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2018-10-12 04:13:28 UTC


2018-10-12 04:15:30 UTC


2018-10-12 05:02:47 UTC

somebody light a match or open a window...somebody farted in here already

2018-10-12 06:18:47 UTC

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2018-10-13 01:48:04 UTC
2018-10-13 09:38:34 UTC

Can i present my business in here, i´m seeking for Conetworker worlwide for my Outdoor Products?

2018-10-13 19:11:23 UTC

@Saschak I believe this room was set up for peeps with good intent and products to share ? But would ask a mod 😁

2018-10-15 21:04:07 UTC

@Saschak was wondering the same thing, I make face cremes and body balms

2018-10-15 23:32:34 UTC

@MamaLana Sourdough would be the one to ask for any details.

2018-10-16 05:48:32 UTC

I’m not sure how we are going to use this room actually because there are certain things we don’t want and I’m wondering if we need to organize it by state/regions and nationwide for whatever is appropriate. @Dustin Nemos

2018-10-17 12:48:56 UTC

@Saschak outdoor products? Like...?

2018-11-05 19:43:46 UTC

Doesn't look like this channel is used much...

2018-11-05 19:44:09 UTC

but if anyone is in need of VHS to Digital transfer, I'm your man.

2018-11-05 19:44:14 UTC
2018-11-18 15:55:58 UTC

@MrDurden I do have a couple I’d like done
Also some old cam corder tapes ... can u do anything with those
I will try and find them and get back to you 😁

2018-11-18 20:57:58 UTC

Hey Hitch! Yes I can - thevhsninja.com - how many do you have?

2018-11-18 20:58:09 UTC

Sounds like a plan!

2018-11-23 19:24:10 UTC

@MrDurden I have around five or so , of different types. Will be going though old boxes and contact you when I find them, thanks. 🤩
That’s a great business 💫

2018-11-23 19:26:13 UTC

Standing by! Thanks I can have em done in no time!

2018-11-24 19:52:20 UTC

Coolio 🤩

2018-12-31 04:17:55 UTC

@Ronsheckelson would you post the above in different channel? This one is for actual networking. Thanks!

2018-12-31 04:23:48 UTC

Which channel

2018-12-31 04:27:01 UTC

You can post it in the “general discussion text” in great awakening

2018-12-31 10:40:36 UTC

Thank you @Laurie. Yes @Ronsheckelson always post in specific topics to their same channels and if there isn’t a separate channel, it can go in general. All posts need to have sauce or some sort of tag - a question or statement about why you’re posting it. Otherwise if something gets posted without, and it’s hype or just not legitimately true/fact-based, and a newbie sees it, grabs it and posts it elsewhere, it ultimately comes from GAC and may not be an accurate representation of our community, not to mention Dustin himself.

2018-12-31 10:43:27 UTC

research-open woulda been fine too

2018-12-31 10:44:45 UTC

some titles i drop in their respective channels....but other titles need full on general topic area for full exposure

2019-01-01 07:01:36 UTC

Yes - agreed @SirW00f thank you!

2019-01-06 16:48:57 UTC

Hey Ya’ll...just joined up. Anything important I should view or read for room?

2019-01-19 10:30:11 UTC

Anyone have information on the loophole to fire gov employees in two days?

2019-01-19 15:20:12 UTC

It’s called Reduction In Force (RIF)

2019-01-19 15:21:43 UTC

AKA draining the swamp. All the obama hold overs he couldn’t fire can now be laid off permanently

2019-01-19 15:22:02 UTC
2019-01-19 21:10:35 UTC

Thank you @reeves27

2019-02-24 21:54:14 UTC

hey guys, can we start making a call to wake up Latter Day Saints (Mormons)? as a fellow LDS member who is fairly awake, I find it extremely insulting for Mitt Romney to do what he's doing, as well as pretty treasonous, and he's giving the rest of us a bad name. can we start putting calls out in videos for LDS members to wake up, or for people to wake up their LDS friends? I think that this is a necessity, as the LDS church membership could be a massive asset to have on our side when moving forward. The Church itself should not be getting into politics, but the members have no such rules against getting involved themselves.

2019-03-09 19:40:59 UTC

That's where you're wrong @Benzschwagel the government has no right interfering in religion or spiritual matters, but before 501c3 issues, churches intervened in politics all the time. I am from UT originally and I completely agree with you. The lds church could carry a lot of water for us and help us gain a lot of ground, but they are scared of losing their 501c3 status I bet. We're going to have to rely on people, no matter what religion they are to step up. Maybe that's your calling is to focus on the lds contingent of the country. Relate to them and bring them on board.

2019-03-09 19:42:51 UTC

religion has no right in gov matters either....unless it's a guiding hand of morals

2019-03-09 19:43:04 UTC

or 'common sense'

2019-03-09 19:44:25 UTC

Who would be interested in using chemical free, natural, non-toxic products for cleaning and health in light of Q's posts on the issue? I'm looking into helping more families get rid of these harmful products and help my favorite qtubers make money at the same time. Just asking.

2019-03-09 19:46:34 UTC

I disagree. They have every right to help mold their flock and their worlds in a positive way. Do you think the church of satan would run our country right now if churches werent scared to speak out against political corruption?

2019-03-09 19:47:44 UTC

@SirW00f half of the last post was for you. I disagree. They have every right to help mold their flock and their worlds in a positive way. Do you think the church of satan would run our country right now if churches werent scared to speak out against political corruption?

2019-03-09 19:49:42 UTC

most of the churches are the church of satan, they just don't want to flaunt it yet in the open

2019-03-09 19:50:20 UTC

if ur bored, check out 'i, pet goat 2'

2019-03-09 19:51:27 UTC

the more u awaken, the more u see the hidden meaning in the video

2019-03-09 19:52:52 UTC

Depends on where you stand, but the church of satan surely has a hold of them with this whole 501c3 thing I believe. All of this of course is just my opinion, but I believe that most churches are started for the right reasons, and at least hopefully want to bring sheep back into the flock they just stray because their trying to build the wrong things in the end.

2019-03-09 20:00:05 UTC

They got a stranglehold on the Catholic Church with 1832 Rothschild Loan

2019-03-09 20:00:49 UTC

Then it was further subeverted by Free Masons and Communists

2019-03-09 20:01:13 UTC

World Council of Churches and Scofield Bible snatched up the Protestants

2019-03-09 20:02:09 UTC

The lds church also is in essence "owned" by the Rothschild family through a loan scheme. Right before making them tax exempt, go figure.

2019-03-09 20:02:34 UTC

Very true.

2019-03-09 20:02:46 UTC

Well researched and said

2019-03-09 20:02:49 UTC

Once they get you in debt you never get out of their clutches

2019-03-09 20:03:25 UTC

How do I get permission to post elsewhere? This is the only place I can post

2019-03-09 20:03:52 UTC

Or is this more informational?

2019-03-09 20:04:15 UTC

not sure

2019-03-09 20:04:38 UTC

do you mean other Discord servers or this channel

2019-03-09 20:13:33 UTC

u should be able to post in general discussion text

2019-03-09 20:13:57 UTC

its basically the landing point for most ppl entering the server for active chats

2019-03-09 23:04:56 UTC

Some rooms are closed from posting to maintain the focus of those rooms. Ie Q posts, Dustin’s updates. I think most others are open to anyone posting, hopefully keeping to the topics each room is dedicated to. @Rwstubbz

2019-03-10 02:30:32 UTC

Red car this channel. General has opened up to me now so thats good.

2019-03-10 02:30:59 UTC

Thanks imbd appreciate the knowledge

2019-03-10 02:32:36 UTC

When you and I had our cobversation earlier @SirW00f general and all others were closed, but now I have 2 more rooms open. Maybe it was closed for a certain ammount of time. Thanks

2019-03-10 02:34:48 UTC

@here Why are you guys posting in here about religion and politics? This is for business and networking for patriot approved products and services.

2019-03-10 02:37:22 UTC

Hm probably because under this channel is a voice channel of a religious-voice.

2019-03-10 02:37:29 UTC

@MamaLana Sourdough Fuck off shouldnt you be helping Nemos count his Paytriot shekels

2019-03-10 02:44:47 UTC


2019-03-10 03:49:11 UTC

@MamaLana Sourdough because someone was running ideas about networking with a religious group and it started a conversation. Please read the previous posts.

2019-03-10 03:50:27 UTC

@Red Car come on, be a gentleman (or a lady). There may be children here.

2019-03-10 03:52:00 UTC


2019-03-10 04:25:01 UTC

Did you just tell me to F off??

2019-03-10 04:29:35 UTC

How about actual patriots.

2019-03-10 04:34:57 UTC

@Red Car
WTF is up?

2019-03-10 04:35:35 UTC

Do not be a complete “A” hole!

2019-03-10 04:39:04 UTC

@MamaLana Sourdough
Seems like there is always one!

2019-03-10 04:39:14 UTC

@Rwstubbz fyi - I mod throughout the server. I was reading back through and realized you may have been invited in through this room by someone who doesn’t know to create invites in the start here room welcome room. It happens. But @Red Car is talking inappropriately not just to me but to anyone on this server.

2019-03-10 04:39:32 UTC

Write them off!

2019-03-10 04:40:13 UTC

No need to put up their “bullshit”

2019-03-10 04:43:00 UTC

@Red Car
Why don’t you be a good little dipshit, and bugger off!

2019-03-10 04:43:13 UTC

Here comes the PAIN!

2019-03-10 04:43:33 UTC

Get fukt retard

2019-03-10 04:43:44 UTC


2019-03-10 04:43:58 UTC

@Red Car
See ya!

2019-03-10 04:44:09 UTC

The only pain coming is when the fake Paytriot get caught

2019-03-10 04:44:51 UTC

@Red Car
You really are a little dipshit. Not for long!

2019-03-10 04:45:05 UTC

See ya

2019-03-10 04:45:21 UTC

What are you whining about

2019-03-10 04:45:25 UTC

Enough already!

2019-03-10 04:45:50 UTC

Keep it civil.

2019-03-10 04:45:54 UTC

Fake paytriots. Like Corsi??

2019-03-10 04:45:55 UTC

The only mystery is why your mother didn’t abort your dumb ass

2019-03-10 04:46:10 UTC

Too funny!

2019-03-10 04:46:24 UTC

Go back to mommies basement.

2019-03-10 04:46:26 UTC

Really. You’re not a very good troll. Fn CLOWN

2019-03-10 04:46:48 UTC

Yeah Corsi Nemos... you all follow the same bullshit Alex Jones script

2019-03-10 04:46:49 UTC

@MamaLana Sourdough
Time to boot this POS

2019-03-10 04:47:02 UTC

Boot me pussy

2019-03-10 04:47:12 UTC

I give two fucks

2019-03-10 04:47:16 UTC

Not just yet. I want to see how stupid he is

2019-03-10 04:47:25 UTC


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