitz.

2019-10-28 00:01:49 UTC

So why have you never heard of the Franklin cover-up? Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, "Conspiracy of Silence" was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians. Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary.



2019-10-29 09:51:58 UTC

I have

2019-10-29 09:52:02 UTC

several questions

2019-10-29 18:12:35 UTC

Gender-bending chemicals?

2019-10-29 18:12:39 UTC


2019-10-29 18:12:52 UTC

British people are screwed

2019-10-29 19:50:17 UTC

Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex. Wtf? 😧


2019-10-29 19:55:22 UTC

Teachers union instructs members how to push identity politics on students. 😡


2019-10-29 20:03:35 UTC

Meet the “Virtuous Pedophile” network protected by Twitter The “Minor-Attracted Persons” movement is led by a Canadian doctor who demands a “P” in “LGBT,” and Twitter is accommodating them.


2019-10-29 20:11:18 UTC

The Finders Cult is a group of individuals who take part in children trafficking for economic, sexual, and ritualistic purposes. 😧


2019-10-29 20:32:16 UTC

Butts County Sheriff Gary Long had the excellent idea of placing “No Trick-or-Treat” signs on the lawns of convicted neighborhood sex offenders to help protect innocent children from harm on Halloween.

But plans to repeat the idea this year have been scuppered because several registered sex offenders have sued the county. 😡


2019-10-29 20:51:53 UTC

Corporate America goes all-in for abusing children in the name of “inclusiveness”. 😡


2019-10-29 21:06:03 UTC


2019-10-31 16:31:59 UTC

“When LGBTQPs become offended by something, the whole world turns upside down and people end up being persecuted simply for holding opposing viewpoints.” 😡


2019-10-31 16:41:14 UTC

They decided to reject the case on Tuesday saying the case could not be proven “without a victim”. This is horribly too convenient for Spacey. Bullshit!!! 😡


2019-11-01 08:44:09 UTC

“Shortly before his court-issued gag order went into effect, Jeffrey Younger, the father of seven-year-old James Younger, spoke out about his ex-wife’s demonic plan to remove James’ male genitalia in order to “transition” him into a “girl.”


2019-11-01 08:50:51 UTC

Magazines for children like Teen Vogue are pushing sex work on children with articles like, “Why Sex Work Is Real Work.”


2019-11-01 09:11:51 UTC

Companies are going to use these profiles to manipulate people. 😧


2019-11-02 01:49:02 UTC

“It is now seen as “unfair” to punish LGBTQPs for their crimes against children because LGBTQPs are ALWAYS victims.” This is bullshit!!! 😡


2019-11-04 19:09:39 UTC

ok boomer

2019-11-04 19:16:21 UTC

citizen you're a millennial

2019-11-04 21:25:07 UTC


2019-11-05 00:06:37 UTC

I’m generation X. 😁

2019-11-05 00:07:06 UTC

And so are you @Citizen Z

2019-11-05 00:07:08 UTC


2019-11-05 00:10:11 UTC


2019-11-05 00:17:14 UTC
2019-11-05 00:39:59 UTC

Fucking wtf

2019-11-05 00:40:42 UTC

@indio007 gotta be a joke

2019-11-05 00:51:55 UTC

What kind of monsters would allow this? Let alone which parents would allow their daughters to go out naked anyways??

2019-11-05 01:17:31 UTC

A bunch of pedos

2019-11-05 01:17:42 UTC

This has got to be a joke

2019-11-05 01:18:30 UTC

Just because this is decided it doesn't mean parents will allow it or let the child do it

2019-11-05 01:18:36 UTC

At least I hope so

2019-11-05 01:19:04 UTC

Maybe this is a end of the year joke? Even then, not a funny one

2019-11-05 01:19:43 UTC

People are taking being progressive to a whole nother level

2019-11-05 01:19:54 UTC

Slowly but surely pushing pedophilia

2019-11-05 05:33:08 UTC

wait are you really gen x

2019-11-05 05:34:07 UTC

@Citizen Z @The Gwench how old are you two

2019-11-06 02:52:21 UTC

@Satan Wouldn’t you like to know. 😂

2019-11-06 04:58:22 UTC

@The Gwench y u no tell?

2019-11-06 04:58:31 UTC

Fucking millennials

2019-11-06 12:02:33 UTC

“Attempting to poison children with deadly drugs to own the Trump supporters?

So much for the tolerant left!”


2019-11-08 23:34:17 UTC

That is completely fucked

2019-11-08 23:34:27 UTC

What a bunch of sickos

2019-11-09 17:05:51 UTC

@Logrian the play book of the enemy. good post

2019-11-09 17:06:28 UTC

Thanks, that one often gets overlooked.

2019-11-09 17:06:35 UTC

yea true

2019-11-09 17:06:50 UTC

2019-11-10 09:12:13 UTC


2019-11-10 12:24:07 UTC


2019-11-10 13:47:49 UTC

Yeah thats some messed up crap

2019-11-10 13:48:03 UTC

They shoot their own police dogs also

2019-11-10 13:48:14 UTC

Cuz they are trigger happy and wild

2019-11-10 13:48:21 UTC

Bad aim

2019-11-18 00:45:57 UTC

The state of Washington recently unveiled new legislation that would allow for human remains to be converted into “organic fertilizer” for food crops.


2019-11-18 03:17:37 UTC

A state is only as good as its worst city.

Places like Seattle have feces and needle maps now. So they can track all their precious poop.

2019-11-24 15:33:09 UTC

In the book’s ‘about‘ section, the publishers try to turn the act of hailing Satan and summoning demons into a child-friendly activity saying: “summoning demons has never been so much fun”.

This is sick...and being pushed by both Walmart and Amazon. 😡


2019-11-24 16:01:50 UTC

2019-11-24 20:04:40 UTC

Is this just a distraction? Is this designed to shift everyone’s attention? Only time will tell. 🤔


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