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2018-10-15 22:16:37 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-10-15 22:17:15 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-10-17 22:47:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Pinochet did nothing wrong

2018-10-17 22:47:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

More style though

2018-10-17 22:48:40 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I would rather it be a rope then

2018-10-17 22:49:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Yeah, but it is cheaper

2018-10-17 22:49:59 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The debt will go to the nearest living relatives

2018-10-17 22:51:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Socialism wouldn't even work in a zero scarcity society.

2018-10-17 22:52:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

If they break the hymen is that rape?

2018-10-17 22:52:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Clap Slap

2018-10-17 22:54:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Gen Z shall become the new Greatest Generation and the cycle will begin again.

2018-10-17 22:57:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Would any of you be interested in learning about our savior and guide Hael Yeshua Ha'Notzri?

2018-10-17 22:59:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

U.S. will be fine.

2018-10-17 22:59:40 UTC [Subverse #general]  

When the EU falls apart we will just become isolationist again.

2018-10-17 22:59:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Who knows, maybe Teddy's Pax Americana will come into fruition.

2018-10-17 23:01:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm not. The only real apocalyptic threat around was Nuclear Armageddon, but that is very unlikely to happen now due to the precedent.

2018-10-17 23:02:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Climate Change will primarily hurt third world nations and won't end the world, although it might fuck it up for awhile.

2018-10-17 23:04:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The status quo that has existed in the West for so long is finally nearing its end, this stifling globalist age will end and something new will take its place.

2018-10-17 23:05:07 UTC [Subverse #general]  

That said, I doubt we will have another age of peace like this one for quite awhile.

2018-10-17 23:07:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Genocides and wars still happen, but the West itself has been in a secure bubble that has only been popped.

2018-10-17 23:07:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Without colonialism there isn't much reason for the West to care about anything but the West.

2018-10-17 23:09:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Thank you Tim, very cool!

2018-10-17 23:10:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Is Anime the West's karmic punishment for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

2018-10-17 23:12:55 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-10-17 23:14:02 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-10-17 23:21:45 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Orthodox are the real Jews

2018-10-17 23:21:51 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Jews are the real Muslims

2018-10-17 23:21:57 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Muslims are the real Catholics

2018-10-17 23:22:03 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Catholics are the real Protestants

2018-10-17 23:22:11 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Protestants are the real Atheists

2018-10-17 23:22:28 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Atheists are the real Orthodox

2018-10-17 23:25:12 UTC [Subverse #general]  

A Deadpool drama would've been received much worst.

2018-10-17 23:26:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Whether justly or not, Deadpool is more clearly recognized for his comedic wit.

2018-10-17 23:27:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

And it was the comedy that elevated the film. To me, if you removed the comedic element of the first Deadpool it would be the same quality as something like X-Men: Wolverine.

2018-10-17 23:30:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

That is the danger with having a 4th wall

2018-10-17 23:30:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Not impossible to have good 4th wall breaks in a drama, but it is a lot harder to pull off well

2018-10-17 23:32:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Yeah, although I am not a huge fan of either movies that has more to do with personal taste. The movies pull off the character of Deadpool well.

2018-10-17 23:37:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I bet there is a way we can make mayo be racist.

2018-10-17 23:39:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Slavs aren't white tho.

2018-10-17 23:40:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Lovecraft would probably agree with that if he is true to his name

2018-10-17 23:43:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Besides, the Slavs were enslaved by the Ottomans. Only White people ever enslave others and only Colored people were ever enslaved.

2018-10-17 23:45:35 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It was a joke, but every joke reveals something about the one who says it.

2018-10-17 23:50:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The United States went to war with them in the 1800s

2018-10-17 23:51:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

We won.

2018-10-17 23:54:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The slavs are at least in a more secure state than the rest of Europe.

2018-10-17 23:54:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

And Poland stronk.

2018-10-17 23:56:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The Polish Commonwealth was a great nation that paved the way to democracy with their Golden Liberty government.

2018-10-17 23:57:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The Saudis still have slaves

2018-10-17 23:58:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Aramaic and Armenian peoples deserve their own independent states same as Israel.

2018-10-18 00:01:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I also hold ceremony for the Romanovs who were canonized as saints by the Russian Orthodox Church.

2018-10-18 00:02:19 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And all Agnostics are ignorant Gnostics.

2018-10-18 00:02:54 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And Gnostics are the real Christians.

2018-10-18 00:04:25 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

If your guides tell you, β€œLook, the kingdom is in heaven,”
Then the birds will fly there first.
If they say to you, β€œIt’s in the sea,”
Then the fish will swim there first.
But the kingdom is inside you and it surrounds you.
When you know yourselves then you will be known,
You will know that you are children of the Living Father.
But if you do not know yourselves,
Then you dwell in poverty,
And you are that poverty.

- Hael Yeshua Ha’Notzri, the Gospel of Thomas

2018-10-18 00:13:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It was the Brits not you guys.

2018-10-18 00:14:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Don't give the servant credit for the achievement of the master that lead him.

2018-10-18 00:15:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The Brits had to make you leave their empire, and you still never fully moved out of your parents home.

2018-10-18 00:16:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The only chad Canadians are the QuΓ©bΓ©cois.

2018-10-18 00:18:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Maxime Bernier 2019!

2018-10-18 00:23:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Kanye is the next logical president elect.

2018-10-18 00:25:20 UTC [Subverse #general]  

There is momentum that will be hard to push back against, one win won't stop it.

2018-10-18 00:26:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The difference between republicans and democrats is that democrats never learn from their mistakes, republicans at least have the potential to do so.

2018-10-18 00:31:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

My next gun is going to be a Springfield Trapdoor Rifle.

2018-10-18 00:35:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Excellent YouTube channel

2018-10-18 00:35:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I learned about the gun first from hickok45, but I believe forgottenweapons did a video on it.

2018-10-18 00:36:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

She probably gives boys the Argento treatment.

2018-10-18 00:37:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Hollywood is going to fall and we will have to learn to start liking Bollywood films

2018-10-18 00:39:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It would be hard to be more corrupt and disconnected than Hollywood.

2018-10-18 00:42:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-18 00:49:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You lost the argument @Scribblehatch

2018-10-18 00:51:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

They stopped releasing subscription numbers

2018-10-18 00:52:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You mean their behavior is fulfilling your confirmation bias?

2018-10-18 00:53:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm in it because you are being a cunt

2018-10-18 00:54:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The thot yells in pain as they hit you

2018-10-18 00:56:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  

gender is fluid

2018-10-18 01:04:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I can suck as much balls as I want.

2018-10-18 01:04:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Fucking bigot

2018-10-18 01:08:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Yeshua said to them,
If you fast you will bring sin upon yourselves,
and if you pray you will be condemned,
and if you give to charity you will harm your spirits.
When you go into any region and walk through the countryside,
and people receive you, eat what they serve you
and heal the sick among them.
What goes into your mouth will not defile you,
but what comes out of your mouth will defile you.

2018-10-18 01:11:53 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-18 01:13:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You fell right into that one

2018-10-18 01:27:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I would rather take the hellenic versions of the planets over this

2018-10-18 01:40:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Actually Earth isn't that hot.

2018-10-18 01:40:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Average temperature is pretty low relative to even other planets in the solar system.

2018-10-18 01:41:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It is hyperbolized truth

2018-10-18 01:42:29 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-10-18 01:55:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Don't you think a line should be drawn at some point?

2018-10-18 01:56:21 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-10-18 01:57:32 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  


2018-10-18 03:58:55 UTC [Subverse #general]  

How did she raise you different?

2018-10-22 03:01:03 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

He is winning so much that nature is now bending to his will.

2018-10-22 03:02:21 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Global consciousness is a real phenomenon.

2018-10-22 03:02:37 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And meme magic is one of its examples, but there are numerous.

2018-10-22 03:03:13 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Religion is the most fundamental and pronounced example of group consciousness.

2018-10-22 03:04:05 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Group consciousness is nothing more than a shared perspective on reality.

2018-10-22 03:05:55 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

The great psychologist and gnostic Jung discusses the idea of group consciousness and depth psychology extensively.

2018-10-22 03:07:26 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I would say that Manifest Destiny is another good example of an effectively applied group consciousness.

2018-10-22 03:08:31 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Reinstate the Mandate of Heaven, end the Cultural Revolution. Make China great again.

2018-10-22 03:10:02 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

They are two different expressions of feudalism.

2018-10-22 03:11:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

A romanian youtuber who is friends with Sargon.

2018-10-22 03:12:43 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Just a meme, he has been closely connected to the shitstorm going on with Metokur and Sargon

2018-10-22 03:13:36 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

It is, it is also interesting to then note how well the Japanese were able to Westernize and quickly move away from feudalism.

2018-10-22 14:43:58 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

retake Constantinople

2018-10-22 14:44:11 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

retake Antioch

2018-10-22 14:44:20 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

retake Alexandria

2018-10-22 14:44:40 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

restore the Pentarchate.

2018-10-22 14:45:45 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Jews you say?

2018-10-22 14:46:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Jews aren't a hegemon as much as others would like to think.

2018-10-22 14:47:15 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I mean, the most hated Jew, George Soros, doesn't even believe in God or religion, and he helped send other Jews to concentration camps.

2018-10-22 14:47:36 UTC [Subverse #general]  

To me he doesn't have the right to call himself a jew.

2018-10-22 14:47:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm a Nazarene

2018-10-22 14:48:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

My ancestors were the Phoenicians.

2018-10-22 14:48:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm Judeo-Christian

2018-10-22 14:50:24 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Oy vey

2018-10-22 14:51:12 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Χ“Χ’Χ Χ¨Χ˜Χ™Χ Χ›ΧžΧ•Χš שייכים Χ‘Χ¦ΧœΧ‘Χ™Χ

2018-10-22 14:53:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You're just salty that Jews have a higher quality of life, and it isn't because they are being malicious. It is because they were given special exceptions in feudal Europe that allowed them to become merchants and other traders. Judaism also puts higher emphasis on education and family unity than conventional Christianity which is much more communal.

2018-10-22 14:54:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm not surprised

2018-10-22 14:55:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Nazarene = Nazi

2018-10-22 14:55:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Damning evidence

2018-10-22 17:26:55 UTC [Subverse #general]  

People should have the ability to earn a livable wage

2018-10-22 17:27:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Nothing is deserved in life.

2018-10-22 17:39:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I thought we were like lobsters?

2018-10-22 18:21:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

That is at least one thing you have in common with Muslims, you wanna kill Jews.

2018-10-22 18:21:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You know what Islam means in Arabic? Submission.

2018-10-22 18:23:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Islam is fundamentally flawed in my opinion, but that only means that hardline Slafis and Wahabis.

2018-10-22 18:23:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Sufi spiritualism, and reformed Ismaili Shia sects are religions on par with the other civilized Abrahamic faiths.

2018-10-22 18:25:36 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Islam arose in the seventh century

2018-10-22 18:25:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Jesus is a prophet within the Quran but he is not considered the son of God.

2018-10-22 18:26:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

And the Pharisees killed Jesus, they just forced the Romans to do it.

2018-10-22 18:26:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Jesus became Christian when he was baptized by John.

2018-10-22 18:28:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Paganistic gods were abandoned because they were manifestations of the material rather than the ideological.

2018-10-22 18:29:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The original Christians were the Nazarenes of the 1st century.

2018-10-22 18:31:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The original jews were zoroastrians

2018-10-22 18:32:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-22 18:32:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Orthodox are the real Jews

2018-10-22 18:32:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Jews are the real Muslims

2018-10-22 18:32:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Muslims are the real Catholics

2018-10-22 18:32:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Catholics are the real Protestants

2018-10-22 18:33:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Protestants are the real Atheists

2018-10-22 18:33:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

and Atheists are the real Orthodox.

2018-10-22 22:45:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

My Aramean great-grandparents fled to America in wake of the Young Turk's and their genocides against ethnic christian minorities in the empire.

2018-10-22 22:47:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Also, anyone with a name like Cenk will never be cool.

2018-10-22 22:50:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You could always wear a Yamaka.

2018-10-22 22:50:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Wether you like jews or not, to me shekels will always be the best name for money.

2018-10-22 22:57:11 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Do we have the vid of Chunk and Tim yet?

2018-10-22 22:57:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-22 22:59:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-22 23:06:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I like how Tim mentions in his video that democrats have always been about racial equality...

2018-10-23 00:26:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

How would an anti-semite explain Germany being the most economically powerful and abusive country in the EU even though they killed all of their jews?

2018-10-23 01:41:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I do genuinely believe an allusion can be made between the Migration period and the Western Roman Empire and recent migration in the EU.

2018-10-23 01:44:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Over time the Western Roman Empire lost the ability to properly maintain its borders, germanic and slavic tribes took advantage of this to invade into the provinces, slowly eating away at them until the Western Roman Empire fell in 476.

2018-10-23 01:46:20 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Isn't abortion a form of eugenics?

2018-10-23 01:47:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

How pathetic do you have to be to deify economic migrants illegally trying to get into a sovereign nation?

2018-10-23 01:49:00 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

At this point we are just better off waiting for gene therapy rather than developing legal eugenics for the present day.

2018-10-23 01:50:00 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I think the only moral and ethical way to handle gene therapy is to be indiscriminate in its application to health and capabilities.

2018-10-23 01:50:42 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I don't want a GATTACA society that has a society stratified based on genes.

2018-10-23 01:51:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I meant deify foremost.

2018-10-23 01:51:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

They deify them because they believe vulnerability and weakness are virtues.

2018-10-23 01:54:43 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Playing with eugenics would be perhaps the most dangerous power we could ever acquire.

2018-10-23 01:55:41 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

We cannot give over are own genes over to capitalism and consumerism.

2018-10-23 01:56:48 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Any gene-therapy we do should be as available as a vaccine.

2018-10-23 02:01:35 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Imagine the conspiracy theories that people will come up with then...

2018-10-23 02:02:18 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

About all the things they do to our genes. Like making us drones and genetically subservient beings.

2018-10-23 02:10:50 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Romansh should become the new lingua franca.

2018-10-23 02:10:56 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Change my mind.

2018-10-23 02:15:02 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I agree

2018-10-23 02:18:06 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I personally believe abortion should only be offered (not forced) in the case of rape, incest, or health risks.

2018-10-23 02:23:07 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I put it like this; every person is personified as a flame. Man provides spark, woman provides tinder. If a man lights a flame in a woman's flammables without her consent she should have the right to put it out. And she should be given the ability to snuff a flame lit on damp tinder.

2018-10-23 20:37:27 UTC [Subverse #general]  

We need a second Enlightenment

2018-10-23 22:45:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-23 22:46:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-23 22:47:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  

National Socialism and Communist Socialism both function very similarly, just for different reasons.

2018-10-23 22:48:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The United States continuously tried to remain as independent as possible until the Cold War forced us to become the Global Police.

2018-10-23 22:48:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

If we went back to being isolationist after WWII all of Europe would be a People's Republic.

2018-10-23 22:49:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

We also had a vested interest in supplying these states.

2018-10-23 22:50:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I am talking about post ww2.

2018-10-23 22:50:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I am talking about Operation Unthinkable.

2018-10-23 22:52:37 UTC [Subverse #general]  

We should've just gone to war with the USSR after bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2018-10-23 22:53:12 UTC [Subverse #general]  

We had nukes

2018-10-23 22:53:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

They still didn't

2018-10-23 22:53:37 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I know

2018-10-23 22:53:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

McArthur did

2018-10-23 22:54:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

At the very least we should have fought for Eastern Europe instead of giving it over to the USSR.

2018-10-23 22:56:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It was September 1st

2018-10-23 22:56:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

1938 or 1939

2018-10-23 22:57:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You mean like invading Poland?

2018-10-23 22:57:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

With the Nazis?

2018-10-23 22:57:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  

You think we didn't know about the crimes of the Soviets just because we didn't have the whole picture?

2018-10-23 22:58:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

We are overly decadent.

2018-10-23 22:59:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I don't think this is the fall of the West though.

2018-10-23 23:00:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Right now I at least think America is safe. I think the inevitable fall of the EU is going to be the defining event that allows us to be more isolationist again.

2018-10-23 23:02:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Didn't you berate me for my rank the other day @Scribblehatch ?

2018-10-23 23:38:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I think we should instate Golden Liberty. The system that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth used. But instead of the Szlachta Nobility being the ones who can vote and manage the State the Polis will, civilians who go through a term of public service for their State will join the Polis.

2018-10-23 23:42:43 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

The Romanovs were canonized as passion-bearer saints by the Russian Orthodox Church.

2018-10-23 23:43:14 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


2018-10-23 23:43:32 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

Would the Trumps be canonized?

2018-10-24 02:07:37 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Religion is an essential component of a functioning society.

2018-10-24 04:20:29 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Abrahamic religions should be reformed with Gnosticism to help synthesize it with a post-Enlightenment view of religion. Jung characterized this synthesis very well. And the fundamental aspects of Gnosticism would allow for the cohabitation of all of the Abrahamic religions in a way similar to the Dharmic religions.

2018-10-24 04:22:05 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Atheism is just another view of religion, and a particularly nihilistic and materialistic view that leaves a moral void that is susceptible to be filled by another radical ideology, like Feminism or Communism.

2018-10-24 04:23:14 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Gnosticism holds a stance that is much more compatible with modern Western sensibilities.

2018-10-24 04:23:26 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Men and Women are equal.

2018-10-24 04:23:58 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

There was no original sin, and that the material world is inherently flawed and was not made by God.

2018-10-24 04:24:21 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

God is a totality that is the source from which all comes from.

2018-10-24 04:24:53 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Not really from a timeline perspective

2018-10-24 04:25:13 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Christianity is only 2000 years old.

2018-10-24 04:25:22 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And Islam only 1600

2018-10-24 04:25:36 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

You right

2018-10-24 04:25:45 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Seventh century

2018-10-24 04:26:22 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Yeah, but Judaism as we know it began alongside Christianity.

2018-10-24 04:26:57 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Rabbinic Judaism arose at the same time as Christianity, and both came from the same line.

2018-10-24 04:27:36 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I mean, Buddhism is 2600 years old

2018-10-24 04:27:57 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And that is the youngest of the Dharmic religions I believe, excluding Sikhism.

2018-10-24 04:28:28 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

The problem is that Abrahamic religions are exclusivists

2018-10-24 04:28:44 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Gnosticism has always been here.

2018-10-24 04:28:58 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

The earliest known Christian work, the Gospel of Thomas, was Gnostic.

2018-10-24 04:29:33 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

The Nazarenes, the judeo-christians of the first century, were believed to be Gnostic.

2018-10-24 04:30:10 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And a similar (possibly equivalent) sect, the Ebionites, were stated as Gnostics by the Gentile Church.

2018-10-24 04:31:01 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I'm trying to refute your point of changing religious doctrine to what sells.

2018-10-24 04:32:21 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

But who is changing?

2018-10-24 04:33:52 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Gnosticism takes from Neoplatonic philosophy in many ways, and in itself is a merger of the Hellenistic values of the ancient world and the new Christian values.

2018-10-24 04:35:48 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And at certain points it was possible that Gnostic doctrine would become dominant in the Christian world. Valentinus, the founder of the Valentinian sect, was inline to become the Pope. It was only after failing to do so that he went his own ways.

2018-10-24 04:36:32 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

And Valentinianism spread throughout the whole Roman Empire, admittedly being primarily practiced by the educated and academics rather than the commoners.

2018-10-24 04:38:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Christianity and Western culture are fundamentally interlinked.

2018-10-24 04:38:53 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Better way of putting it @Kyle Judkins

2018-10-24 04:39:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Worship, and Church attendance would be a good way of quantifying it.

2018-10-24 04:40:32 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

But religion is subjective

2018-10-24 04:40:45 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Just like any other form of the humanities

2018-10-24 04:41:29 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

The Gnostic view of the material world is largely disconnected.

2018-10-24 04:41:37 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Since it isn't the realm of God

2018-10-24 04:42:16 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

I'm on my laptop, and its noisy.

2018-10-24 04:43:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The problem with Islam is that we aren't looking for practical solutions to amending it. We haven't tried to push reformation of the religion itself.

2018-10-24 04:44:24 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Groups like the Ismailis, Druze, Alawites, and Sufi mystics are examples of civilized religious practice

2018-10-24 04:45:26 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Would you concede that the material world is intrinsically flawed?

2018-10-24 04:46:27 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

But there is entropy

2018-10-24 04:46:37 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

Energy is slowly drained

2018-10-24 04:46:46 UTC [Subverse #debate]  

There is division of forces

2018-10-24 04:47:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I haven't agreed with the actions of the Catholic Church for 1500 years.

2018-10-24 04:48:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Islam has remained a stagnant religion that has continually pushed against any form of reformation.

2018-10-24 04:49:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Sunni islam is fundamentalist Islam.

2018-10-24 04:49:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

They never had a 30 years war, or a reformation, or an enlightenment.

2018-10-24 04:50:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-24 04:52:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Islam means *submission* in arabic.

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