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Bout to go get a cigar and come back and finish some art commissions,hyd fam

Wanna see a sword I made ?

usually Black n Mild Jazz Woodtip. Sometimes Swisher Cherry BLK

I made this living out in BFE. I missed it. No internet,no girls,no weed :'c or booze. I at least remedied those last too. We didnt even have a fucking zipcode.

Cant say I've had the opportunity to have one of those huge cigars

Ay bud

Yeah,you from Ohio too /

I live about 20 minutes from Zanesville

used to live in that shithole Newark.

Man,Newark is pretty much fucking The Pitt DLC from Fallout 3

Having tweakers show up at your door at 3am,all greasey rubbing their arms trying to see into my house uuugh

Yeah actually not that far

I'm a pee splash away from Norwich

Also fuck tweakers,reasoning with anyone like that is near difficult,only if you've spent 20 years learning their arcane language and brought shit to barter with

My brother and sister are on that shit,lmao,dude grabbed me by the shirt,pulls me close,looking me in the eye and tells me that the fucking Lion King is real,is about angels,and is about him. Then he eats 6 pickles and drains a 2 liter before leaving to steal a bike

god damn my dude

im sorry to hear that about your dad eh

Ya know I felt the same way about my mom until recently. I miss her kicking my ass in Mortal Kombat 3. I'll just be chilling here and think of some random shit then I'll fucking lose it.

I'm good fam. I just hug the fridge and do squats when i feel like a mess

My mom was a masterclass Barbarian. This bitch got jumped outside a bar,hit in the thigh with a pipe by these hoes who felt that she cheated them on some pills, My mom kicked one bitch in the pussy,got in a choking match with the other one before throwing her head first into the side of a dumpster and finally reached in her bra and pulled out a fucking mini bone cleaver and the other lady fleed.

yeah I think my mom was a half orc or some shit

Thank u fams โค

She got out of this world before the big boogaloo and thank god she was half pyramid head half queen latifa, too fumkin powerful

@Hellhound6 Hey fam sorry to hear that shit <3.

Anyone do any art ?

I'll check it out man. I like other peoples art. It dont matter the form

I'll share with you one of my favoritie pieces. I dont wannt get got by the nuts if there is a specific channel for it

This is about the size of a car hood. I stole the wood from a construction site at 4am in the winter

I love grafitti

Me n my boi James used to trip balls back in the day and head out to the train yard

Share it fam โค

Yeah pretty much fam

Stray strapped on get clapped around here. Between the myriad of hood clans and backwood pillbillies around here they'll fucking swiss cheese ya without a single fucking neuron firing

Some armor I made out while I lived out in the cut

I love that game โค

I had to throw away a lot of it before I moved into the city :C

Out there if you didnt keep yourself occupied you'd lose your mind I think its why all those innawoods bois are so good and handy crafted and carving shit

I found these metal pieces in a fire pit and i put them over a shin guard with some nails

I mean if shit keeps happening there wont be a time to be ready for it lol

Do what you love c:

I could get into some conspiracy talk

Got any info on that ? I'm hard as rocks for the Antartica hole and DUMBs and Phil Schneider/William Tompskins shit

Oh no I lost my bowl :c

There is patents for your tv emittied specific radio waves to alter your mind

Or some shit like that. I'd have to dig it up if ya want that

Ive been trying to piece a lot of this shit together for years. It happens on so many fronts and this thing,also effects this thing and does this and this to people,while they get to do X and Y

Its spooky as fuck

There was a fucking fascinating rat experiment that really describes today's cultural "development"


Man I tell ya I'm fucking glad to of found this discord. Out all the Dark souls,art and morrowind places Ive only been here about an hour and I'm having a blast

I was talking to my uncle about getting my first fire arm.

I'd like to get my airsoft bois back together so we can go over our CQB training again for the first time in years.

We paid for a old seal dude to drill us on some shit back in the day. He was pretty proud

FUCK โค

got a pic of that fam ?

We werent so much interested in mocking the Modern Warfare 2 pew pew pew shit we played the fuck out of,as more so getting knowledge in those situation and how to handle ourselves. Experienced a flash bang. Not a good time

Wasteland Weekend ?

or just if the boogaloo puts us in Fallout mode ?

whoooooooa shit homie

it do be like that

fucking,seen the Dave Chapelle shit everyones fucking losing their eggs over ?

bro im gonna nut

that sounds like a fucking blast

where the fuck is that at dude ?

ima need pictures of all this

I miss stuff like that so much. I live out in some old country town with a college in it. The draconian mindset around here hates the fucking college,but they dont fucking get it that if the college was gone the only shit thatd be here is the grocery store and the gas station.

I thought the cape guy was doin a great saiyaman pose

ay found some more weapons i made

here is the sawblade sword compaired my fatass on the stairs

a tire cestus

a ball-bat machete axe and a sword I made out of a iron bedframe

ay Id love to see it

what did u use fam

heres me stunting outside the gas station in that armor

I need to get back into lifting

I used to be fucking nuclear strong

Hell yeah fam lets get back to it

I went from being a fucking lard 457lbs to 316 before my vericose vein in my leg blew out

It was wild fam,went to bench and bumped my leg,hurt like hella and felt like I was pissing fire down my leg,rolled up my pants and there is this golf ball sized clot of blood underneath my skins. Got it scheduled to get taken care of. working doubles and 3rd shift. They call me to get xanax before the surgery. Answer phone and go back to sleep. Finally make it to the appt. Didnt take Xanax " You sure you want me to continue" "Yeah bro just numb my shit up" fucking worst pain I ever felt in my life.

You from the Columbus-ish area ?

Ive always wanted to go to one while tripping hard. I think its be one hell of a experience. I also hope I'm not being a chatty kathy. I'm just trying to revert from being hella pissed because this lady doesnt want to pay for art when I already completed one order

Jesus fuck man

I went to a sports doctor for some shit during my lifting time and he's like "lose weight" bruh. Thats not very bear mode of you

:C im sorry bud

I'm bow legged as fucking cowboy so Squats are really hard for me

I liked deadlifts and rows

Hey no sweat just tags us I'll be happy as fuck to bullshit

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