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:betsy: Thank you lads! :betsy:

I'm in mumble, in the lobby. Kinda confused about the rest but I'm sorting through it. Not sure if victory or mumble is more important. Sorry, bear with me. There's info and instructions everywhere.

Good to know. Image just came off the internet. I'll use the knight. I've never used that one until I can find a new one.

Thank you gents, I'm excited as well.

Her Thomas, a patriot friend of mine who works in opsec/infosec sent this to me the other day. He swears by it and it's all we use for sms. Something to consider adding to the docs about text chats maybe?

Not trying to impose, just throwing it your way.

Just FYI I sent this to Thomas to suggest that any sms be sent through signal. It's bawler. He said you'll fill me in on the details and protocol, which I did read through. But you took my number so I assume there is some sms comms. Anyway, I was just pointing out that this should be standard for any sms. My very patriotic but very paranoid friend who works in opsec/infosec sent this to me, and it's all we've ever used for years. Just FYI

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Hey Jon, sorry to bug you. By the way, this app is rickety. I can't see your messages so hopefully you'll get this. So I went out to do some activism-ing and I started to wonder. Is what I'm doing against the law? I looked it up and from what I can tell it's littering at a minimum and graphiti/vandalism at a maximum. The org's docs say that no one shall ever ask you to do anything that against the law, but this seems to be. Sorry for being a pussy but bear with me... here's my question:

So I'm at the park, it's mostly empty. I park and walk to kinda distant pole and put up a sticker on it and snap the photo. I walk back to my car and get in. Here's the scenario I'm worried about (I know it's extreme so I'm hoping you can slap some sense into me): some lady who's on her lunch or whatever is parked somewhere in the same lot, she sees it all and goes and looks at the sticker, loses her sh*t and calls the police. What happens then. She might have my license number, the rookie cop might be bucking for a promotion and wants to take down "a bad guy" so what does he do?

Does he come to my house, send it to the feds? Do nothing?

I get it, I remain silent and get a lawyer. No problem, but this little sticker thing turned into a life-changing nightmare for me. I'm just throwing it at you because I'm wondering what has happened in the past and what's the worst I can expect? \

Anyway, like I said, sorry to be a complete wussy but I just haven't done anything "illegal" in many decades. I want to do this and I think it's good work. I guess I'm just worried about the worst-case scenario and if there's any tips and tricks to help.

By the way, that's a made up scenario of course. It just got me thinking. I cover my tracks well. But you never know.

Okay! All that is good to know. Everything kept glitching out and then I was cut from the server altogether as I'm panicking about not getting a response from you lol. I am back in. Thanks.

Me too. I panicked. And stuff started glitching on my work computer, and I was like "I'm out - can't do it".

It's tougher feeling "alone" in this, just geographically, and it's compounded when stuff like that happens.

Like nothing was ever wrong. Very weird.

Yeah, that's why my reply was "all that is good to know". From both servers. :thumbsup:

I only replied here but was referring to both. Anyway, sorry to be a pain. I have a lot of unknowns and what-ifs. I just need to get settled, mentally.

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