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I'm getting the hang of it now

I've got like...half a tote (8-12 gallons) of raw material to process


Missing attachment: Centralia WA

Main Street Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211116_235733_HDR.jpg

Main Street Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211116_235903_HDR.jpg

Main Street Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211116_235943_HDR.jpg

Main Street Centralia WA

How's it going brother

I'm okay! As always I'm doing a bunch of stuff and working a ton.

What are you up to?

Ready for the dinner?! I know I am


Anyone carpooling with me. Speak now. I'm leaving this afternoon/evening (flexible on the time) and will return tomorrow afternoon/evening.



I just dropped Clarke Off

You around?

Just pulling up Home in Centralia

You okay?


@Marcus WA Just pulled up In Centralia

@all made it home safe

So did Clarke

Alright bro. Sorry I couldn't catch you. I'm going to go the bed.

Will you DM me some of those photos? (Not the funny one)

You've got to catch me up please. I feel like a real chump for not getting back to you. I'm sorry for that, and sorry too we didn't meet up tonight.

They are all over lol.

😁👌 Thanks bro


Question. Can I share those Pics with anyone? I was hoping to get that epic sign to a few TG channels and see if it can spread

No prob. That's what I thought.

I haven't sent it yet

Wanted to clear it with you first bro


Is the username or password different for the interview server? I can't log in using my standard RC logins

Copy that. Still can't get in Though lol even though I'm CERTAIN I'm using my password. I wrote it down

I'll try with dashes

Not yet

Fug yeah I tried every variant I've got.

Let's just reset the damn thing

Hey Thomas I must be foolish or need to learn a new language or something, but my written password for the Interview server is failing.

Username JackWA

Is my username wrong?

Could I get a password reset?

Missing attachment: 20211121_213802.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211121_212401.jpg

Centralia College

Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211121_212718_HDR.jpg

Centralia college, Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211121_212833.jpg

Centralia College, Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211121_213018_HDR.jpg

Centralia College, Centralia WA

Missing attachment: 20211121_213802.jpg

Centralia College, Centralia WA



How do I link it?

Get Wrecked. I learned how to link this shit

Got it

Thank you

I'd like that. Have you reached out to him at all?

Friday the 26th after 8pm Clarke and I will get up there and interview him. He still has to confirm this (interviewee) but that's the plan

I just got server access a bit ago and I'm at work. I'll send a message or two

Are you on the interview server?


I'm involved in a wedding

Ok I'll do that

Sorry bro. At work right now

Friday I've got that interview set up.

Lol I'm available after Thanksgiving

Bro I just had a SECOND home invasion I'm a week. I've got to button my security up

I thought I was doing the Silverdale guy

The dude who you sent me 781927 said that he was assigned to Leo

Thank you.

I need a day or so. Honestly I think it's because I haven't been home that I've been targeted? I dunno. Sorry to duck out.

You're a real bro.🤝

730 it is

You, Frederick and leo are joining me tonight right?

You catching a ride up here with Alexander?

Yourself, Alexander and Leo are staying with me correct? What time should I expect you?


I've got Alexander, @Leo OR , Frederick, Marshall and myself with all our gear heading to the meeting place and will be there at 5am. I'm just waiting on arrival times of my countrymen 👌

This is the plan 👆



Let me know when you're ready

What's your ETA?

Regarding the infiltrater I have some questions and concerns I could not get across in the Mumble meeting and are important enough that I would like YOU PERSONALLY to hear them. ---These questions are rhetorical and I don't want them answered.--- 1) how did he know to hop on Mumble at the specified time of 5pm today? - he was not lounging about the lobby, he Came IN the meeting room once it began- 2)was he in contact with anyone else in the org during the demo? -The timing of his dox release and our attempted sabotage at the vehicle exchange is telling. 3) He called for other infiltrators to reach out to him during the 5pm Mumble meeting. Could we use this to our advantage? -I WOULD NOT ASK THIS TO ANYONE BUT YOU THOMAS PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT- 4) are there any specific tasks you would like l me to complete, or questions you would like me to answer? I am open to all scrutiny from you and leadership. Right now, my mind is playing tricks on me and I feel very vulnerable. Forgive me if this message comes at an inconvenient time. I am certain you're busy right now b with everything. I am sorry this has happened to the org and promise you sincerely that I will do my part to insure security and duty to the organization as we go on. -Jack WA

GMC drivable, rental, no damages, just paint. The rental company did not charge me for damage

Hey I heard the rental company charged us 1 metric Fuckton

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