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2020-07-03 01:00:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:00:16 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:00:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:02:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:23:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:28:25 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Ireland is an illegitimate state

2020-07-03 01:28:45 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:30:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

>New User

2020-07-03 01:32:32 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Voy 1 month old russian bot account

2020-07-03 01:34:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Voy you can't even spell atheism right, and your account is 1 month old

2020-07-03 01:34:44 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

1 month old

2020-07-03 01:34:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:37:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Voy shut the fuck up and go watch John Oliver

2020-07-03 01:38:28 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Samuel V I was attacked based on national origin rule 2

2020-07-03 01:39:21 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 01:40:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Irish get banned

2020-07-03 01:41:26 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@dudebro you cured rasism

2020-07-03 01:45:21 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

>New User

2020-07-03 01:46:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 02:06:11 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

eminem is such a good raper

2020-07-03 02:07:13 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the wu tang clan is a raping group

2020-07-03 03:12:05 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

If Herobrine isn’t real

How did my dad die of a Herobrine overdose?!??!

2020-07-03 03:50:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Great Britain

2020-07-03 03:50:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I love rapers

2020-07-03 03:51:03 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

wu tang clan is a good raping group

2020-07-03 03:51:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-07-03 03:53:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Great Britain > GDR > Ireland

2020-07-03 03:57:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Isn’t that the girl who was killed by cops

2020-07-03 04:25:28 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Korean pop

2020-07-03 04:25:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

> black jazz

2020-11-07 02:19:58 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-08 01:27:11 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-11-08 01:27:43 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-11-08 01:27:50 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

||!d bump||

2020-11-08 01:27:55 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-08 05:35:45 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-09 02:14:24 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-09 21:07:19 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-09 23:41:18 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-10 01:51:35 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-10 04:10:02 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-11 17:28:51 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-11 17:28:53 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@฿ⱤɆӾł₮ɆɆⱤ thanks, I had regular and educator

2020-11-11 18:49:49 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Tarihn sorry for the ping, I also had cuckbuster

2020-11-11 19:40:49 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  



2020-11-13 02:08:31 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-15 02:49:17 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump


2020-11-15 22:35:00 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-16 07:47:36 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-16 19:33:37 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-17 06:00:09 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-17 20:17:21 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

TRS needs to have a new owner who will consolidate power and increase user engagement like cooldad once did. This current system is putting everything in decline. The pacification of TRS into a civnat hellhole must end.

2020-11-17 20:49:46 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-19 00:39:58 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-19 22:13:39 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-19 22:13:46 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-11-19 22:15:02 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-20 04:57:29 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

TRS Owner Election

2020-11-20 16:04:52 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

<:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028>

2020-11-21 03:23:09 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-11-21 03:23:10 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-21 22:10:42 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-22 05:38:47 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-23 17:23:17 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-11-23 17:27:19 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-23 20:48:29 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  


2020-11-25 03:46:24 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-25 03:57:50 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Tarihn gay lib raiders in chat

2020-11-26 03:31:52 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-26 18:56:29 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

Windows defender already does a decent job

2020-11-28 03:44:50 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

Movie Night: The Plot Against the President

2020-11-28 15:27:50 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-28 21:50:21 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-29 04:14:08 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Jaff can you cuck the reaction spammer in chat

2020-11-29 17:39:26 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-01 00:33:03 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-01 02:06:25 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-01 04:06:23 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-01 04:45:06 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-01 14:00:24 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Kami use an asterisk nigga

2020-12-01 17:59:28 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-01 17:59:32 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-01 18:50:07 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  



2020-12-01 22:12:00 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

PLEASE reinstate the no anime profile picture rule. The chat is getting overrun daily by anime pfp new users who seek attention and bait.

2020-12-01 22:27:07 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-02 05:41:00 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-03 00:23:45 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

we should have a trs food blog channel and assign a couple users as curators

2020-12-03 20:49:52 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-04 03:30:52 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

restoration of deth's absolute rule 😺 <:PepoFront:754427364192026824>

2020-12-04 22:48:42 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-05 01:14:36 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@shoegazer @guac he asked me a fuck ton of questions




2020-12-05 01:14:59 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

Tell him you’re from The Library

2020-12-05 01:15:36 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

Also larp to be more moderate than you normally are so you don’t seem like an extremist <:smugpepe:690282332388720691>

2020-12-05 17:45:30 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-06 01:58:12 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  


2020-12-06 14:09:14 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-09 17:30:18 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  


2020-12-09 18:35:15 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-09 19:53:39 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

The last time someone took a suggestion and actually did it was cooldead pretty much half a year ago

2020-12-10 11:05:53 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-10 21:57:40 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-11 12:58:20 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-11 13:24:55 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-11 17:59:23 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Jaff chat

2020-12-11 21:48:03 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-13 01:15:14 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-13 03:34:19 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

hey @guac

2020-12-13 03:34:21 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump


2020-12-13 18:37:42 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  


2020-12-13 18:50:29 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-14 01:26:34 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-14 01:26:42 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-14 18:39:36 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-14 18:39:44 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Tarihn there's 3 of them in chat right now

2020-12-14 18:41:58 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@🚂Quatroking🚂 (🇳🇱) they're recording shit

2020-12-14 18:42:25 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

the new users in chat

2020-12-14 18:43:52 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  



2020-12-15 18:48:52 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-15 22:12:47 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-16 00:43:35 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-16 17:58:15 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-16 21:15:17 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-16 23:04:07 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-17 03:57:44 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-17 04:11:29 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-17 04:27:00 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!p die very rough

2020-12-17 04:42:15 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-17 04:50:26 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-17 04:55:02 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-17 05:00:07 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-18 01:29:25 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-18 01:29:28 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-18 17:57:31 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@PapaLouie#2987 I am going to violently murder you in minecraft

2020-12-19 03:08:52 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

@Jaff suspicious activity in chat, be ready

2020-12-19 20:16:52 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-19 20:35:36 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-19 20:35:39 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-12-22 23:01:43 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-23 05:38:57 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-12-23 23:47:07 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  



2020-12-24 18:46:03 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-24 19:48:53 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-26 02:33:20 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

New car on GTA! 😸


2020-12-26 04:39:40 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-26 23:53:53 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-26 23:54:02 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  



2020-12-27 22:33:05 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump


2020-12-28 22:14:45 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-29 21:00:34 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-29 22:37:46 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-30 20:20:46 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-30 23:23:19 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-31 04:33:24 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump


2020-12-31 23:22:21 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2021-01-01 01:49:57 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:50:29 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:50:35 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:50:41 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:50:43 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:50:49 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:50:57 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:51:16 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:51:30 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:51:46 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:51:53 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:51:57 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:52:18 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:52:26 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:52:29 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:52:32 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:52:39 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:52:45 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:53:40 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:53:46 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:53:48 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:53:55 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 01:54:09 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 02:02:32 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 02:03:24 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 02:03:41 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2021-01-01 04:42:22 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump



2021-01-02 21:13:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You know what to do <:crazytroll:783396032654082109>


based Louie


2021-01-02 21:54:37 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Guy ignoring Biden in diner.


2021-01-02 22:14:44 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

**Incident Date**: May 19th, 2021

**Incident Title**: "Heaven Stairway" Incident A

**Incident Description**: The rain that fell between 9:02 AM - 2:39 PM EST in New York City displays no unusual characteristics upon further examination. However, the objects that emerged from the clouds during that time period continue to have no proper explanation.

When the rain first began, the bodies did not immediately appear from the clouds; however, appearances of bodies appearing began to exponentially increase, raining from the sky from an unknown source. Observation from above the clouds shows no sign of where the bodies have appeared from, implying they came from the clouds themselves.

The bodies hitting the ground continued for nearly 5 hours until it abruptly stopped, corpses covering every square inch of the city's surface. The bodies themselves appear human, aside from grotesquely stretched mouths to form a grin on strangely wrinkled faces. Every corpse that came from the sky also has limbs far too long for their bodies, with a lack of elbows/knees giving them a limp figure similar to spaghetti.

Every body is covered head-to-toe with a reddish yellow substance similar to motor oil, but there is no clear source where this could have come from either.

**Incident Aftermath**: The surrounding area was put into a panic for a variety of reasons. Aside from the general pandemonium from the falling corpses, many have reported that they recognized the bodies as people who went missing or died in the 2010s; however, every single body collected since the incident is freshly dead, making this accusation close to impossible.

The oily substance latching itself onto the corpses have also reportedly splashed onto nearly everyone outside at the time, and although the substance appears to be harmless, it seems impossible to fully wash off. Citizens exposed to small splashes have been told to quarantine, while others exposed to large splashes have been taken into custody.

2021-01-02 22:14:59 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

**Incident Date**: May 20th, 2021

**Incident Title**: "Heaven Stairway" Incident B

**Incident Description**: Between 3:19 AM and 8:49 AM EST in New York City, it rained once again.

However, rather than an incident similar to what happened the day prior (see "Heaven Stairway" Incident A), the people exposed to the mystery substance suddenly began to rise up in the air, disappearing in the clouds without a trace.

2021-01-02 22:15:13 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-02 23:28:25 UTC [The Right Server #voice]  

Why is racism not allowed

2021-01-03 00:11:41 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-03 01:33:51 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-03 02:00:54 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

@Typh what’s up

2021-01-03 02:06:41 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

@Jon *BONES* Jones get out of england and go back to shitskinstan

Massive call-to-action

2021-01-03 04:29:42 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Frequent masturbation lowers testosterone utilization https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alonso_Fernandez-Guasti/publication/6536830_Relationship_between_Sexual_Satiety_and_Brain_Androgen_Receptors/links/54b6c2970cf2e68eb27f0321/Relationship-between-Sexual-Satiety-and-Brain-Androgen-Receptors.pdf
Three weeks of abstinence increases testostorone levels https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11760788
Masturbation is associated with lower psychological health and reproductive well-being https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14681994.2019.1677883
Sperm contains compounds that prolong lifespan, fight cancer & heart disease https://vitalrecord.tamhsc.edu/spermidine-rich-foods-may-prevent-liver-cancer-extend-lifespan/
Men who are sexually active in their 20s and 30s are more likely to develop prostate cancer https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1464-410X.2008.08030.x
Masturbation decreases dopamine levels https://sites.tufts.edu/emotiononthebrain/2014/11/18/postcoital-neurochemistry-the-blues-and-the-highs/
Watching porn reduces gray matter in prefrontal cortex https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/1874574
Porn addiction has similar mechanism with substance addiction https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4600144/
Making sperm shortens lifespan of male worms https://www.nytimes.com/1992/12/03/us/in-worm-at-least-making-sperm-is-found-to-shorten-a-male-s-life.html
Masturbating 3 days in a row decreases sperm count by 20% https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2054949
Increasing ejaculation frequency decreases sperm count significantly https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15497706
Prevalence of erectile dysfunction doubled between 2004 and 2013 http://cir.usc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Genital-Image-Sexual-Anxiety-and-Erectile-Dysfunction-Among-Young-Male-Military-Personnel.pdf
Pornography consumption is associated with mental health issues https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6327603/

2021-01-03 04:29:45 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Clearer thinking / Reduced 'brain fog' - Normalized acetylcholine levels

Pornography viewing has been shown to lower acetylcholine levels, a neurotransmitter vital for cognitive functioning. When cholinergic signaling is reduced, a subjective sense of 'brain fog' results.


Reduced sexual dysfunction - Dopamine receptor upregulation

The mesolimbic pathway of the central nervous system receives excitatory inputs from dopaminergic neurons throughout various other brain regions. Reduced dopaminergic signaling, resulting from pornography viewing, is thought to be the primary cause of pornography-induced erectile dysfunction.


Alleviation of depressive symptoms - Regulation of multiple neurological pathways

Alterations in the functionality of many brain regions, particularly those related to the dopaminergic system, have been shown to induce hypersexual behaviour. Many of these same brain regions are thought to malfunction in the case of depressive disorders. Abstinence from pornography viewing regulates these malfunctioning pathways.


Increased confidence - Spike in testosterone levels

According to researchers from Zhejiang University, abstinence from ejaculation caused a 146 percent increase in testosterone levels on the seventh day, while testosterone levels were not significantly influenced for 6 days prior.


Why hasn’t Kamala resigned from her Senate seat yet

Obama left his seat in December


2021-01-03 08:43:47 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-03 08:45:43 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

US doesn’t even make the list <:trollforward:753060788024901765>

It’s also causing the prices of commodities to go up, so our purchasing power still isn’t that much better

2021-01-03 19:53:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

American urban police are all jewish mercenaries

2021-01-03 19:57:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Joaquin Phoenix

Walking Penis

<:crazytroll:783396032654082109> <:crazytroll:783396032654082109> <:crazytroll:783396032654082109> <:crazytroll:783396032654082109> <:crazytroll:783396032654082109>

2021-01-03 19:59:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

The scene where he did tai chi in the public bathroom was also improvised



2021-01-03 20:03:37 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-03 20:10:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Anyone who isn’t in the hall of presidents in Disney world is non-canon <:trollforward:753060788024901765>

2021-01-03 20:22:41 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-03 21:53:30 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


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