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Be free till 8 right?

All good. I’ll need a ride from and to home tho

He isn’t sure if he’s going due to an arm injury

Anyone else?

Hey man can you grab me tomorrow?

If all else fails what should I do/what are we doing for fitness

I can replicate that and activism if they both can’t get me. I believe it’s unlikely tho I don’t see why bill wouldn’t go

Sounds good I’ll check in with him before the end of tonight and have an answer in the morning

11:00 AM

Message me when you're at my place pls

Patriot Santa :santa: :betsy:

Excited to see you all tomorrow! :PF-Flag:

Peter is picking me up.

Solid workout session today, focused some more on situps/push ups instead of what I usually do with benchpress and dumbbells in order to be more proficient at simpler workouts.
Looking forward to activism meet up tomorrow

We’ve attempted to arrange it twice but it’s fallen through due. Henry had a court thing he wasn’t aware of and Tyler said he would but never really scheduled it with me.
I work a lot but I can still make it work, just waiting on them.

Peter and I have arrived

Drop went well

Banner drop completed with Jim MA, Peter CT, and Tyler CT in Boston MA

Going to sticker

Heading back to checkpoint eta 9 minutes

Stickered Boston MA with Jim MA

Missing attachment: 89DDF0C5-0F55-494C-9D55-52FC6D77713D.jpeg
Missing attachment: BC166C82-82C2-4270-B69E-02DD6423145E.jpeg
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Boston MA with @Jim MA

“Rise, Columbia!” An American version of “Rule, Britannia”

I was previously unaware of this.

I mentioned it to Henry and Tyler last I saw them are we’re going to plan it. I got most of my nights free this week so if it works for them then it’s set.

I’m free after six PM everyday this week

I’m free after six PM everyday this week

I messaged them both so I’m just waiting on them

Only day I’m busy is Friday, and I will be with my gf on Thursday night but nevertheless I will be home if you and Henry still wanted to see my living space

Tuesday and Wednesday NEXT week I get out at 5:00 PM

I changed my availability and I was able to with the help of my father catch up on my bills

Next week would definitely work for the best since I’ll have an extra hour, and it’ll be planned ahead for you guys. Of course I can do this week too

Just let me know ASAP so I don’t take extra hours at work

Sounds good. Just so you know I’ll be with my girlfriend tomorrow night and Friday.

Sounds good

I’ve been drinking my raw eggs with hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, I think it’s called a prairie oyster or something

Missing attachment: DD777C1F-361F-452D-89A0-FEA09992C4BC.jpeg
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Boston MA with Jim MA

@Sam MN Good job

If anyone absolutely needs one I have one they can use. It is a military grade one. I expect it to be returned in the condition i gave it in as they’re generally very expensive. I’m free tomorrow if anyone needs to grab it and can meet me in the morning.

I’ll grab it

Hey man. Tomorrow should be good for me still. I just got home, I had to with my grandmother’s health problems.
I’m not going to be a cunt, but if tomorrow is going to be the only time I can reserve for my family, I’ll have to. Having you guys come over is extremely important to me, but I have only so much time for my ailing family members currently.

I’ll know in the morning for sure - but don’t assume anything.

Had to put my grandmother in the hospital tonight lads. Not looking good. Pray for me brothers, she’s the woman who raised me.

Not looking possible for me my man. I really apologize; I was looking forward to seeing you. I’ll see Henry during the week tho, maybe you can join us

Made it work

I'm free

Just let me know when you think you'll be here.

Sounds good. Keep my updated please.

Tyler is coming over today

Another sweet song from/about the revolution.

I didn’t grab the mask, I’ve only got mine

Are you with Henry?

If so can you grab my Will2Rise coat and black sun shirt?

I’m pretty sure he has both

It went well, we worked out and put up some stickers

Missing attachment: 117799D3-E760-4E80-98ED-46B92C853FFF.jpeg
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Worcester MA with Tyler CT

Missing attachment: A9CCD74B-1ACA-4299-A252-D77058E48DC5.jpeg
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Stickered Worcester MA 1/2

stickered Marlborough MA 2/2

Do your best to run that anger into energy! Whenever I find myself mad or angry with anything in life, cardio is my greatest therapy.

Sorry I missed the meeting lad! I’m up north for Thanksgiving, limited service. I fulfilled my commitment of 2 and my new one will also be 2.

You as well lad!

Happy thanksgiving lads!!!!!

King 👑

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Thomas!

Won’t be there lad, battling a fever I picked up from Black Friday retail, don’t want to risk getting anyone sick before the event

If you can grab me I’ll go

Message me when you’re here don’t knock on door

What’s the future in regard to me and leadership for NW7)

I’m pretty well established currently, the only thing that was holding me back was some money issues, but I was able to get my family to help me with that. I’ve been going to everything and I’ve been active. Tyler and Henry said they’d be okay with me being in some sort of advisory role for now. I’m not ready to be/attempt to be ND right now.

I’m not eager to rush it if you don’t see that it’s fit to. What’s expected of me in regards to re-establishing myself?

First banner done

Dropped a banner with Tyler CT and Peter CT in Sutton MA

Dropped a second banner Sutton MA with Tyler and Peter

Second banner done moving onto RSA

Stencil Spot Auburn was poorly scouted. The entire area is lighted well, and area has very high traffic. We could not do this safely.

I understand and I agree entirely. Thank you for explaining it to me.

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