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2019-04-05 15:38:05 UTC

Apart from power money prestige aesthetically pleasing more land world view control economic dominance spite the creator dictate reality perception dominance hide us from our true potential and abilities hookers and blow confirmation of occultism keep the sheep in the middle of the pen paying taxes no more land to discover on the globe astronomers protecting themselves from the noose alien deception replacing god as an object of worship promotion of secular statism and many many more.

2019-04-05 15:38:18 UTC

yeah apart from all those, no point, surrrreeeee

2019-04-05 15:38:43 UTC

So your saying beyond your “ice wall” there’s more land

2019-04-05 15:39:14 UTC

Hang on you're the one claiming there's no point in faking it

2019-04-05 15:39:27 UTC

I am

2019-04-05 15:39:29 UTC

I want you to first of all acknowledge that there is evidence of fraud in the space agencies

2019-04-05 15:39:36 UTC


2019-04-05 15:39:45 UTC

I don’t say that their faking anything

2019-04-05 15:40:00 UTC


2019-04-05 15:40:13 UTC

Your point

2019-04-05 15:40:20 UTC

So are you able to please explain to me how this wobbly wonky thin sheet of cloth is supposed to stop the air escaping the International Space Station and leaking out into the cold hard infinite vacuum of space @LEGO Joker ?

2019-04-05 15:40:43 UTC

There’s more than one door for an airlock to work

2019-04-05 15:41:02 UTC

Agreed, so how do they enter the inner airlock door without depressurizing then?

2019-04-05 15:43:31 UTC

The vacuum of space keeps them in place I don’t know and how do I know those aren’t photoshopped

2019-04-05 15:43:37 UTC

Cause you claim it’s so easy

2019-04-05 15:44:07 UTC

@Human Sheeple can a door be flimsy like that with no air resistance?

2019-04-05 15:44:24 UTC


2019-04-05 15:44:27 UTC


2019-04-05 15:44:27 UTC

Right, so how can we independently verify the activities of 3 men in "Space" to confirm they are indeed in space and not in a TV studio?

2019-04-05 15:44:28 UTC


2019-04-05 15:44:39 UTC


2019-04-05 15:44:43 UTC

How can I go to space myself and independently observe test and repeat what they do?

2019-04-05 15:44:56 UTC

You can’t any neither can I so we’re at an impasse

2019-04-05 15:45:05 UTC

Yes. No air in supposed space. No resistance. How can a door be flimsy like that

2019-04-05 15:45:24 UTC

So you don't have any observable testable repeatable PROOF of a globe then do you?

2019-04-05 15:45:28 UTC

Space is a vacuum

2019-04-05 15:45:44 UTC

@LEGO Joker How can you have gas pressure next to a vacuum without a container?

2019-04-05 15:45:51 UTC

Vaccum next to us? So you live in a vacuum? @LEGO Joker

2019-04-05 15:46:44 UTC

Lunar eclipse and watching a ship sail past the horizon

2019-04-05 15:48:12 UTC

@LEGO Joker Are you saying the Earth, my floor causes a shadow on the moon yes?

2019-04-05 15:48:38 UTC

2019-04-05 15:48:40 UTC

2019-04-05 15:48:41 UTC

2019-04-05 15:48:43 UTC

2019-04-05 15:49:22 UTC

Well if that's true @LEGO Joker then it should be really really easy for you to prove the globe, you're on the floor, you're on the Earth, please can you erect a big balloon and cast a custom shadow on the moon at the next lunar eclipse?

2019-04-05 15:49:58 UTC

No the sun does

2019-04-05 15:51:00 UTC

This is the official explaination

2019-04-05 15:51:11 UTC

That a Spherical Earth is obstructing the light from the sun

2019-04-05 15:51:20 UTC

You're supposed to be on the Earth are you not?

2019-04-05 15:51:47 UTC

So if that is the case you should be able to put up a big balloon or a big billboard at exactly the right place and cast a custom shadow on the moon, shouldn't you?

2019-04-05 15:52:21 UTC

I mean you've got a telescope haven't you?

2019-04-05 15:52:52 UTC

Even a small custom shadow should be easily visible with a telescope?

2019-04-05 15:59:32 UTC


2019-04-05 16:00:00 UTC


2019-04-05 16:13:07 UTC

Not really. From hundreds of thousands of kilometres away, the shadow will have vanished.

2019-04-05 16:13:38 UTC

So you're telling me you can't prove the Earth is the cause of the shadow on the moon?

2019-04-05 16:13:45 UTC

@Ivan Pavlovich Seriously?

2019-04-05 16:13:52 UTC

I can't even imagine how massive your billboard would have to be to cover the sun from that far away.

2019-04-05 16:14:06 UTC

The hindenburg come on

2019-04-05 16:14:10 UTC

Big ass airship

2019-04-05 16:14:26 UTC

Do that and you've proved cause and effect

2019-04-05 16:15:04 UTC

Is going to cover up a significant portion of the sun from 240,000 miles away?

2019-04-05 16:22:19 UTC

Hindenburg's angular size from moon at perigee: 0.000011776° by 0.00000198°. Since the sun's angular size is about 0.5°, this would mean the Hindenburg would only cover 0.0000000373% of the sun from the moon. That's not gonna cast a shadow.

2019-04-05 16:27:36 UTC

So assuming the distance to the moon is correct, which I doubt btw, you can not show cause and effect experimental evidence that the Earth or the FLOOR causes the shadow on the moon, can you?

2019-04-05 16:31:21 UTC

Well, there's the fact that they only happen when the sun and moon are opposite each other, plus the round shadow on the moon whose size varies from eclipse to eclipse: larger when the moon is closer, smaller when it is further away.

2019-04-05 16:31:50 UTC

Sooooooooooo........ If that's not a shadow, I don't know what is.

2019-04-05 16:33:26 UTC

When waves are polar opposite do they or do they not cause interference patterns?

2019-04-05 16:33:57 UTC

2019-04-05 16:34:24 UTC

2019-04-05 16:34:25 UTC

Yep. The famous double-slit experiment.

2019-04-05 16:36:10 UTC

So as you can see, it is possible to see the sun and the fully eclipsed moon in the sky above you at the same time, the floor is obviously not the cause of the dark spot then the red spot on the moon, is it?

2019-04-05 16:39:46 UTC

You mean both being on the horizon? Well, refraction certainly plays a role. Plus, the entire earth is below you, so even if you're not quite directly between the sun and moon, if you go a few hundred miles closer to that line, you will be.

2019-04-05 16:58:35 UTC

Its good to be back

2019-04-05 17:01:24 UTC


2019-04-05 17:04:53 UTC

@Ivan Pavlovich are you saying the apparent and geometric positions of both the sun and the moon are not the same?

2019-04-05 17:05:17 UTC

You're telling me now that what I see with my own two eyes I did not see

2019-04-05 20:13:37 UTC

Human sheeple go to YouTube and search memulous and look at his latest video about invading discord servers

2019-04-05 20:15:02 UTC

we've seen it.

2019-04-05 20:17:17 UTC

Ah right

2019-04-05 20:18:51 UTC

Anyone wanna come down and chat with me about the flat earth?

2019-04-05 20:43:33 UTC

@Citizen Z How does FE explain things going below the horizon?

2019-04-05 20:44:30 UTC
2019-04-05 20:44:30 UTC

t.forbes04#2356 (540644719592472610) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-05 20:46:21 UTC


2019-04-05 21:07:46 UTC

There's ALWAYS atmospheric refraction, and that wasn't even the only thing I mentioned.

2019-04-05 21:45:04 UTC

Look, I know memeulous did "infriltrate" servers but he was messing around, how deaf can you be not to uear him CLEARLY SAY "**DONT DO THIS**" man's making a livin, at least he aint calling you a d### @t.forbes04

2019-04-05 22:05:09 UTC

2019-04-05 22:05:24 UTC

1st pic is vacuum pressure graph.

2019-04-05 22:06:06 UTC

2019-04-05 22:06:20 UTC

6-8 feet thick of concrete.

2019-04-05 22:07:02 UTC

2019-04-05 22:45:59 UTC

@Derek Nelson The lander itself is not just foil. It is wrapped in many layers of insulation.

2019-04-05 22:48:33 UTC

The size of the chamber is huge by the way, the force exerted is amazing, that's why it needs so much concrete.

2019-04-05 22:48:45 UTC

And that's also why we can hold vacuum using just glass.

2019-04-05 22:49:57 UTC

F = P*A

2019-04-05 22:50:05 UTC
2019-04-05 22:50:05 UTC

PronFuckingsex#7109 (562475922947702802) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-05 22:50:06 UTC

The larger the area, the larger the force exerted.

2019-04-06 01:17:17 UTC

@󠇰󠇰Midnight has always wanted to watch me debate flat Earthers

2019-04-06 01:17:20 UTC

Idk why

2019-04-06 01:17:26 UTC

But who wants to dance?

2019-04-06 01:18:25 UTC

I won't bite

2019-04-06 01:21:00 UTC

Ok I’ll debate lol

2019-04-06 01:21:09 UTC

I’m not busy

2019-04-06 01:21:12 UTC


2019-04-06 01:21:31 UTC

Flat earther?

2019-04-06 01:21:35 UTC


2019-04-06 01:21:46 UTC

That's fun

2019-04-06 01:21:56 UTC

Yeah well it’s facts

2019-04-06 01:22:05 UTC


2019-04-06 01:22:19 UTC

I'm not insulting you why you have to insult me 😭

2019-04-06 01:22:38 UTC

the earth is a doughnut

2019-04-06 01:22:41 UTC

Well **I** think **MY** belief is fact so ha

2019-04-06 01:22:42 UTC

thats fact

2019-04-06 01:22:47 UTC


2019-04-06 01:22:50 UTC


2019-04-06 01:23:02 UTC

Okay jokes aside

2019-04-06 01:23:20 UTC

Idc what ya believe I just find debates fun fam

2019-04-06 01:23:54 UTC

i think the earth is round

2019-04-06 01:24:08 UTC

Like a disc or globe or cylinder or what?

2019-04-06 01:24:40 UTC


2019-04-06 01:24:55 UTC

the earth is obviously acorn shaped

2019-04-06 01:25:11 UTC

the earth shaped like sadness

2019-04-06 01:25:17 UTC

i can agree with that

2019-04-06 01:25:22 UTC

thank you'

2019-04-06 01:25:24 UTC

Oh no I've been found out

2019-04-06 01:25:38 UTC

and does it matter what shape the earth is were all alive on it

2019-04-06 01:26:04 UTC

Well it matters just not enough to destroy friendships or connections over it

2019-04-06 01:26:44 UTC

ive never really understood why nasa would lie about earth being flat vs round anyways

2019-04-06 01:26:49 UTC

what does it matter?

2019-04-06 01:27:07 UTC

There are lots of theories about that

2019-04-06 01:27:32 UTC

Not all flat earthers have parallel beliefs on topics like that

2019-04-06 01:28:55 UTC

Some of their theories point to an infinite flat realm in which different "Earths" stand out between ice, with the ice itself making up what we understand as Antarctica

2019-04-06 01:29:13 UTC

The conclusions vary

2019-04-06 01:33:39 UTC

Nobody wants to throw arguments at me?

2019-04-06 01:33:47 UTC

I can be on defense or you can, up to you

2019-04-06 01:35:51 UTC


2019-04-06 01:35:58 UTC


2019-04-06 01:36:09 UTC

not youcosmic

2019-04-06 01:36:16 UTC

im a globe person

2019-04-06 01:36:28 UTC

Oh hello fellow NASA sheep

2019-04-06 01:36:45 UTC

Im working to become a astronaut currently taking flight school at 16

2019-04-06 01:36:54 UTC


2019-04-06 01:37:00 UTC

I'm 16 in flight school!

2019-04-06 01:37:07 UTC

you are?

2019-04-06 01:37:13 UTC


2019-04-06 01:37:18 UTC


2019-04-06 01:37:20 UTC

Let me get my logbook

2019-04-06 01:37:25 UTC

dude wait fr

2019-04-06 01:37:25 UTC

add me

2019-04-06 01:37:57 UTC

i want the globe rank please

2019-04-06 01:37:58 UTC

2019-04-06 01:38:06 UTC

You can get it

2019-04-06 01:38:18 UTC


2019-04-06 01:38:21 UTC

i been in here for a while surprised i don't have it yet

2019-04-06 01:38:22 UTC


2019-04-06 01:38:24 UTC

im stupid

2019-04-06 01:38:25 UTC


2019-04-06 01:38:28 UTC


2019-04-06 01:39:10 UTC

<#484514023698726912> might be better for this idk

2019-04-06 01:39:17 UTC

yeah haha

2019-04-06 02:59:50 UTC


2019-04-06 02:59:57 UTC


2019-04-06 03:28:51 UTC


2019-04-06 03:29:53 UTC

I love you all

2019-04-06 03:29:59 UTC


2019-04-06 03:30:15 UTC

I pray the hedge of protection of Jesus christ about you

2019-04-06 03:30:31 UTC

May God grant you wisdom

2019-04-06 03:30:40 UTC

And discernment

2019-04-06 03:31:02 UTC

And remember you strive against powers and principalities in high places

2019-04-06 03:31:17 UTC

For Satan is the god of this world

2019-04-06 03:31:27 UTC

But Jesus saves

2019-04-06 03:31:41 UTC

I was weirded out by this then i read your name..

2019-04-06 03:32:01 UTC

If earth is flat God is real

2019-04-06 03:32:04 UTC

Bible is real

2019-04-06 03:32:08 UTC

So Satan is real

2019-04-06 03:32:19 UTC

Bible says Satan is god of this world

2019-04-06 03:32:27 UTC

But Jesus crushed the serpents head

2019-04-06 03:32:41 UTC

Have faith and be covered in the blood of the lamb

2019-04-06 03:32:52 UTC

So your name can be written in the book of life

2019-04-06 03:32:59 UTC

And not thrown in the lake of fire

2019-04-06 03:33:02 UTC

God forbid

2019-04-06 03:35:08 UTC

I do pray that isn't so but it's what the Bible says

2019-04-06 03:35:24 UTC

Sheep and goats, wheat and tares...

2019-04-06 03:36:10 UTC

Flat earth model is biblical model

2019-04-06 03:37:35 UTC

Satan rules earth. God rules heaven. Jesus comes to earth to break Satan's power. Descends into hell /the grave to break the power of death /sheol /hades

2019-04-06 03:37:47 UTC

Ascends into heaven to prepare a mansion for us in heaven

2019-04-06 03:38:59 UTC

Flat earth = Bible = God / Satan = heaven /hell= Jesus =salvation /heaven

2019-04-06 03:46:13 UTC

Cant escape implication that flat earth = design=God =bible=Jesus =Christianity

2019-04-06 03:46:19 UTC

VS demons and Satan

2019-04-06 03:48:12 UTC

Russia is only Christian nation

2019-04-06 03:48:24 UTC

Flat earth is known by soviet science

2019-04-06 03:48:29 UTC

Covered up

2019-04-06 03:48:36 UTC

But I don't joke

2019-04-06 03:48:48 UTC

Christianity is our best bet for soul survival

2019-04-06 03:49:02 UTC

Beware soul predators

2019-04-06 03:49:16 UTC

Feed on fear and suffering and put evil thoughts in our minds

2019-04-06 03:49:21 UTC

Most need an exorcism

2019-04-06 03:49:27 UTC

Deliverance ministered

2019-04-06 03:49:32 UTC

Ministry *

2019-04-06 03:49:58 UTC

I have been possessed and met Satan /man who called himself Satan

2019-04-06 03:50:27 UTC

Beware the evil power

2019-04-06 03:50:28 UTC

How does God = Bible? Is Christianity the only religion?

2019-04-06 03:50:49 UTC


2019-04-06 03:50:54 UTC

Not the only religion

2019-04-06 03:51:09 UTC

But narrative is God is one, all else is demons

2019-04-06 03:51:17 UTC

Many worship demons who claim to be God

2019-04-06 03:51:35 UTC

Many worship demons who claim to be God

2019-04-06 03:51:48 UTC

Many worship demons who claim to be God

2019-04-06 03:51:49 UTC

Eg Hindus

2019-04-06 03:51:49 UTC

I could be wrong

2019-04-06 03:51:49 UTC

But that's my understanding

2019-04-06 03:52:03 UTC

Hinduism is just odd.

2019-04-06 03:52:18 UTC

"for Satan himself masquerades as a being of light"

2019-04-06 03:52:22 UTC

You basically get to make up your own personal god.

2019-04-06 03:52:58 UTC

People are under the idea that all of the Gods everyone praises is the same one due to the texts

2019-04-06 03:53:05 UTC

Well Hinduism worships animal headed, multi headed multi armed gods who wear necklaces of human heads, drip blood from tongue and dance on corpses

2019-04-06 03:53:12 UTC


2019-04-06 03:53:26 UTC

I think

2019-04-06 03:53:33 UTC

I may be wrong but it seems true

2019-04-06 03:54:06 UTC

In the early days fallen angels came down to earth and began misleading humans Including causing them to worship them as gods

2019-04-06 03:54:34 UTC

Bred with human women, made hybrid nephilim, taught forbidden arts

2019-04-06 03:54:49 UTC

War against god

2019-04-06 03:55:07 UTC

Into the present day. Satanism.

2019-04-06 03:55:11 UTC


2019-04-06 03:58:41 UTC

God bless your soldz

2019-04-06 03:58:44 UTC


2019-04-06 03:58:47 UTC

Sleep well

2019-04-06 03:58:52 UTC

Dream carefully

2019-04-06 03:59:06 UTC

Beware predatory nighttime sex demons

2019-04-06 03:59:19 UTC


2019-04-06 03:59:20 UTC

lol wat

2019-04-06 03:59:21 UTC


2019-04-06 03:59:23 UTC

wait what?!?

2019-04-06 03:59:24 UTC


2019-04-06 03:59:48 UTC

Goodnight Pizza

2019-04-06 04:00:10 UTC

I hope you are not Invomved in #pizzagate

2019-04-06 04:00:16 UTC

Involved *

2019-04-06 04:00:27 UTC

I love you

2019-04-06 04:00:34 UTC

Sleep well

2019-04-06 04:00:57 UTC

Pizza gate was a pizza stealing some gates

2019-04-06 04:01:20 UTC

Pray to God /Yahweh /Jehovah through Jesus / Yeheshua Ha Maschiach tonight before sleep

2019-04-06 04:01:28 UTC

To defend against nighttime sex demons

2019-04-06 04:01:31 UTC

I don't joke

2019-04-06 04:02:00 UTC

Ill pray to my god to get rid of em 😋

2019-04-06 04:02:18 UTC

Through porn and masturbation and evil thoughts planted in your minds they create soul portals between you and demons and siphon your soul

2019-04-06 04:02:24 UTC

I LG one God

2019-04-06 04:02:29 UTC

Only one God

Yahuah and Yahusha
are the CORRECT > Transliterations
not what you said/wrote
@Green Knight

2019-04-06 04:02:33 UTC

The Living God

2019-04-06 04:02:39 UTC

Uh bye

2019-04-06 04:03:11 UTC

Who is your God pizza?

2019-04-06 04:03:19 UTC

Mine is Yahua

2019-04-06 04:03:27 UTC

Thanks Mike flatbird

..😇 👍 _Blessings_

2019-04-06 04:03:55 UTC

God bless you

2019-04-06 04:03:58 UTC

I love you

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