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Haha so I'm on this work trip to SF and I just got my shit robbed

Top kek!

Stuff in my car, specifically my laptop and all my backups since I took it to do mobo rom work on it

Moral of the story:
>imagine stepping foot in Frisco

How do you feel about a promat run this Wednesday?

For sure

Promeme run tonight? What do you think

Hey man are you generally up to do stickering in Temecula area? I work in Murrieta every weekday so I'm right in the area if ever you want to coordinate

Damn that's killer

Ok will do

I didn't know this guy (thankfully) but this kind of seems like reaching, if we're gonna start dinging people on protein bar choice I don't think we'll go far

I'm back! What'd I miss?

Thank you Thomas for getting everything resolved! Strongly appreciated! 👍

Hi Vincent, Lawrence let me in on how much you've helped with me being locked out. Just wanted to say thank you for your effort

Also I will need to re-verify mumble, please let me know when you have a moment

Okay, I'm on

Hey man

Thanks for the assist

I got booted off RC for a bit so sorry if you tried to organize something

Do you want to meet this Wednesday?

Hey, I was down on RC for a bit. Back now. Are you still up to meet?

Oh, def not today. It's a bit late notice. How about tomorrow at 5ish?

Yeah, there was a bit of a shitshow that happened from what I gather so it totally makes sense

Alright cool, just keep me posted

I'm also trying to meet with Logan on Wednesday (since those are his days off)

And yeah do let me know when you get a date/time for the vettibg

I just saw that I got privileges, thank you

Did you get compromised?

Glad to hear it

Sucks about WA crew though

Paul too

Did he face any employment repercussions? Might be wise for him to get in contact with AKF for that dox retraining program

Otoh pantifa has been having less and less an impact as time goes on, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happened at all

Yeah that's crazy. I'm honestly baffled they let him have the phone
Last big thing I went to, phones were confiscated for this reason

>law to protect you doing pro white things in Cali
I dont believe it, sauce?

What's this about? Didn't hear about this. Is this another Penske boondoggle or did they actually get plates

American Kulaks. I told you about them, they're trying to build a real fintech platform for /ourguys/ and they offer (at least in theory) a very cool service known as dox insurance - you pay in monthly, and then have a rainy day fund for if you ever lose your job due to dox; supposedly that money can also be used on re-education/workplace training. I have no idea how fleshed out it is, but that's at least the idea

Yeah, this is a hell of a downpour lol

Where are said intermediaries?

Dang man, the rain is absurd today. Hopefully it clears up tomorrow

Hey is mobile being wonky for you

Yeah, the app. It wasn't updating, so I went to re-login and that didn't work either. Unfortunate, I like the app. Oh well

Lol'd at coal for heebs


C O A L coal for heebs! 1-877-coal4heebs - donate your coal today!

Had to finish it lol

And yeah definitely down to meet today

Do you have any ideas on where? Maybe CSUSM?

I get off at 4:30 unfortunately, so it'd have to be like 5-5:15

Hey Nathan, are you up to meet with Logan and I at CSUSM at like 5:15ish

Nah I'm busy this weekend

I'm leaving now, gonna be about 45 until I'm there

Sounds good



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CSU San Marcos, San Marcos, CA* with @Logan CA

No prob, how do you feel about a quick run tomorrow?

It should be on iirc

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