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No my cousin is getting married on that Saturday

RSVP No for me on the 20th. Cousin getting married on Saturday.

Welcome to the org @Robert IN

I'm getting excited for December over here... ⚡

Missing attachment: 816DFf5i0EL.jpg

Since you posted from Vegas

Norcal bros: I have an extra tent large enough for 1-3 men, if anyone wants to use it please speak up. Its quite large but its bag can fit inside a second large duffel bag for a single checked bag. Just has more weight.

The tent adds a significant amount of cargo so if there are (ideally) two who need it, it's worth it

Other wise as far as single tents go, "pop-up" tents are great for winter because you don't waste any time getting them deployed (less than 1 minute to set up or tear down in cold wind)

Yes he's legit

He has to do some penance for dipping out imo but there were exceptional circumstances why

HOWEVER there was a Gabriel (San Jose) prior to our most recent Gabriel (Sacramento) who is blacklisted

You will have to identify which one he is first.

The other guys are all gone yes.

To identify if he is good Gabriel or evil Gabriel, you can ask him what his area code is. 916 = pass 408/669 = fail

I don't have any secrets he would remember, he was a new member when our network went into chaos this fall.

He's blacklisted on account of being the BUZZFEED LEAKER

Keeps trying to get in. He doesn't know that we know Just knows he's been blackballed. Keep him in the dark per T.

He's a bona fide glow nigger. Even though he was great at teaching us hand combat skills.

I confirmed with Jason its glowie gabe

Told him to ignore him

Confirmed with Jason that one is glowie Gabe. He's blacklisted.

Do not communicate with him per standing orders from T

Look at gramps how happy is there with his big beautiful family. Happy Thanksgiving all!

enterprise 1.png

enterprise 1.png

enterprise 2.png

enterprise 2.png

enterprise 3.png

enterprise 3.png

more bag space in the mom vans for what it's worth

I have an SUV and the back seat is a fold down its usually a compromoise of cargo or people

mintes not a big huge one like the suburban

Arrival Friday 3:00pm Departure Sunday 4:00pm

Hey if you are flying out of SFO by chance let me know if you need a pick up Friday morning

OK sounds good

Sounds good!

Home safe and sound. Saw us on MSNBC at 4:40 pm EST on the plane for about a minute clip.

Roger dodger

Smirk lol

Guess I have to sell my truck lol

I had him pegged from the start tbh just no proof

Could tell by the way he ate @ BBQ

I don't even think we wore hats that trip. I had the kekistan flag on my gear. Lol

I mean we just surrounded by an army of metro cops ready to gas, I'm not spooked by some front page pics!


Tigerblood 😄

Missing attachment: "2021-12-06T08:30:36.374Z"

Oh fuck

They got her parents house wtf

I work for Google lol

They didn't get that figured out yet

By all appearances I'm self employed

Just worriee about vandalism to their house for now

In California there is a penal code against this type of cyber harassment

If its not the same law there was a law put in place here after some actress got killed by a stalker at her home a couple decades ago

Tbh though I'm about to put my black hat on and see if I can own their while website


Do you have any of the tweets to link?

I would do worse

put computer viruses on their javascripts so they get perma blacklisted on google

for malware


so its not obvious they are pwned

ty just searched myself

Hey, glad you're OK brother

I knew he was a phony from the start, watched him eat bbq like a faggot. TBH idk how he ever got accepted in.

I called it out to christopher too he watch this guy if he takes surreptitious photos


so far im not fired from my real job yet :X

Yes I'm doing fine. Just planning my retribution.

@Carl CA in WWII the Germans picked out American spies by how they held their fork at the dinner table.

I need his IP address from mumble logs

Is he still in chat?

I think he has our chat owned

Like he left a trojan on the server

He has our chat owned

How did he see my comments

Can we speak in mumble please re cyber sec

Priority 0

Mumble purged

I'm in general

Thomas kicked him


He has the event log all chats

I've seen hackers before of all kinds

This justifies a full backup and clean restore

I'm 90% confident

Thanks brother that takes a huge load off my mind right now.

I'm back in General when you see this

Just got home let me call you at 8 when boy goes to bed

Good idea! Thanks

Hmm? What?

Tell me on threema just ordered license

Almost bedtime

What's the new mumble PW?

Oops im on wrong device

Stsd by

Hey brother. So far so good. Not fired yet. Wife is spooked but she's not freaking out.

Just keeping a level head.

I intend to go after him in discovery and tear his whole network to shreds, including the trust company that registered his car per John WA's information and funded his criminal enterprise.

I'm not bound by their gay TOS. They received it but they are stalling giving the antifa accounts time to "respond" first.

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