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Ok very nice

Yeah I ordered everything already, should be here this week 👍🏻


What's the plan for Sunday?

I might not be able to make it, my arm hasn't gotten any better in the last couple days

It's at the point where I can't drive for long amounts of time

I definitely can't be climbing any fences

I'll let you know if it feels better tomorrow

Yeah if I do come I'll be on camera duty


Yeah I was gonna go out and hit 2 towns after my workout last night but as soon I hit the bench press my arm started burning and I had to cancel that

Went home and just sat in pain for an hour

I wouldn't count on it

You said the meetup is in Wellesley?

The Worcester line runs right through that city

Also if I end up having to cancel this weekend, I'll make sure I'm DEFINITELY free for camping next weekend

Marshall can always take the train

Jared Taylor spoke positively of us in the Amren podcast last year

Good job @Victor MA

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Visited a catholic monastery for my engagement photos today

Lmao why me?

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Our meme was made real

By a punk band from Spencer

Went and toured the venue I'm holding my wedding at next year. I found out they rent cabins for $40 per night all year except summer time.

Each of these cabins can easily accommodate 10 people

A good resource to consider for events in the future, especially if I develop a rapport with these people

I thought you were gonna say because I always advocate for urbanite activism

Which I do


Just stickered in Oakham and Barre 2/2

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Barre State Forest, Barre Massachusetts

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Oakham State Forest, Oakham MA

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Gotta find out what Thomas is feeding these boys...


The reckoning day is coming for me boys

Just got a letter from work saying they "ANTICIPATE" incoming vaccine mandates and it goes into detail how that will all work

I WILL NOT take the vaccine under any circumstances, just fyi and neither should any of you

I already got the shinguards, yes

Haven't gotten a chinstrap yet

COVID isn't real and I hate the antichrist

I've heard of some people getting religious exemptions but only for their schools. I'm not sure how bad it's going to be in the private sector.

The more people that fight back, the stronger our resistance becomes. It'll be a lot easier to force the mark of the beast on 1% of the population than it will be to force it on 10% of the population. By you, yourself, caving on your principles, you make it that much harder for others around you to uphold THEIR own principles.

This is true for many aspects of our struggle, not just this particular issue. Individualism doesn't exist and every time you cave on an issue, you hurt the collective of men that are taking a stand AGAINST that issue.

Let's not count on the benevolence of the US govt

Hit the gym again this morning, arm is still fucked but not quite as bad as last week

@all having my birthday party at my place on the 27th, you're all invited to come. DM me if you're interested, it's a Saturday

Have you corresponded with Joe yet?

My action report is Barre and Oakham 2/2

I'll be making it

Where are we meeting?

Have you picked a park and ride yet?

I believe there's one in Wilmington right off of 93

Or Andover rather

Not Wilmington

Well I'm a special case Tyler

You should really have that stuff settled prior to the mid-week meetings, and then announce the info right after the meeting os done and you know who's attending

*is done

Well just DM me the details as soon as you know when and where please

Nice job up there @Josh NH

Action report is stickering Barre and Oakham for 2/2 and next week I'm shooting for 3/3 towns, I'll also be attending our meetup this weekend

I'm not going to be available at all for the Thanksgiving thing unless anyone wants to come to my birthday party on the 27th

I'll be available 1pm onwards for Thursday in December

I still need a chinstrap

And no, it's mostly non PF guys coming to my party

You should come

You know you wanna be social

I'll try and find a chinstrap elsewhere

I better see everyone in possession of a sleeping bag this weekend

Rittenhouse is free

Patriots-1, ZOG-0

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Hmu if anyone wants this shirt, it doesn't fit me

It's a large

I will


I will

If YOU see THIS message in time, try and bring a case of water bottles. I'm at the gym right now and I didn't realize the grocery store closed so early so I forgot to snag some...

Thanks bud

Just threw a leftover poster up in Spencer

Didn't take any videos but it was in a good spot and people should see it

@all I'm at the meeting location, all the way to the left side of the parking lot

Got here wicked early, traffic is usually heavier than it was today

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Framingham, Massachusetts

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