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Hate .. a vile thing

Mr J. That's just absurd

Holy moly Batman. Dr Pepper. Why you so lame!??

Nutty buddy ?

Good morning

<<<<. Looks around

Coast is clear.

At the opposite ends of the light spectrum there is ultraviolet and infrared In the military to throw a beam of infrared light out so that we can see it with our night vision goggles it illuminates and baths things in the infrared spectrum and we can see better at night. It is invisible to the naked eye

Quorum. Your just said. I quote... " evolution is pretty apparent today". Where do you get your horrible misguided facts from? A comic book about dinosaurs??

Vaccines cause many many illnesses period

Trans just means..confused

Pretty darn sad

Whiskey Foxtrot AlphA. For sure

Nothing about them holding hands and jumping to their deaths is peaceful

They basically were murdered

To go into someone elses country and steal their oil

They were jumping from 80 or 85 stories up they needed a real parachute or it was all over

That’s like falling over three football fields

And we all bought the big lie that it was hijackers from Saudi Arabia with box cutters what a damn joke

We already know that black ops from the United States along with the is Railey them outside and elements of Pakistani intelligence were involved it wasn’t Saudi Arabian hijackers with box cutters

The top echelon of the elite or the so-called illuminati doesn’t give a damn about 3000 people dying in one fell swoop that’s only the beginning it’s going to get worse

YeH. I knew 2 1/2 billion Dollar insurance policy he raked in the cash

And then Silverstein said on WTC7 that the damage was so bad that he had to pull it which means demolition nothing else

Just connect the dots it’s a total set up

The twin towers was a complete crime scene and what did we do took all the steel girders and all the metal and immediately shipped it to China without even investigating how those beams were cut

That right there is a giant red flag

Not to mention the $1.3 trillion in pure gold bullion that disappeared out of the bottom basement vaults in trucks

There’s no probably about it it is a total inside job it was murder collusion and an excuse to go into Afghanistan and Iraq and make war on innocent people who didn’t want us there

Underneath the twin towers was a cash of gold that was being held for 10 different countries as a gold bullion supply in trade dealing at the highest level it disappeared after 911 totally gone

Yeah there were no nuclear weapons in a rack nine it was all a sham

Yes Machi definitely the biggest gold highest of all time

Yes an entire mountain range worth trillions of dollars of lithium

Some of the purest lithium in the world

Lithium is used in the new battery supply and the military industrial complex uses it a lot

Lithium ion batteries are the strongest made right now

Yeah those are great batteries I have three flashlights and I had a lamp that uses the 18650 batteries

I have very powerful batteries for my drone I have a $4000 drone that is awesome has huge batteries but you have to be careful they can catch on fire

Yes gas warfare is band during combat even Willy Peter or white phosphorus is pretty damn illegal

Well Sodom Hussein also used something called the yellow rain on the current basically it was a nerve gas in powdered form and if it landed on you you were dead within the hour

They still do gas drills because CNN and CBS gas still is legal to use and if it’s in the pulpit state it’s very effective you can’t see or you can’t breathe if you’ve been hailed CS or cn gas


Mustard gas will completely blind you and eat your eyes out of your eye sockets and completely destroy your lungs so that you drowned in your own fluids

Sarin is more of a form of nerve gas still lethal that is the stuff that they put into the fast trains in Japan

Now we just use the bombs that go into the caves and just suck out all the air and ignite the air so you can’t breathe

Chlorine gas is absolutely ruthless and

In world war one they had to use gas judiciously and had to see which way the wind was blowing yes the British used gas and what happened is the wind changed and it came back on their own troops and they suffered 23,000 casualties

Brammer was a neocon elite at the highest level of the illuminati a great time to be used for their ill-gotten gains

I don’t know about VC but we have a good conversation right here

Silverstein is one real scumbag

I am totally convinced that they are not only was it nano thermite used in the twin towers but there was definitely a directed energy weapon or DEW

Those solid steel beams were cut with the laser procedure and they were not taken out by kerosene GP for fuel from an airliner that’s absolutely absurd if you believe that

Yes in the Marine Corps we were very adept at using thermite and nano thermite it can cut through a steel beam in two minutes

Hey battle did you know that there was an E4 be flying above the twin towers and you can see it in some photographs and E4 D is one of six Doomsday Plains that can target any kind of laser or directed energy weapons you can see it in the sky above the twin towers it’s a big white 747 called an E4 D why don’t you Google it you may be amazed

It’s not that there’s too many loose ends it’s predictable on how they planned it they want it dead ends not loose ends so that you would go one place and find a dead end which were opened up another avenue to find another dead-end

If you want to know how and why this kind of warfare works read the book called the art of war by Sun Tzu

You will love the book it is the treatise on war

Dr. judy WOODS blew the lid off the DEW THEORY ALSO


SHE HAS SOME good points

Well. At least look into it it is not outside the realm of our realm of reality

I am also sure that A DEW weapon was used in the California fires last year and it fits perfectly on how the fire was pinpointed on certain streets and across the street nothing happened at all not even trees were burnt

Battle you start looking into 911 and what really happened and it’s not a conspiracy theory it’s a real conspiracy and you start going deep down into the rabbit hole and once you go down there you can’t come out it just goes deeper

Do you think that elements of the United States government is real Pakistan and really bad actors could’ve pulled something off on my wonderful country the United States of America is a palling to me after all my service with me and my dad in the Marine Corps it’s just a palling that we serve this country only to be betrayed by her

I love my country but I don’t trust my government

People ask me if I’m Republican or Democrat and I tell them I am a constitutionalist and love a republic

This crazy AOC character with the bulging eyes is the worst thing that I’ve seen in America in 40 years she’s a hideous Marxist Communist liberal shill

This crazy green deal get rid of all the cars and gasoline engines oh yeah and no more hamburgers or me because the cows are farting too much

She’s total nuts

I know Russia has always been our enemy since the revolution in 1917 and yet I feel that we can get along with Russia a lot more than we can get along with China if anything we need to partner with Russia against China China is our biggest problem in the world next to that is Iran

There’s nothing wrong with white people there’s nothing wrong with any people

White racism and black racism works both ways and yet it’s all the same

In actuality white people are being targeted right now in this mass fake racism push by the SJW liberal left

Oh I need to straighten you out blacks can be totally racist look at black lives matter one of the most racist organizations around

Well Caribbean girl it’s obvious you don’t know your politics you should do what you do best but please stay out of politics you don’t know what you’re talking about

Just because you’re black don’t think the blacks are racist

Yes you can say whatever you want but that doesn’t mean that you’re a viable intellectual it just means you’re spouting hate against whites

It’s not a thing you should joke about obviously

Racism comes in all colors black white yellow red you name it

I’m not sensitive I’m a white male and I am a Marine sniper and I will defend anybody is right to live freely black yellow white or red makes no difference to me freedom is everybody’s right

If you are born on this earth your freedom is an inherent right no matter what color you are it makes no difference and Caribbean girl you don’t have the authority to call me dude I am old enough to be your grandfather show some respect girlfriend

For 18 years I shut people for a living you have no idea what it’s like

Every person of color black white red yellow whatever gets there saying on planet earth we are all equal in God’s eyes nobody has dominance over the other I will defend anyone’s right to free speech and a free life

Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world black and yellow green and white they are precious in his sight Jesus loves the little children in the world and that’s why they hired me to be a sniper to just kill everybody else


If it was kill or be killed you could do it

You have to understand sometimes killing is not murder it can be self-defense in many different ways

It’s a shame that any life has to come to an end by killing the bad guy that has evil intent and harm to yourself your family or others somebody has the stacker step up and stop the threat and im that guy

I didn’t join the army I joined the elite Marine Corps

The Marine Corps always lands first in the far away places and then we bring in the army to do the mopping up

If you ever watched the show Gomer Pyle that’s the army

They take anybody with a 90 IQ or higher the Air Force is pretty elite I love the Air Force and the Navy

They just need somebody about Forrest Gump IQ

Well battle IQ means intelligence quotient do you think you have one

That’s what mama always said

Your IQ must be very yummy then

What’s the yang gang

Faraday cage is are very useful especially for electronica equipment and generators and cars that need to be shielded in case there’s a massive EMP

If you have any kind of electronica ignition then it is suspect to be shut down by an EMP

I thought they just got a good aluminum or steel pyramid hat and put it on the schizophrenics ha ha ha ha

Psychics tap into a very evil and demonic part of the entire continuum of the universe it’s unstable where psychics go to get their power it’s like channeling it’s the same thing they don’t channel real angels they channel demons

Channeling is a part of witchcraft and warlocks

Machi. that’s not even funny

You’re no warlock

And believe me you don’t want to be one either

Witches warlocks channeling the OTO aliens all that crap is just daemonic

Well only reason we’re talking about warlocks is Margie said he was one

Ya think.

You didn’t leave any succubus when you were 12 you just had a bad dream

Macci you’re about three steps away from being institutionalized

A succubus is a demon that comes to you at night and has sex with you

Are you need to do if a sucky bus comes to you at night is invoke the Holy Spirit and tell them in the name of Jesus Christ to be gone and they can’t hang they have to go

Tranny’s are nothing more than confused individuals that had very weak parental guidance

Well there only are two genders

He a bath he just wants to screw himself

He just wishes his penis was long enough so we can wind it around and you know why

If he had his way he would have sex with himself

The trans agenda is going main stream because going androgynous is what delete what they want to emasculate all the real males and turn them into beta males

When I used to watch porn years ago I remember there was this guy that could suck his own dick and I thought man is that really cool or is that just hideous

Yes God has a gender it all starts out with the male species goes down to the field male species and then down to the children God made man first and then the female to accompany him and then the children that the female took care of it’s a perfect hierarchy

Battle I think he just lost your mind

Jesus isn’t some 2000-year-old dude he is the beginning in the end the Alpha and the Omega he is your savior and your creator

No you are just a creation of Almighty God that should be just good enough for you

There is no such thing as trans you should just call it confused

Actually I think anybody that says their trans is just trying to work the system and trying to be in the most popular feasible main stream sexual identity which is absolutely asinine

Margie you’ve lost touch with reality

Being trans is not a common thing most people just jump on the bandwagon because it something that’s cool these days but people that really think their trans are very confused and didn’t get good teaching and discipline from two parents a mother and a father

Margie you should stop any hormonal treatment and just be the gender that you were born with and live the best life that you can start being confused stop taking hormones or HRT be the gender you were born with it’s what you were made as you should be there

Margie I don’t believe you don’t have a choice you do have a choice the choice is what you were born with it’s how you deal with it that will quantify your life’s path

If you lose Margie it’s because you’re weak and don’t want to win

Trying to think you’re transgender is just another way that demons trying affect the outcome so that they can steal your soul away from the rightful position of God given holiness

Of course demons have knowledge don’t you think Satan knows the Bible better than you

Nothing about Michelle Obama is a woman she’s all man it’s Michael Obama

Good to see all my brothers names in here.. i have missed them. 🥰✨👆

What’s going on

Just got home ..👍✨🥰


I basically just drove 270 miles and park in my driveway give me a second

Long drive.. gimme a few minutes to un wind

WHAT! No pressure GRADIENT!??



Semi permeable viscous membrane


I need to know who muted you in the first place

I can go to the person who muted you and see if they will unmute you but I can’t unmute you if another regulator already muted you

Luciano that simple stick method has been debunked for years

No baby apologist I need to know who muted you first I’m not going to unmute you I will go to the person who muted you and ask them if you should be Unmuted

There you are now unmuted are you happy

Minecraft is about as real as aliens and the earth being a globe

In other words it doesn’t exist get a life Minecraft is a game

Yes Derek is

Calm down MSA Australia is very real

So I guess you play Fortnite in Minecraft and you’re in seventh grade right

It’s always the little teenyboppers that come in here and squeal and think they’re really smart

Still a teenybopper

I just turned 69 in February I’ve lived four of your lives

I am the older brain child in here

I don’t believe the earth is flat I know it’s flat

I don’t think Derek was the one that muted everybody let me check

If sheeple muted you he had good reason

Can you do the fandango

Let me see what I can do

Give me a reason why I should unmute you

Whom you did you

Who muted you

OK I’m going to unmute you and I’m gonna listen to you talk make any trouble and you’ll be made it again is that fair


Bill be careful about your choice of words please

Watch your choice of words just like what you said about your girlfriend that won’t fly here you will be banned if you say it again

Nobody has ever been to the moon nobody’s ever been to Mars not even a lander. you guys need to grow up and do your research

Human vision can only acquire an object so far away then it loses its objectivity

No the sun goes beyond your line of sight and a point behind your periphery

And you are a cat falling off the edge of a table

16+ is good

What Citizen Z gave you was pretty straightforward why don’t you just check the data out

All Vegans need meat to really think and live

Ok dequan



Thanks Nuerotic

MAGA... 2020. No left wing liberal socialist marxist BS


Invite me!

Just looking at the inv me

How have you been grizzly

Good news then


Mingau...Our constitution in the United States is based on our First Amendment rights the only way to protect the First Amendment rights is with our Second Amendment ability to defend ourselves with life liberty and the pursuit of happiness against all agents foreign end domestic

Adolf Hitler and all the dictators there is something called the first law of take over and that first law is number one first disarm the public if you disarm the public they have no recourse to fight you

Sorry. It lives and is WELL

Hi Gwench

Pidgeon better watch yer moufff. Please

You guys quit quibbling you’re barking up the wrong tree

Vazor be a good boy. Ok


I recommend that all of you guys in here start drinking only distilled water it will purify and take toxins out of your system and is the purest water you can get the stuff that is called filtered water is garbage

Yes other than distilled water I’ve got a big Berkey water filter with four filters and it makes the water taste pretty darn good and filters out most of the garbage

I am literally my own cooking show

I heard Gordon Ramsay was transgender and has had babies you can see the scars from the C-sections and his hips are way too high very interesting take



Be still.... and watch the power of the LORD.. ✝️

God is never dead... He is very alive and right in front of you... hopefully one day inside and part of you

Always good to have somebody in an observatory mode enjoy the ice wall it’s awesome

If that

Cryin shame

“ I Am Ten Bears. “


Great Scott!

Cop. Please watch language

I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti

Hodor. No...please

!tempban @Dann ☭ 10

Its a warning

History is always written by the victors or winners sometimes history isnt what it seems

Yes communism is way worse than they preach it

Because there is no edge to fall off

It is flat and we have a huge 300 foot ice wall surrounding our plane of existence holding in the water and when we try to go to Antarctica and find out what’s on the other side of the wall we are prevented with military force

It is round it is flat there is no curvature we do not live on a globe water always finds its own level and we lived in an enclosed a system that is pressurized

Have you ever seen a picture of the ice wall that holds us in on this plane

Socialist....communist...marxist....leftist... they all are the dregs of humanity

It wont melt. It is a system all its own

Climate change isnt real... the earth takes care of itself in epochs of time

Mainlander if I unmute you will you behave swear to me

Let’s all try to up the value of our word choices in here this isn’t a slut server please be kind with your choice of words

A slut server is a place where everybody just throws F bombs P words G words and words around at random and it just becomes a pain in the ass to try and meet everybody and tell everybody to watch their language

Karma. This is a warning stop it immediately

Thank you Karma


I really try and restrain myself for banning or muting anyone I’ll always give you at least one or two warnings but please when I warn you just obey the warning and we won’t have any problem

AI could well be a camouflaged way to usurp control from humans

Stars are luminaries.. we have no idea what they really are and how far away they are

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