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2018-02-22 00:59:21 UTC

Yeah they scheduled the speech on monday purposely to limit attendance

2018-02-22 00:59:30 UTC

Both from us and students, since its the first day of spring break

2018-02-22 01:07:12 UTC

Why exactly?

2018-02-22 01:07:20 UTC


2018-02-22 01:14:57 UTC

Not our guys

2018-02-22 01:14:58 UTC

The college

2018-02-22 14:13:37 UTC

The private conference is Sunday, the college speech is Monday

2018-02-22 14:13:46 UTC

Idk if I'm going after all.

2018-02-22 14:22:43 UTC


2018-02-22 14:22:56 UTC

you owe me swastiloaf

2018-02-22 14:25:43 UTC

We will see.

2018-02-22 14:25:59 UTC

Hopefully I can get the money together and straighten everything out and come up there.

2018-02-22 14:26:06 UTC

I've never even been to Michigan

2018-02-22 14:26:20 UTC

Wish I could attend but muh (((college)))

2018-02-22 14:26:28 UTC

I’m gonna have to wait for the next event

2018-02-22 20:05:15 UTC

Ive never been to Michigan either and I've lived in ohio most of my life

2018-02-22 20:05:33 UTC

Ive never been to Michigan either and I've lived in ohio most of my life

2018-02-22 20:05:37 UTC

@Fevs isn't coming

2018-02-22 20:05:41 UTC

He's not white

2018-02-22 20:05:46 UTC


2018-02-22 20:06:38 UTC

@Fevs you're cummin

2018-02-22 20:07:04 UTC


2018-02-22 20:26:09 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN Please keep us updated!

2018-02-22 20:26:59 UTC

I'll probably be there. Working on the money situation while visiting in Tennessee.

2018-02-22 20:37:01 UTC

Too bougie for me not to go. Class collaboration NOW. Scoring big donors NOW. Working with the aristocrats to secure a future for our people NOW. Hitler was right.

2018-02-22 20:37:39 UTC

the big donors don't like us though

2018-02-22 20:38:03 UTC

True. Maybe they can learn to.

2018-02-22 20:38:13 UTC

Spencer is realizing he needs us.

2018-02-22 20:38:38 UTC

We need each other. All classes for the Volksgemeinschaft!

2018-02-22 20:40:21 UTC

Spenther tried to have Matt's speaking slot pulled because of the donors

2018-02-22 20:40:38 UTC

That's not the case anymore

2018-02-22 20:40:48 UTC
2018-02-22 20:40:59 UTC

I hope so

2018-02-22 20:41:50 UTC

Dickie bent the knee, all gravy

2018-02-22 20:42:22 UTC


2018-02-22 20:42:47 UTC

Heimbach says #Solidarity

2018-02-22 20:42:50 UTC


2018-02-22 20:42:54 UTC

Y'all stoopid

2018-02-22 20:44:01 UTC


2018-02-22 20:46:00 UTC

The Marxist dialectic is materialist and JEWISH.

2018-02-22 20:47:22 UTC


2018-02-22 20:47:27 UTC


2018-02-22 20:47:37 UTC
2018-02-22 20:47:42 UTC

Commies cucked again!

2018-02-22 20:47:56 UTC


2018-02-22 20:48:04 UTC


2018-02-22 20:48:12 UTC

no we dont

2018-02-22 20:48:18 UTC


2018-02-22 20:48:19 UTC


2018-02-22 20:48:23 UTC


2018-02-22 20:48:39 UTC


2018-02-22 20:48:50 UTC

We eatin in Michigan next weekend

2018-02-22 20:48:53 UTC

More Swastiloaf pls Partymom.

2018-02-22 20:48:59 UTC

Can do

2018-02-22 20:49:12 UTC


2018-02-22 21:52:47 UTC


2018-02-23 06:11:02 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN can you task our TWP trailer park scientists with growing vegetables in the shape of swastikas?

2018-02-23 11:13:07 UTC

It's doable. You just need a ontaoner the shape of a swastika and a vegetable that can be removed at early stages to shape

2018-02-23 13:11:11 UTC

@Fash Dragon idk shit about growing stuff

2018-02-23 18:08:37 UTC
2018-02-23 18:09:49 UTC

U gon ping me for no reason nigga?

2018-02-23 18:10:03 UTC

Fuk yossef with yo grandaddies dick

2018-02-23 18:16:16 UTC

He answered you nigger

2018-02-23 18:16:23 UTC

I wanted to make sure you saw

2018-02-23 18:32:09 UTC

Lol I see everything

2018-02-23 18:44:17 UTC

then you can see deez nutz

2018-02-23 19:22:43 UTC


2018-02-23 19:22:45 UTC

Got eem

2018-02-24 21:23:53 UTC

Standby for updated event flyer @here

2018-02-24 21:24:03 UTC

With location and sign-up link.

2018-02-24 21:24:04 UTC


2018-02-24 21:24:27 UTC

Did everyone who went to Knox receive the staging email prior to the event?

2018-02-24 21:25:03 UTC

I didn't but that might be because I'm in constant comm

2018-02-24 21:25:16 UTC

The event emails worked PERFECTLY in Shelbyville

2018-02-24 21:25:32 UTC

Well, we don't have Parrott doing them this time and I have no idea how it's normally done.

2018-02-24 21:25:44 UTC

So I guess I'm just gonna wing it

2018-02-24 21:26:07 UTC

Kk just be careful, don't pull a DERRICK and just send one email to several email addresses

2018-02-24 21:26:37 UTC

Um, they will be sent in subsequent transmissions, not all at once, check your spam folders anyway

2018-02-24 23:37:23 UTC

I wish I could make it

2018-02-24 23:37:26 UTC

But some shit came up

2018-02-24 23:41:33 UTC
2018-02-24 23:41:51 UTC

I'mma come up if you don't come

2018-02-24 23:47:35 UTC

fight fight fight

2018-02-28 17:06:48 UTC


2018-02-28 18:26:24 UTC

We will be attending this, to raise a voice against illegal "voting rights", and to raise a voice for white civil rights.


If anyone is in the area, and wants to join us, PM me

2018-02-28 22:25:09 UTC

@here anyone who is coming to Michigan, please vote here for Saturday and Sunday night dinners. Options are as follows, pick two:
Swastiloaf w/ mashed potatoes and Mac N cheese
Homemade beef and mushroom spaghetti with garlic bread
Build your own tacos with rice and beans
Creamy chicken and noodle casserole with broccoli and cheese
Peruvian Sopa a la minuta (minute soup with beef and noodles) and garlic bread
Shrimp and fire roasted tomato linguine
Baked ham with mashed potatoes and gravy and greens with pork

2018-02-28 22:26:09 UTC

Only actual attendees voting, please. I'm also in need of an approximate head count

2018-02-28 22:28:22 UTC

Ping me so I can keep count

2018-02-28 22:28:46 UTC

Fuck. I need to find a woman who can cook. Now im starving.

2018-02-28 22:28:57 UTC

I'm not going because shit
But McDonalds cheeseburgers that have been sitting out at room temperture and slightly cold, also with everything on them

2018-02-28 22:29:29 UTC

^^^He'll yeah borther

2018-02-28 22:31:51 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN Swaziloaf or Hams

2018-02-28 22:32:07 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY you need a couple bucks tonmake it?

2018-02-28 22:32:33 UTC


2018-02-28 22:36:04 UTC

It's a long story, my nigga

2018-02-28 22:46:37 UTC

I'll go if someone can get me a ride from Louisville

2018-02-28 22:59:56 UTC

Best of luck to all you guys this weekend. Although I cannot myself make it down for the event, another prominent nationalist from southern Illinois will be coming in my place

2018-02-28 23:00:01 UTC
2018-02-28 23:00:02 UTC


2018-02-28 23:00:11 UTC

Prep your anus Detroit

2018-02-28 23:00:29 UTC
2018-02-28 23:00:40 UTC

(don't worry he isn't actually going)

2018-02-28 23:00:51 UTC

Dude what if he shows up

2018-02-28 23:01:11 UTC

Send pics of the tar and feathering if he does

2018-02-28 23:01:22 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY you can ride with Heimbach and I. We can pick you up on Friday

2018-02-28 23:01:58 UTC

The guy hasn't got a car and I'm sure he learned his lesson

2018-02-28 23:02:20 UTC


2018-02-28 23:02:31 UTC

Oh he'd find a way to get a ride

2018-02-28 23:02:47 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY dm me your number

2018-02-28 23:02:51 UTC

trip k

2018-02-28 23:03:34 UTC

He knows the "rules of the road"

2018-02-28 23:03:45 UTC

"I'm your bitch"

2018-02-28 23:05:51 UTC

I need a final headcount from all officers on expected attendees by tomorrow morning @here <@&274905555318079488>

2018-02-28 23:06:57 UTC


2018-02-28 23:07:12 UTC

@☦Colton of Yore☦ you want to ride too?

2018-02-28 23:08:16 UTC

forgive me for being oblivious but is the event on the 4th or the 5th?

2018-02-28 23:08:21 UTC

If I'm swinging by bridge city anyway

2018-02-28 23:08:40 UTC

The 4th is the conference and the 5th is the college speech @Tarnfurt

2018-02-28 23:09:13 UTC

thank you

2018-02-28 23:14:55 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN if y'all are coming up early swing out west to the lakeshore

2018-02-28 23:15:09 UTC

Homemade beef and mushroom spaghetti with garlic bread
MY VOTE @patron Saint of EATIN

2018-02-28 23:15:50 UTC

Tag her then dummy

2018-02-28 23:16:25 UTC

@Hand Banana yeah we are aiming for Saturday afternoon or evening. I'll be rounding up two thicc bois from Kentucky on the way up

2018-02-28 23:16:38 UTC

@Hand Banana dm me your number

2018-02-28 23:16:48 UTC

I did what are you talking about

2018-02-28 23:16:59 UTC

OK hot

2018-02-28 23:17:01 UTC

I will

2018-02-28 23:17:21 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN I think birdman and heimbach both have it as well but I'll DM shortly

2018-02-28 23:17:50 UTC

Heimbach will be driving, I'll be texting, I can just text you from his phone. Either way. Up to you.

2018-02-28 23:18:09 UTC

I can give it to you idgaf

2018-02-28 23:18:22 UTC

@here if you haven't signed up for the event in Michigan at www.tradworker.org, you're wrong

2018-02-28 23:20:12 UTC

@Hand Banana okay then dm it to me and we can coordinate early meet up on Saturday

2018-02-28 23:20:25 UTC


2018-02-28 23:20:44 UTC

I'm 3 hours west of the D so if youre getting in post early afternoon it'd be dumb

2018-02-28 23:20:53 UTC

hopefully I can get my tire fixed by then

2018-02-28 23:47:15 UTC

@everyone @here

I currently only have FOUR people who have signed up for the MI event.

2018-02-28 23:47:39 UTC

If nobody else signs up and still shows up I'm going to r*pe you

2018-02-28 23:48:50 UTC

My gf and I signed up this afternoon

2018-02-28 23:52:11 UTC

You're good

2018-02-28 23:52:42 UTC

youre going to WHAT me

2018-02-28 23:52:43 UTC


2018-02-28 23:53:17 UTC

r*pe u

2018-02-28 23:53:32 UTC

dont rope me

2018-03-01 00:03:57 UTC

Day of the R*pe

2018-03-01 00:21:57 UTC


2018-03-01 00:22:05 UTC

Go sign up you lazy niggers

2018-03-01 00:27:06 UTC

I would, but I have no way of getting there

2018-03-01 00:40:12 UTC

What state you in broski

2018-03-01 00:56:41 UTC

Pennsylvania @Fash Dragon

2018-03-01 01:45:28 UTC

what's the admission fee?

2018-03-01 01:57:20 UTC

I think 30 or 40

2018-03-01 01:57:30 UTC


2018-03-01 02:03:23 UTC

@Joey zyklon shieeeeeeeet I don't think we have any guys over there rn. I'll talk to my guy in upstate NY and see if he's going

2018-03-01 02:04:58 UTC

Thanks dude

2018-03-01 02:26:53 UTC

i'm probably too poor to go ;-;

2018-03-01 02:27:51 UTC

TWP ain't paying no admission fee

2018-03-01 02:27:56 UTC

Register and come

2018-03-01 02:28:09 UTC

The party will settle that with Bristow afterward

2018-03-01 02:31:23 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN you're literally like my second favorite person after Hitler

2018-03-01 02:31:45 UTC

everyone in TWP is family and i want to Heil with you guys ;-;

2018-03-01 03:29:48 UTC

Heil yeah borther

2018-03-01 03:31:13 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN What about the steak and shrimp ;-;

2018-03-01 03:31:32 UTC

<:tradworkersymbol:374584413561946114> 🍴 🔄

2018-03-01 03:33:22 UTC

If that requires money you best believe I'm payin again

2018-03-01 04:34:56 UTC


We have one open seat, if anyone needs a ride to the Detroit conference.

We will be going up I-75 from Knoxville.

2018-03-01 04:38:58 UTC

a-any way you could swing up into canada (hopelessness intensifies)

2018-03-01 04:52:07 UTC

@John Mosby have everyone fill out the form on our website pls

2018-03-01 04:57:09 UTC

@Tarnfurt aw that's so nice. Wish you could come eat with us!

2018-03-01 05:04:21 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN I vote tacos again

2018-03-01 05:04:26 UTC


2018-03-01 05:04:34 UTC


2018-03-01 05:04:46 UTC

<:tradworkersymbol:374584413561946114> 🍴 🔄

2018-03-01 15:13:25 UTC

I thought FMI was providing meals...

2018-03-01 16:46:14 UTC

@John Mosby turnips and hateloaf are the food of the proletariat

2018-03-01 16:50:35 UTC

Yerp...Since Spencer is providing the food, I'm looking forward to pretending to be Bourgie for the weekend

2018-03-01 17:01:20 UTC

Then we'll all go right back to drinking PBR and eating instant Mac

2018-03-01 17:07:29 UTC

White trash nationalism

2018-03-01 17:31:51 UTC

I guess I'm only cooking Saturday night @John Mosby

2018-03-01 17:32:06 UTC

Heimbach just informed me last night that Sunday and Monday night food are on Spencer.

2018-03-01 17:32:11 UTC

I'll take care of breakfasts

2018-03-01 17:33:22 UTC

He'll yeah

2018-03-01 17:33:43 UTC

I'm staying at the cabin with y'all and @Heinz - MI

2018-03-01 19:01:56 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN Trust fund getting put to work

2018-03-01 19:21:20 UTC


2018-03-01 19:22:15 UTC

@John Mosby feel you! It better be super bourgie too

2018-03-01 19:23:30 UTC

I'm tryna treat my self

2018-03-01 20:21:59 UTC


2018-03-01 20:23:30 UTC

@here Heimbach and I have two additional empty seats in a van passing from Knoxville through Louisville and up to Michigan if anyone is along that way

2018-03-01 20:23:35 UTC

Probably Saturday pickup

2018-03-01 20:24:06 UTC

Pm me if you need a ride with us.

2018-03-01 22:28:55 UTC

@patron Saint of EATIN what time Saturday?

2018-03-01 23:03:37 UTC
2018-03-01 23:05:04 UTC


2018-03-01 23:10:06 UTC

Its actually spelled GAY

2018-03-01 23:10:50 UTC


2018-03-01 23:11:14 UTC

Fighting words brotha

2018-03-01 23:16:05 UTC

You wanna fuckin go, m8? @Hand Banana


2018-03-01 23:17:56 UTC

Mitten Über Alles

2018-03-01 23:19:17 UTC


2018-03-01 23:22:52 UTC

I think he is @Fevs, I think he is

2018-03-01 23:26:21 UTC

@Hand Banana say it to my fucking face little kid

2018-03-01 23:26:55 UTC

REG 5 > REG 6

2018-03-01 23:27:24 UTC

Bro I'll put you through a table

2018-03-01 23:29:35 UTC

Nah you won't, then you'll have nowhere to eat again

2018-03-01 23:40:19 UTC

Please don't get fevs riled up

2018-03-01 23:40:42 UTC

Aka thirsty boi

2018-03-01 23:42:16 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt idk Saturday morning in Louisville and Saturday early afternoon in Ohio

2018-03-01 23:42:30 UTC

Dayton Ohio

2018-03-01 23:42:39 UTC

We will leave Knoxville early af Saturday morning

2018-03-01 23:44:20 UTC

Hmm, I'll see if I can't reschedule the other thing

2018-03-01 23:50:47 UTC

I'll Rile revs up

2018-03-01 23:50:53 UTC

then r*people him

2018-03-02 00:07:26 UTC


2018-03-02 00:36:01 UTC

Is there any confirmation on what food will be served at Spencer's event?

2018-03-02 00:40:50 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY it doesn't matter, as long as we get to chew noisily, mouths open, while ingratiating ourselves to his important guests.

2018-03-02 00:41:05 UTC

No but I saw on Twitter they said they had ordered $800 worth of appetizers

2018-03-02 00:41:08 UTC

While also drinking beers and farting loudly

2018-03-02 00:41:14 UTC

They knew we was coming to EAT

2018-03-02 00:41:20 UTC

No beers tho

2018-03-02 00:41:28 UTC

I'm tryna get boujie

2018-03-02 00:41:34 UTC

don't even use a fork or spoon

2018-03-02 00:41:39 UTC

Use your own knives

2018-03-02 00:41:43 UTC


2018-03-02 00:41:49 UTC

I know Spencer has the top shelf drank

2018-03-02 00:41:50 UTC

I've got my kbar

2018-03-02 00:42:57 UTC

800 dollars worth of appetizers could be 800 mcdonalds burgers or like 50 lobsters

2018-03-02 00:43:02 UTC

Depending your lobstering

2018-03-02 00:44:57 UTC

Heimbach says the event is still dry for us unless someone presents a compelling case as to why it should be otherwise.

2018-03-02 00:45:22 UTC


2018-03-02 00:45:48 UTC

Can we show up with chicken tender baskets and sit off in the corner

2018-03-02 00:46:36 UTC

Only if you continually use your pants as a napkin

2018-03-02 00:46:55 UTC

Just leave it in your beard

2018-03-02 00:48:52 UTC

@patron Saint of EATINi actually am preparing said compelling argument as we speak

2018-03-02 00:48:54 UTC

Stand by

2018-03-02 01:04:34 UTC

@here per Heimbach, we have permission to wear full uniform to both events.

2018-03-02 01:04:53 UTC

Please get them janks squared away

2018-03-02 01:08:19 UTC


2018-03-02 01:08:26 UTC


2018-03-02 01:08:36 UTC

I'll be on uniform patrol

2018-03-02 01:17:52 UTC

Now I really wanna come

2018-03-02 01:18:09 UTC

@johanC stop by on your way back down to AK

2018-03-02 01:18:19 UTC

We can hit up the local anarchist bar

2018-03-02 01:45:42 UTC

@fassel Heimbach would like to know what the Ohio turnout is going to look like.

2018-03-02 01:54:05 UTC

@here UPDATE: looks like Michigan is going to be getting a visit from a certain banjo picking fag-enabler

2018-03-02 01:54:25 UTC

Pepper your angus and bite that pillow Detroit

2018-03-02 01:57:05 UTC

Ive told you guys like 10 times lol @patron Saint of EATIN

2018-03-02 02:06:53 UTC

@Fevs do you know many are coming from Ohio

2018-03-02 03:00:34 UTC

Last I checked he said ZERO

2018-03-02 03:00:38 UTC


2018-03-02 03:02:04 UTC

The closest state in the closest region and he cant muster any attendants

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