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I'm sorry to hear your not feeling well, I hope you recover soon brother. We need you!

So theres a Matthew CA in the Interview server, but not in our Regional Chat, Do you know anything about that?

Ah, understood. 👍

@all Reminder for tonight's Mumble meeting at 7:00pm.

I apologize for my terrible connection today, I'll be sure to be in a better location for the next one. Thank you to all who attended the meeting, however brief it was. It sounds like everyone is continuing to strive towards their goals and we're getting plans ready for larger actions. Looking forward to hearing from everyone at the next meeting! 💪

Hey Norman, are you still free for Nov 19th - 21st?

Hey, are you planning on attending the Nov 19th - 21st drilling?

Hey Travis, I hope all is well with you. Do you plan on being at the Nov 19th - 21st drilling?

Your missing all the action man, where you at?

Understandable, it's about a 10 hour drive for us in NorCal. I'm talking with my boss about getting the time off, so I might be able to drive us. Later I'll send you a list of others that plan on attending, perhaps one of them can drive you if I cant.

Myself, Norman CA, Logan CA, and Nathan CA are attempting to secure the time required, I've DMd Paul CA for his answer. I was at work in the office and kept loosing connection, so the meeting didnt last long.

I had a pretty bad connection, I may not have heard him respond. He was a no-go last week as well.

Copy that, I'll have an answer as to whether I can go or not by tomorrow afternoon. I've moved things around with several co-workers to get the time, but I still have to get it approved by the boss when they come in.

I'm good to go for Nov 19th - 21st 👍

I'll also need a packing list for the Drilling event.

Copy that 👍

Sounds good 👍

Welcome @Robert IN

I'll be picking you up. I'm still waiting on the packing list from Brandon though.

Do you have the uniform?

We'll fix that this weekend.

I'll be picking up Norman, we're the only two coming from NorCal. If it would work better we can all carpool together. I'm still waiting on packing and travel details from Brandon.

Have you made travel plans for SoCal? Logan is asking if we should carpool. Of course without knowing which state or general direction I'll be travelling in makes it hard to set something like that up.


That was for Brandon

Have you made travel plans for SoCal? Logan is asking if we should carpool. Without knowing the state or general direction ill be travelling in makes setting something like that up difficult.

Hey Jon, maybe you can help me out. I'm travel lead for NorCal for this weekend's event, but we're still waiting on a packing list from @Brandon CA , could you tell me if we need to pack for camping in the snow or any other packing specifics? I want us to have time to get what we need.

Thanks! I'll make a run to the store and pick up the few things I dont have. And I'll let the guys know to dress incognito. 👍

Gear list
Boot blouses
Wool socks
Sweatshirt or hoodie
Preferably windproof outer shell jacket
Beanie or other cold weather head covering
Combat boots

Camp Gear:
Wool Blanket
Sleeping bag
Iso mat or inflatable mattress
Canteen/camelback 1½ to 3 gallons of water
Lantern or headlamp
Kerosene/heater fuel
Extra socks / underwear
Pencil, marker, notepad
Tylenol / ibuprofen
Fire starting device
Container / cup
Folding shovel
Sewing kit
Bandana / cotton fabric
Mylar blanket
Knife / multi tool
Can opener
Compass (optional)
Mess kit
Rations, protein bars, gum, tea/coffee
Salt and sugar (optional)
Camp stove
First aid kit / venom kit

Not all of these items need to be brought by each member

If you have any questions about anything on the list, let me know. I can help you get important items.

Understood, I'll simply tell Logan "it wouldn't be feasible for us to carpool considering the location."

Thank you for the list :thumbsup:

Brandon has sent the packing list. It wouldn't be feasible for us to carpool considering the location. Thats coming from Brandon. Looks like we'll see you at the camp :thumbsup:

Copy that :thumbsup:

Are you feeling any better?

Good to hear it brother. We need you strong :muscle:

I hope to see you there :PF-Flag:

Will I need a snow capable or 4-wheel drive vehicle this weekend?

Copy, thanks :thumbsup:

Let me know if / what you need from the list.

Missing attachment: 20211115_152736.jpg


Where should I pick you up from tomorrow?


Awesome, thank you man.

I should be picking you up around 1:30pm tomorrow. I gotta get my oil changed and pick up a few more things at the store before I head down to Stockton.

We'll be parking at the campsite from what I was told.

Hey brother, make it 2:30, I gotta call AAA for my fucking car.

Itll be a late arrival. I'll let you know when I have Norman and we're on our way.

Well AAA is already here, shouldnt of added too much to the ETA

No problem, I'm here

Fuuuuck. Next time 👌

We should be there by 2

Yes sir

11am to get Norman, 1:30 after I got him


1 and a half hours to go

Theres a gate in my way

Both entrances have locked gates. We were at the visitor center :/

We're at the side entrance now, dirt road. Driving back to visitor center.

Yea, sorry. I've had my phone off. It was awesome! Lots of good video.



Had a great time with you men. Looking forward to December!

Checking in, I've made it home safe and sound 👍

Missing attachment: 20211119_135237.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211119_135243.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211119_135335.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211119_135403.jpg

Nelson Park, Stockton CA with @Norman CA

Missing attachment: 20211121_214616.jpg

@Alan MI Better?

Lol I know.


You too brother, and of course!

Yea, it was a blast! Looking forward to December!

Great! He participated in everything, including the shield tactics and line breaking. He made a list of items to purchase or upgrade for the coming event as well.

I'm excited to see the Shield Teams in action! I hope I get to be on one of them.

Hey Thomas, I keep hearing different things about the December event. The Cali guys need to bring tents and such, correct?

Copy that, thank you. 👍

@all For those of you who were questioning if we were getting cabins or need to bring tents to the December bake sale, we will need to bring tents. If you want, you can arrange to sleep in another activists tent.

Missing attachment: 20211122_222556.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211122_213653.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211122_213743.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211122_222556.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211122_222638.jpg

Bad lighting :(

Hey brother, glad to hear your feeling better! My flight schedule for December hasn't changed. I depart from SFO at 6:35am Dec 3rd, arrive at EWR at 2:49pm Dec 3rd. Depart from EWR at 2:10pm Dec 5th and arrive back at SFO at 5:24pm Dec 5th.

Yea, we've had two. One was kicked out for being a glow nigger, the other dropped out after the Bradley incident. If it's the younger one, hes welcome back in.

After a re-vetting to make sure it's the right one of course.

@PF-650191 was the good one.

Yea, I would know which one it is if I see them.

Yea, that looks a bit suspect. The "good" Gabriel was still in the military when he was with us.

Yea, we can arrange with Paul CA to come as well. He knew the "good" Gabriel too.

Lmao XD

Indeed. We'll know him when we see him though. So hes in the Interview server as 466311?

Copy that, I'll reach out to him and Paul to set up a vetting ASAP.


Hey Paul, it looks like one of the Gabriel's re-applied. I'm going to check with work to see when my next available day off is, and I'd like you to come with for his vetting. If it's the glow nigger then we just bounce rather than risk confrontation. I dont want to have a bunch of guys come just in case it's the glow nigger.

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