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2019-01-29 18:01:25 UTC  


2019-01-29 18:02:03 UTC  

People are going to dogmatize something, it might as well be religion

2019-01-29 18:02:06 UTC  

@Der Kommissar so is atheism though

2019-01-29 18:02:08 UTC  

Forcing people to abandon religion is also morally wrong

2019-01-29 18:02:16 UTC  

Eh, morals

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2019-01-29 18:02:28 UTC  

Like societies tend to get more progressive as they age, but in the last twenty or so years, it's accelerated to the point that we're making progress faster than society at large can absorb

2019-01-29 18:02:33 UTC  

I avoid moral arguments if necessary, those can get really abstract

2019-01-29 18:02:35 UTC  

so things are getting weird

2019-01-29 18:02:44 UTC  

like running down a steep hill at full speed

2019-01-29 18:02:50 UTC  

*expressing* that you're an atheist can easily bring a five-year prison term

2019-01-29 18:03:11 UTC  

at a certain point you're going to lose it and eat shit. Yes you're going fast and moving forward, but you also risk face planting it

2019-01-29 18:03:16 UTC  

@yearspastmatter but you can write one of the many religions in the id card but never attend the written religion

2019-01-29 18:03:19 UTC  

But yeah

2019-01-29 18:03:58 UTC  

But yeah, the human condition is inherently flawed, so I'd say the most effective method would be to compromize with dogmatism rather than try to eradicate it

2019-01-29 18:04:02 UTC  

Telling people that you're an atheist is also a felony in Indonesia

2019-01-29 18:04:16 UTC  

Yeah, Atheists have been fucked with a ton

2019-01-29 18:04:20 UTC  

but I try to avoid playing the victim card

2019-01-29 18:04:34 UTC  

I have morals, but I agree with you @.Not Sean . I try to steer my arguments toward the logical vs the moral

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2019-01-29 18:04:57 UTC  

Not gonna lie, I was bullied a ton for being an atheist in school

2019-01-29 18:05:04 UTC  

@Der Kommissar really? damn, that's messed up

2019-01-29 18:05:05 UTC  

but yeah, idk, trends are reversed

2019-01-29 18:05:06 UTC  

Seems weird that Indonesia is almost 90% Sunni but it has such a huge metal scene

2019-01-29 18:05:10 UTC  

now christians are getting bullied

2019-01-29 18:05:18 UTC  

which isnt cool

2019-01-29 18:05:19 UTC  

at all

2019-01-29 18:05:37 UTC  

I guess that's a way of rebelling without being explicit about it

2019-01-29 18:06:18 UTC  

Yeah man, music plays a huge role in ideological strife

2019-01-29 18:06:20 UTC  

@AxiomOverride yeah. It's also written in the constitution and the preface of the law to uphold a religion.

2019-01-29 18:06:32 UTC  

can't remember if it's the president of Indonesia or the mayor of Jakarta, but one of 'em is an outspoken metalhead

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2019-01-29 18:06:50 UTC  

every kid with parents who watched the news never bothered me again after columbine

2019-01-29 18:06:52 UTC  

That's pretty sick. In my studio, I've worked with a few eastern metal bands

2019-01-29 18:06:55 UTC  

They love metal over there

2019-01-29 18:06:56 UTC  

probably unrelated

2019-01-29 18:07:00 UTC  

Former governor of Jakarta and current President of Indonesia

2019-01-29 18:07:16 UTC  

Ugh...I was almost kicked out of school after Columbine

2019-01-29 18:07:25 UTC  

Yeah... I got pat downs and everything

2019-01-29 18:07:37 UTC  

I wore eyeliner, tripp pants and trench coats even before the shooting

2019-01-29 18:07:38 UTC  

According to The Economist, Jokowi "has a penchant for loud rock music" and owned a bass guitar signed by Robert Trujillo of heavy metal band Metallica, that was confiscated by the anti-corruption commission, KPK.[155] He is also a fan of Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin and Napalm Death. On 2 November 2013, while he was the Governor of Jakarta, he was seen in the rock festival Rock in Solo in casual dress.[156] In November 2017, Danish Prime Minister Lars L√łkke Rasmussen, who was on an official visit to Jakarta, gave Jokowi a Metallica Master of Puppets vinyl box set as a diplomatic gift. It was signed by the band's drummer and co-founder, Lars Ulrich, a Danish native.[157] In accordance to his policy of transparency, Jokowi paid 11 million rupiah ($800) out of his personal funds to claim the record, which had been declared a state asset in order to avoid accusations of corruption.[158]