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2020-11-07 05:05:03 UTC

Movie Night: The Dark Knight: The Ballad of The N Word

2020-11-07 09:48:55 UTC

They're likely mass reporting the server

2020-11-07 09:51:07 UTC

server could be nuked and all accounts banned

2020-11-07 09:52:39 UTC

My suggestion:
Don't allow new users into the server until the election is over (unless they're invited by members of the server)

2020-11-07 09:52:55 UTC

And trusted members at that

2020-11-07 09:54:10 UTC

well its essentially just so that we dont have to worry about raiders & trolls

2020-11-07 09:54:31 UTC

i thought that was the purpose of the vetting channel but they just end up vetting all the trolls

2020-11-07 11:54:05 UTC

or you could just not break tos so you dont get banned

2020-11-07 18:40:56 UTC

can we get augustus to automatically react with <:FrontChad:690282155703926824>on his own message when he bans a user

2020-11-07 18:52:38 UTC


2020-11-07 19:04:45 UTC


2020-11-07 19:19:45 UTC

Make <#714960239211839489> an โ€œannouncementโ€ server so we can use it on our own servers

2020-11-07 21:44:14 UTC

@slowdive I'd be surprised if you can find a server that doesn't break TOS

2020-11-07 23:01:06 UTC

Rename this channel to Joe suggestions. Or Joe gestions

2020-11-08 04:34:35 UTC

ban or cuck any sexual references/content, explicit or implicit

2020-11-08 07:53:22 UTC


2020-11-08 08:06:31 UTC

We should stop cucking ppl it fucks up their brains and makes em schizo



2020-11-08 16:07:26 UTC

@Incendius what else do u do with them? Let them out?

2020-11-08 16:18:08 UTC

@Tamaki no move them to another channel where everything they say gets translated to " I love cocks"

2020-11-08 16:19:59 UTC

purge em every week if they haven't reformed by then

2020-11-08 17:34:41 UTC

Kamala presidency prediction channel

(MINE IS AUG 2021)

2020-11-08 18:00:15 UTC

@Incendius ......or we can just the ones who talk to themselves. That works too.

2020-11-08 18:01:34 UTC

> @Incendius ......or we can just the ones who talk to themselves. That works too.
@Tamaki let's do it to 50/50 of the schizos there so the rest actually get to be even more confused

2020-11-08 18:02:44 UTC


2020-11-08 18:03:04 UTC


2020-11-09 00:57:57 UTC

ban the libtards in server

2020-11-09 01:36:05 UTC

I agree with user Iamtheone

2020-11-09 01:36:30 UTC

"TheRightServer" suggests echochamber

2020-11-09 01:36:38 UTC

no harm in making it one tbh

Ban New Users who have anime pfps as soon as they join

2020-11-09 05:43:14 UTC

ban komnenos, he does nothing but piss off all other users and decrease chat quality thousandfold

2020-11-09 05:43:58 UTC


2020-11-09 06:35:13 UTC


2020-11-09 06:43:46 UTC

Yeah him along with some of the other leftists here serve no purpose but to troll

2020-11-09 07:48:00 UTC

fr ban komnenos

2020-11-09 07:48:07 UTC

or just ban everyone

2020-11-09 17:47:30 UTC

ban komnenos because that mlp pfp gotta go. And he claims to be a bronie.

2020-11-09 20:16:13 UTC

ban anyone who is part of TRS

2020-11-09 23:52:07 UTC

ban anyone who's left wing but can't articulate their views.

2020-11-09 23:54:56 UTC

cause nothing more annoying than someone just calling me the problem and not explaining what the problem is lol

2020-11-10 02:13:29 UTC

and most of all please add a rule against all sexual related posts, "nsfw" is too vague. some people are just here to be degenerates

2020-11-10 04:51:03 UTC

make this an emote


2020-11-10 05:24:42 UTC

@Lockmarth This tbh

2020-11-10 12:29:38 UTC

A channel that we can use to coach each other into helping normies and moderate leftists cope with President Trump's 2nd term, both from the outset and with what he is likely to do. The hardcore leftists are obviously too close-minded to ever cope. But the low-information normies who thought they were getting the truth from the MSM are going to be very confused by Biden being treated as President-Elect, and then Trump winning anyway. They'll proably believe the MSM's claim of Trump ACTUALLY stealing the election, and we need to be ready to set the record straight.

2020-11-10 13:45:47 UTC

I agree. Luckily we have the cuckshed for such matters

2020-11-10 14:39:27 UTC

I was thinking something that we all can use, and in preparation to deal with people outside the server. Not that we'll be doing any raiding or anything. Also something that doesn't involve bullying people who disagree with us or trying to spread actual bigotry.

Cuck users who are having a debate or a conversation in shitpost instead of shitposting

2020-11-10 20:17:57 UTC

Listen to our suggestions <a:wall:764693819647066112>

2020-11-10 20:31:09 UTC


2020-11-10 21:22:54 UTC

Delete the suggestions channel

2020-11-10 23:43:49 UTC


2020-11-11 12:36:03 UTC

add an epic face emoji

2020-11-12 03:49:23 UTC

Two word allotment on the improv channel

2020-11-12 06:01:40 UTC

Ban above user for heresy

2020-11-12 20:46:34 UTC


2020-11-12 23:36:14 UTC

Make user @coyote2.0 a mod of TRS. He's a long time, high quality user who is very active and a top contributor. Additionally, he is very quick to call out spammers and TOS-breakers in chat and voice.

He will be a very good addition to the moderator team.

2020-11-13 02:13:05 UTC

TRS Game Night: "The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope"

@Hezbollah he also gets muted daily because he shitposts in voice constantly while not contributing anything in chat whatsoever

2020-11-15 19:17:33 UTC


2020-11-15 19:34:10 UTC

Kill everyone who spams "and" in the improv sentence channel. Do not ban them. Go to their Minecraft house and shoot them.

2020-11-15 23:04:24 UTC

#science-fiction channel where we can share our favorite works of science fiction, like Schindler's List, Night, and The Destruction of the European Jews.

2020-11-16 03:40:36 UTC

May I please be a mod

2020-11-16 14:35:35 UTC

TRS Flash Game Friday. On Fridays, go onto Newgrounds, Kongregate, Miniclip, etc. and play classic flash games before flash is gone.

2020-11-16 14:35:57 UTC

^also game night suggestion

2020-11-16 20:13:32 UTC


2020-11-16 20:52:24 UTC


2020-11-17 01:21:12 UTC

have a polls channel for users to make their own polls

2020-11-17 01:21:44 UTC

add a slow mode to it so that people don't use it to talk

2020-11-17 01:22:01 UTC

there's a bot named "pollbot", all you have to do is begin each message with "Poll:"

2020-11-17 14:15:06 UTC

Sectionalist role

2020-11-17 16:01:00 UTC

Clarify the rule banning anime. That rule has been around since the beginning of this server, and yet we've had a user with the Exemplary role bearing a Gundam for his PFP, which IS anime. And he's gotten away scott-free. If the rule against anime only covers sexually immoral stuff, I'm all for that. If the rule against anime includes cute girls, I can go along with that here. But if it's against ALL anime, it's rather hypocritical for someone to get away with having a Gundam in a PFP. And I'd honestly rather that the rule be refined instead of forcing an Exemplary member to change his pfp.

2020-11-17 16:05:58 UTC

Just ban everyone tbh

2020-11-17 17:04:18 UTC


2020-11-17 17:04:22 UTC


2020-11-17 20:17:21 UTC

TRS needs to have a new owner who will consolidate power and increase user engagement like cooldad once did. This current system is putting everything in decline. The pacification of TRS into a civnat hellhole must end.

2020-11-18 04:08:06 UTC


2020-11-18 06:20:06 UTC

return no anime emote

2020-11-18 15:07:23 UTC

How hard is it to ban anime pfp users?

2020-11-19 01:29:11 UTC

promote Jaff

2020-11-19 17:40:36 UTC

Enable replies on the server.

2020-11-19 18:57:12 UTC

Enable reactions to messages in <#774421982522638376>

2020-11-19 19:43:40 UTC


2020-11-19 19:44:09 UTC

this gives the ability for the members of the server to give their feedback to suggestions without clotting up the channel, removing reactions to messages was a bit stupid

2020-11-20 01:05:56 UTC


2020-11-20 01:06:02 UTC


2020-11-20 03:53:59 UTC

A prayer VC with scheduled daily prayers.

2020-11-20 04:31:49 UTC

And we could hand out little mats that we all point to the White House for the occasion

2020-11-20 04:57:29 UTC

TRS Owner Election

2020-11-20 09:13:17 UTC

delete meme-posting or non-educational posts in <#770266729124462613>

2020-11-20 15:21:27 UTC

I agree with Panther.

2020-11-20 17:16:43 UTC

I would like to be a Mod

2020-11-21 03:02:11 UTC

Game Night: Space Station 13

2020-11-22 05:32:57 UTC

Make me mod plz

2020-11-23 00:42:54 UTC


2020-11-23 02:36:00 UTC


2020-11-23 03:24:08 UTC

we need a chat only for third worlders

2020-11-23 03:24:11 UTC

so that we can discuss poverty, hunger and american imperialism

2020-11-23 16:06:07 UTC

Una mod

2020-11-23 16:36:29 UTC

Game Night: Postal 2

2020-11-23 17:23:17 UTC


2020-11-23 22:24:17 UTC

Debate night videos.
We watch prominent pundits debate particular topics.

First recommendation: Tariq Nasheed and Jared Taylor debating on the topic of--- Is America A White Supremacists Country/Nation.

2020-11-23 23:19:15 UTC

Watching the political debates of previous candidates.

2020-11-24 05:13:35 UTC

<:PepoSide:755279932325888110> <:PepoFront:754427364192026824>

2020-11-24 05:13:52 UTC

there is an imbalance ^

2020-11-24 05:13:55 UTC

please fix

2020-11-24 05:14:39 UTC

(add PepoRight)

2020-11-24 14:21:15 UTC

I second this motion

2020-11-24 18:07:23 UTC

VC for scheduled daily prayers.

2020-11-26 08:15:40 UTC

Please De-modd whoever gave MinionFan the "brainiac" role.

2020-11-27 04:09:12 UTC

Make this the server theme song.

2020-11-27 04:09:25 UTC

Also, what @spicy sauce said.

2020-11-27 04:24:44 UTC


2020-11-27 04:52:38 UTC

ok but it has to be the butch clancy remix

2020-11-27 12:37:55 UTC



2020-11-27 17:14:15 UTC


2020-11-27 17:14:22 UTC

add PepoRight or I will ban TRS

2020-11-28 03:44:50 UTC

Movie Night: The Plot Against the President

2020-11-28 05:57:15 UTC

Movie Night: The Great Escape (1963)

2020-11-29 05:28:07 UTC

Movie Night: Grave Encounters (2011)

2020-11-30 17:14:16 UTC


2020-11-30 17:14:20 UTC


2020-11-30 17:14:27 UTC


2020-11-30 17:14:51 UTC

<:PepoSide:755279932325888110> <:PepoFront:754427364192026824> :PepoRight:

2020-11-30 19:29:37 UTC

Create a QUOTE channel.

Based quotes from based people.

2020-11-30 20:05:44 UTC

World Record Speedrun Cuckshed Any% progression video ft SummoningSalt

2020-11-30 20:26:35 UTC

give me clan elder or co leader

2020-11-30 21:14:49 UTC


2020-11-30 21:15:03 UTC

there are too many minors

2020-11-30 21:15:08 UTC

minimum 16

2020-11-30 21:15:18 UTC


2020-11-30 21:15:18 UTC

minimum 18

2020-11-30 21:16:02 UTC

it is for the best

2020-11-30 21:25:25 UTC

minimum 21, just to be safe

2020-11-30 21:25:33 UTC

that should root out most of the college commies

2020-11-30 21:26:17 UTC

the college commies are the millennials

2020-11-30 21:26:26 UTC

under 21 is me and my zoomer brethren

2020-11-30 21:29:14 UTC

zoomers based

2020-11-30 21:30:33 UTC

ban anyone below 16 and anyone above 21

2020-11-30 21:30:52 UTC

only early zoomers allowed

2020-11-30 21:31:14 UTC

No, we need to give the zoomers advice

2020-11-30 21:31:30 UTC

please... my generation is weak as shit

2020-11-30 21:32:49 UTC


2020-11-30 21:33:38 UTC

just something to prepare for though not like it can be fixed

2020-12-01 00:53:30 UTC

delete meme posts from <#770266729124462613>

2020-12-01 00:53:50 UTC

its full of meme posts which renders the channel useless

2020-12-01 00:54:18 UTC

might as well just post educational stuff in <#782926788425941023> if both are used for memes

2020-12-01 01:05:50 UTC


2020-12-01 03:06:05 UTC


2020-12-01 03:22:04 UTC

Sign me up!

2020-12-01 04:17:45 UTC

Delete <#782981803207819326> <#782981958019055626> and <#772913107801866240>

2020-12-01 05:00:55 UTC

Delete #deleted-channel and #deleted-channel also

2020-12-01 08:29:16 UTC

make a #deleted-channel

2020-12-01 12:32:21 UTC

no dont delete energy donations

2020-12-01 18:08:35 UTC

left troll and right troll, and possibly a backtroll emote

2020-12-01 18:50:07 UTC



2020-12-01 19:30:12 UTC


2020-12-01 21:06:17 UTC

Ban all Santa deniers from TRS

2020-12-01 22:12:00 UTC

PLEASE reinstate the no anime profile picture rule. The chat is getting overrun daily by anime pfp new users who seek attention and bait.

2020-12-01 23:42:30 UTC


2020-12-01 23:42:53 UTC


2020-12-02 02:58:59 UTC

oh yes, do the art thing!

2020-12-02 04:17:24 UTC

Do a TRS Draw My Life video competition, where users make their own draw my life video.

2020-12-02 06:30:36 UTC

man all i want is for mods to listen to suggestions

2020-12-02 07:25:33 UTC

new server banner


2020-12-02 18:38:08 UTC

TRS Gingerbread House/Man contest, similar to the TRS pumpkin carving contest we did in October.

2020-12-02 22:44:23 UTC

technically we have righttroll middletroll and lefttroll

2020-12-02 22:44:36 UTC

<:crazytroll:783396032654082109> <:trollforward:753060788024901765> <:trolled:749729877002813602>

2020-12-02 22:44:51 UTC

we need backtroll

2020-12-02 23:28:12 UTC

Up and down troll? @guac

2020-12-03 00:15:08 UTC


2020-12-03 00:23:45 UTC

we should have a trs food blog channel and assign a couple users as curators

2020-12-03 12:59:21 UTC

<:thistbh:689862459477327908> ^

2020-12-03 23:39:57 UTC

Continue resetting all the channels daily

2020-12-03 23:50:16 UTC

and remove meme content from <#770266729124462613>

2020-12-04 01:08:22 UTC

and readd reaction perms to <#774421982522638376>

2020-12-04 01:30:14 UTC

Just remove TRS

2020-12-04 03:30:52 UTC

restoration of deth's absolute rule ๐Ÿ˜บ <:PepoFront:754427364192026824>

2020-12-04 03:33:16 UTC


2020-12-04 04:07:03 UTC

we need a frank emoji

2020-12-04 05:36:12 UTC
2020-12-04 17:30:14 UTC

Movie Night: The Hunt (2020)

2020-12-04 17:36:11 UTC

Oh, speaking of movies, we should do a TRS Christmas movie marathon.

2020-12-04 17:39:46 UTC

new movie that has no poc actors

2020-12-04 17:40:07 UTC

no wait there's one

2020-12-04 17:40:11 UTC


2020-12-05 00:21:55 UTC

ban people with the female role from participating in polls

2020-12-05 00:24:26 UTC

ban people that talk like wiggers

2020-12-05 00:24:36 UTC

or the word above but with an N

2020-12-05 02:28:32 UTC

sheeeeeeit whitey wus da big prollem

2020-12-05 23:30:25 UTC

a new chat for regular+ that excludes new users/users, so actual conversations can happen without constant interjection from anime pfp havers and teenage girls with hearts in their name

2020-12-06 00:15:24 UTC

<#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534> <#775229196665749534>

2020-12-06 00:15:49 UTC


2020-12-06 00:16:12 UTC

i would spam wojak reactions if i could

2020-12-06 02:53:27 UTC

recommission US-66

2020-12-06 05:17:31 UTC
2020-12-06 16:13:15 UTC

Add a new ideology: Albanianism

2020-12-06 16:13:37 UTC

*It is a real ideology. It is just Albanian Fascism.*

2020-12-06 19:11:24 UTC

Ranger and Celtic roles

2020-12-07 06:30:00 UTC

We desperately need a better system for regulating debates.

Higher standards and only a single person speaking without unnecessary interjections would be ideal.

2020-12-07 19:02:04 UTC

Ban dissenters.

2020-12-08 00:02:07 UTC


2020-12-08 15:36:01 UTC

Make a counting bot channel and put in the cuckshed anyone that disrupts the number sequence

2020-12-08 17:06:01 UTC


They only serve to undermine the server and create unnecessary friction.

2020-12-08 21:29:48 UTC

Movie suggestion: They Live

It's a great movie about the Zionist control of media, banks and government, and how a true Islamic warrior goes and defeats the Zionist menace.


2020-12-09 07:24:00 UTC

holocaust survivor role for me

2020-12-09 14:44:00 UTC

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION CHANNEL or something identical

2020-12-09 14:44:35 UTC

I guess it can fall under positive lifestyles but a seperate channel would be great

2020-12-09 17:48:46 UTC

Be suggestive.

2020-12-09 19:48:48 UTC

have mods actually read suggestions

2020-12-09 19:53:39 UTC

The last time someone took a suggestion and actually did it was cooldead pretty much half a year ago

2020-12-10 19:27:12 UTC

When going to the airport, do not save the $2/day by parking at one of the remote lots. You're going to be guilt tripped into tipping your driver $5 each way, killing the savings. Just park at the airport and don't support low skilled labor

2020-12-10 19:27:26 UTC


2020-12-12 06:34:37 UTC


2020-12-12 06:34:59 UTC

they don't coerce you into tipping at MCI

2020-12-12 06:35:02 UTC


2020-12-12 06:35:51 UTC

return of hobbies channel but keep it regular+

2020-12-12 06:43:11 UTC

^ this tbh

2020-12-13 07:05:45 UTC

@Hezbollah They live is underrated

2020-12-14 17:05:10 UTC

<:poggers:692923019542134876> we need a more intense pog emoji

2020-12-15 01:24:21 UTC

How about a sort of marathon of scary stories as told by MrBallen? He has a lot of videos where he tells scary stories submitted on his subreddit. I don't really know why, but I think it would be a pretty cool thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night sometime.

2020-12-16 17:09:49 UTC

Use the language filter to ban spaces from <#774388948931706891> so that people can REALLY only say one word.

2020-12-16 17:37:23 UTC

Video chat, socially distanced group workout session

2020-12-16 18:36:15 UTC

That's aesthetic.

2020-12-16 19:08:59 UTC

i would say your mom gay but then i'd need to choose which one

2020-12-16 20:23:03 UTC

I would say be prepared for June 14th 2021 at 8:00 PM.

2020-12-16 20:23:10 UTC

But I wouldn't want you to know anything else.

2020-12-16 20:52:57 UTC

That's oddly specific for such a time frame so far off.

2020-12-16 20:53:43 UTC

And I like the idea of a Video Chat group workout session, although my weird and inconsistent schedule is going to get in the way at times.

2020-12-16 21:48:39 UTC

Only 6 months away.

2020-12-16 21:48:42 UTC

I've got to be prepared.

2020-12-16 21:48:50 UTC

Actually less than 6 months

2020-12-17 04:29:17 UTC

kill the above user in minecraft for spamming

2020-12-17 16:53:56 UTC

ban newflags that paypig just to be on top of the userlist

2020-12-18 01:50:04 UTC

Be suggestible

2020-12-18 16:12:07 UTC

ban any Kwanzaa celebration on TRS


2020-12-19 03:09:24 UTC

Day #33 of requesting no anime pfp rule

2020-12-19 15:52:14 UTC

Food channel

2020-12-19 22:06:59 UTC


2020-12-20 01:50:37 UTC

In addition to banning spaces from <#774388948931706891>, also ban carriage returns as well.
Anything that allows people to put multiple words, like @spicy sauce has been doing.

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