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2017-04-22 01:46:58 UTC

I'm tryna get a contact so we can meet up for a drink or two on the ol campground

2017-04-22 01:48:37 UTC

Twitter is hilarious to troll people on

2017-04-22 01:48:42 UTC
2017-04-22 01:48:47 UTC

I used to not like it now I love itn

2017-04-22 01:49:28 UTC

Hey parrot, can we bring our guns

2017-04-22 01:51:14 UTC

Absolutely, is the rumor

2017-04-22 01:58:58 UTC


2017-04-22 01:59:17 UTC

I don't see why they wouldn't let us if we are on private land

2017-04-22 01:59:37 UTC

I hope the nsm added twps name to the sign up sheet

2017-04-22 01:59:59 UTC

When I sent mine off it just listed nsm and nationalist alliance

2017-04-22 02:00:00 UTC

Guns are welcome, though there will be no firing them or gun-happy shenanigans. Family friendly event with three FBI informants milling about.

2017-04-22 02:00:09 UTC

For sure

2017-04-22 02:00:14 UTC


2017-04-22 02:00:24 UTC

Ay TN goy

2017-04-22 02:00:34 UTC

I'm TN too

2017-04-22 02:00:42 UTC

I roll concealed everywhere but school zones and the shower.

2017-04-22 02:00:42 UTC

Hey bud

2017-04-22 02:00:48 UTC

What part of tennessee

2017-04-22 02:00:51 UTC

I'm in chattanooga

2017-04-22 02:00:53 UTC

Lol just three? They must be slacking.

2017-04-22 02:00:55 UTC

Antifa going to have to catch me in the shower.

2017-04-22 02:00:58 UTC

The middle part

2017-04-22 02:01:07 UTC

Hahaha I used to bring my 45 in the shower with me

2017-04-22 02:01:17 UTC

That's pretty hardcore.

2017-04-22 02:04:01 UTC

That's where it would happen knowning my luck

2017-04-22 02:04:11 UTC

I used to live in Murfreesboro jr

2017-04-22 02:04:16 UTC

You ever pool party with the murfresboro goy?

2017-04-22 02:04:22 UTC

Oh right

2017-04-22 02:04:31 UTC

No I didn't know they're were any there

2017-04-22 02:04:41 UTC

I've a question regarding the FBI. Last week someone had mentioned that they were flagged by the FBI while trying to purchase a firearm, any idea how one finds out whether or not they've been flagged?

2017-04-22 02:04:43 UTC

That's good to know cuz we have only a handful in chattanooga

2017-04-22 02:05:03 UTC

You won't know until you try to purchase

2017-04-22 02:05:33 UTC

Yeah gunther fuchs is my fb

2017-04-22 02:06:04 UTC

I know you goy it's zach

2017-04-22 02:06:13 UTC

I am currently purchasing. It's been almost two weeks and no word. Except from the local PD who informed me that the check went through 3 days after it came in.

2017-04-22 02:06:22 UTC

That's strange

2017-04-22 02:06:55 UTC

Yeah Zach I was letting Robert know because he asked

2017-04-22 02:07:22 UTC

I know, that's why I wanted to know if there was some sort of channel to go through. I took down the number for the FBI, but I really don't want to call them. Lol

2017-04-22 02:07:33 UTC

Oh my bad... I'm on these pain meds and out of it

2017-04-22 02:07:58 UTC

Disregard huwhat I said then... lol

2017-04-22 02:09:28 UTC

We need to start a meet up for all Tennessee goys

2017-04-22 02:10:55 UTC

Nice dude. For sure

2017-04-22 02:11:10 UTC

You got fake facebook or twitter?

2017-04-22 02:12:21 UTC

I used to have one.

2017-04-22 02:12:35 UTC

Lol. Anti-FAggot shut it down πŸ˜‚

2017-04-22 02:12:51 UTC

I was trying to find their IP. Oh well.

2017-04-22 02:13:11 UTC

Ill try again but now I have a somewhat better method.

2017-04-22 02:13:56 UTC

I've been ip banned on Facebook twitter and instagram

2017-04-22 02:14:13 UTC

The only way around it is a vpn

2017-04-22 02:14:44 UTC

Specifically I will try to get their key-strokes or figure out their e-mail.

2017-04-22 02:15:06 UTC

Only thing is, is that, I have no idea how to do so remotely.

2017-04-22 02:15:48 UTC

But Ill find folks. Oh I could even do other methods as well.

2017-04-22 02:17:27 UTC

Shit. I'll try to find one of my back emails

2017-04-22 02:17:37 UTC


2017-04-22 02:17:51 UTC

Oh, forgot

2017-04-22 02:17:56 UTC

DM me @JRobertson for more info on what I can do.

2017-04-22 02:18:00 UTC

Violent rioting charged = Dismissed

2017-04-22 02:18:19 UTC

πŸ‘Œ βœ‹

2017-04-22 02:18:19 UTC

Here we go

2017-04-22 02:18:23 UTC
2017-04-22 02:18:53 UTC

Thats my meet email. We'll get together at camp if nothing else.

2017-04-22 02:19:17 UTC


2017-04-22 02:20:01 UTC

@HakenAnderson that was me, it wasn't the fbi though, my background check was just delayed

2017-04-22 02:22:19 UTC

No, not that instance. There was another guy with a security clearance that was flagged.

2017-04-22 02:22:41 UTC

Also, call the shop, you should be able to pick it up by now unless you were denied

2017-04-22 02:22:57 UTC

They can only delay so long legally

2017-04-22 02:23:59 UTC

I already talked to them twice along with the local PD. They informed me that they were waiting on the FBI. So...I guess I'm gonna have to hassle the FBI. lol

2017-04-22 02:25:13 UTC

Just seems odd that they're taking so long. I've never had this problem, which is why I'm kind of concerned.

2017-04-22 02:28:39 UTC

That is weird, in most states, after a couple days I'd is still not back, they legally have to release it to you

2017-04-22 02:31:19 UTC

That's what they keep telling me. I was under the impression that you had to pass the check before they can give you a firearm. Regardless of how long you're waiting for said check to come back.

2017-04-22 02:31:34 UTC


2017-04-22 02:32:00 UTC

And the liberals don't even know that, they keep thinking there's a "gun show loophole"

2017-04-22 02:33:00 UTC

Honestly most institutions like The FBI dont do their job. That is where 4 Chan comes in.

2017-04-22 02:36:06 UTC

Right lol

2017-04-22 02:44:25 UTC

@Bob Oliver you're right. Under federal law there's a "default proceeds" after the 5 day waiting period. Guess I'm gonna have to give them an ultimatum tomorrow. Give me the gun, or I take my money elsewhere. Anyhow, thanks for the info! That's awesome.

2017-04-22 02:45:16 UTC

No problem, all I do in my free time is learn gun legislation

2017-04-22 02:46:01 UTC

Haha, well that's good to know for next time.

2017-04-22 02:50:48 UTC

We are getting an email w details at least 24 hrs before the event, right?

2017-04-22 02:51:42 UTC


2017-04-22 03:01:22 UTC

My German sense of time makes me anxious when I cannot plan ahead.

2017-04-22 03:15:32 UTC

Lol, so I get that from my mother's side.
I'm all about the time-time.

2017-04-22 03:57:24 UTC

Load up the C-130 boys, we got a call from (((headquarters))) that there's a huwhite supremacist hideout in Pikeville Kentucky! Take no prisoners! Uh Rah! Or some shit like that.

2017-04-22 04:35:16 UTC

@jer szak Naw man, it's "GroidBuster7 to base. We've got those AntiFa and BLM fucksticks sighted...'

2017-04-22 04:37:33 UTC

Puff the Magick Dragon.

2017-04-22 04:39:17 UTC

Spitting out 30mm DU rounds at 1500 RPM 😈

2017-04-22 04:40:47 UTC
2017-04-22 04:42:00 UTC

Yeah JTThraser, I'm trying to get some trasport coordinated from IL or anyone passing near me on their way

2017-04-22 04:44:02 UTC

Those Spooky gunships could clear a temp landing field. Air America used them along with sticks of Daisy Cutters.

2017-04-22 08:08:20 UTC

We need to have a WN pan-fraternity/cross-group fraternity org. With meeting halls so as to not worry about antifa busting into our meetings.


2017-04-22 08:08:51 UTC

That can work.

2017-04-22 08:08:55 UTC

Like masons except not jewish

2017-04-22 08:09:24 UTC


2017-04-22 08:09:56 UTC

Masons are 100% jew

2017-04-22 08:10:06 UTC

Pushing baphomet the tranny god

2017-04-22 08:10:23 UTC

Main reason Im not a Dixian

2017-04-22 08:10:29 UTC

too many masons

2017-04-22 08:10:41 UTC

Lots of high level jews In the confederacy

2017-04-22 08:10:45 UTC

Giving orders

2017-04-22 08:10:52 UTC

Of course they weren't doing any work

2017-04-22 08:10:57 UTC

I think I know someone involved w/ the Jew Masons.

2017-04-22 08:11:09 UTC

Cannot accurately remember.

2017-04-22 08:13:14 UTC

We all do

2017-04-22 08:13:40 UTC

Alot of popular SN podcasters are masons

2017-04-22 09:06:13 UTC

I don't think a lot of them really realize the extent the jews hands are in freemasonry

2017-04-22 11:32:46 UTC

Masons = Judaism for the goyim

2017-04-22 11:32:57 UTC

Pretty much.

2017-04-22 11:33:07 UTC

"(((OY GEVALT!)))"

2017-04-22 12:54:31 UTC

So I'm about to head down to auburn to file a proper police report

2017-04-22 13:06:14 UTC

Some driving music

2017-04-22 13:06:54 UTC

Good deal, @backstreetgoy-TN. You never know. They might have some video evidence from security cameras that we don't have access to or whatever. Definitely worth it.

2017-04-22 13:09:05 UTC

For sure

2017-04-22 13:09:52 UTC


2017-04-22 13:10:03 UTC

Shaved my beard off and not it really shows

2017-04-22 13:10:49 UTC

Yeah hopefully they find that fucker

2017-04-22 13:11:26 UTC

Kek willint

2017-04-22 13:11:29 UTC


2017-04-22 13:25:39 UTC

Can't believe Trump is gonna let the dreamers stay too

2017-04-22 13:26:04 UTC

This blows

2017-04-22 13:26:24 UTC

I bet Ivanka is totally thrilled by the decision.

2017-04-22 13:26:51 UTC

Why couldn't I have been wrong about trump

2017-04-22 13:26:55 UTC


2017-04-22 13:27:04 UTC

She is muh little kids

2017-04-22 13:27:05 UTC

I'm wrong about everything else

2017-04-22 13:27:09 UTC


2017-04-22 13:27:11 UTC


2017-04-22 13:59:01 UTC


2017-04-22 14:06:27 UTC

do we have confirmation that it was [REDACTED] who hit our man?

2017-04-22 14:30:13 UTC

and if so, do we want his face and name out there to troll, dox?

2017-04-22 14:36:03 UTC

It is what it is my people.

2017-04-22 14:36:53 UTC

Is anyone not working for the swine?

2017-04-22 16:44:49 UTC

Seems like not

2017-04-22 17:15:38 UTC

My first time to jew York today

2017-04-22 17:29:00 UTC

Anyone who has any info that they found legally on Antifa members, please pm it to me. Most Antifa put their info out there, so I've been keeping track of them and am currently organizing a book with some info in it so that we can identify quite a few of them if something unsavory were to happen at the hands of one of them at the Pikeville event. Out of state Antifa may come as well, so they do not have to be from around the Pikeville area.

2017-04-22 17:34:21 UTC

Hey everyone been a member for some time but never attended any rallies yet. Tfw

2017-04-22 17:34:40 UTC

As a father of four it's difficult traveling

2017-04-22 17:35:11 UTC

I hear ya.

2017-04-22 17:42:42 UTC

who's going to pikeville

2017-04-22 17:52:21 UTC

Is it too late for my friend to sign up for Pikeville?

2017-04-22 17:54:39 UTC

Noticed the payment option is down.

2017-04-22 17:55:55 UTC

i can get granfathered into the lodge. i thought about doing it before my redpill. now i'm glad i didnt

2017-04-22 17:57:21 UTC

@parrott My friend wants to register for Pikeville but payment is down.

2017-04-22 18:01:59 UTC

SeenKyle I will be there.

2017-04-22 18:07:02 UTC

Me too

2017-04-22 18:08:28 UTC

I will as well

2017-04-22 18:19:25 UTC

Oy Vey, the shekel system for Pikeville is down

2017-04-22 18:19:50 UTC

Heh. We gotta get you signed up.

2017-04-22 18:26:05 UTC

Any North East goys here? I'm in MA

2017-04-22 18:43:14 UTC

@parrott I'm the friend of @JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) that needs to sign up for Pikeville

2017-04-22 18:53:05 UTC

Baltimore here e

2017-04-22 18:58:57 UTC

Fuck jew York I'm never coming back here

2017-04-22 20:58:53 UTC

A member of vanguard America is helping get down to auburn to file the police report in person. We want to be 100% sure who did it. My buddy says he's 70% sure it was griffin king and he also says this is a conservative estimate

2017-04-22 20:59:01 UTC

Helping me*

2017-04-22 20:59:17 UTC

I can't drive ATM since I cannot see out of my left eye

2017-04-22 21:00:03 UTC

Holy shit. You can't see out of your left eye?

2017-04-22 21:01:04 UTC

Message [email protected] to sign up for Pikeville and we'll set you up, @Skirnir42.

2017-04-22 21:02:26 UTC

@tom (twp)
My favorite part of N.Y. is leaving.

2017-04-22 21:04:19 UTC

@parrott Gotcha, thanks

2017-04-22 21:13:44 UTC

Fucking Christ goy

2017-04-22 21:14:02 UTC

I hope it's that piece of shit

2017-04-22 21:17:33 UTC

Chip Pink.
That's the name of the oversized football player who attacked me years ago, but lost. Lol
He hung himself 3 years later.

2017-04-22 21:18:25 UTC

Is that Chad nationalist enough, Chip Pink, lol.

2017-04-22 21:56:47 UTC

What's a good store to get black cargo pants for next week? I don't shop much..

2017-04-22 22:40:31 UTC

I think most of the big box stores would probably have them.

2017-04-22 22:54:18 UTC


2017-04-22 22:56:53 UTC
2017-04-22 22:59:55 UTC

That's perfect

2017-04-22 23:02:04 UTC

Does the short sleeve version work??

2017-04-22 23:10:25 UTC

Is that what people are supposed to wear? I'm probably just going to be rocking jeans

2017-04-22 23:10:45 UTC

darn it, i'm wearing jeans too. If I can get a ride there....

2017-04-22 23:11:42 UTC

Where you at?

2017-04-22 23:11:55 UTC

East central Illinois.

2017-04-22 23:12:05 UTC

Ah shit, can't help you out there

2017-04-22 23:12:20 UTC

Put out the word to anyone who might know someone going from my area.

2017-04-22 23:12:32 UTC

Will do.

2017-04-22 23:12:32 UTC

Of course, I will pitch in for gas and etc.

2017-04-22 23:12:37 UTC

Thanks Matt!

2017-04-22 23:12:55 UTC

We have any goy's in Shitcago?

2017-04-22 23:13:29 UTC

Long sleeves are optional.

2017-04-22 23:13:40 UTC

No active party members in Chicago.

2017-04-22 23:13:47 UTC


2017-04-22 23:14:39 UTC

Is a black polo acceptable?

2017-04-22 23:14:57 UTC

Acceptable, but off-spec

2017-04-22 23:15:11 UTC


2017-04-22 23:15:18 UTC

Don't sweat it. Black polo is fine.

2017-04-22 23:15:29 UTC

Khol's has nice black cargo pants

2017-04-22 23:16:53 UTC

Is NSM and AFP gonna be in pikeville?

2017-04-22 23:17:23 UTC


2017-04-22 23:18:00 UTC

Nice. Be good to coord. something with them. As far as I can tell, I am all alone in Champaign, IL.

2017-04-22 23:18:13 UTC

I *know* there's woke goys here, but I can't find them.

2017-04-22 23:18:32 UTC

So black polo is spec then?

2017-04-22 23:19:19 UTC

@Hunter.S.Rabbit go out and kep your eyes peeled on day of the flyer, maybe you'll see em

2017-04-22 23:23:25 UTC

I hope to be in Pikeville on the day of the flyer....

2017-04-22 23:25:57 UTC

unless you meant something else....

2017-04-22 23:32:00 UTC

No. Black polo is off-spec, but accepted. Black long-sleeve work shirt is spec.

2017-04-22 23:32:28 UTC

Short sleeve black work shirt is cool.

2017-04-22 23:33:22 UTC

I thought day of the flyer was tomorrow

2017-04-22 23:33:53 UTC

OK, assume I am stupid.... I thought you meant the Pikeville flyer....

2017-04-22 23:34:13 UTC

oh, I'm referring to a secret one, that eventually did get revealed

2017-04-22 23:35:34 UTC


2017-04-22 23:35:54 UTC

protip, you can print stuff at staples without any staff seeing it

2017-04-22 23:48:38 UTC

Hail and good evening.

2017-04-22 23:48:51 UTC


2017-04-22 23:49:07 UTC

I have a printer, but I don't have good paper stock that will last long in the elements, not to mention assholes rip things down

2017-04-22 23:49:34 UTC

I meant to get around to joining the Discord sooner but... well, no real excuse there.

2017-04-22 23:50:41 UTC

@Illegal Aryan any Army Navy store will have them

2017-04-23 00:07:41 UTC

Well, I'm gonna take a break and print out some propaganda to post near (((campus)))

2017-04-23 00:25:18 UTC

Anyone do any college proselytizing?
Talking with students? Any info on the legalities being a nonstudent on campus?

2017-04-23 00:41:18 UTC

Public universities you're good to go

2017-04-23 00:47:20 UTC

Yea. UNLV doesnt care if youre not a student participating in student affairs.

2017-04-23 00:47:42 UTC

Im waiting for this Campus Conservatives group to take root.

2017-04-23 01:11:27 UTC

I gonna have to get more on that later, I have a few local universities, one being Kent state, where I also lived in the mid 90's.

2017-04-23 01:38:10 UTC

any other virginia folk going?

2017-04-23 01:41:47 UTC

Not with you

2017-04-23 01:43:42 UTC

I would like to get some twp propaganda if possible.. I can mail a money order since the link is down

2017-04-23 01:44:00 UTC

@parrott would that be an option?

2017-04-23 01:44:25 UTC

Kent state lololol

2017-04-23 01:44:43 UTC

Make Kent state cops great again

2017-04-23 01:44:57 UTC


2017-04-23 01:45:43 UTC

Nixon was a helluva president... was wise to the Jew and was open about it. That's why they had to frame him

2017-04-23 01:51:39 UTC

skirner- your car won't make it.

2017-04-23 01:52:09 UTC

Zionist lies

2017-04-23 01:52:20 UTC

shut it down!

2017-04-23 01:52:27 UTC

Oy gevalt

2017-04-23 01:52:39 UTC

It's not Zionist lies it's Jew lies

2017-04-23 01:52:52 UTC

Zionists are shit don't get me wrong but it's the fucking Jews period.

2017-04-23 01:53:07 UTC

All jews are a problem

2017-04-23 01:53:08 UTC

backstreet-I think it's cool you are going. You are an example of perserverance

2017-04-23 01:53:16 UTC

My jap car definitely wouldn't make it

2017-04-23 01:53:24 UTC

Thanks jt

2017-04-23 01:53:30 UTC

I'll be there rain or shine

2017-04-23 01:53:47 UTC

Goy how's that eye? It get better or not seeing out of it still?

2017-04-23 01:53:57 UTC

It's awesome that you're going, but you should only attend the conference while not attending the rally.

2017-04-23 01:54:18 UTC

My jaws will be wired shut and I'm gonna be eating jello lol but I'm still gonna go

2017-04-23 01:54:37 UTC

You want some of my Soylent?

2017-04-23 01:54:46 UTC

Might be perfect for your situation.

2017-04-23 01:54:59 UTC

Soylent green? Lol

2017-04-23 01:55:19 UTC

Soylent is a liquid beverage that's scientifically designed to achieve 100% nutrition.

2017-04-23 01:55:33 UTC

It's goofy as fuck for me to be using it, but it may be just the trick for you!

2017-04-23 01:55:41 UTC

can I ask when we start friday? I just wanna know when to leave here

2017-04-23 01:55:53 UTC

Really? I typically don't ingest any soy as it has estrogen in it

2017-04-23 01:56:02 UTC

If it's tasty I would try it

2017-04-23 01:56:09 UTC

We'll have a complete itinerary emailed out on Monday and linked in here.

2017-04-23 01:56:17 UTC


2017-04-23 01:56:24 UTC

It's not soy. It's oat-based, actually.

2017-04-23 01:56:30 UTC

It's called Soylent after the film.

2017-04-23 01:56:51 UTC

My wife made pot roast for my family and the guy from vanguard America who is taking me to auburn tomorrow morning and I literally put it in a blender and drank it

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