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Let me check with Brooke - I may be able to do Thursday! Could Thursday work for you? We could do that and then meet up with Jesse Sat

GA guys are already planning on meeting this Saturday

Thanks Sam - I have already reached out to schedule the in person meeting

@ND - Christopher AL Milledgeville, GA - Marcus is making the trip up from Valdosta area - so at the moment - there will be the 4 of us

You said 9:00 right? I can meet you somewhere then - I have an SA meeting that gets out at 8:30 in buckhead

Yeah man - I can do that

I'll grab some coffee or something while I wait.

Got another GA guy that I might be meeting with this weekend. Lives close to Rome GA - trying to get him to meet up with us Saturday, but probably wont happen - otherwise, I'll see about Friday or Sunday

Also, should we mumble tonight or tomorrow?

I'm free at 9:30 tonight and 9 tomorrow. I say lets just do it just us - and if the AL guys push we could meet up with them - but i say we keep our plans unless Chris is able to pull all the AL guys together

Same- he hasn't been on too freq

Hey Lawrence - Interviewee-483466 has never logged into the membership site. I've been reaching out and nothing from him. Wanted to update you

Hey man - I had some kind of bug that my wife and I both have - so I can't make it out tonight - if you still want to sticker i'd recommend doing something close to you

sorry about that boss - I'm really not feeling good and want to make sure I can make Saturday

that's what I have yeah - it came on light yesterday morning and then got progressively worse till i had chills at night. Slept horrible last night

Twitter patched this but this was working for a long time lol - shit was hilarious

Missing attachment: video5127466596599595508.mp4

Most likely a full size. If it's just us 3 then we can definitely do a full size

Hey Guys - update. still sick and feeling it in my lungs. Got chills and no voice. I'm hoping this thing breaks tonight or while I sleep - I'm really excited and am going to try to make it but wanted to keep yall in the loop/

you got it. So I'm going to make it after all - looking forward to it

feeling better this morning

How funny would it be if he shows up at walmart with a bunch of feds but since he didn't keep up with us we moved the location and he gets fired lol

I had the same vibe when i first met him and communicated with Lawrence - i hope im wrong, but I gotta trust the gut

Hey MarcusGA was a no show today.

I let Lawrence know that Marcus was a no show and he said he's out

yeah man. Most definately

I can speak today

what time?

@ND - Lawrence FL today works

perfect. will do

I can do 3 pull ups in a row now - I have been working daily on that since I got a bar.

I'm not - what is that?

that's what I have been doing! I remember you said that when we we were at the bars in FL. I didn't know what it was called

That shit burns - I always called that the milf machine since i mostly saw older women on there. The only dudes i saw on their played basketball and were trying to work their achillies and calves.

Dude so sorry about that last night - i spaced on the meeting. Could we meet this morning?

I can meet anytime before 2

The Air I Breathe have a new song out - some 5 months ago. Must've got back together

nah man I didn't download it yet. I got to get my wife to turn on my app store to download it .. what would we use it for again?

The cover art is pretty sweet - is there an online PDF?

I'm going to be driving down to the walmart tonight and sleeping in my car - I really don't want to wake up at 2:30

@ND - Lawrence FL Yes - confirmed the reservation and ready to rock

bahaha I've done it before - not the worst thing to get back in touch with my college poor days lol

Is that a thing - did they kick you out?

I'm about to take off and need to know if it's just better to wake up early

i'm going to change my plan then lol - I just realized it's only and hour and a half to Macon and 31/2 to Svannah - I thought it was way farther lol

I'm just going to wake up at 4 and go from here

you got it man - I'm excited about the trip - I really hope the drive is not more than 10 hrs

well that's in direct contradction to my wish lol - so I guess well see who wished better haha

anything outside of the dixie line is more than 10 hrs

If we are having trouble finding each other tomorrow morning ill be on Mumble

so check that and Ill be in a lobby

also to confirm - meeting at 6?

I'm back safe and sound - but I am sore and tired lol - todays work is going to be tough

Really enjoyed it guys you both made the trip really fun

Did yall make it back safe?

I will be there

Dude I can't believe all the press this got on the "conservative" right - and how they are all saying that they know all the patriots and no one knows us - so therefore we are fake

Like only GOp people can be patriots lmfao

Morning Chris - I'm so sorry about what happened - let me know if there is anything that I can do Brother

LMAO what a hilarious post

the news is so fake and gay

Dude this is me

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 6, 2021 8:49 AM

Yeah man - we sure did. Enjoyed the travel! excited for our next one

Yall get back safe?

Hey Lawrence I got Threema BVEAZD9C

Is my code

Here is my code


Hell yeah man!

How much do you weigh? If I was in your shoes I would gain some weight - an extra 20 lbs on you would do a world of difference

Hey Ben! I did rent a van and was one of the few that did not sustain damages

Try to get to 165/170 - I’d recommend putting peanut butter on everything. You’ll also be more attractive to women - have a more manly look

Thank you Sam - I reached out and am awaiting a reply

“First of all these guys are too slim, I’m looking at these guys, they’re all in shape, they’re all thin, they’re uniformly marching with flags. I’m like, there’s no way these f*cking idiots would be this organized.”
And we're just getting started haha - man these next few years are going to be wild

Connected with this interviewee and have a meeting scheduled for saturday

hah I was thinking to double stack if it’s going to take this long going forward

He said he’d look into it. And yes! I’d pool with y’all - that makes way more sense

It was not - all 3 15 passengers where I parked weren’t touched

My car was not damaged- so $0

I will be there this evening

Yeah same - network channel says they are working on it

Fuck yeah Chris! Congrats brother!

Hi Jason - I just met with Interviewee 791593 in person. What information do you need me to provide? Also, should I send a message to Thomas?

North Atlanta

Smyrna - Marietta area

He’s in milledgeville - middle of the state

And Norman is north of Athens - so northeast close to South Carolina

Hey Thomas - I met with an interviewee in GA that met you at AmRen. I felt that he could be a good addition however, he did mention that he’s active military - but you told him to apply anyways even though we don’t typically accept active duty. Can you advise?

Interviewee 791593

Gotcha that makes more sense. I was confused so thanks for clarifying. I’ll have Chris reach out

Hey Chris-
I met with an interviewee who Thomas recommends as an unaffiliate. Thomas requested for you to reach out separately to discuss. He’s out of Columbus and is active duty military.

Interviewee 791593

What do we want to accomplish? Stickers, drilling? If it’s stickers somewhere between all of us is fine

Yeah man - met with an interviewee Saturday but he’s active duty so he can’t be an active member - Thomas is going to make him an unaffiliate- besides that one - none of the interviews look the be GA bound sadly. If I get another request - we’ll try to pick a day we can all meet up

Hell yeah everyone!!! congrats @ND - Christopher AL on having the best network lol. Also I'll check with my wife for the 8th.
Also, welcome @Grant AL glad to have you brother

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