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Urm, what happened to the old CC?

why is it dead and gone

Was there like some power struggle.


@king Yo, so what's up. What happened to CC?

I am le sad



Welp I'm out for a bit, hopefully wehn I am back the gayness will have calmed down <:FeelsNeatMan:356316908171034626>

FB is prompting me to follow Cuckerberg - what for - 2020 propaganda amirite?

@futurestorms Yup it is. But unfortuately I have to use it for - work things. <:PepeSpecial:356316713429499905>

@mew is not illegal You was cuck before, right?


@fr ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just woke up, came on, soar message, and thought... oh a new server for right wing stuff (still thinking CC was there) but alas it was gone.

2020 - where America could become - AmericaBook


I WANT MY MONKA GIGA BACK <@&350739960602689547>

I can't tag mods, booo

they all offline



Man I don't get what happened to CC.

was it taken down by admins? Discrd?

MAN it was a place where we didn;'t have little bitches who got offended easily.

@Fusion Man if the server collapsed over that shit then that is pretty pathetic imo. Looks weak.

CAN'T LET THIS LITTLE DOZY LEAK OUT. We'd become a laughing stock if we get downed by something as simple as a freaking furry channel.

Well CC was meant to be for America, it was pro-Trump server, wtf did you expect man.

oh well past is the past. Let's not think back on it all the time like lefties do.

oh well, shit happens I guess.


I mean Empires just was not going to last, too much land to keep hold on, too many differing cultures and ethnicities, too many different languages and traditions etc, etc, etc.

It's slowly sllloowwwlly ssllllooowllllyyyy fracuturing.

They can't ignore the rise of populist parties forever.

Now now. Not too far out into our waters.

We might have to write a strong letter of condemnation.

The day the EU collapses is the day I have a gigantic party. And laugh as everyone loses their shit.


@Scary_Clown Man fuck that. I'm gonna die in my country as a true patriot while communism devours us all.

yes it was some very gay ass drama

Some petty shit over a furry channel opening up splintered the admins and caused the whole server to collapse.

Strong and stable boys.

If something like that can take the whole server down then that is some weak shit.

@shumagram No it cannot my boy.

Unless we want to face another possible collapse.

I mean we have to admit, furries litrally took down CC without even having to raise anything.

Sad days boys, sad days.

Cuase one of the admins wanted a furry channrl

no, just one admin

Then when that admin refused to give up the server it all went to shit.

And this place was born. If it was not already here that is.

Can't make any promises lmao

after that shit went down

It happened litrally overnight, just came on and see the channel gone, puff. And an invite here.


I mean tbh this place has a bit of gayness but I'm sure with time everything will flatten out.

Welp, I'm out. Having a pot noodle then going to the cinema. Hopefully this place will still be here when I'm back <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

12 more days in till the next end of the world!


Wake up you YANKS

On the event of weed being legal I always imagine big weed bars on the corner of streets. <:Thonk:362811285869559808>


Here is one of the hardest riddles in the world, apparently only a select amount have EVER got it, here it is - If I smoke 3 joints, buy the milk on Tuesdays and smell the Roses at night, how old is my friend Stacey who's car is parked at the local liquor store. Keeping in mind there are two seperate entities in this and that also at this time there happens to be a lunar eclipse and the new year will be 2073 with the problem within a problem if Stacey is even at the store or somewhere else. Good luck boys.

Guys I was at a cinema yesterday and an ad came on telling us to come out for LGBT.


So what are all you Mongols up to on this FINE weekend.

Lot's of retarded O Mongoloids moaning on FB about the Trump admin looking into anti-Trumpers. But the only Anti-Trumpers that need to be afraid are the ones who participated in riots or liked pages that organized them.


Cuase you may get a knock knock at the door. BITCH

@アライグマ <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

oy vey goyim

What did who mean by what.

you some kind of noob nibba

Man I added some retards as friends on FB.

Wow, two terror attacks today, one in Canada and one in France.

I mean we gonna have to face it in the end, we all know Catalonia is going to secede at some point.

These things don't just clear up by themselves and rarely without the people getting what they want.

@StevePines -WA What in the fuck.

That is some random shit right there.

Anyone want to go bowling?


My score - <:PepeSmug:356316580143169536>

So, anyone ever been to Bhutan.


@๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Professor Egg Chums? What are you some kind of Brit-fag

Welp you can't be real British if you don't even know about Eton


Guys - Sour cream and onion pringles WITH sour cream and chives dip..... WHHHATTTT!

(britain!) 😬

Not long till Trumps one year anniversary <:PepeSmug:356316580143169536> gone quick. <:TrumpSmile:356316463490924561>

Oh wiat a min

I mean that's on the 20th next year lol

Not long till Trump was pres elect

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont says region has won right to independence after Sunday's contentious referendum - SHIT MIGHT BE GOING DOWN.

People are dead for sure

no doubt about it

They sound like very heavy machine guns

Could be worse than Orlando

Have to wait and see

Im soar a video of someone running with machine gun fire in background and that someone was shot in the head

it was on right side broadcasting networks Youtube livestream

Could be 20+ dead already so far

@n//a Sounds like religion of peace

Yeah angry granpa and all. Watch all there videos

lol, many years ago I actually enjoyed playing the tycoon games on Roblox, and the survival ones. <:FeelsLELMan:356316501105442817>

Found this YT comment: You stupid dumb cunt. The festival was a fucking gun free zone for a start so you can shove that one right up your cuck ass. Oh so, this attack happens to be an outlier where the attacker shot from a high up area. Outside of that most mass shootings have the guy going about on ground. Oh but never mind since all mass shootings happen in gun free zones so you can't defend yourself even in those situations anyway. When guns get taken away then criminals and killers win, the more gun free zones set up, again the more wins for criminals and killers. Easy targets. Everybody un-armed. Oh but still, gun free zones where people get massacred by guns are not enough, let's get in some strict gun laws... OH WAIT Chicago already did that... oh and look at that they still have shootings all the time by criminals and killers... who... win... again. By making guns harder to get you boost criminal enterprise. So I hope you enjoy helping criminals and killers have their ways.


I didn't see the vegas shooting chat was still open


Well you know


Or was it doe <:ThonkButCool:363588656792993792>

Does anyone here like apple and cheese sandwiches?

Mature cheese and whatever apples I happen to come across.

Mature cheddar cheese

fish fingers and custard. <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

Cereal but with ketchup instead of milk <:ThonkButWat:362811409928552449>

@VicariousJambi Man I'm not American, any Brit Bong would know wat im going on about. <:FeelsLELMan:356316501105442817>

Just a bag of apples off the shelf, nothing specific.

It probably is. But one of my friends tried it on frosties once on a dare and she said it was not bad.


So police search for motives, wonder what they'll come up with.


imo all music is pretty much gay anyway. All I listen to in music form tends to be game and movie soundtracks.

wow guys I'm eaten a kiwi an advert of the animal version comes up. <:MonkaGiga:362975800146001921>

Man I want to eat chilli but mostly everyone in my house dislikes it. <:FeelsBadMan:356316589689405440>

Yello Goyim. Lotta Goyim. All Goyim. Oy vey.


Well it is just a white guy trying to spread white guy division. #putsinearphones #notlistening

Fuckin fur fags.


Didn't Spain form by like uniting a bunch of Kingdoms? Which is like why independence in some of them is a growing thing.

Actual dog, or undercover furry <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

Man I identify as a black person so I can't be racist, bitch!

Someone posted a Muslim joke in a online game FB room am in and triggered a Muslim and some other cuck. Now they getting pissed on after he made a post about it on the gaming page lmao.

Sadly only Trump calls them out for who they are.

@ah <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

Since that post on The Donald was reset to 0 upvotes, the sub has gained 2k subs.

@Die fahne hoch! Goyim, it is the only pro-Trump place on Reddit.

The post that got reset to 0 upvotes was a Hillary Clinton joke.

It reached the front page, and then reset, but still there.

I don't get why they reset them, it always gives the sub thousands more subs.

Notice it always happens after big events such as attacks and elections.

I really don't mind the resetting of the posts though, it gives the subs even more attention.


pepe creator is still trying to shut down his creation, and failing as usual.

The new backup one called Blepe was created just in case by... well 4chan... but it is not needed.

It is said the fart of a Communist is capable of taking 100 souls - Some Random Guy, 2017.

Donald Trump has called at NBC on Twitter at least.

@BGN Does your name stand for Big Gay Nibba?


@ordosius Urmmmmmmm


Well, they better start rounding up all the BREXIT voters I guess, including the ones who voted remain cause technically they still participated in something that had far-right a part of it.


I'll cliam centre-right.

don't worrty

I got this

Well better round up the Coservative party then cause that's their stance, believe it or not.


I think it mainly means far-right stuff as in terror plot, far-right violence stuff... you know stuff like that

@J U S T I never posted on that autismo site anyway.




There was a sonic boom over my area yesterday when jets were intercepting a plane they thought had a bomb on it.

wtf my message just vanished.

fuckin buggy discord

Hey guys, they say the Russian backed ads targeted Wisconsin and Michigan but again conviently leave out the parts that those ads were pro-Hillary and Pro-BLM.

Yeah no leftie will believe RT lmao.

That will just increase their suspisciouns.

Man I came on then ready for a day of salt and now I'm salty, I thought Muellar announced no evidence of russian collusion. Man.

@Drakus_ I don;t know, your name suggest otherwise. <:ThonkButCool:363588656792993792>

Daym, this place is gaysville during this time huh? Only reason I'm up at like 4am is cause of a fucking cold. And I come to find this Clusterfuck.

Yoooo, what's up faggots.

I see this place is a lot less autist from earlier this morning (my time)

So you do admit then?

You're a conservative Jew

Being a conservative Christian I want to start the next crusade to take back the holy land plz.

oy vey, you don't have to be in hiding anymore, all that ended decades ago.

dduuudddeee, I went to that natural history museam last year that has just been hit by one of those car attacks.

@Grugochet Well of course amirite.

what the fuck you going on about.

Bolognase sauce.

Does anyone just like saying the word Bolognase sometimes for no reason at all.

Specifically the BOLOG part, something about that part.

Yeah well your fucking weirdos so, go faggot elsewhere amirite. <:ThonkButCool:363588656792993792>

You slept with 16 faggots?

The 16th is the next end date of the world which is for real this time?

Man Musical.ly is some of the most faggot shit that exists, who ever made it should be ashamed.

You have 16 guns


You was born with 16 penises as a birth defect.

A biblical or religious meaning?

oohhhh shhitt


So all these ISIS members surrendering in Iraq, that is still part of their plan. They know they gonna lose so they surrender in so in the future they can start it up again, take over from the inside, rise up again.

@Saxon What are you. Some kind of super Goyim? Oy vey.

From where?

Who is botting members from where?

Mayn we need to stop that bot.

We gonna end up getting too many cucks.

WELCOME OUTSIDERS. TO THE RED PILL. Take it or fuck off. amirite.

It's a wall

They are building several prototypes.


I think it is gonna be like a double wall, is what they're aiming for, with a bit in the middle to patrol and work in or some shit.


@ah They big reinforced concrete 30ft slabs mah boy.

Only prototype though.

@Deleted User ac5acc68 <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

@ordosius YOU'VE GOT MY VOTE

California needs to have its government dissolved. They are drifting further and further away from abiding by federal law and government.

Of course though dissolving their government would cause a ton of commie riots but it will just show you more of who they are, the left.

California's big problem is debt, despite them making up so much economy they still have a large debt, if they even managed to gain indepence which is highly unlikely they'd be fucking themselves and if they tried to get back into the US they'd probably gain Puerto Rico status.

Nope, so that is why they are trying to quietly undermine federal law since they know they'll never get indepence, which needs to be dealt with. They are out of control.

It's turning into a rogue state.


What happened to the picture.



wheres my pumpkin

How do I add a pumpkin on to my name lol

I'm like

super Halloween

Yeah boi

Let them riot

Cause who gives a shit by this point. I know I don't <:PepeSmug:356316580143169536>


Cops just can't kill a black person who is endangering their life anymore, apparently.

Welp. She got karma, a big one at that.

"using brain senses" "scanning" "seeing 9000% scared. seeing 10,000% all cops racist"

BLM are only keeping black people in thug culture.

they the real racissis.

What I am saying is that trying to get out of thug culture, they get called out for acting too much like white people. When they live in the hood mainly.

Well. The NFL has started giving up on letting their players protest the anthem, cause they're getting scared about their ratings.

I hope so, then watch them fuck all of themselves over. Karma karma karma.

So anyway, The Donald seems to be thinking that Donald Trump is going to bomb/strike NK at any time.

Cause he met with his generals in the situation room yesterday and there has been increased activity with US forces around the Korean peninsula.

And the whole calm before the storm thing.

@thot destroyer Yeah. That was mid-September but only released recently. So I guess NK might be planning around it or whatever.

Maybe it was even bogus and they got tricked.

I heard some in cuck-o news sub say that NK claimed they never hacked and that it was a 3rd party in their country. Which boggles my mind, 3rd party in NK? Yeah right mayn, even if so, no way they not working with the NK government.

Looks like Kim Fat Boi is getting his daughter groomed for leadership anyway, at least when he dies.

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