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2020-11-07 02:14:58 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-07 10:39:04 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-08 16:07:26 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

@Incendius what else do u do with them? Let them out?

2020-11-08 18:00:15 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

@Incendius ......or we can just the ones who talk to themselves. That works too.

2020-11-08 18:02:44 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-11-08 18:03:04 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-11-08 21:29:08 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-09 15:10:03 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-09 15:14:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Hi, I’m from another political server, r u guys also experiencing problems on here?

2020-11-09 15:15:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

ah if u’be heard of TRS, that’s where I’m from

2020-11-09 15:16:26 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Wondering if they are targeting certain servers or all rn

2020-11-09 15:19:38 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yeah on The Right Server we couldn’t even send messages but now I think it’s working a bit

2020-11-09 15:20:23 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

r u asking me? Lol@LinuxDaily

2020-11-09 15:21:04 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Honestly I don’t think so

2020-11-09 15:21:24 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Our one chat # with slow mode still works

2020-11-09 15:23:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Discord was experiencing a Biden gaff

2020-11-09 15:26:19 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

that’s just dumb 💀

2020-11-09 15:26:29 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

It’s their platform, take accountability

2020-11-09 15:41:33 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Take Hopium not Copium fellow Americans

2020-11-09 15:41:58 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2020-11-09 15:50:06 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yet there is no voter fraud... but how did a person who died centuries ago resurrect to vote for Joe Biden?

2020-11-09 15:57:20 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@Riddle yea i agree

2020-11-09 15:58:06 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Count all lawful ballots, stop counting unlawful ones

2020-11-09 15:59:50 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Because dead people shouldn’t be able to vote for Joe.

Because people shouldn’t throw away votes they don’t like.

And because 1,000 ballots all for Joe found at nite is suspicious.

2020-11-09 17:47:30 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

ban komnenos because that mlp pfp gotta go. And he claims to be a bronie.

2020-11-09 22:04:19 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-10 05:24:42 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

@Lockmarth This tbh

2020-11-10 13:51:39 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-10 13:51:56 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-10 14:31:43 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-10 14:50:00 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-10 20:31:09 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-11-10 23:43:49 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-11-11 03:11:07 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-11-11 03:46:10 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-11 12:55:59 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-11 12:57:01 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-11-11 12:57:13 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  


2020-11-11 13:16:04 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

not my convo but if Joe sniff so much, why he not sick with air bound virus 🦠?@NightBear

2020-11-11 13:35:13 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  


2020-11-11 15:01:37 UTC [The Right Server #improv-sentences]  

gm <:pepohype:699315693698678874>

2020-11-14 00:50:17 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

👀 🕳

2020-11-14 00:50:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

what’s going on down here?

2020-11-14 00:53:38 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 00:54:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

what about black people?👂🏾

2020-11-14 00:56:49 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

all good

2020-11-14 00:58:07 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I am new lol

2020-11-14 00:58:19 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I hope to stay and make friends on here

2020-11-14 00:58:34 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Zed fans are based and seem friendly

2020-11-14 00:59:10 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

y is it cancerous?

2020-11-14 00:59:36 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

ahh I see

2020-11-14 01:00:18 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I’ll stay here then.
Anybody up for discussion?

2020-11-14 01:01:41 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I do not have the knowledge to comment on this matter.

2020-11-14 01:01:52 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

What video?

2020-11-14 01:02:10 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I saw his one from 3 days ago about voter fraud

2020-11-14 01:02:44 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:03:03 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:03:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

right the cover up the truth with lies and make people believe it

2020-11-14 01:03:55 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:05:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

@GoldenLake right, like they privileged, go off 👏🏾✨

2020-11-14 01:06:20 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

yo I hate those fact checks saying: “Here’s why this is false. Joe Biden won the election, click here to see our fact checkers.”@MemyselfandI

2020-11-14 01:08:49 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

White men are to blame for slavery, homophobia, racism and capitalism. @DishonoredRonin The problem doesn’t end unless we KILL ALL MEN. -blue haired liberal at the back of the class <:Trigglypuff:758720194646114385>

2020-11-14 01:09:22 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:09:29 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:09:37 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:09:52 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

#BidenLaptopMatters....oh wait

2020-11-14 01:10:32 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:11:37 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

too many cases of blm calling the police too, the irony <:dogekek:726878872607653918>

2020-11-14 01:12:40 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

this tbh 😂

2020-11-14 01:13:09 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

they confused bout everything. Their gender, their skin color, their pronouns... and their police force

2020-11-14 01:14:47 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

women are allowed to be straight because half of them can’t think straight <:FeelsVargMan:726877394991972382> <:thinking:726878987837636698>

2020-11-14 01:15:12 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:15:54 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

tbh tho, women have been pushing progressive ideas without thinking why. just doing it for the trend while Western society suffers

2020-11-14 01:17:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

It’s always orange man bad, never orange man dad


2020-11-14 01:18:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:20:03 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

reminds me of a vid I saw where they asked white liberals if they though blacks had access to technology

2020-11-14 01:20:39 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

they all said something along the lines that they are poor, uneducated and don’t know how to use technology because they are suffering

2020-11-14 01:21:20 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

then they went to the black people in the area and they were flexing and saying ofc we know how to use technology, talking about how basic it is now and that everyone uses it

2020-11-14 01:21:39 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

It’s sad these kids think they are doing God’s work when they are the true racist.

2020-11-14 01:22:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:24:34 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

Drac wait r u white?

2020-11-14 01:25:01 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

If so I will have to bully u for you privllage.

2020-11-14 01:25:34 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

May allah awaken him to see the error of his ways

2020-11-14 01:26:14 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I wanna see this dog u speak of

2020-11-14 01:26:28 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

p o g

2020-11-14 01:27:01 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:27:31 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

A white dog raised by a white straight male....THE DOG IS LITERALLY HITLER

ur raised it, that’s why


nice dog tho lol

2020-11-14 01:29:28 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

and back

2020-11-14 01:31:05 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

They look related, don’t know why..maybe it’s the collars

2020-11-14 01:31:31 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:31:41 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:32:12 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

golden retrievers get all the movies

2020-11-14 01:33:09 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

One day I will adopt a dog and teach it to defend me from white males.

2020-11-14 01:33:20 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

I just want one to be my guardian lol

2020-11-14 01:33:56 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

let’s hope ur dog gets there

2020-11-14 01:34:07 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  


2020-11-14 01:34:45 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general-2]  

@Draconem_Dominus I never knew

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