Message from Bard in P A T R I O T wave #general

2020-03-26 00:42:37 UTC  

Hell yeah, borther

2020-03-26 00:42:48 UTC  

And its still got the tape on it too

2020-03-26 00:43:06 UTC  

Gonna cover the whole wall on that side of the garage in reclaimed pallet wood

2020-03-26 00:43:19 UTC  

And use pipes to hang the bikes and all my gear

2020-03-26 00:43:27 UTC  

@thedarkness05 of course

2020-03-26 00:43:39 UTC  

Looks good

2020-03-26 00:43:55 UTC  

That was a good day, cant wait for the hike, well if we can go that is

2020-03-26 00:44:21 UTC  

I need to get mannequins for all my old as dirt milsurp gear

2020-03-26 00:48:38 UTC  

Why get mannequins when you can make wood and pipe wall holders

2020-03-26 00:48:44 UTC

2020-03-26 00:48:51 UTC  

This is the concept we used

2020-03-26 00:49:02 UTC  

But we just went full send with it

2020-03-26 00:52:24 UTC  

good shit

2020-03-26 00:53:33 UTC  

No kidding, but if you gon do something might as well ball out with it

2020-03-26 00:57:48 UTC  

Yee it went from hey lets make gear holders and a little armory are for the boys to, ight let's remodel the garage

2020-03-26 00:58:23 UTC  

What we did so far was just the first portion

2020-03-26 01:27:50 UTC  

dude i love it

2020-03-26 01:55:18 UTC  

How hard are those straps on a plate carrier to penetrate ? If someone wanted to bolt some extra armor on there

2020-03-26 01:59:26 UTC  

What up kings.

2020-03-26 02:02:27 UTC  

Not much mang how bout you?

2020-03-26 02:04:04 UTC  

Yo have you guys seen Contagion?

2020-03-26 02:04:38 UTC  

Nah, but I know the plot lines up VERY well with our current situation

2020-03-26 02:05:13 UTC  

It’s almost like China’s notorious for spreading disease or something

2020-03-26 02:10:07 UTC  

@Trash Squid what’s up bby

2020-03-26 02:10:12 UTC  

I like your wood

2020-03-26 02:11:25 UTC  

Ty bb

2020-03-26 02:11:30 UTC  

And nm just lifting

2020-03-26 02:11:43 UTC  

We remodeled our garage and it's goon cave

2020-03-26 02:11:58 UTC  

Haha nice, we are doing a remodel on ours aswell

2020-03-26 02:12:02 UTC  

We are currently about to begin night watch shifts

2020-03-26 02:12:39 UTC  

Confirmed case of the virus literally in my town and I’m still going to work tomorrow

2020-03-26 02:14:48 UTC  

@One Shot Paddy sorry mate, that sucks

2020-03-26 02:15:38 UTC  

Ye rip me

2020-03-26 02:15:50 UTC  

School is prob gonna get canceled for the rest of the year

2020-03-26 02:16:28 UTC

2020-03-26 02:18:26 UTC  

@Bard sent you the workout plan

2020-03-26 02:18:52 UTC  

What workout plan

2020-03-26 02:20:29 UTC  

He donated to the patreon so I made him a workout plan based on his goals

2020-03-26 02:20:52 UTC  

very cool bro

2020-03-26 02:20:59 UTC  

Real autism hours

2020-03-26 02:21:16 UTC  

@Trash Squid I saw m8, I'm gonna check it out after the movie