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2020-01-18 17:52:40 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Need some trans memes for a debate im in boys

2020-01-18 17:53:05 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-01-18 17:53:13 UTC [The Donald #general]

2020-01-18 17:54:30 UTC [The Donald #general]

2020-01-20 02:05:19 UTC [The Donald #general]  

This isn’t a republican discord.

2020-01-20 02:05:28 UTC [The Donald #general]  

This discord is dedicated to GEOTUS

2020-01-20 02:06:12 UTC [The Donald #general]  

**this channel looks very low energy**

2020-01-20 02:07:46 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Why is this commie still here modfags?

2020-01-20 02:08:30 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Lol tru

2020-01-29 00:28:05 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]

2020-01-29 00:28:17 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

In fact, really big rally!

2020-01-29 00:29:50 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 00:30:58 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Jersey only red when voter id happens!

2020-01-29 00:32:29 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I would fuck every single woman standing behind GEOTUS dont @ me

2020-01-29 00:33:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

YES!!! more socialist bashing

2020-01-29 00:33:46 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

He doesn’t shit talk socialism enough

2020-01-29 00:34:00 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Maybe he wants sanders to get the nom and hes waiting off on shitting on socialism

2020-01-29 00:34:56 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Not sure what to think about jeff van drew

2020-01-29 00:35:14 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

First of all

2020-01-29 00:35:19 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Guys wearing 2 watches

2020-01-29 00:35:25 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

What kind of faggot wears 2 watches

2020-01-29 00:36:16 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

This faggot better hurry up I aint turn this on to hear jeff van drew

2020-01-29 00:38:28 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I don’t know why even bother with this faggot. He’s already been speaking about 90 seconds too long

2020-01-29 00:39:22 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

**175000 attendees**

2020-01-29 00:39:27 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Holy fuck!!!

2020-01-29 00:40:40 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 00:42:24 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Smh why this fat cunt

2020-01-29 00:42:48 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I now realize why I hate new jersey

2020-01-29 00:44:35 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

2 terms!!!

2020-01-29 00:44:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Holy shit!!!

2020-01-29 00:44:54 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 00:44:56 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 00:45:13 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Which one of you faggots is kellyanne

2020-01-29 00:47:51 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 00:47:54 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Trump jr

2020-01-29 00:48:30 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

might see graham or mcconell go for the white house

2020-01-29 00:48:34 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Who knows

2020-01-29 00:48:41 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Cross that bridge when we get to it

2020-01-29 00:49:43 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

That woman to the right of geotus is the most jersey woman I’ve ever seen

2020-01-29 01:19:57 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 01:27:59 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Mfw he gets to saying MAGA <:pepejands:624688733354197022> its over

2020-01-29 01:29:21 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 01:29:33 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-01-29 01:30:27 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

We memed a man into the white house, damn sure we gonna meme him back in

2020-02-05 01:39:08 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]

2020-02-05 01:53:41 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I've been jamming to this music for like 10 min lol

2020-02-05 01:56:14 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Mr Speaker,

2020-02-05 01:56:26 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 02:04:42 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Lets fucking go boys

2020-02-05 02:05:18 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Madame Speaker, *still* , the **PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES**

2020-02-05 02:53:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

God damn she is so sexy

2020-02-05 03:15:26 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 03:26:44 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

What a fuckin cunt

2020-02-05 03:27:12 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

We’ve reached new levels of salt

2020-02-05 03:27:24 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 03:27:40 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 03:27:48 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 03:27:52 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 03:28:36 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

She’s such a cunt

2020-02-05 03:28:45 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

And he didn’t mention farage that’s disappointing

2020-02-05 03:29:02 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Other than that pretty good speech

2020-02-05 03:31:46 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

She rips it and trumps just like “fuck ya then”

2020-02-05 03:32:27 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-05 03:37:50 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Is trump going to attend the vote?

2020-02-05 03:40:46 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Imagine ripping up the success of millions of Americans because u have tds and also become articles you knew would fail are going to fail tomorrow

2020-02-10 23:45:32 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Why are we winners?

2020-02-10 23:50:59 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Rally start in hour?

2020-02-10 23:51:03 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Or 10min

2020-02-11 00:04:30 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  



2020-02-11 00:05:09 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Lets fucking go

2020-02-11 00:07:23 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:08:26 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

He is in top form tonight

2020-02-11 00:08:32 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Looking great!

2020-02-11 00:14:28 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I cant see the hat SS plz for me <:sweethugs:624681482400825384>

2020-02-11 00:16:25 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

“Is there anyone with a 401k thats doing badly? I’d like to not talk to that person please.” <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498>

2020-02-11 00:17:04 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:17:07 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]

2020-02-11 00:17:14 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:20:07 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

They’re so bad man. I don’t think the average joe understands how seriously socialist these ppl are

2020-02-11 00:21:11 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

No like, its not a joke. They openly call for bullets for capitalists that resist the socialist takeover impending

2020-02-11 00:25:04 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Ivanka makes my pee pee hard

2020-02-11 00:25:35 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]

2020-02-11 00:32:21 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:32:23 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

<:ultrasmug:624684793199722498> <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498> <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498>

2020-02-11 00:33:35 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I fucking love this guy

2020-02-11 00:36:36 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:36:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

<:ultrasmug:624684793199722498> <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498>

2020-02-11 00:39:35 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Live look in at the berny “rally”
Live music is playing during this pic, crowd is silent, they just look thrilled

2020-02-11 00:41:28 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:42:13 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:42:37 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

This guy is a god damn legend

2020-02-11 00:43:23 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I’m starting to think Crusader Joe is actually Islamic Straights IRL dad

2020-02-11 00:44:16 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

<:pepehug:645433983475122176> noooo

2020-02-11 00:44:51 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I wish he did an hour tv show every day

2020-02-11 00:49:02 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Does anybody know who won iowa?

2020-02-11 00:51:47 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:52:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

We’re the party with all the enthusiasm LMAO

2020-02-11 00:52:44 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Trump is top tier today

2020-02-11 00:53:17 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

You think he uses discord?

2020-02-11 00:55:10 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 00:56:15 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

There he is lmao!

2020-02-11 00:56:19 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

He was sitting

2020-02-11 01:01:50 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]

2020-02-11 01:05:13 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Never fails to impress

2020-02-11 01:14:50 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-11 01:15:32 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

White names get vetted join the real faggots in the member lounge

2020-02-12 02:58:04 UTC [The Donald #general]  

White names: get vetted faggots

2020-02-12 02:58:11 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Open server is lame

2020-02-20 02:06:57 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Imagine watching the dem debate instead of this

2020-02-20 02:12:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Tbh the rest of them are pretty low energy

2020-02-20 02:12:45 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

The world needs more green shirt dudes

2020-02-20 02:15:50 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Trump probably allowing some time to compile clips from early in the debate to shit on them for

2020-02-20 02:16:14 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

(And also the best real faggots too)

2020-02-20 02:16:48 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Fox 10 killed the audio to avoid copyright issues

2020-02-20 02:16:53 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Whats everyone watching

2020-02-20 02:16:56 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-20 02:17:54 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Green shirt dude is pumping the crowd up

2020-02-20 02:18:08 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Trump oughta bring greenbro on stage

2020-02-20 02:18:51 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Lol at the “my ass got acquitted” shirt

2020-02-20 02:19:47 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I’d much rather listen to sinatra watching some middle aged dude dance alone than watch 25 democrats debate socialism

2020-02-20 02:20:51 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Ngl i did try to watch the debate while waiting but I couldn’t find a stream on yt in under 30 seconds so I just came here to listen to the tunes

2020-02-20 02:21:23 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Some of us gotta be salt mining at the debate we cant all be here

2020-02-20 02:21:30 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

We would miss too many quality memes

2020-02-20 02:24:03 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Meanwhile in bernieland

2020-02-20 02:24:39 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Yeah its a public server

2020-02-20 02:24:59 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

They are the party of depression and complaining

2020-02-20 02:25:10 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

We are the party of enthusiasm and realism

2020-02-20 02:26:02 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Wanted to react no but didnt wanna be the onlyone thundercles is a mind reader

2020-02-20 02:26:25 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

The music is getting more and more hyped

2020-02-20 02:26:47 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Greenbro is getting back into it

2020-02-20 02:26:55 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Holy shit he’s becoming a liquid

2020-02-20 02:27:37 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Please clap

2020-02-20 02:27:47 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Yes lads.

2020-02-20 02:27:52 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

He has come

2020-02-20 02:28:41 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-20 02:30:17 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Yes lads

2020-02-20 02:30:29 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Yep let your fucking neighbors listen

2020-02-20 02:30:32 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Blast it

2020-02-20 02:33:05 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Fucking shit yes

2020-02-20 02:35:45 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

November 3rd is going to be excellent

2020-02-20 02:57:06 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Trumps face

2020-02-20 02:57:09 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-20 02:57:18 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

<:ultrasmug:624684793199722498> <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498> <:ultrasmug:624684793199722498>

2020-02-20 03:10:08 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Overclicked lives in california

2020-02-20 03:11:15 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

1/3 of 1 percent

2020-02-20 03:37:55 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Arizona doesn’t have hot chicks like NJ did

2020-02-20 04:09:26 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-20 04:20:01 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-21 00:28:15 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Is he out yet?

2020-02-21 00:28:19 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Did I miss it

2020-02-21 00:28:30 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Awesome ty

2020-02-21 00:28:36 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Was gonna shower but ill wait

2020-02-21 00:58:36 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-21 01:01:08 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Fuck off with the kpop

2020-02-21 01:01:16 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

@uncle_nurgle I’m getting worried about u man

2020-02-21 01:01:33 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

@uncle_nurgle come to mass bro I’ll bring you to the titty bars

2020-02-21 01:02:21 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Meet me there in 2 hours?

2020-02-21 01:02:59 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

It only takes 1 pede to convert hundreds of npcs.

2020-02-21 01:06:00 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Asian chicks always seem hot until you see 10 of them together then they arent so much anymore

2020-02-21 01:06:32 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]

2020-02-21 01:07:50 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

We are so blessed to get rallies 2 nights in a row

2020-02-21 01:13:59 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Don Jr defo prepping for 2024 im saying

2020-02-21 01:14:14 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I think he actually is gonna try

2020-02-21 01:15:09 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I mean really that could happen

2020-02-21 01:15:15 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

With Donald in his corner

2020-02-21 01:15:55 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Dana White Lmao

2020-02-21 01:16:24 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Did not expect to see dana white speaking tonight

2020-02-21 01:17:59 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Yeah i knew that

2020-02-21 01:23:20 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

Remember when bernie let that girl steal his mic

2020-02-21 01:23:23 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-21 01:29:20 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-21 01:37:32 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I’d be insulted as a farmer if a politician was claiming we can’t produce x amount of food

2020-02-21 01:37:40 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

that’s saying no to money

2020-02-21 01:52:40 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  


2020-02-21 01:52:45 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I can’t wait for debates

2020-02-21 01:52:53 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

He is going to fucking slay whoever it is

2020-02-21 01:53:04 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I can’t wait

2020-02-21 02:04:57 UTC [The Donald #rally-chat]  

I watch trumps official youtube

2020-02-27 01:44:06 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Just in case any reddit admins didnt get vetted I’ll address you here: fuck you reddit, leave our free speech alone. We have done nothing but be optimistic about political change.

2020-02-27 01:44:11 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Also white names get vetted

2020-02-27 01:46:01 UTC [The Donald #general]  

That works

2020-02-27 01:46:03 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Do that

2020-03-05 04:08:43 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Boobie isn’t me

2020-03-05 04:09:20 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Chilling bro life never been better

2020-03-05 04:09:43 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Last night and today bernie bro meltdown

2020-03-05 04:09:49 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Ya man

2020-03-05 04:10:05 UTC [The Donald #general]

2020-03-05 04:12:02 UTC [The Donald #general]  

So yesterday I went and voted Biden as a joke in Massachusetts to stop Bernie and he actually fucking won and pocahontas came in third.

**top kek**

2020-03-05 04:12:17 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Open primaries are fucking great man.

2020-03-05 04:39:55 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Don’t organize raids on other servers here

2020-03-05 04:40:13 UTC [The Donald #general]  

The Donald Discord does not advocate that

2020-03-05 04:44:55 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-03-05 04:52:12 UTC [The Donald #general]  

Imagine thinking you can troll the donald

2020-03-05 04:52:14 UTC [The Donald #general]  


2020-07-03 01:14:24 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@RalphFiennes I literally slow jerked off for 45 minutes and you are still her mad

2020-07-03 01:14:49 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Slow jerking is not degenerate

2020-07-03 01:14:54 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Its thoughtful and meaningful

2020-07-03 04:21:03 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

*insert funny meme if i had regular role*

Based ted cruz assembles a 12 senator group to object jan 6

No one cares about Mitchs door getting painted

> PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pennsylvania House Representative Mike Reese (R-Westmoreland/Somerset) has died of an apparent brain aneurysm.

2021-01-03 00:15:33 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

I fail to see how 1930s germany is current happenings

They just cut power to freedom plaza

Rsbn streaming from the darkness

This runoff is bullshit already

16% reported 0 from fulton county dems 13% ahead? No fuckin way

One can only hope prying eyes are watching

Millions of patriots in dc as we speak

why arent you in DC

you act like everyone is all talk but are you one of the millions in DC right now?

its ok if you couldnt make it neither could I

but dont go calling everyone else complacent

we made it this far, Jan 5 is not the day to hop off the trump train\

1 more day

gap shrinking

wonder what rons got this time

interesting RT there at top

this timeline


idk, i find it odd that E giving him shout out

People think E is ECW

perdue winning now

I am on fox


Kelly about to take the lead too

Fox is shit but you gotta go MSM for election results so I choose fox

fulton 22%

Ya i read the nyt story

It said “sources briefed on the conversation “

Who’s getting briefed on something like this, especially someone in the position to leak such a conversation at such a time?

News is disgustingly fake

@Kandarihu according to fox 67% of fulton has reported

82% of state

looking pretty good for republican

this should be called soon

3% lead with 13% left to count

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