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Walter will remember the meeting this week 👍 Walter has a timer set at 8:30 for a reminder haha.

Hey my mother just told me she can't babysit this weekend. So I'm out for this weekend, for the moment. Patrick might have an idea.

Nevermind. All good babysitter secured.

Me and Patrick have our plans set with him. Flint is the only guy left I need to confirm with.

Hey man. Do you need a ride to the event? I'm picking Patrick up tonight and he's crashing at my place. I live near Smithfield. If you want to come park at my house that's fine, I won't give the address but I'll give you the nearest gas station, meet you there and you can follow me to my place. But my house has cameras so your truck would be safe. If you wanna come tonight I've got plenty of space. But we need to be on the road by 4 am at the latest tomorrow morning.

Do you have telegram BTW? It's easiest to reach me on their.

So there is a handy Mart in Wilson's Mills NC. I gotta go get Patrick after work and that's gonna be 3 hours or more round trip. So I won't be back till probably closer to 10-10:30. We will plan to message you when we are on our way back with an ETA.

Bring an extra shield for me. Or not. Either way I can function as a wall.

😂😂😂 alright I'll find ya

Hey question about the event.

Can a dog come with?

Who is guy with black truck?

That has my gun

Just got glass finished install. Total cost was $749.79 out of pocket. I will have to get a quote for tint to restore 100% to as it was before damages, but I have glass again 👍 I will post a quote for the tint in when I get one. Making some calls today.

I don't want to light this up in chat but Marcus NC deserves some praise. He knows that I'm not the wealthiest guy and he covered the cost of my glass to get my car drive able again for me and my son. I wanted you to know.

I am extremely grateful to him

750 yes. If cost to retint the 3 windows that were originally tinted can be included that would be cool as well. I have to get some quotes on that. But I have glass now, tint isn't going to make me freeze driving down the road.

I'm perfectly fine with that. Having the glass back in is what matters 👍 had a blast at the event even with the craziness.

Will you name the Jews?

Dang I was too late.

Every interaction with you I'm more and more impressed with how you comport yourself and your cognitive abilities. I was nervous about joining at first, for several reasons. The more I see of you the prouder I am that I was accepted into this group.

Hail victory!

Yes he did. I am extremely grateful to Marcus for making sure I could get the new glass installed immediately. I didn't know how public you wanted it or I would've praised you for it here already. Once again. Thank you brother.

I will be there. Let me know the rendezvous point.

Welcome aboard @Frank SC

You will be among the trailblazers of south carolina. Glad to have you aboard.

Hello fellas. Guess the meetings here ha

Idk if we wanna keep up the fed appearance gotta be uniform. Like they've been printed in spray paint.

By the way guys, I have a damn near perfect place to practice our stencilling work. It's a highway underpass that is fairly remote. There's already some graffiti (BLM crap) that id love to cover, and it would be a good place to advertise for our cause being so rural. Lot of good old boys.

I'm thinking me @Jackson NC @Flint NC and @Brian NC along with the enw guy if he does well can deff get some practice there.

This place is quiet. Bout a 40inute ride from my place but there are 3 areas we can sticker up as well while we're at it. Let me.knwo what your schedule looks like. It's looking like I'll have Friday into Saturday available before we vet new guy. Following weekend and probably the next weekend will be taken up with holidays stuff.

But again, we can do this spot whenever just about. It's quite low traffic.

Understandable. I'm about in the same boat.

I'm definitely down to go father east. We have had good media response in new Bern for just stickers, so we should plan a banner out there after the new year as well. I'm about caught up on bills so I'll be able to help fund more banners and buy some more promat and posters for us out here as well after the new year.

Let me know asap. I've got a solid cover for a babysitter.

Marcus has been the MAN with letting us mooch but I do agree. We all chip in the burdens less for all.

I'm probably gonna put an order in but I'll need some. Ive got own poster and I think a roll of stickers left.

The kung flu

The wuhanic panic if you would


Give me just a few before I'm back in, I'm putting wee man to bed. He looked a little off and I checked his temp. He's 101 right now. So he got some medicine and hopefully a good night sleep will fix him up. Poor kid. Last week was the stomach bug.

Hey Thomas, I know.youe going through mumble verification. If you get to me and I'm not there it's because I'm putting my son to sleep. I'm currently logged into my desktop on newimner server as Walter_NC

Hey if your verifying mumble at the moment and see mine I'm logged in but putting my son to sleep. That's my desktop.

I have made Vincent tx aware

Thanks man. He's a trooper. I blame all the other kids who probably don't wash their hands enough ha

Can you send me my file? I wanna see how they notated it now kek

Goddam it. I hate to toot my own horn but I am based 😂😂😂

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