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I have my tickets purchased however I am in some legal trouble.

Like a court appearance? No.

Not yet anyway. It’s in processing, and it will ether be December 1st or April 2022.

My concern is my political beliefs and the org being smeared as I go to trial. If it were brought to the forefront I’d be fucked.

I understand, I will make a judgement call a little closer.

@Walter ID you can get turbo in Moscow I’d from Moscow building supply, if you want telegram me and I can give you mine.

I’ll be in centrallia from 20-21st if you are near.

Anyone in centrallia Saturday Sunday?

Good evening, might my promat order be shipping soon?

Can I stay in your tent? Or did you get a cabin?

or will Walter Johnny and I arrive so late no sleep


Could mine please be mailed?

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Gonna sticker Maple Valley just to flex on @ND - John WA

Are all of you on Arlington?


Maybe sticker run tomorrow night or something

Ah shit

I didn’t see your messages till to late, if it’s urgent telegram me so I see the notifications that’s my bad too

Ight thank you

Lol ima find where you live just from geolocating your activism posts

small world

I saw random pf stickers in yakama

This fucking town I forgot about the trains

Ok thank you. God speed

I have family all over this area, my entire childhood was driving around these wooded towns,


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If I made a banner can we put it up in Lewi?

Nonsense there’s a pedestrian foot bridge near the cringe canoe statue

the bridge to Clarkston has two



Also I got you a can of turbo today Walter

Any preference for slogan?

i would say defend American labor because Lewiston has a large factory and lots of boomers

Defend American labor it is

Rough I had to compete with many Asians that were more academic

It’s not a sure thing just Preventive measure for my inevitable unemployment

I have a savanna boys


have us a banner



Have you Received an email about covid vaccine restrictions for flying?

theres 8 states that are starting to require it, or some tyrannical shit like that.

Not covid Test required to fly?

Where do I buy a bump cap?

I don’t have the circle patch and NW9???

What’s NW9?

Johnny I haven’t seen our first banner in an action report yet

Bad week for it, I am going to get a decision on my firing this Wendsday, not for the money, just my job.

If we are counting I did 6 sticker runs last weekend, two with Jack WA, he deserves credit for those two

Mmmm pork flavored soylent

Telegrams not working what did you say?

Never mind





Now probably not

Thank you , you yoo

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