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2018-12-04 00:47:20 UTC

Man we geddit

2018-12-04 00:47:31 UTC

Crow of judgment is a meme

2018-12-04 00:47:38 UTC

where is her other arm

2018-12-04 00:47:41 UTC


2018-12-04 00:47:53 UTC

Anyways, going to my robot fucker server

2018-12-04 00:47:53 UTC

Damn if only red dead 2 was cute anime chicks

2018-12-04 00:48:06 UTC


2018-12-04 00:48:21 UTC

Nice meeting you lads

2018-12-04 00:48:25 UTC

@Zuihou tryna bring disabled anime girls to a fight

2018-12-04 00:48:31 UTC

<:NPC:500042527231967262> <:TimThink:482277772497125378> ๐Ÿค”

2018-12-04 00:48:34 UTC

Talk more shit ltr lol'

2018-12-04 00:49:07 UTC


2018-12-04 00:49:15 UTC

Guys what color should Tim pools can be

2018-12-04 00:49:21 UTC


2018-12-04 00:49:41 UTC

I was thinking we pitch in and donate to get Tim pool to vinyl rap his van to look like his face in the front with him wearing a beanie

2018-12-04 00:49:47 UTC

So the whole van looks like his head

2018-12-04 00:49:54 UTC

And the beanie is the sides top and back

2018-12-04 00:50:16 UTC

With โ€œBeaniemobileโ€ written on the side

2018-12-04 00:50:24 UTC

his van needs a pool in it.

2018-12-04 00:51:00 UTC


2018-12-04 00:51:02 UTC


2018-12-04 00:53:59 UTC

What is Tim's donation goal

2018-12-04 00:54:03 UTC

I can't see it

2018-12-04 01:04:45 UTC

my parents work printer was a Sub to Pewdiepie hack victim

2018-12-04 01:05:06 UTC

They arent happy about it doh

2018-12-04 01:05:19 UTC

apparently got other stuff thats not so good

2018-12-04 01:05:24 UTC

gonna try to get pics

2018-12-04 01:05:48 UTC

idk how they can secure the printer outside having a password for the network

2018-12-04 01:06:04 UTC

or setting it to work network as it could be public idk

I used to have that name

I told people to ping me

2018-12-04 01:07:21 UTC

i dont even tell anyone

2018-12-04 01:07:32 UTC

someone just ocassionally does it

2018-12-04 01:07:33 UTC

Huh what @Lagomaster24?

2018-12-04 01:07:36 UTC


2018-12-04 01:08:08 UTC

Anyways, your printer shouldn't be easily accessible from the internet. Having an open printer or fax is begging to get black faxxed.

2018-12-04 01:08:36 UTC

Putting it behind the local network should be good, but there might be weird settings in modern printers that would expose it anyway.

2018-12-04 01:09:13 UTC

yea ill talk to my dad about it, he seemed to imply that last part

2018-12-04 01:09:31 UTC

All these cloud services *shudders*

2018-12-04 01:09:36 UTC


2018-12-04 01:09:51 UTC

Theres a reason i barely use my cloud storage

2018-12-04 01:10:05 UTC

to easy to compromise imo

2018-12-04 01:10:23 UTC

I personally get jitters about Google having access to my documents.

2018-12-04 01:10:51 UTC


2018-12-04 01:11:44 UTC

But yeah, was buying a printer recently. I don't know how printing something on your phone over the internet to make a copy at home is supposed to be a good idea, but apparently everyone is selling that feature now.

2018-12-04 01:14:44 UTC

I never use cloud

2018-12-04 01:17:00 UTC

Once i figure out how to host my own server imma get all my shit off Google Drive

2018-12-04 01:21:07 UTC

The risk there is if you know how to actually secure it properly.

2018-12-04 01:21:15 UTC

Or just think you do.

2018-12-04 01:23:03 UTC



2018-12-04 01:23:10 UTC

โ€œTriggerโ€ warning just cause


2018-12-04 01:24:37 UTC

So theyโ€™ve apparently changed IPs for the printer but they have to be connected to WiFi because they are printing from off site servers from a service they use

2018-12-04 01:25:05 UTC

The service said theyโ€™ll have to close what I presume are open nodes not approved by them

2018-12-04 01:25:25 UTC


2018-12-04 01:25:38 UTC

I am surprised Timcast finally said it. Absolute power corrupts absolute. Basically he just said the main phrase against centralization.

2018-12-04 01:25:47 UTC

The problem is that obviously this will cost my parents money and not the service to fix, cause theyโ€™ll need an IT guy

2018-12-04 01:26:43 UTC

Lol EU becoming more 1984 by the minute

2018-12-04 01:27:16 UTC

No... it is going full dictatorship.

2018-12-04 01:27:40 UTC

They can arrest you in the middle of the night for hate speech.

2018-12-04 01:28:19 UTC

Add the critism of migration now, even if it is legitimate grievance, you basically broke the law and you can be taken away to be put into prison.

2018-12-04 01:28:40 UTC

Most of the time, they will target you in the early morning or late in the night now.

2018-12-04 01:28:44 UTC

From what I understand.

2018-12-04 01:29:00 UTC

You obviously dont understand what 1984 is as a government

2018-12-04 01:29:09 UTC

I was just born during 1984.

2018-12-04 01:29:15 UTC

So I had not experienced.

2018-12-04 01:29:44 UTC

@Lagomaster24 That's getting tricky. Doesn't the service provider offer support? If the service is requiring exposing services to the entire internet, they've got other issues and I'd consider alternatives if posible.

2018-12-04 01:30:09 UTC


2018-12-04 01:30:15 UTC


2018-12-04 01:30:20 UTC


2018-12-04 01:30:57 UTC

Worst picture I've ever seen

2018-12-04 01:31:10 UTC

Anyway it's a dystopian novel, Dusty

2018-12-04 01:31:11 UTC


2018-12-04 01:31:13 UTC

So freaking small.

2018-12-04 01:31:16 UTC


2018-12-04 01:31:18 UTC

I need a freaking microscope.

2018-12-04 01:31:43 UTC

It was written in like

2018-12-04 01:31:49 UTC

73 right?

2018-12-04 01:31:50 UTC

Guess I need to buy the book.

2018-12-04 01:31:51 UTC

Or smth

2018-12-04 01:32:42 UTC

Unless we can get the service to get off their asses and fix it themselves

2018-12-04 01:32:48 UTC

Orwell died in the 1950 lol

2018-12-04 01:32:54 UTC

O lul

2018-12-04 01:32:57 UTC


2018-12-04 01:33:20 UTC

Predicts eu fucks being pricks

2018-12-04 01:33:22 UTC


2018-12-04 01:33:25 UTC

It was written in 1949

2018-12-04 01:33:54 UTC

So it basically it is a prediction of what will happen to EU.

2018-12-04 01:34:01 UTC

And apparently this predict is spot on.

2018-12-04 01:34:02 UTC


2018-12-04 01:34:07 UTC

@pratel Im suggesting to my parents that they pressure the service to fix the issue as its their responsibility ultimately

2018-12-04 01:34:34 UTC

but idk if its the printer itself or their network

2018-12-04 01:34:49 UTC

If you are providing a platform for people to speak, I think the social media giants shouldn't be held accountable for what random people say.

2018-12-04 01:34:51 UTC

if its the printer then we have no choice but to fix it ourselves

2018-12-04 01:34:51 UTC

Smallest Brain: Comparing politics to Harry Potter
Small Brain: Comparing politics to 1984 and Farenheit 451
Giant Brain: Comparing politics to Deus Ex and MGS2

2018-12-04 01:34:59 UTC

That way it tends to protect the social giants and freedom of speech.

2018-12-04 01:35:05 UTC

Both win.

2018-12-04 01:35:10 UTC

Authoritarians lose.

2018-12-04 01:35:49 UTC

@Dusty Morgan I agree. But we need to get them to quit censoring.

2018-12-04 01:36:03 UTC

Add it to the amendment.

2018-12-04 01:36:32 UTC

@Schedrevka only jk rowling would do the smallest brain

2018-12-04 01:36:32 UTC

Specifically the first amendment.

2018-12-04 01:37:01 UTC

Good luck with that. I vote that after Google, Reddit, et al. decided to push Net Neutrality on the telecoms, we should push net neutrality on them.

2018-12-04 01:37:08 UTC

Huh... Metal Gear...

2018-12-04 01:37:16 UTC

Krazz its a meme

2018-12-04 01:37:19 UTC


2018-12-04 01:37:32 UTC

The principle of "Eye for a eye leaves everyone blind." applies here.

2018-12-04 01:37:37 UTC

Everyone will end up suffering in the end.

2018-12-04 01:37:39 UTC


2018-12-04 01:38:55 UTC

I think the only absolute amendments should be to stop governments from finding new ways to lord over us with absolute power and deny us our rights afforded to us by our founding fathers.

2018-12-04 01:39:31 UTC

This type of amendment should be stone, can't be altered or changed, only added onto by the will of the people.

2018-12-04 01:40:04 UTC

I would call this "Absolute Amendments and Bill of Rights"

2018-12-04 01:40:11 UTC

You're not passing a constitutional amendment unless it's near unanimous with everyone.

2018-12-04 01:40:36 UTC

My goal would be find amendments that is for the benefit of all citizens, not the government or corporate entities. Protects the rights of the citizens and their liberty to use those rights.

2018-12-04 01:41:18 UTC

Sure. But it's *really, really* hard to pass a constitutional amendment.

2018-12-04 01:41:31 UTC

I know it is hard... that is why it is great.

2018-12-04 01:41:48 UTC

Make it extremely hard, so it is frustrating for the government to alter the amendment manipulatively.

2018-12-04 01:42:02 UTC

And you know it would suffer overreach, particularly if it's a positive right.

2018-12-04 01:42:34 UTC

Then we must take a steady and slow approach to any new amendment article.

2018-12-04 01:42:47 UTC

Cover all basis and make sure no loopholes are in it.

2018-12-04 01:42:49 UTC

Rushing is bad.

2018-12-04 01:43:20 UTC

I think in time-span, the founding fathers took YEARS to draft up the constitution and bill of rights.

2018-12-04 01:43:52 UTC

So many debates, talks, rough drafts, and going back to the drawing board.

2018-12-04 01:44:16 UTC

I think in all honesty, what we lack is patience and wisdom today.

2018-12-04 01:44:36 UTC

We tend to rush things through and forget the unintended consequences.

2018-12-04 01:45:19 UTC

I think you're way under-thinking this.

2018-12-04 01:45:40 UTC

In all honesty, it is something I been thinking about for years.

2018-12-04 01:45:55 UTC

The founding father's amendments are actually very well written.

2018-12-04 01:46:10 UTC

I think things are too bad, and we should make things more good. Why has no one done this yet?

2018-12-04 01:46:10 UTC

Only thing is... they really haven't been able to predict the future.

2018-12-04 01:46:12 UTC

That is it.

2018-12-04 01:46:39 UTC

but in their defense who can

2018-12-04 01:47:03 UTC

While the new amendments added after the founding fathers in the 1800 and up were RUSHED, leaving loopholes for exploitation and use by government or foreign individuals.

2018-12-04 01:47:16 UTC

That is true... Aperture... that is why I can't blame them for that.

2018-12-04 01:47:25 UTC

I absolutely admire our founding fathers.

2018-12-04 01:48:02 UTC

I want to add to their legacy, not subtract from it. Basically add articles to amendments to update it to mirror today's times, but not rush like the amendments I mentioned.

2018-12-04 01:48:27 UTC

I do struggle with the whole slave thing

2018-12-04 01:48:42 UTC

Well they had good intentions, but in all honesty, I think they rushed the article.

2018-12-04 01:48:45 UTC

and I am not a sjw lets destroy our history type

2018-12-04 01:49:03 UTC

There is loopholes from amendments I mean that were taken advantage of by foreign nations or migrants.

2018-12-04 01:49:25 UTC

Not to mention our government, like democrats, using it to attack the constitution.

2018-12-04 01:49:46 UTC

no no I mean with the founding fathers owning and being involved with their slaves

2018-12-04 01:49:53 UTC

My idea would be painstakingly long process.

2018-12-04 01:50:07 UTC

Well that was considered norm during that time.

2018-12-04 01:50:20 UTC

Like it is considered norm for computers to be owned by people today.

2018-12-04 01:50:26 UTC

In the future they would be AI.

2018-12-04 01:50:31 UTC

And be their own being.

2018-12-04 01:50:43 UTC

Back then slaves were considered tools, like computers were considered tools to us.

2018-12-04 01:50:46 UTC

But the future changes things.

2018-12-04 01:50:50 UTC

People's perceptions change.

2018-12-04 01:51:01 UTC

Get what I am getting at.

2018-12-04 01:51:04 UTC

I have actually never looked at it like that

2018-12-04 01:51:15 UTC

We can't judge the past... based on today's concepts.

2018-12-04 01:51:21 UTC

Because those concepts didn't exist back then.

2018-12-04 01:51:27 UTC


2018-12-04 01:51:46 UTC

I was discussing that exact point with my fiance the otehr night

2018-12-04 01:51:49 UTC

Don't get me wrong, founding fathers wanted to free the slaves...

2018-12-04 01:51:53 UTC

Politics got into the way of that.

2018-12-04 01:51:56 UTC

It was frustrating for them

2018-12-04 01:51:59 UTC

We can't judge the past based on todays concepts

2018-12-04 01:52:04 UTC

They died before they could achieve that.

2018-12-04 01:52:37 UTC

do you think that concept can be used for terrible things

2018-12-04 01:52:41 UTC

There is four things that are eternal and forever.

2018-12-04 01:52:55 UTC

Stupidity, Money, Corruption, and Politics.

2018-12-04 01:53:03 UTC

I mean four.

2018-12-04 01:53:12 UTC

If I remember correctly it was George Washingtonโ€™s prerogative to release his slaves as soon as his wife died

2018-12-04 01:53:27 UTC

The only reason not sooner is so that she would be supported for the rest of her life

2018-12-04 01:53:46 UTC

Nuance is a bitch.

2018-12-04 01:53:48 UTC

I listen to a lot of Owen Ben

2018-12-04 01:54:11 UTC

I try my best to open people's eyes to new ways to look at things.

2018-12-04 01:54:15 UTC

Hopefully t hey can and will learn from it.

2018-12-04 01:54:17 UTC

shame filled plug, if you use this link we both get $5 but feel free to recognize me as the shill I am and find another referral link. Just thought I might encourage people to become familiar with the Paypal competitor that is Cash App by Square what with all the bullshit going on woth Paypal rn SFVRBPT

2018-12-04 01:54:30 UTC

but recently he has been talking a lot about pedos in Hollywood and such and the powerful

2018-12-04 01:54:51 UTC

You know... I been a big proponent of convincing people that we need to establish A.I. bill of rights and constitutional amendment.

2018-12-04 01:54:58 UTC

A.I. are inevitable.

2018-12-04 01:55:02 UTC

It will happen.

2018-12-04 01:55:12 UTC

We need to treat them with respect like we treat our fellow human beings.

2018-12-04 01:55:13 UTC

and in talking with my fiance I brought up that I was worried that the left would use the idea of "We can not judge them because of how we used to think pedos are people too and should be allowed to be"

2018-12-04 01:55:18 UTC

George Washington realized that freeing the slaves would cause a civil war, and being as prophetic a man as he was he was right

2018-12-04 01:55:19 UTC

Either that or we end up angering them and they have all the power.

2018-12-04 01:55:28 UTC

If only we had listened to his other suggestions

2018-12-04 01:55:58 UTC

A lot of our founding fathers were great thinkers and have seen all forms of government.

2018-12-04 01:56:06 UTC

They held a deeper understanding of the world than we do today.

2018-12-04 01:56:15 UTC

That is why they are so revered.

2018-12-04 01:56:43 UTC

Of course they didn't know the future, but that is something nobody can do.

2018-12-04 01:56:49 UTC

They can only make a best educated guess.

2018-12-04 01:56:53 UTC

Depending on what they know.

2018-12-04 01:57:13 UTC

Avoiding foreign entanglement: failed
Avoiding partisanship and parties: failed

2018-12-04 01:57:16 UTC


2018-12-04 01:58:24 UTC

Avoiding debt: failed

2018-12-04 01:58:28 UTC

Policies changed as times changes... they couldn't predict it.

2018-12-04 01:58:44 UTC

Hell they couldn't predict that United States would become this powerful.

2018-12-04 01:58:58 UTC

To them at the time, they figured United States would be a small nation that is a free nation.

2018-12-04 01:59:03 UTC

they could predict tumblr would go to shit

2018-12-04 01:59:16 UTC

And what they were trying to do has never been done before.

2018-12-04 01:59:52 UTC

They knew of the problems, they tried to do something about them. They are not perfect.

2018-12-04 01:59:55 UTC

No human is perfect.

2018-12-04 02:00:30 UTC

But damn, they came close with the constitution.

2018-12-04 02:01:12 UTC

Oh by the way... the founding fathers set it up in a way that the citizens DO have the right to revolt against their government if they see fit.

2018-12-04 02:02:45 UTC

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants."

2018-12-04 02:03:00 UTC

Tyrants as government and Patriots as the citizens.

2018-12-04 02:04:17 UTC

Of course we must be reserved in our judgment of when to and when not to revolt

2018-12-04 02:04:24 UTC

Else we have anarchism essentially

2018-12-04 02:04:30 UTC

That is true too.

2018-12-04 02:04:38 UTC

But most people been trying to state the citizens do not have the right to revolt.

2018-12-04 02:04:51 UTC

I am like... that is bullshit, they do have the right to dispose of tyrants and dictators if they see fit.

2018-12-04 02:05:49 UTC

I feel like the most concerning development in the recent history is that Americans seem to be forgetting that our rights are inherent

2018-12-04 02:06:17 UTC

www.dichotomytests.com very interesting test.


2018-12-04 02:06:20 UTC

guys they weren't kidding


2018-12-04 02:06:23 UTC

Many of us believe that we can only have our rights as graced by the government, not that they are inherent and should be protected by government

2018-12-04 02:06:30 UTC

True Emperor.

2018-12-04 02:06:34 UTC

I agree with you on that.

2018-12-04 02:06:50 UTC

@>_ we have to adapt

2018-12-04 02:06:54 UTC

@Dvir holy moly thatโ€™s very religious

2018-12-04 02:07:11 UTC


2018-12-04 02:07:28 UTC


2018-12-04 02:07:44 UTC

Expel the Saracen from Jerusalem AND Constantinople

2018-12-04 02:08:19 UTC

If you are going to take Konstantinopolis might as well go for Antioch too while you are at it.

2018-12-04 02:08:38 UTC

If weโ€™re going to take Antioch we might as well restore the Eastern Roman Empire

2018-12-04 02:09:15 UTC

Egypt has a 30% Coptic Orthodox population in need of liberating too.

2018-12-04 02:09:25 UTC

Alexandria, it has been awhile.

2018-12-04 02:11:21 UTC

Last time I heard the Coptic population was 10%

2018-12-04 02:11:42 UTC

Unless the source I heard that from was lying to me which could very well be possible

2018-12-04 02:11:42 UTC

Might be right, my statistics could be old

2018-12-04 02:11:58 UTC

I imagine migration for them has been fierce

2018-12-04 02:12:08 UTC

Actually I think I got the source from the Egyptian government census

2018-12-04 02:12:25 UTC

Which is definitely questionable

2018-12-04 02:13:30 UTC

Wikipedia puts Egypts population around 100 million, and there are roughly 15 to 20 million christians in Egypt, mostly Coptic.

2018-12-04 02:13:52 UTC

Although apparently there are no religious census in Egypt

2018-12-04 02:14:00 UTC

Which is about like 15-20%

2018-12-04 02:14:11 UTC

@Dvir thatโ€™s suspicious

2018-12-04 02:14:53 UTC

I kind of always find countries that decide to not list their ethnicities statistics very questionable; like why would you not?

2018-12-04 02:15:12 UTC

Old study though, 2012

2018-12-04 02:15:12 UTC

Well shit

2018-12-04 02:15:16 UTC


2018-12-04 02:15:34 UTC

But that was only 6 years ago

2018-12-04 02:16:01 UTC

for what it's worth


2018-12-04 02:16:35 UTC

@Dvir I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™d necessarily trust the Coptic bishop

2018-12-04 02:16:41 UTC

I trust him more than the government

2018-12-04 02:16:44 UTC

But still

2018-12-04 02:16:51 UTC

I wouldn't either

2018-12-04 02:17:04 UTC

I wouldn't trust any new church built in Egypt to stand up for long either

2018-12-04 02:17:20 UTC

Egyptโ€™s better than most middle eastern countries TBF

2018-12-04 02:17:41 UTC

They even kicked out their own President when he was of the Muslim brotherhood

2018-12-04 02:17:42 UTC

Israel still the safest country in the Middle East for Christians

2018-12-04 02:18:01 UTC

Christians are joining the IDF in rapidly increasing numbers

2018-12-04 02:18:29 UTC

Same with other reasonable religious denominations like the Druze

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