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A warm welcome Jackson!

Your in good hands in NC, i've met some of the guys there, they a good bunch to be around.

A big welcome to PF!

If you need any pro tips shoot me a dm, activism especially stickering is for everyone and no is above it.

Your in good hands in NC those guys are a good group to be around.

Good lord

I am interested in the spreadsheet operator, though i'm not entirely sure what that entails.

Fitness level: Slim fit, I hit the gym 3-4 times a week usually but i haven't this month due to a car accident. I know plans for push/ pull / full body exercises and now I've been doing more calisthenics. I meal prep on Monday's for each week consisting of breakfast and dinner (lunch I plan around work). I used to wrestle in high school so I have a background in grappling and subduing, but plan to start taking jujitsu soon.

Copy that.

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Of course! New names and faces in PF is always an exciting time. You don't make change with the just the same old group, we must never tire and continue to inch forward.

Awesome news! Hopefully you got your work boots ready, we don't carry an easy burden here.

Howdy Norman.

Thomas told me to get in contact with you in regards to counseling in the lifestyle program.

Unfortunate timing but I am excited to hopefully meet you in future events.

Keep at it brother! Change is here and PF is at the front.

@ND - Samuel VA your zeros are throwing me off, some are yellow some are red

my spreadsheet OCD kicking in.

Amen brother! I look forward to meeting you.

Not sure what you need me to do haha, Thomas recommended this and im always down to help out more.

Planning on starting Jujitsu soon, and actually wanted your input on that aspect. What would the best martial arts be from a self defense stand point. Primary passions mostly is focusing on calisthenics now and consistently hitting the gym 3-4 times a week.

Interesting i'll be looking into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai then. Definitely experience i need to get under my belt.

Well played. Well played.

Ordered will be arriving in a weeks time.

Awesome man thanks for your suggestion. I've been wanting to get into the martial arts space for awhile just don't know where to start.

I'll be looking around the Richmond area in VA. I have to see whats out there.

Would it be on tuesday?

If so I don't get out of work till 6pm weekdays.

Hey Grant your most recent activism posts didn't show up. Just wanted to let you know.

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A masterpiece. May we start the bidding at 10 shekels?


Is this like your signature move or something? My OCD kicking in hard looking at this.

"Iron sharpens iron.

Copy that. I'll have a loaded car with a table and all our trophies.

Happy thanksgiving my brothers! I hope everyone got to see family and had some laughs too.

Very appropriate. Never let the "minorities" take our history or culture.

I have said this before and I eagerly say it again. 2022 is the year PF makes a big splash and becomes mainstream.

To add to what Grant stated. In a year's time those in our communities will not be able to sit Idly by and ignore the work of men who wish to make change through proactive methods that scream truth and contempt for our current "democracy".

Where are your other posts from this area?

Sounds good. I just don't see that chat.

Is it on rocket chat?

Oh okay I wasn't sure for a second what was going on.

Sounds like a plan. Just wanted to let you know.

Good work brother! I definitely am starting to see you really taking on activism with a passion. Keep it up, very action no matter how small will compound overtime.

Are we plugging Verizon now?

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Never tire, there's plenty of work to be done. A man is judgment not by his words and promises but by his actions and achievements.


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@Zach MO Beautiful work man.

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