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2021-01-07 22:23:48 UTC


2021-01-07 22:23:49 UTC


2021-01-07 22:23:50 UTC


2021-01-07 22:23:50 UTC


2021-01-07 22:23:52 UTC

Lol why

2021-01-07 22:23:59 UTC

Ah because its this loser

2021-01-07 22:24:00 UTC

had to be done cause some butthurt reported

2021-01-07 22:24:01 UTC

Makes sense

2021-01-07 22:24:05 UTC

Must be careful in this climate

2021-01-07 22:24:10 UTC

stop complaining retard

2021-01-07 22:24:15 UTC

i wanted to go through the stuff smh

2021-01-07 22:24:19 UTC

How can you tell when someone reports?

2021-01-07 22:24:19 UTC


2021-01-07 22:24:20 UTC

i literally just came back

2021-01-07 22:24:25 UTC


2021-01-07 22:24:29 UTC

unless you want trs to be taken down this is what has to happen

2021-01-07 22:24:34 UTC

@Fish20 any idea who reported u yet

2021-01-07 22:24:42 UTC

No clue

2021-01-07 22:24:45 UTC

have set times when it resets so that we know when to expect it @฿ⱤɆӾł₮ɆɆⱤ

2021-01-07 22:24:51 UTC

I was afk when it happened

2021-01-07 22:25:01 UTC

well sometimes the set times have to be broken if we have intel someone reported

2021-01-07 22:25:03 UTC

I just came back to computer and I was logged out and deleted

2021-01-07 22:25:06 UTC

Tbh we should have some channels only regular role can see

2021-01-07 22:25:13 UTC

discord won't punish instantly though

2021-01-07 22:25:18 UTC

do it twice a day then

2021-01-07 22:25:23 UTC

but every 12 hours

2021-01-07 22:25:25 UTC

that is not true

2021-01-07 22:25:36 UTC

or every 6 hours

2021-01-07 22:25:41 UTC

just enough so that we know when to expect it

2021-01-07 22:25:42 UTC

unfortunate that you get punished for what other people say in your discord

2021-01-07 22:25:44 UTC

the cleanses will be performed when needed

2021-01-07 22:25:49 UTC

fair enough

2021-01-07 22:25:56 UTC

if Trump can expose so many disgusting truths with the deep state in just 1 tenure, imagine what it would be like if he is elected again. They must stop him

2021-01-07 22:26:01 UTC

lemon cleanse

2021-01-07 22:26:21 UTC

So its a good sign that press sec spoke

2021-01-07 22:26:24 UTC

Well, its a sign

2021-01-07 22:26:26 UTC

especially during this time, as there are lots of infiltrators trying to take advantage

2021-01-07 22:26:47 UTC

~~stop letting in new users~~

2021-01-07 22:27:01 UTC

Yup, they got us without even getting us

2021-01-07 22:27:08 UTC

Quatroking is not the inflitrator? He has a Chinese flag in his name

2021-01-07 22:27:13 UTC


2021-01-07 22:27:17 UTC

Quatro server owner

2021-01-07 22:27:44 UTC

All right wing communities are just complying

2021-01-07 22:27:56 UTC



2021-01-07 22:28:49 UTC


2021-01-07 22:29:00 UTC


2021-01-07 22:29:06 UTC

was there nothing new while i was gone

2021-01-07 22:29:11 UTC

What did the press sec say?

2021-01-07 22:29:17 UTC

other than:

2021-01-07 22:29:25 UTC

What did he expose?

2021-01-07 22:30:04 UTC

@guac You see Pence get his masonic rewards and eblow bump from Pelosi

2021-01-07 22:30:10 UTC

yeah lol

2021-01-07 22:30:20 UTC

but nothing *big* happen?

2021-01-07 22:30:25 UTC


2021-01-07 22:30:30 UTC


2021-01-07 22:30:33 UTC

Check out what he said

2021-01-07 22:30:41 UTC


2021-01-07 22:30:42 UTC


2021-01-07 22:31:26 UTC

Why do they care so much to impeach or remove Trump if he is gone in 2 weeks?

2021-01-07 22:31:30 UTC

Orderly transition to facism

2021-01-07 22:31:30 UTC

@liuyankit Quatroking is Dutch and is a Chinese culture enthusiast

2021-01-07 22:31:35 UTC


2021-01-07 22:31:36 UTC

so he cant run again

2021-01-07 22:31:41 UTC

why does he say 'chat'

2021-01-07 22:31:42 UTC

orderly transition across the rubicon

2021-01-07 22:31:56 UTC

its a twitter thread

2021-01-07 22:32:13 UTC

Like he could beat their rigged elections anyway

2021-01-07 22:32:13 UTC

i thought he was referring to trs chat <:poggers:692923019542134876>

2021-01-07 22:32:18 UTC

he's here

2021-01-07 22:32:22 UTC

he said greatest "first term"

2021-01-07 22:32:23 UTC

Oh, interesting

2021-01-07 22:32:25 UTC

read that

2021-01-07 22:32:26 UTC

something's up if he actually said that

2021-01-07 22:32:32 UTC

yeah he did say that

2021-01-07 22:32:45 UTC

Why would so many westerner interest in Chinese culture.

2021-01-07 22:32:54 UTC

Lots of copium in the air.

2021-01-07 22:32:59 UTC

It’s over goys

2021-01-07 22:33:17 UTC

There is no 2024

2021-01-07 22:33:40 UTC

Pack it up. Head home. Start prepping for the worst, and network like fucking crazy with local like minded people

2021-01-07 22:34:21 UTC

Dude where are the fck marines and the 10th mountains?!

2021-01-07 22:34:21 UTC

I thought Lin Wood said bring out the guns, where's the guns now

2021-01-07 22:34:33 UTC

Lin wood is a POS

2021-01-07 22:34:51 UTC


2021-01-07 22:34:52 UTC

I heard Trump dropped all his GA lawsuits

2021-01-07 22:35:01 UTC

All this talk is going to hurt kyles case

2021-01-07 22:35:41 UTC

Kyle will be yet another political casualty like the Proud Boys

2021-01-07 22:36:01 UTC

He must, I think he made a deal with the Dems to prevent being revenge

2021-01-07 22:36:02 UTC

law doesn't apply to "traitors". If the elites want you jailed you get jailed

2021-01-07 22:36:16 UTC

They want to make an example out of kyle

2021-01-07 22:37:55 UTC

I don't believe we have ever gone this long without hearing directly from Trump

2021-01-07 22:38:26 UTC

Lin Wood seemed insane for some of the shit he said

2021-01-07 22:38:34 UTC

Yesterday some of those things seemed proven true

2021-01-07 22:39:03 UTC

You mean Pence is gay?

2021-01-07 22:39:13 UTC


2021-01-07 22:39:35 UTC


2021-01-07 22:39:38 UTC

Maybe lol. They say those who hate on gays the most are projecting

2021-01-07 22:39:49 UTC

Hes the most gay hating politician in DC

2021-01-07 22:40:29 UTC

Idk what to think tbh we been lied to left and right

2021-01-07 22:40:39 UTC


2021-01-07 22:41:41 UTC

he doesn't hate gays Trump pandered to them for awhile and he was fine with it, he's just larping as a chirstian boy scout

2021-01-07 22:41:57 UTC

True, there's nth as left and right. Its China's tactic to lure people to fight with each other

2021-01-07 22:42:36 UTC

not just china

2021-01-07 22:42:39 UTC

globalists as a whole

2021-01-07 22:43:42 UTC

Watch the fed viking guy and the confederate flag guy won't be arressted since they were false flag antifa

2021-01-07 22:44:10 UTC

I kinda like the ring of `Youpai` for a right wing person

2021-01-07 22:44:47 UTC

My fat cunt Dad's wife was watching msnbc like always and they just kept cutting to the Confederate flag guy every few seconds. Definitely a cia plant

2021-01-07 22:46:00 UTC

Anyone see dc police blocking people from leaving hotels last night?

2021-01-07 22:46:02 UTC

You are fck retarded

2021-01-07 22:46:08 UTC


2021-01-07 22:46:14 UTC

So let me get this straight

2021-01-07 22:46:18 UTC


2021-01-07 22:46:29 UTC

DC police can’t secure the US capitol but they can stop people from leaving hotels?

2021-01-07 22:46:33 UTC


2021-01-07 22:46:44 UTC

Im not saying there werent possible fed agitators ... tho not this Viking guy he was Q tard

2021-01-07 22:47:06 UTC

why is he pictured with pelosi's son in law

2021-01-07 22:47:39 UTC

This shit was unorganized .. without a real goal .. chaotic .. seems kinda agitated by ZOG

2021-01-07 22:47:43 UTC


2021-01-07 22:47:43 UTC

The viking guy I have seen people vouch for

2021-01-07 22:47:49 UTC

Mao intentionally created two classes of people to fight with each other so he can gain traction for their political power through the majority side, the ppl who is poor and left is always the majority

2021-01-07 22:48:05 UTC

saw that the photo was really weird, it looked like it was taken with a DSLR camera for some reason...

2021-01-07 22:48:08 UTC

history just repeating itself

2021-01-07 22:48:36 UTC

Viking guy: Satanic pedophiles run the government but let's pose with their family members for a selfie

2021-01-07 22:48:37 UTC

seems legit

2021-01-07 22:48:43 UTC

French revolution, Hitler, Cultural revolution all the same

2021-01-07 22:48:54 UTC

yeah obvious fed psyop at this point

2021-01-07 22:48:57 UTC

and fuckers took the bait

2021-01-07 22:49:17 UTC

making us look like absolute shit

2021-01-07 22:50:21 UTC

I bet they will start antagonising the middle class soon

2021-01-07 22:50:31 UTC

So Camp David is castle rock

2021-01-07 22:50:36 UTC

Power and control

2021-01-07 22:50:47 UTC

Red 6

2021-01-07 22:51:24 UTC

When does Blackwater come in and btfo the feds and reinstall Trump as the supreme king?

2021-01-07 22:51:36 UTC

they'll be the rich farmers

2021-01-07 22:52:21 UTC

I'm annoyed I voted for traitors in the past 3 elections.

2021-01-07 22:52:56 UTC

Makes me feel like not voting anymore, or voting for their opponents hoping to make them suffer.

2021-01-07 22:53:06 UTC

Or maybe take it to the extremes

2021-01-07 22:53:10 UTC

we'll have to take things into our own hands at this point

2021-01-07 22:53:14 UTC

because voting is useless.

2021-01-07 22:53:16 UTC

yesterday was a failed attempt at such

2021-01-07 22:53:23 UTC

Who ever you vote doesn't count

2021-01-07 22:53:51 UTC

The winner is already designated

2021-01-07 22:53:58 UTC

Trump is the only outsider president in over 100 years probably

2021-01-07 22:54:02 UTC

So it seems

2021-01-07 22:54:06 UTC

maybe even longer idk

2021-01-07 22:54:29 UTC

How about Reagan

2021-01-07 22:54:36 UTC

He was in hollywood

2021-01-07 22:54:39 UTC

Reagan was kind of cringe.

2021-01-07 22:54:48 UTC

Especially what he did to Rhodesia.

2021-01-07 22:54:50 UTC

He was very capitalist

2021-01-07 22:54:53 UTC

Him and Kissinger.

2021-01-07 22:54:54 UTC

in a bad way

2021-01-07 22:55:12 UTC

and tons of foreign wars like jews do

2021-01-07 22:55:23 UTC

Nixon and maybe JFK were renegades so they destroyed them

2021-01-07 22:55:26 UTC

I hope there is a special place in hell for people like Kissinger

2021-01-07 22:55:33 UTC
2021-01-07 22:55:35 UTC

I agree

2021-01-07 22:55:39 UTC

evil racist trump supporters

2021-01-07 22:56:00 UTC

Understand, the nation you were born in no longer exists. It’s gone. It’s been gone. Trump was chance of resuscitation. It failed

2021-01-07 22:56:07 UTC

Very mixed bag, but in some cases it seems like he just handed new born Republics/Democracies right to the communists.

2021-01-07 22:56:16 UTC

I was born during Clinton admin so haha

2021-01-07 22:56:23 UTC

He did alright in Vietnam, but he made several mistakes.

2021-01-07 22:56:58 UTC

So you are believing the Illuminati thing?

2021-01-07 22:57:00 UTC

Clinton was far more conservative than almost everyone in office now

2021-01-07 22:57:09 UTC

There is a reason Nixon is smeared so badly to this day, same with Joseph McCarthy and others

2021-01-07 22:57:36 UTC

I wish Eisenhower would've stuck the screws to the French to actually stick with it and stop acting like pansies.

2021-01-07 22:57:42 UTC

Damn I love being part of the bad guys. 😎

2021-01-07 22:57:47 UTC


2021-01-07 22:58:01 UTC

Yet crimes of LBJ Clinton Reagan and Bushes are basically memory holed

2021-01-07 22:58:10 UTC

What if we've been the good guys all along? <:groyper:729726017815445577>

2021-01-07 22:58:21 UTC


2021-01-07 22:58:22 UTC

McCarthy was a closet homosexual

2021-01-07 22:58:26 UTC

degeneracy is their strongest subversion

2021-01-07 22:58:43 UTC

Is that J Edgar Hoover?

2021-01-07 22:59:03 UTC

Edna Hoover <:trolled:749729877002813602>

2021-01-07 22:59:12 UTC

Then we'll live long enough to see ourselves become the bad guys. <:smugpepe:690282332388720691>

2021-01-07 22:59:18 UTC


2021-01-07 23:00:31 UTC

If you resist degeneracy, lies, corruption, and the destruction of god and all that is good, you ARE their bad goy

2021-01-07 23:02:22 UTC

I don't think people should argue about homosexuality at all, whats wrong with it? If we stop arguing, we'll have ourself one less enemy

2021-01-07 23:03:12 UTC

They push it on children. I think trans is worse tho in terms of destroying lives and brainwashing

2021-01-07 23:03:21 UTC

especially with women

2021-01-07 23:03:29 UTC

I don't think that is every gay person

2021-01-07 23:03:42 UTC

like some just want to have their partner and be left to their lives

2021-01-07 23:03:55 UTC

I think there is the political gay who are the issue

2021-01-07 23:05:35 UTC

As long as they don't force people to do surgery, I am fine with it. We should united to fight the real enemy to democracy

2021-01-07 23:05:58 UTC

It shouldn't be encouraged or celebrated. Gay pride shouldn't exist. All that stuff is psyop and supports degeneracy. Very very few gays act conservative, often they are promiscouis, unfaithful, have tens or hundreds of partners more than straights.

2021-01-07 23:06:11 UTC

Tons of std and have orgies

2021-01-07 23:06:18 UTC

While I agree with you Fish, the optics are hard at the moment

2021-01-07 23:07:11 UTC

I guess it's not the most important issue at the moment, and I believe the root of the problem is the death of the family

2021-01-07 23:08:25 UTC

Homosexuality is an indication of the destruction and decay of a society.

2021-01-07 23:08:26 UTC

so if we could have strong homogenous society pro family and pro life and pro marriage, less degeneracy and women divorcing because they need to try out more dicks, and more strong men so they are less likely to divorce them for being weak. If we fix that we are going somehwere.

2021-01-07 23:08:36 UTC

And bring back religion would fix those too

2021-01-07 23:09:38 UTC

I merely support Trump because he is the only one we got against the globohomo control who is very pro degen

2021-01-07 23:10:31 UTC

I support trump only because he’s at least not anti-white.

2021-01-07 23:11:11 UTC

Tho he is kinda good troll too

2021-01-07 23:11:23 UTC

I would like to hear from Trump himself, no proxy

2021-01-07 23:15:50 UTC

i dont support trump because he gives people a place to place there anger / copes instead of finding the real causes of their problems

2021-01-07 23:16:15 UTC

Trump conceding through a proxy is like breaking up over a text

2021-01-07 23:16:23 UTC

hes a giant bloviating distraction that steers people away from the JQ

2021-01-07 23:17:55 UTC

I don’t think so

2021-01-07 23:18:01 UTC

What I learnt from democracy is people is allowed to have different opinions, but freedom of expression must not be impeded.

2021-01-07 23:18:03 UTC

He helped lead me to it.

2021-01-07 23:18:09 UTC

He just won’t ever name it

2021-01-07 23:18:22 UTC

It is literal suicide and I’m pretty sure he knows it

2021-01-07 23:18:57 UTC

@BDubStunts you are a rare one then most trump supports use him as a reason to love isreal

2021-01-07 23:19:28 UTC

But nowadays, our right of free speech is apparently infringed by Twitter and Facebook.

2021-01-07 23:19:30 UTC

Without a trump presidency, I’d probably have still been conservitard. Many of my real life friends went down this same path

2021-01-07 23:20:15 UTC

@liuyankit always has been and like before those platforms there was only the news and that was 100% controlled

2021-01-07 23:20:32 UTC

we had a very short window before they cracked down

2021-01-07 23:21:29 UTC

Nah he lead to there kinda...

2021-01-07 23:21:41 UTC

With making people aware of the hostile media..

2021-01-07 23:22:00 UTC

Tho he also shilled a lot for zog..

2021-01-07 23:22:06 UTC

Still he started no new war

2021-01-07 23:22:08 UTC

also he shilled for fox jews

2021-01-07 23:22:10 UTC

Is the ItalyGate story gaining any traction?

2021-01-07 23:22:25 UTC

Thats Italy soon


2021-01-07 23:22:27 UTC

and fox is possibly the worst because they are disgused

2021-01-07 23:22:27 UTC


2021-01-07 23:22:40 UTC

always get a traitor before and enemy

2021-01-07 23:22:48 UTC

I was pretty pessimistic about our corrupt government going into 2015-2016 primaries. Worried about the NWO, then Trump gave me hope, but maybe the NWO only is coming faster now

2021-01-07 23:23:06 UTC

i had hope for trump until 2017

2021-01-07 23:23:16 UTC

the charolottesville and syria bombings i was like

2021-01-07 23:23:16 UTC


2021-01-07 23:23:24 UTC

hes teh same shit with a organge skin

2021-01-07 23:23:24 UTC

@Spartazon wth, where is that vid from? France? Recent?

2021-01-07 23:23:54 UTC


2021-01-07 23:24:07 UTC

What syria bombings?

2021-01-07 23:24:08 UTC
2021-01-07 23:24:44 UTC

when he bombed syria airbases and ended relations with russia

2021-01-07 23:24:49 UTC

I got a screen tint so the green looked blue @Spartazon

2021-01-07 23:24:50 UTC

when they did the fake gas attacks

2021-01-07 23:24:55 UTC

But also based af?

2021-01-07 23:24:58 UTC

He literal warned them no one died it was a old base..

2021-01-07 23:25:11 UTC

With no planes in it

2021-01-07 23:25:18 UTC

That was no real attack

2021-01-07 23:25:30 UTC


2021-01-07 23:25:30 UTC

he did it twice

2021-01-07 23:25:32 UTC

I certainly think that Trump knows about the jewish elite situation. He moved a fucking embassy and does little favors to get (((them))) off his back. You can't say (((they))) control everything, and then believe Trump can just name them and not expect to get JFK'D. It's an optics thing; you have to play the game for a while

2021-01-07 23:26:09 UTC

@Unstoppable001 problem is trump accomplished NOTHING TRANSITIONALLY for his people

2021-01-07 23:26:18 UTC

Biden worded that tweet really weird, it's hard to read

2021-01-07 23:26:24 UTC

talked ALOT of shit

2021-01-07 23:26:28 UTC

Well he build a movement.. kinda

2021-01-07 23:26:29 UTC

but always cucked

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