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patron Saint of EATIN 2018-02-21 17:27:05

Ah. I'll have to read more on it. Although I'm firmly Orthodox Christian.

Fash Dragon 2018-02-21 18:00:12

I respect Pierce a lot, but he didn't like Christianity all that much

Fash Dragon 2018-02-21 18:00:31

I'm a pretty big fan of Jesus personally

AltCelt(IL) 2018-02-21 18:02:07

AltCelt(IL) 2018-02-21 18:02:09

They thought they wuz clever...

Tarnfurt 2018-02-23 04:56:48

Does anyone have a link to a reliable translation of *Mein Kampf*?

Tarnfurt 2018-02-23 04:58:55

preferably in PDF

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-02-23 05:26:50

@Tarnfurt If you want to get Mein Kampf you can do it by creating account on lulu and making it yourself.
You click on create new project/hardcover.
Put 656 in pages box
premium hardcover, 6x9
dust jacket cover with glow
black spine with golden letters
on next window upload the pdf
after that you need to upload cover (click on advanced cover button)
after that there are some minor things you need to fill that dont matter that much
and then you order test copy
when you get email that its shipped delete everything

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-02-23 05:27:12

There's a pdf in there, or you can have it made into a physical copy if you'd like

Tarnfurt 2018-02-23 05:27:46


Tarnfurt 2018-02-23 05:27:52

I'm immensely thankful

FashyGoy1488 2018-02-23 23:30:54


AltCelt(IL) 2018-02-25 00:39:57


"Men who ignore the ways of Tradition, but sacrifice in full faith, Krishna, what quality of nature is basic in them-what lucidity, passion, or dark inertia?"

Lord Krishna:

"Listen as I explain- the threefold nature of Faith inherent in the embodied self- lucid, passionate, and darkly inert.

The Faith each man has, Arjuna, follows his degree of lucidity; a man consists of his Faith, and his Faith is, so is He.

Men of lucidity sacrifice to the gods; men of passion, to spirits and demons, the others, of dark inertia, to spirits and ghosts.

Men who practice horrific penances that go against Traditional norms are trapped in hypocrisy and individuality, overwhelmed by the emotion of desire.

Without reason, they torment the elements composing their bodies, and they torment me within them.

Know them to have Demonic resolve.."

*Bhagavad-Gita* - The Seventeenth Teaching: The Three Aspects of Faith

patron Saint of EATIN 2018-02-27 01:56:34


Fash Dragon 2018-02-27 02:07:16

@patron Saint of EATIN Kevin Smith actually had a heart attack today. He survived

Fash Dragon 2018-02-27 02:07:37

The progressive arch-soyboy marches on

MACrusader 2018-02-27 03:56:12

No more Big Lebowdski Jeebus

Malal 2018-02-27 04:06:30

Kevin Smith deserves it

Malal 2018-02-27 04:06:48

Red state and yogahosuers were abominations

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-02-27 10:02:32

I can see why programmers tend to be so stressed out. One missing "/" in the html fucked up the entire article, and this is only 8 pages of html. I'd imagine coding would be way worse, especially on big projects

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-02-27 10:02:52

Also, I'm glad I know how to back up my work lmao

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-02-27 10:03:43

But yeah, it's got pictures if anybody is interested in that sort of thing

AltCelt(IL) 2018-03-02 11:29:51

DanEss 2018-03-02 11:31:03

Fash Dragon 2018-03-04 19:20:23

@DanEss has some cool books!

antagonizer 2018-03-04 20:52:46

I feel like Matt H and Andrew A are going to have to debate optics. I feel like both camps are taking emotional jabs
and Andrew is going to keep shooting slugs. It all seems like the matter should be discussed man-to-man or not at all I guess.
TWP to me has a kind of optic that appeals to nice overlap of ppl. kind of 1.0 and 2.0

antagonizer 2018-03-04 20:52:55

Hugh J Benis 2018-03-04 20:53:47

Andrew v Matt cagematch

antagonizer 2018-03-04 20:54:11

I get next on Andrew

DanEss 2018-03-07 22:27:04

I received my copy of "SS Panzergrenadier" from the National Alliance today. It is the tale of adventure, pain, and intrigue that follows the author, Hans Schmidt, into the Waffen SS. Copies can be ordered here

DanEss 2018-03-07 22:31:10

DanEss 2018-03-07 22:32:31

DanEss 2018-03-07 22:34:05

Malal 2018-03-08 01:44:48

Malal 2018-03-08 01:44:52

Book gains

Hand Banana 2018-03-08 01:52:46

Do you have Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard?

Malal 2018-03-08 01:56:57

No I don't

Malal 2018-03-08 01:57:22

That's the one that is about extreme Darwinism

Malal 2018-03-08 01:59:17

It inspired Anton LaVey

Hand Banana 2018-03-08 03:59:36

I dunno about Anton LaVey but you should readd it

JCAdams 2018-03-08 13:06:45

anton lavey's deathbed confession is something people should hear. in the end he wailed knowing he was going to hell.

SlavManlet-NC 2018-03-08 17:23:57

Required reading so we can establish the TWP armored division.

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-03-08 18:41:39

>not *Achtung! Panzer*
but it wouldn't really be useful either way

antagonizer 2018-03-09 05:15:55

He was president of Texas and wanted Texas to be it's own Anglo nation

Malal 2018-03-09 05:16:38

If they go after the grand republic im gonna have to lynch some niggers

antagonizer 2018-03-09 05:17:21

Dude we already lost a shit ton of monuments

Malal 2018-03-09 05:17:32

I know

Malal 2018-03-09 05:17:53

I'm getting more and more pissed off

Malal 2018-03-09 05:18:09

I fucking miss the succession days

antagonizer 2018-03-09 05:18:24

We need to focus on state level nationalism

Malal 2018-03-09 05:18:25

Joining this damn union was fucking mistake

Malal 2018-03-09 05:19:20

The republic to me is like how people remember rhodesia

Malal 2018-03-09 05:22:43

I remember when Texans were the ultimate anglos

Malal 2018-03-09 05:22:46

Vice Commander Hunt 2018-03-09 15:43:04

Did somebody say Anglo?

THTYOUNGTRADBOI 2018-03-09 15:59:33


Arcturus 2018-03-09 19:14:54

@Vice Commander Hunt lemme grab my SMLE right quick

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