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someone who obviously watches CNN, lives in a movies and television world, saying another person is brainwashed. thats called projection lmmfao

stolen from cannabis & combat discord

I wasnโ€™t allowed to say anything until today, but it's now okay for me to share that I volunteered for the Covid-19 vaccine trial in partnership with Pfizer. It's the one that has been developed in Russia. I received my first dose last Tuesday, and I wanted to let you all know that itโ€™s completely safe, with ะธo side effects whatsoeveั, and that I feelshฮบฮน ั ั‡ัƒะฒัŽ ัะตะฑั ะฝะตะผะฝะพะณะพ ัั‚ั€ะฝะพ ะธ ั ะดัƒะผัŽ, ั‡ั‚ะพ ะฒั‹ั‚ะป ะพัะฝั‹ะต ัƒัˆะธ.

relevant ^


just like the joe biden in this video

isnt the same as the modern joe biden we see regularly. different ears/nose different joe.

2020-12-24 21:23:16 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

need podcast role pls

relevant ^

lin wood twitter was suspended along with trump and powell, wood and powell have moved on to parler and wood has kept on dropping the bombs like he was on twitter.

supposedly suspended for 12 hours but who knows how far the web nazis will take this

says the guy spewing hate lol. i wonder if this guy has ever heard the term "projection"

yea i bet the traffic to that site right now is very high

and its probably gonna be under attack soon too

yea large discords have been R_moved recently so if you have gaming content, post some so we can say its a gaming discord, which it IS.

im posting gaming content to keep this discord on topic and avoid it being deleted, disregard this video! (unless youre interested in magblade pvp that is lol.)

anyway back to the revolution!

yea jdmoonan is kindof a legend in eso

the hypocrisy is unbelievable, ban trump but let the ayatollah do and say whatever.

somewhere theres a shallow grave waiting for that whore

2021-01-10 16:05:29 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

the last 3 posts ^

2021-01-10 16:05:35 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

pope arested?

2021-01-11 11:44:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

troops on the ground in texas allegedly

2021-01-11 13:24:47 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

just remember dont double boil water you will concentrate the bad stuff that might be in it, and never ever boil water you have purified with iodine, itll turn blue and be toxic

2021-01-11 13:35:11 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

they sell little tablets you can use

2021-01-11 18:45:46 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

ugh, ive been up all night but im gonna stay up to watch this

2021-01-11 18:46:01 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2021-01-11 18:46:14 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

excellent point

2021-01-11 18:46:41 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

no problem, can have people accidently getting sick

2021-01-11 18:46:57 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


so i just witnessed that fox news now, do a bait and switch, there were 80k people waiting for trump to speak, then they disabled chat and started streaming biden propagandizing about vaccines and the capitol "riots"

note me highlighting the tab which still says trump but the video title had changed to biden

crazy fox news

ill give them the benefit of the doubt, but seeing that in real time was a shock and a half

the fact they disabled chat too

i was getting ready to let them know about the impostor biden whos ear is connected to his neck

(because i think the real biden was arrested long ago)

note bidens right ear in this legacy video

and his face in general is quite different

2021-01-11 19:04:58 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


must watch if youve never heard of this ^ it was a movie that never came out, and the producer + family were mysteriously murdered. i wonder why...

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