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2018-09-06 19:32:20 UTC
2018-09-06 19:34:03 UTC


2018-09-06 21:51:28 UTC


2018-09-06 22:06:41 UTC

So a room has actuality been made for this lol

2018-09-07 08:41:11 UTC

Linux >Windows

2018-09-07 09:07:07 UTC

Any trusted online stores in SA besides TakeAlot?

2018-09-07 09:13:24 UTC
2018-09-07 09:31:10 UTC
2018-09-07 09:31:12 UTC


2018-09-07 14:54:28 UTC

( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

2018-09-07 14:58:52 UTC

What is beter? Mint Ubuntu or Pariot or other

2018-09-07 19:56:59 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA We're now in the age of so many cameras on a phone. The next LG smartphone will have two cameras in front and three at the rear. Lol that's insane.

2018-09-07 20:24:32 UTC

2018-09-07 20:25:12 UTC

My 3d printer's nozzle jammed so I cut it vertically to see how it would look

2018-09-07 20:27:44 UTC

2018-09-08 15:04:07 UTC

@Darkseid Noice. It's really sad how SA barely has anything to show off with in terms of tech though.

2018-09-08 16:55:58 UTC

@Rainbow Monkeys Don't get me started...aren't most of our systems still paper-based...

2018-09-08 18:14:25 UTC

@Darkseid when SABC broadcasted sport news the Quality of the sport videos is shit. But the original quality was HD cuz it says SS1HD in the corner

2018-09-08 19:12:33 UTC

@Darkseid Lol and I like it when a "new innovative" system is launched only to find that it was supposed to have been launched years ago.

2018-09-08 19:13:47 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA It's hard for SABC to decode their 720p to every single screen because of the old Analogue spectrum they're still using.

2018-09-08 19:33:05 UTC

Will tseries take over pdp

2018-09-09 15:06:31 UTC

2018-09-09 15:44:10 UTC

@bloob16 3D printer? DIY?

2018-09-09 15:44:24 UTC


2018-09-09 15:44:46 UTC

Ooh. Cool

2018-09-09 15:44:57 UTC

wanhao duplicator i3 mini

2018-09-09 15:46:59 UTC

Some people say it is cheaper to build your own 3D printer. It is true in some cases. But most 3D printer parts must be imported and ya with shity exchange rates and high import taxes it is better to buy one.

2018-09-09 15:48:00 UTC

its cheaper to build just you dont get a warranty and these things break often

2018-09-09 15:48:43 UTC

It is a printer thing. Not just 3D but 2D too.

2018-09-09 15:50:47 UTC

One of the most annoying things in a office (that is not due to going cheap) is printers not working.

2018-09-09 15:51:55 UTC

One of the neighbors doesn't have a password om his printer. So maybe i should exploit this opportunity? @bloob16

2018-09-09 15:52:44 UTC

no thats a dick move it could destroy his machine

2018-09-09 15:53:15 UTC

Or just print him instructions on how to add a password and why. Going to tell him i am a good person and tell him Maybe a bad person will print something bad...

2018-09-09 15:54:07 UTC

still ink costs a shit ton of money

2018-09-09 15:55:20 UTC

I am scared the pleb will accuse me of some cyber crime but i am trying to tell him he needs a password. Or i can connect to printer and find out where they live and add a letter in mail about password security.

2018-09-09 15:57:02 UTC

Will it be smart to turn off secure boot on windows. That i can peform a duel boot. Of linux and windows?

2018-09-09 15:58:07 UTC

1999- Son don't talk to strangers online.
2018- A Discord full of strangers.

2018-09-09 16:01:47 UTC

2034 - A wired ecosystem of cross-brain interaction across the globe.

2018-09-09 16:02:35 UTC
2018-09-09 18:30:11 UTC

2018-09-09 18:36:06 UTC

2018-09-09 18:36:27 UTC

2018-09-10 16:13:13 UTC

@bloob16 clean your room

2018-09-10 16:24:13 UTC

I fucking Know

2018-09-10 16:24:38 UTC

That is mess from 3d printing

2018-09-10 16:24:42 UTC

hey fox

2018-09-10 16:24:52 UTC


2018-09-10 16:24:57 UTC

How are you

2018-09-10 16:25:04 UTC

very well wanna voice chat

2018-09-10 16:25:11 UTC


2018-09-10 16:27:04 UTC

2018-09-10 17:25:53 UTC

I just installed a silicone insulator and the temps are so stable

2018-09-10 17:26:10 UTC

2018-09-10 18:41:50 UTC

@bloob16 print your ex a microscopic dick and send it to him and tell him "it is 1:1 scale" of his

2018-09-10 18:44:09 UTC

Na I'll be the bigger man and send him a gift card on his birthday

2018-09-12 19:43:32 UTC

2018-09-12 19:43:38 UTC

Apple Event earlier on showcasing the new iPhone line up.

2018-09-12 20:13:36 UTC

Them pricesπŸ˜‚

2018-09-12 20:15:31 UTC

@Darkseid Lol it's hard to imagine that the 7 is still at that price point but I was honestly expecting $899 for the XR with the "eSim"

2018-09-12 20:16:51 UTC

@Rainbow Monkeys the funniest thing about this is the people who bought the IPhone XπŸ’€

2018-09-12 20:18:21 UTC

And the XS being at &999? I was thinking more like $1200 but hey I guess Huawei reall taught them an ass whipping lesson.

I feel sorry for them, I really do, they paid more than what they'll be paying for the XS with way more features. Damn..

2018-09-12 20:20:25 UTC
2018-09-12 20:20:49 UTC

@Darkseid And at the keynote they said their A12 Bionic chip is the world's most powerful 7nm processor. I thought the Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 970 was the the world's first and powerful 7nm chip... Lol I respect the specs on that Bionic chip though.

2018-09-12 20:20:58 UTC

Shitty names

2018-09-12 20:21:57 UTC

Rumours say they are going discontinue the OG X

2018-09-12 20:22:53 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA Not anytime soon though, I doubt they will discontinue because it's their fancy way of saying iPhone "ten"

2018-09-12 20:24:31 UTC

Ten is X. But X'S is not 10S??

2018-09-12 20:25:34 UTC

@Rainbow Monkeys the specs look good, still not sure about the price though, in SA it's going to be rough...some IPhone Xs are still going for 20kπŸ˜‚

2018-09-12 20:26:52 UTC

@Darkseid That iPhone XS Max will be 20K man I swear Lol if not 21K. That's entry level 2017 MacBook levels.

2018-09-12 20:27:55 UTC

And then there's the Apple Watch Series 4..

2018-09-12 20:30:54 UTC

@Rainbow Monkeys with how the rand is just tanking...😬

2018-09-12 20:33:41 UTC

@Darkseid πŸ˜‚ I swear bro, it's going to be one hell of a pricey Machine. Let alone the crippling economy getting it on contract won't make the feeling any better. But then again, we've got TVs as thin as my blunt grade 6 pencil for an insane 180K. I don't have faith in that price when it arrives in SA Lol I swear.

2018-09-14 12:01:49 UTC

These criminals are plebs. Why use a huge card machine in you can use your phone (nfc enabled) with a app to clone it. Or create a rpi with a nfc reader and make it compact. Put it in your jacket and dump into someone and there you go.

2018-09-15 15:04:14 UTC

@Rainbow Monkeys you clued up with Linux?

2018-09-16 19:31:59 UTC
2018-09-16 19:31:59 UTC

GG @Rainbow Monkeys, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-09-17 22:43:49 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA are you sure cloning cards is that simple ? , i know i can copy a card's data with my phone but cannot mimic the unique card (ID/header , forgot what it's called)

2018-09-17 22:46:50 UTC

University i went to gave us student cards with Mifare classic NFC tech , i could read /write data to it ez ; students would use the card to pay for things using their NSFAS , never stuck around long enough to see if i could find a vulnerability , cards probably asked for a pin per transaction anyways

2018-09-17 22:46:50 UTC

GG @waHaHa, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-09-22 13:22:48 UTC

2018-09-22 13:27:29 UTC
2018-09-22 18:22:46 UTC gotta cash in on the nostalgia

2018-09-22 18:24:30 UTC

Dont see syphon filter or metal gear solid listed... meh

2018-09-22 20:31:52 UTC

@waHaHa Wish they had the original gran Turismo.

2018-09-22 21:00:14 UTC

PS classic releasing just weeks after emuparadise was threatened with legal action hmmmm

2018-09-22 21:05:40 UTC

conflict of interest lol

2018-09-23 17:19:36 UTC

zorinos is awesome

2018-09-23 17:49:56 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA Both are decent so it won't really matter

2018-09-24 20:43:50 UTC

Electrek: Tesla starts building its own car carriers due to β€˜extreme shortage’ in Model 3 delivery rush week, says Elon Musk.

2018-09-28 17:53:54 UTC

Google's beginning. A garage.

2018-09-28 17:54:14 UTC

2018-09-28 17:54:26 UTC

2018-09-30 12:18:06 UTC

I assume this applies to discord groups also

2018-09-30 14:15:00 UTC

Just make everyone in the group an admin lol everyone equally responsible then.

2018-09-30 14:43:50 UTC

@Nidalap Rorrim so if i dont like the admin on a whatsapp group i can post stuff that will get them in trouble?

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